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Glory or bust.

2. The visit.

Next morning, Peggy decides to begin her preparations for visiting the glory hole toilets; she decides on the clothes she will wear and as it will be her first experience of anonymous sex, she thinks it would be great to have new clothes she can look at and remember her experiences.

Carefully she thought of her style of dress and came upon the idea it had to be something easy to remove, yet sexy enough to stimulate her as she travelled to the scene. Grabbing her coat she kissed her husband and taking their joint credit card she headed off to do some special shopping.

Later in town she heads into a shoe store and looking around she spots a pair of bright red, stiletto heeled shoes which mentally says fuck me all over them. She turns to the shop assistant and asks if they have that style in a size seven. The young female assistant looks at the shoes and then slowly looks Peggy up and down; then she turns and disappears into the store room; returning shortly with a shoe box, she shows them to Peggy and suggests she tries them on. The assistant leads her over to a bench and kneels down taking the shoes from the box. Peggy sits on the bench but in doing so has to open her legs a little wider than she would have normally done.

The assistant leans forward and removes Peggy’s shoe and then raises her ankle a little, she then slowly slips her foot into the new shoe. Peggy instantly becomes aware that the assistant’s eyes are not on her shoes, but rather she is looking straight up along her leg; she is sure from where she is kneeling and the angle she is looking she must be staring at her panties. Rather than feeling angry for some unexplained reason she begins to feel sexually excited, so much so she actually subconsciously opens her legs a little wider. Now the wet patch beginning to form on her gusset is clearly on view to the assistant.

On the pretext of checking their fit the assistant raises Peggy’s leg a little higher and wider, her other hand slides along Peggy’s smooth inner thigh to with in a few centimetres of her cunt. Peggy’s breathing suddenly becomes excited; she quickly glances around the shop and is relieved to see its almost empty and the only other visible assistant, an older woman is busy with a mother and daughter pair.

Suddenly Peggy feels light finger’s touching her panties wet patch pressing it back against her cunt, flushed she looks into the assistants face and mouths the words is there somewhere more private. The assistant shakes her head but pops a piece of paper into Peggy’s hand just as the wonderful feeling fingers disappeared. A shaky voiced Peggy asked if they sold self supporting stocking in a similar red to the Shoes. The assistant rose and quickly returned with a pair of fish net stockings in a bright red colour. As Peggy went to rise the assistant kissed her quickly on the lips and whispered for her to ring her.

Then she led Peggy over to the counter where the older shop assistant took the payment for the two items and a flustered Peggy then left the shop. As she walked she thought to herself that this shopping thing could be a lot of sexual fun and she decided to see what fun she could have fitting herself out for her glory hole escapade.

Next she went into a small clothing shop and was pleased to see the assistant was also a young petite female. She quickly produced the shoes and asked for a wrap around skirt to match this colour. The girl looked at the shoes and actually murmured fuck me they are so sexy looking. Rather than feigning disgust at her swearing Peggy said, “Yes I thought so to, don’t you think they say fuck me all over them!”

The girl nodded and turned towards a rack of skirts, thumbing through them she selected a similar coloured skirt and held it up to Peggy, it was a single piece which wrapped around and tied with two thins straps. Peggy looked at it and then asked if she had one a little shorter, which raised the eyebrows of the girl. Peggy steeped up close to the girl and whispered that she would like to seduce her husband with the sexy outfit but would like to try it on too.

The girl was confused, did she mean she wanted to try on the skirt or try it on with her; scared of making the wrong connection she immediately found the next size down, and led Peggy to the back of the shop and showed her into the changing room. She was about to pull the curtain closed and leave Peggy to try on the skirt when Peggy grabbed her hand and said no. I will need you to help me. The girl whispered fine, just let me go drop the catch on the shop door.

By the time the girl came back and entered the cubicle, Peggy was stood in her panties and blouse. She asked if the girl sold lacy panties in the same colour as the skirt and shoes; the girl went and got a pair and when she entered the cubicle she stopped dead in her tracks for there was Peggy completely naked and stroking her cunt. Her cunt juices already smeared all over her fingers, cunt lips and nipples.

Before the girl could react, Peggy pressed her lips to her mouth and kissed her passionately, bringing her hand up over the girl’s cute little arse. The girl instinctively responded and was soon sliding her fingers deep into Peggy’s hot wet cunt. Frantically Peggy undressed the girl before kneeling before her and began kissing her thighs working ever closer to her cunt.

