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Janet and John discover BDSMÖ.

A joint writing adventure by Fing Ho and Niteowluk2003.

Janet the 48 year old wife of John Tomkins, stood five feet eight tall of medium build and her crowning feature apart from her raven black hair were her delectable 36C breasts, there was not a hint of sag and her erect nipples stood almost three quarters of an inch from her areola. Her husband 51 year old John, was six foot one tall heavy set and with fair hair and sported a seven and a half inch cock when fully erect.

Having been together for over fifteen years, their sex life had began to wane but they were both determined to keep the passion alive by experimenting, there latest experiment was with bondage; alternately John would tie up Janet in ever more compromising positions and then the next time Janet would try to beat the last position when she tied up John.

As usual they arranged a system where they would warn each other of a forthcoming playtime by the aggressor for that session phoning the other at work and informing them of some action to be carried out before they got home. This was always something achievable and never anything likely to get them arrested.

Today John phoned Janet, He whispered into her ear piece that she was to go direct from work to the little bar bistro just around the corner, order herself a drink and then go to the ladies and rub herself to an orgasm through her panties, before removing her panties and bra. Then she was to return to the bar and sit and drink her drink. Not only that but the very last drop of her drink was to be spilt on her blouse, so she had to wipe herself down drawing attention to the fact she was braless.

After that she was to make her way home and go to the bedroom, remove her clothes and await her masterís arrival. She must not play with herself from entering into the house and further more she should not close the curtains or put on any lights. She could how ever get out the bondage ropes and the sex toys and arrange them neatly on the bed but remember my little slut donít even think of using any of them before my arrival.

Janet returned home with her blouse still soaked and her left breast showing through the thin, white fabric. When the 'accident' in the pub happened she had to feign embarrassment because all she could feel was giddiness. Just a few minutes before she had had the best auto-erotic experience of her life. She had been finger-fucking since she was eleven years old, she had been diddled by boy friends since grade eight, and she had used vibrators and dildos on many nights when the real thing ( and I don't mean Coke ) was not available.. When there wasn't a cock on hand there was always her hand which made handy with appliances or without.

But this was different. The stimulation on her clit and in her pussy may have been the same, but what was stimulating her mind was beyond the physical. It was a compelling thought, something that went beyond a dare; perhaps even beyond obsession. It was a need deep within her, a need to obey, a need to submit to a will greater than her own.

Her masturbation in the toilet stall was unlike what she had done as a teenager at school in another way too. this time her fingers pushed against the fabric of her panties for that had been her orders (She thought she knew why) and she managed to get the gusset soaking with her pussy juices before removing the panties as well as her bra, putting them in her handbag before returning to the lounge where her 'accident' left her nipple and much of her breast totally exposed.

Now home, she retired to the bathroom where she looked into the mirror... no, not into, looked beyond the mirror's image and deep into her soul. A Master shadow lay across her soul and she felt strength grow within her submission to it. A ray of light glowed from the eyes reflected in the mirror but which ... were..... Not..... Hers.

She had orders. And before that mirror she began to obey. Off came the rest of her clothes. She ran the hot water and took out her shaving foam and razor paying attention to armpits first, then calves and finally her pussy mound. All done and smooth for his touch. She brushed her raven hair and removed all make up.

Next, she had very little tie left, she went to the "Toy Box' she kept in the bedroom and removed four silken scarves, a two-foot length of raw hide lace, a wooden ruler and her favourite, a thin, green slip of a switch, 28 inches long and quite flexible. These toys and tools she laid neatly on the bed which she stripped down to the fitted sheet.

She kissed each toy as she placed it on the bed. They each would be kissing her flesh soon enough, she knew. Lastly, she retrieved her panties from her handbag. The panties which she still wore as she had masturbated in the ladies room of the pub a short while ago. Now she held them to her nose, breathed in and kissed them too. These, she knew, would find their way into her mouth and be the gag she needed to keep her screams muffled as her master used the other toys on the bed to bind her and discipline her and bring her to the release she needed.

Janet had to be tied up to be free. She waited by the bed, on her knees and neither touching herself nor bringing herself beyond that point of sexual frenzy her master wished her to maintain.

She was ready. Standing up, she remembered that her husband wanted all the toys so she went to the bottom drawer and retrieved a shoe box. She knew this box contained her collection of vibratorís loving purchased and truly tried and tested, not only on her willing body but also when she was in charge on Johnís own body too.

Knowing her husband John would be looking for an excuse to punish her she was determined not to give him that excuse just because the toys were not displayed properly.
So just beneath the pillows on the bed she placed the seven vibrators, in descending size equally distant apart. In fact she used the medium sized butt plug to ensure they were the same distance from each other. She did allow herself a momentary lapse as she imagined them not as vibrators but as real cocks, seven of them all lined up ready to fuck her in any hole they chose.

