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Perils of Penelope.

2. Finally making a stand in London

Penelope did not have to wait long for a further lift into London, she was stood beside the M3 on the hard shoulder, thumbing at every car that was on her side of the motorway. A large black Ford Zephyr estate slowed and finally pulled up just a few feet in front of her. As she walks forward she is both glad and yet disappointed to see two passengers inside the car. One a white woman mid thirties in age and the driver was a large coloured guy.

Now Penelope was glad because she felt safe that another woman would be in the car and yet it also meant she would not be able to add to her growing financial gains, or so she thought. The woman climbed out the car and placed Penelope’s case into the boot of the car before telling her to slide in between her and the driver.

Eager to get out of the cold, Penelope slide on to the long bench type seat and edged to the middle of the car; meanwhile the woman climbed in beside her. They had not gone fifty yards when she felt the coloured guy place his hand on her upper thigh. Her itch immediately sprang back into life and she casually glanced at her fellow female passenger. It was clear she had seen the driver’s hand on Penelope’s thigh; she coughed to let the driver, Leroy, she was aware of this move.

Without even looking up or moving his hand, he snaps, “Shut the fuck up bitch! If you are going to be a pain you can fuck off into the back of the car!” Angie recognises the serious tone of Leroy’s voice and without hesitation she climbs over into the back of the car. Now Leroy smiles his white teeth in stark contrast to the dark ebony of his skin; at the same time he begins massaging Penelope’s thigh ever closer to her now bubbling cunt.

He speaks out so all present can hear, “You know young lady, I would dearly love to fuck your hot white cunt, if you like my fuck bitch here can suck your tits or you can suck her fucking whorish cunt!”

Leroy is then shocked by the response he gets; “Well you could fuck me and she could do what ever you tell her too but it will cost you! Twenty to fuck my arse or cunt and ten for me to suck your cock; if you want anything else we can discus a price!”

As they are driving along, Leroy laughs out loud, “Fuck me of all the people I have to pick up is a two bit street hustler”, He then smiles and says, “Angie, give this bitch thirty fucking quid, she is going to take my cock up her cunt and then she is going to eat your fucking cunt!”

Angie spoke with a slurred voice, “Yes lover, what ever you want is fine!” Penelope realises she is high on drugs and fears a little for her own safety, its one thing to fuck for money but with two people who clearly use drugs, and could attack her instead of paying is another matter.

They pulled off the M3 and travelled along the A23 for some distance before pulling to a secluded layby. Then Leroy ordered Penelope in to the back of the car and when she went to get in alongside Angie he snapped, no in the back here, pointing to the tailgate. Angie slid out of the car and quickly laid the rear seat flat creating a large flat space in the very back of the car.

Penelope hesitated before getting in to this space, she waited till she had the money in her hand, then tucking it in to her handbag she stripped off and climbed in to the boot space. Leroy simply dropped his pants and had Angie strip and suck his large black cock preparing it for Penelope’s open cunt lips.

Soon the nine inch cock was nestled between Penelope’s cunt lips and as it slid deeper into her Angie was already sat on her face rubbing her cunt hard against Pen’s mouth. Suddenly Leroy plunged the rest of his cock into Pen’s cunt with one hard thrust this caused her to jerk forward and she scraped her teeth on Angie’s clit; Angie thought this was deliberate and a so well timed as she was just pushing down at the time and it caused her orgasm to break. She flooded Pen’s face with her cum; which in turn caused Penelope to start cumming and in doing so she clamped her cunt muscles around Leroy’s large back cock.

This sudden clamping of her cunt muscles milked the spunk from Leroy’s cock and she felt the tell tale hot stinging as his load washed over her cunt walls. Leroy was not going to be denied, for he had always intended to fuck both Pen’s holes and as his slick cunt juiced cock exited her still clutching cunt he thrust forward again spearing the slick cock up her arse. Penelope screamed into Angie’s cunt as he arse was ripped open to accommodate his weapon. He pounded her poor sore arse for twenty minutes before filling her with a second load of cum.

