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10-10-2008, 07:23 AM
Home alone 2.

It was several weeks after the first incident and although it still haunted Andrea’s dreams, she had basically forgotten about the incident. Her husband was away for three days and she was preparing for a few days rest and relaxation.

It was on the Friday night, her husband had only been gone for an hour when she settled in to her foaming bath suds, she had decided to take an early pampering bath and then she was going to call an old friend and catch up on some much missed gossip.

By 7.30 pm she had decided the bath water was cooling and did not want to end up wrinkled like a prune, so she stepped out of the bath, wrapped her long blonde hair in a towel and turned to grab a large bath sheet to wrap around her 36-24-36 frame. Damn she said as she realised her husband had used the last of the clean towels in the bathroom chest and she would need to nip into the spare room to get another.

She opened the door and shivered as the draft hit her warm sensual body; quickly she ducked into the spare room and grabbed a large white fluffy towel and wrapped it around her large breasted body.

She slipped on her fluffy mules and made her way downstairs to grab a nice cup of tea before she intended to settle down in the large comfy armchair and chat to her friend. No sooner had she passed through the kitchen door and before she managed to turn o the light, she was grabbed. It took her by total surprise as she was thrust forward colliding with the kitchen unit which formed the breakfast bar.

She tried to scream but as soon as she opened her mouth she felt something hard and plastic being pushed in, then she felt the leather straps going round her cheeks and tightening. She tried to call out but now all that happened was a noise like garbled gibberish. She immediately tried to push away from whoever was trying to grab her but only managed to push her hands behind her back where they were pinned by cold metal steel of a set of handcuffs. Twisting her head to try to see who was there; her vision was suddenly cut off as a heavy pillowcase was dumped over her head.

Suddenly she had flashbacks to what had happened all those weeks ago, she was unsure of what to do next, she recalled she had enjoyed the thrill of the experience last time but also feared it may not be the same person and this time she may be seriously in danger. It was not until she heard that haunting voice from her dreams of late that she relaxed a little as she realised it was the same assailant.

The voice close to her ear, whispered, “I told you I would be back, you were such a good slut fuck, I want more!” she froze at the thought of what he may do to her or make her do. Excited and yet strangely calm and fearful all at once, her emotions were in turmoil; would he spank her again like last time, half of her hoped so whilst the other half feared that if he knew her husband would be away for a few days what would happen. A rather sobering thought ran through her mind, what if he decided to keep her bound all weekend, returning each night to fuck her silly or to spank her at his will.

She was even more excited at this prospect and yet strangely scared of the consequences too. Now the person had pulled on the edge of her towel and she knew from the cold air stimulating her skin around her nipples she was naked before this man. It suddenly hit her she was not sure if it was a man or maybe even men.

Again she felt her elbows being tightened and pulled in behind her back once more thrusting her charming tits forward. This time though she felt the end of the rope being passed between her legs and up over her stomach; suddenly the rope tightened and pressed against her clit; she gasped at this new sensation and felt the rope pass between her tits and to the right side of her neck before being fastened again at her elbows.

Just as she was getting used to this new sensation she felt the rope being pulled and then further rope being passed around her waist looped around the rope behind her and back round to the front in a belt fashion; as this tightened she felt a sudden rush of adrenalin and her cunt actually throbbed. The end of this new rope then looped to a point just below her breasts and then began to wrap in a figure of eight around her breasts. This caused her breast to swell as the rope tightened making her 36C breast appear far larger. As she felt this last set of bindings being tied off she also felt his warm wet mouth on her right nipple, his tongue flicked across her sensitive tip and caused her to shudder even more, the mouth move over to her left nipple and repeated its treatment of he skin.

She was close to orgasm already and yet he had done almost nothing to her, but deep inside she felt she wanted him to spank her and then to fuck her before making her swallow his cunt juiced cock and almost feinted at the thought of him actually shooting his load over her face as a true slut should be treated.

The sensual voice told her to close her eyes and keep them closed, threatening to really hurt her if she did not, then suddenly the pillow case was gone and a proper blindfold replaced it. Now the voice clear and more dominant in its sounds, told her he was going to remove her ball gag and she should remain silent of he would make her suffer. She felt the straps loosened and the ball gag dragged from her mouth; quietly and calmly she pleaded for him not to hurt her, she promised to do everything he wanted just don’t hurt her.