Next she coiled the soft silk scarves and laid them neatly in a row beneath the vibrators; finally finished off the arrangement by placing the three butt plugs and then the switch occupied the pride of place laid as it was before the ruler and the rawhide lace.

Now once again she placed herself at the foot of the bed, hands on her head and knees bent out in a diamond shape to her feet. She knew this showed of her shaven cunt to its best advantage but was a killer on her thigh muscles as she waited. Several times she had to stretch her muscles as they threatened to cramp up on her.

She gazed at the toys laid out on the bed and thought of the wonderful session she was in for tonight, she also wondered what John had planned for her, when suddenly she remembered that the metal hand cuffs, the riding crop and leather paddle were missing.
In a panic she searched the wardrobe to no avail, 'Drat', she murmured as she knew John would seize on this as an opportunity to punish her as a failure to carry out her simple task. She tried to calm herself down and she tried to think, when suddenly she remembered, the last time they used these items she had sat on Johnís back high on his shoulders and used the paddle and crop to whip his butt.

She remembered then falling down beside the bed and when she looked sure enough there they were hiding under the bed, but she still could not find the handcuffs. No matter where she looked they were no where to be found.

Now the scene was set and all she could do is wait; wait as the digital clock on the bedside counted down the time to Johnís arrival. Several times she thought she could hear sounds from downstairs which she thought heralded Johnís arrival but they always came to nothing.

Then as the bedside clock showed 5 p.m. she heard the definite sound of the front door open then closing. She almost shouted out that she was here; waiting for her lord and master but froze when she heard a second male voice. What had John done, had he forgotten that he had phoned her and ordered her to this position? Was the second person something John had planned all along? She would remember this and make him pay dearly next time it was her turn to be mistress of the night.

Then voices seemed to be staying downstairs; was this test for her? Was she supposed to wait until the other voice had left or was she supposed to walk naked down the stairs to remind them she was here, here to be used and abused as John saw fit? But what if the person with John was his boss, her walking downstairs could cost him any chance of future promotion.

Janet was in a right to do, she wanted to find out what was going on but then she really did not want the humiliating embarrassment of displaying herself to a stranger who was not supposed to see her.

Suddenly she froze in terror as she heard the unmistakable sounds of footsteps on the stairs. She tried to concentrate was it one set of foot steps or were there two. Half of her wanted it just to be John but the other half wanted her slutty side to win out and it turn out to be, two or even three men all eager to stick their massive cocks into her holes. Her mind went into overdrive as the ever increasing sounds told her the steps were getting closer.

Did she just imagine it or did the handle on the bedroom door just move. No, it did! She was sure it did, why did the door not open then; why was John not now stood in the open frame of the door ogling her nudity, her obvious anxious state.

She held her breath as though not breathing was going to make everything fine, she anticipated the door beginning to swing slowly open she subconsciously began to blush at the mere thought of being exposed naked before a stranger's gaze. New terrors now invaded her mind as she suddenly realized the full extent of her predicament for not only was she naked but she was naked before her entire range of sexual toys, displaying her distinct liking for being spanked and punished as well as all those vibrators. She just knew she was going to die of shame.

And into a pit of shame Janet was to be thrown indeed and it was to be a dark pit. For a voice, not John's, commanded that she close her eyes and bring her hands from off her head and place them instead behind her back. Hands, not John's, placed metal cuffs around Janet's wrists and clicked shut her bonds. Naked, kneeling and bound, Janet needed one more token of submission and that was brought forth from a pants pocket, not John's, and unfurled, folded and carefully wrapped around her head to cover her eyes tight so only her imagination would 'see' how totally vulnerable she was at this moment.

The blindfold was all she wore as four hands lifted her facedown on to the bed so her breasts and shoulders rested on the clean sheet and her hips rose above, steadied now by loving hands, not John's, which caressed from outer thigh to buttock cheek, to inner thigh and up into Janet's now sopping wet pussy.

Janet's eyes could not see but the touch was sight enough. Her sense of smell was not dimmed by the fresh, clean scent of the sheet beneath her nose; rather it heightened the contrasting musky odour that now filled the room, her nostrils and her mind.

Johnís hand at last! She knew it by smell. This hand caressed her face and pinched her jaw to force open her mouth into which he now shoved those panties he had insisted she anoint with her sexual juices. Now her submission was complete: gagged, bound, blindfolded and so positioned, her naked body was open for and vulnerable to sexual humiliation however they wished to mete it out.