When they had exited the car and got dressed, Penelope dared to ask Leroy for her second twenty for the arse fuck and got a slap across her face for her trouble. Her case and bag was dumped from the car and she was left standing there as the car sped off with Leroy laughing out loud at her. Penelope swore that would be the last time she ever gave anything away without getting the full and proper payment up front. She eventually arrived in Trafalgar square at 11 pm too late to get a room despite having over eighty pounds now from her first day as a prostitute.

She walked down to the embankment and found under the flyover a cardboard city, one particularly old and dirty guy invited her to share his cardboard box. Had she not been desperate for somewhere to stay she would never have agreed, but it turned out the tramp she got to know as Ted, was a perfect gentleman sharing a sandwich with her and never asked for anything back in return; although as she dozed, she could not help but wonder where he got that sandwich from.

She was woken gently next morning at 4.30 am by Ted, who warned her to get a move on as the council came around in thirty minutes with the high pressure washer to clean up their shanty town. She barely made it across the road before the cardboard house she had shared with kindly old Ted was flattened and scooped up on to a dustbin lorry.

She made her way to the east end of London and go herself booked into a small bed and breakfast place, run by an old man of seventy. Having had a bath and a change of clothing she headed up the west end to find some form of employment, intending only to perform her street walking trade in the evenings.

She had no luck at any of the office temp agencies, but ran, quite literally into a smart looking gentleman who turned out to be a private secretary to a politician. They literally collided and he sent her flying, then picking her up he apologised and ended up taking her for a coffee. When they were sat in the coffee shop he could not believe her beauty and he suddenly felt the need to protect this angelic looking young lady,

A series of meals and dates led to him setting Penelope up in a penthouse flat, with him taking care of all the bills and her providing sexual favours when ever he could get away from his wife and work. This arrangement suited Penelope very well for she was able to use his contacts to enlarge her rings of friends from local government to central government but always careful to avoid the glare of publicity.

Mind you it never stopped Penelope from turning tricks when ever she wanted, and she always kept one eye out for people to further her career and reputation. She attended a parliamentary party and actually met the prime minister and even contemplated trying to screw him in 10 Downing Street, but his wife never gave Penelope the opportunity.

Her biggest success to that time, was at a country retreat party of a nig wig when she stunned a party of fifteen guests, ten males and five females by appearing as if by accident totally nude. She claimed she had become locked out of her room with her towel trapped in the door and the only way to attract attention was to leave the towel behind and find someone to let her back in the room. Of course there were ten eager volunteers to lend her their coats and five very jealous pairs of females eyes staring daggers at her. She made sure that she had three of the males fuck her at the same time, in her own private orgy in her room, but she got no respite from the growing itch eating away at her cunt.

It took her just short of two years to amass her first million, but she never ever did forget the lesson she learned from Leroy. No one ever got the better of her again. When she started to get too popular she began to recruit young sexy looking girls with passions for lots of money and extremely loose morals.

With in four years of moving to London, she was madam over twenty young sexy and extremely horny females. She loved to introduce her girls to her profit sharing schemes and often claimed only £25,000 per year from each of them, pointing out that what ever else they earned was theirs; and most were earning in excess of £100, 000 per year.

Penelope never lost that itch and strange thing was it only ever went away if she visited the seediest of truck stops and plied her trade for ten to twenty pounds a time. Often parking her rolls out of sight and donning her short tatty mini skirt and blouse but no underwear to service five or six men a night, when the itch became too much.

The rest of the time she wore mink coats, diamond necklaces and expensive one off designer dresses, as the perfect hostess to the rich and famous. If only her alcoholic and bedraggled mother could see her now.

Her famous clientele; they started to demand ever more bizarre parties, frequently involving drugs and bondage. Penelope actually managed to contact Leroy and he became her personal drug supplier and Angie, well she became Pen’s personal whipping post often spending hours suspended from the ceiling and being spanked or whipped by drug crazed in people. Several times Angie was severely beaten by these well to do people and amongst Penelope’s clients were Harley Street consultants who always took good care of Angie. The really strange thing was that Penelope began to develop a thing about Angie being her surrogate mother, especially when Pen’s started whipping her.

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