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Perils of Penelope.

3. Such a close call.

Life was good for Penelope for five whole years she netted more than a million pounds a year, she was now running one of the most famous and beautiful harems in England with forty beautiful escorts any one good enough to be a catwalk model, except they all suffered from the itch in their cunts called nymphomania…

It was in her twenty-third year of life that things began to take a turn for the worse; it all began at one her now famous soirees. A well known Judge, who liked to be bound tied and spanked by three scantily clad women; was returning the favour to a nineteen year buxom brunette. He had her hanging by her feet from the ceiling her legs spread wide apart. The Judge was using a riding crop on the girl’s cunt she was swinging and gurgling in pain. No one saw her being sick and that sick sticking partly in her throat, the judge thought he was doing an excellent job on whipping her but her struggling was her choking action as she tried to get her breath.

Suddenly the girl hung limp and another Girl screamed as the saw traces of blood dripping from the hanging girl’s mouth. Suddenly pandemonium broke loose all the rich and famous guests grabbed their clothes and beat a hasty retreat. Penelope and her girls rushed to the girl’s aid and released her, carrying her to the large deluxe bed they tended her but could not revive her. Reluctantly Penelope phoned the emergency services on 999. When the operator answered, Penelope suddenly realised the predicament she was in, did she want the police or ambulance service. Quickly she decided that the later would contact the former so she asked for the Ambulance service.

When she explained her friend had passed out having had a little too much to drink and immediately after being sick and she described the traces of blood coming from the corner of the girl’s mouth, the operator patched the call into the police as well. Seven minutes later the Ambulance arrived almost immediately followed by the police. The two officers looked around the room of nine scantily clad women and quickly realised this was more than first reported.

Extra police back up were called and everyone was questioned, the problem for Penelope was that they had been so busy tending the poor unfortunate girl that they had not worked on a convincing story to tell the police. So half the girls told the truth about her being inverted and suspended, being whipped and the other half stuck to the drink and sick story; Penelope decide out of respect for the girl to tell the truth and explained a high ranking law official had been whipping her with a crop and not seen her being sick, she surmised she had choked on her own vomit and the blood was acidosis from her lungs.

Immediately Penelope was charged with running a brothel and living of immoral earnings and aiding and abetting in the suicidal death of a person. The later charge was the only way they could catch Penelope for the death of the girl. Figuring the girl entered into the arrangement voluntarily and therefore accepted the risks, so in a way she accepted the possibility of dying in this manner, technical suicide.

The girls and Penelope were taken to a police station and formally charged, the girls with the lesser charge of prostitution and Penelope with the three charges already mentioned. However it was a little embarrassing for the desk Sargeant was already a client, who liked his women to look under age and pretend to be virgins reluctant to lose their cherries.

Obviously he could not acknowledge her or the any of the girls, but he did promise to contact good lawyers for them all. He also arrange for the detective in charge of the case to not oppose bail. So three days later at the law court Penelope was given bail on £500,000 assurities and each of the seventeen girls got bail for £5,000 each; it was Penelope who stood guarantor for all the bail.

As the date of the trial came close, Penelope was not worried for she knew she had the ace in the hold, a black book of all her major clients, local councillors, major politicians, high ranking Judges, medical consultants, high flying lawyers. She knew she would cause a sensation if she threatened to call them all as witnesses.

On the date of her girl’s court cases for prostitution, she naturally attended and could not help but smile for the Judge was on of her best clients. Now legal requirements should have been that he declare his invested interest in the case and he should have stepped down, but to do so would have declared himself as one who visits prostitutes and could lead to being disbarred from office, so the Judge kept quiet. The girls as they were charged one by one also kept quiet and lo and behold they were given minimum fines and no probation.

Again Penelope paid all the fines and reclaimed her £85,000 bail bond. But on the day of Penelope’s trial, which was of the more serious charges, so her trial was before a jury of twelve trusted and true men, only eight were her clients.

After a lengthy trial in which Penelope hinted she may be prepared to call some exclusive witnesses, but did not, she was found not guilty of assisting a suicide, not guilty of living off immoral earnings but guilty of running a brothel. This lesser charge of the three carried an eighteen month prison sentence but guess what, Penelope got a suspended sentence and a £7,500 fine after the jury recommend leniency because of the attempts to revive the poor girl and the fact she would have to live with the fact of her death.

And just in case you were wondering, no she did not know this judge. However a mysterious benefactor paid the fine even before she had left the court room. Yes the Judge who had brought about her downfall had tried to make amends.

Penelope moved from London along with her girls and set up home in a Sutton, where they purchased a small road of thirteen houses and a plot of land. On the land they built an aqua centre for the community to use free of charge but no one could explain why it was always closed on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning. Well no one apart from the select invitees to her weekly soiree of water fun and sex.

But that is another story…..

One moral aspect to this story and a point to think about:

In England it is illegal to live of the earnings of Prostitution, (Immoral Earnings) and yet in real life a World famous Prostitute, Ms Cynthia Paine, was charge £33,000 pounds in back taxes by……..Her Majesties Revenues Department….

Are they then not living of those same immoral earnings…..!!!!!

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wow great story xxx