Anxiety rose in Janetís mind not as dread, but as excitement which may take one beyond what one has ever known. It was the thrilling but not dreadful because the pain and humiliation Janet imagined was in the hands of her husband and also in the hands of someone she instinctively knew would master her in a way her lover never could.

She could not see them, but somehow she felt the presence sheíd seen earlierÖ when she was preparing herself and looking to the mirror for assurance. Those eyes that looked back, those eyes that were not her own, those eyes that burned into her soul. These were the eyes of a master; she felt the rays of light from those eyes beam on her now and she was not afraid. No she was not afraid far from it she was excited, exhilarated, enchanted but never afraid

Her entire body yearned to be touched, her very being screamed out for the loving touch of her husband or even the lustful touch of whoever was with him, she did not care, she wanted; no needed to be used like a cheap whore, to be fucked several times, made to obey the masterful cock which spurred her on to these bedroom games.

Suddenly she felt a hand grip her left ankle and then felt the unmistakeable texture of the soft silk rope as it was fastened around her ankle. Almost before the left ankle was secured she felt her right ankle being likewise gripped and tied, but was it to the same piece of soft rope, she had no way of knowing. Her mind demanded that she did not even care, just so long as a long stiff cock was used to split her cunt lips and soon.

She started to beg to be fucked, but before the first words were completed, a rubber wedge was slipped between her lips and she felt its straps passing around the nape of her neck and tightening. She had heard of these ball gags, but never see one let alone sampled one, it felt odd but strangely exciting and she hoped it was one John had bought, so she could add it to their chest of play toys.

Now she began to realise the soft ropes attached to her ankles were not the same piece for in unison she felt her legs being bent at the knees and her ankles stretched apart. She moved to make herself more comfortable and was rewarded with a kind word from John and she suspected the sharp stinging slap on her arse came from the stranger. Further and further apart her legs were force but her ankles were almost in line with her arse cheeks now. Suddenly she felt her wrists being released and her right wrist being pulled behind her back to her left side where she felt the telltale feel of the soft rope being wrapped and tied around her wrist. Similarly her left wrist was then pulled over to her right side and tied.

In her mind she finally figured out what they had done to her; but despite it pulling terribly on her muscles she was not in any discomfort at all instead she was so excited that her cunt throbbed and her nipples actually ached as they rubbed against the sheet.

They had tied her ankle to a rope fed the rope off to the bed end and looped it back to tie it to the opposite wrist, this way her left leg was bound to the bottom of the bed and the other end finished on her right wrist, similarly her right leg was tied via the bed head to her left wrist, this she thought was an excellent position for she could not now close her legs to protect her cunt or arse and any attempted movement caused her to twist in her upper body and would result in her nipples being scraped across the fresh linen sheet.

Eagerly she now awaited their next move, although the heat in her cunt was becoming unbearable. A strange thought suddenly crossed her mind for John and she had agreed a safe word in case things went too far, but with this gag, the blindfold and the inability to move her arms how could she now use it. Not that she wanted to, no if they took her to the very edge of madness and death she would never use the safe word nor want to do so.
Like Alice freely falling down a rabbit hole of madness, Janet let her mind, her will, her very self submit to a wonderland of domination. The heart is never so free as when it pounds to the beat of total abandon. Bungy jumpers, skydivers and devotees of killer roller coasters know that feeling. So now did Janet as her spirit was set free from her mind even as her physical being was trussed beyond her control. She was bound to accept all.

Physical stimulation, touch and smell and pain and arousal, blood rush and chemical release; all of these women experience in sex and, when lucky, intensely in orgasm. But the flight of being which Janet now experienced was different and greater than anything she'd felt before.

Feminists of old might call it 'objectification'; Janet thought of it later ( for at the moment she was devoid of thought ) as 'transcendence'. She experienced being hog tied, whipped and sexually abused. What she felt ( not articulated until days later ) she described as falling/ flying along a moibus strip whereon she plunged into the depths of hell and simultaneously rose on flights of glory to heaven. It was all her her mind, a mind that was no longer hers.

Everything seemed so clear to her as the hours wore on while any sense of time had lost its meaning. Clarity of being was in the moment. Her essence was 'woman' and her Kensho, if not Satori, was sexual submission. That, she now understood, was the true Story of 'O', Zero and circle, all and nothing, the absoluteness of her being on either side of the mirror that reflected her soul.

All this came to her only later. For now all she knew was the joy/pain of being dominated by John and the Master. Submission was not even the point any more, for she had submitted already and had no choice now. Her will, like her safe-word, had been taken from her. And yet, she never felt safer and she never felt more free.

This was the paradoxical journey, the moibus strip road that led the way to and from her true self. There was no turning back.

To be continuedÖ.

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Great story. Really enjoyed it.