The voice snapped for her to shut the fuck up and he leaned close to her ear and said, “I told you to remain silent, bitch, now you will have to be punished for not obeying your master!”

When Andrea heard this her heart skipped a beat, she thought oh god he is going to spank me again, last time he spanked me I felt it for four days and I could not sit properly. Then her mind recalled that every time she did sit down her mind shot to the spanking and her cunt bubbled away for a good twenty minutes. If the truth be known she had soaked three pairs of panties each day for the four days immediately after his last visit.

The man she could not see now led her out of the kitchen and into her dining room, pushing her backwards till her arse met the edge of her dining table, he continued to push her until she was basically sat on the edge of the table and then he grabbed her legs; raising them high in the air he suddenly opened then wide. He growled that she should keep them open and she felt his fingers around her cunt, she felt him pull on the rope which was now trapped between her cunt lips and moved it to one side when out of the blue she felt a sudden sharp pain right over her clit.

She realised he was spanking her clit exactly as he had done last time to her arse, only this time it was far more sensual and by the third strike she was biting her lip to stop screaming out as he cunt went into overdrive, her cunt juices literally squirted from her cunt like a fountain and thunder and lightning crashed through her head.

Six spanks she took on her clit and twice she climaxed, this man had the knack of making hr cum far more than her husband ever could, last time he had given her a first multiple orgasm and here now he was already making her cum twice and he still had not really started.

As she came down from her high, she felt her cunt lips being pulled wide open, now although this was forceful, such was her sexual state that she felt no pain only an urgent need to have her clit sucked hard like a little cock. She was not disappointed as the man was soon running his tongue from her anal ring to the tip of her clit and on the return journey he would suck her clit hard into his mouth, almost scraping his teeth against its over sensitive head as he did so. Within seconds Andrea’s hips were thrusting of their own accord and she was so close to a third orgasm.

This orgasm suddenly broke as the man sucked her clit hard and at the same time slipped his index finger deep into her arse. It only took him to wiggle that finger and she was shooting her juices over his lower mouth and chest. She sensed his head near her own not by its presence but by the strong smell of her own cunt juice, then she felt his hard cock pressed against her mouth and his strong voice telling her to be his bitch and suck the cock she wanted so fucking badly.

Andrea shocked herself for she devoured the cock like it was her last meal, she tried every trick she could to get him to cum but just before she did, she would stop and allow him to calm down postponing his climax. In her own mind she wanted to eat his spunk but did not want this feeling to ever end and so by delaying his cum she could be sure to keep the action going.

Suddenly a heavy slap on her arse told her he was becoming impatient and she took his eight inch length deep inside her mouth, used her tongue to bath his length whilst her throat muscles contracted and milked his head until she felt the first hot splashes of baby making seed hitting the back of her throat.

Both Andrea and the man were surprised as his cock never softened and he turned her round and whispering into her ear he told her, “You wanton whore, you are going to feel my hard cock buried into your cunt, beyond your cunt into your baby holding womb, what would your fucking husband say if I left my slut, my slag with child! Bet you would tell the poor sucker the child was his own whilst every time you looked at the child you would remember being my fucking whore tonight!”

Andrea never said a word, for she was too busy trying to concentrate on her own over heated cunt which so desperately needed filling with cock any cock so long as it was hard and was fucking her.

This unknown man then slid his cock deep into Andrea’s soaking wet cunt and fucked her like an express train, after several minutes he pulled out and managed to turn her over on the table, so now lying face down her tits mashed against the polished table top and he cunt refilled with cock he began to slam into her. Over and over again he slammed into her hot wide open cunt till she started to scream once more and then leaning back as he continued to fuck her he began raining spanks down on her arse. The shock of the exquisite mix of pain and pleasure sent Andrea over the edge once more and she began to experience a totally new pleasure, many small electric shock type orgasms all running into each other.

They fair took her breath away; when it happened she knew not because she must have passed out with the pleasure, she was alone and cold but she woke up untied and naked on the dining table. She removed her blindfold and the mantel clock showed it was 4.30 am, she dragged her weary but happy body up stairs fell into bed and slept. As she slept she dreamed of being tied hand and foot so she could not move at all and several different men all began to play with her body as the all made her suck their cocks and ended up cumming all over her face. When she woke at 11 am, she was laid in a large wet patch and her cunt was still leaking its juices like a fountain.