Then with feather light kisses on her cunt lips, Peggy gently parted the girl’s cunt lips as her tongue sought the source of the clear yet nectar sweet juices. Within minutes of lapping at the eager girl’s cunt, Peggy sensed her pending climax, so she redoubled her efforts, probing the girl’s cunt hole with her rigid tongue; she was rewarded with not just a trickle or a flow of cunt juices but when the girl came she squirted so hard that she soaked Peggy’s face even though Peggy was swallowing as fast as she could. The girl calmed down and began apologising but Peggy simply placed her hands on the girl’s shoulder and pressed her down towards the wet lino. At first the girl thought Peggy was going to make her lick up the fluid on the floor so she resisted until Peggy gasped, oh babe go down and do me… I need to feel your mouth on my cunt.

Now the girl dropped to her knees kneeling in the cold clammy wetness she pressed her mouth to Peggy’s cunt and repeated everything Peggy had done to her with the same climatic result. Peggy was not aware that this was the girl’s first woman on woman experience but both were well satisfied by the end. The girl tried to persuade Peggy to stay longer but she had to go finish shopping.

Having both dressed and paid for her skirt a newly energised Peggy headed off to get her white blouse. She spotted a neat shop offering the type of blouse she was looking for and at sale prices and she entered to disappointedly find a single male shop assistant. The lesbian session she had just had; had been the first since she had married Jim and she was now eager to repeat it, but it was not going to be here in this shop. Although she was a little disappointed her hormones were still raised and she was horny enough to fancy a cock. The more she looked at the young male, the more she started to visualise in her mind him with a big stiff cock ready to fuck her cunt. She selected a wrap around semi transparent blouse and asked if she could try it on. The man led her to the fitting room and was about to leave her to it when she asked, “Can I ask your opinion?”

He nodded and she pulled all her goodies from the bag and said, “Do you think this blouse will set off this ensemble of clothing?”

The guy whistle and said, “I should think you would be a knock out in that lot?” then he added, “but I can not see a bra amongst the items, are you planning on wearing one?”

Peggy put her finger to her lips as if contemplating her decision before answering, “I was not planning on one!” All the time she knew that a bra would hinder her fun at the glory hole and so she never intended to wear one.

The shop assistant said, “Well may I suggest you put everything on and I will go check for a sturdier blouse, after all you would not want those to simply pop out!” he said nodding towards her tits.

When he left he went to the shop door and locked it and spent a little time looking for a heavier duty blouse that could contain her 44D tits. Without success he returned to the fitting room and as he entered he saw Peggy stood there struggling to get the blouse to fasten correctly. He was stunned for this four foot something pocket beauty was a picture of a typical street walker. High heeled fuck me shoes in red, red stockings red easy release skirt flashing the stocking tops as it flicked this way and that and the hint of the red lacy panties. All topped off with those huge tits struggling to stay inside the almost see through blouse but clearly showing the deep pink rock hard nipples.

He asked if he may help and placed his hands on her tits to raise them allowing the material of the blouse to pass underneath them and support them making them seem even larger. The heat of his hands turned her cunt into a running tap, she closed her own hands over the top of his and squeezed them into her tits. Then releasing his hand she felt him locate the tie for the blouse and suddenly her tits fell free f the blouse and instantly he had his hot mouth clamped over her nipple and his tongue flicked and teased the engorge nipple flesh.

Peggy closed her eyes, and an audible gasp escaped her lips. The man continued to devour her nipple as his hands found her stocking clad legs and worked their way up to her hips. He heard her beg him to fuck her; he pulled his head away from her tit and demanded she repeat herself. “Oh for god’s sake get you’re fucking penis out and stuff it up my over heated cunt, you bastard!” Peggy screamed.

She was shocked with her own boldness for she would never swear around her husband and detested women who turned out such colourful language; and yet here she was swearing at a man she had just met and further more demanding he fuck her. He stepped back and dropped his pants revealing a hard seven inch cock he turned her round and made her bend over. Flicking her skirt up over her hips he then pulled her panties to one side and placed his cock against her swollen wet cunt lips; then with a quick flick of his own hips he speared his cock into her cunt. She screamed but nothing came from her mouth.

A few quick strokes and he pulled out to be greeted with a torrent of abuse, he snapped for her to shut up before he took his slippery cock in his hand and placed it at her anal ring, the with a long forceful push he buried his cock up her arse. She went ballistic begging him to fuck it hard and she actually added that if she had known anal sex could be so fucking hot she would have had her husband doing it to her since her honeymoon.

The guy fucked her arse like an express train pulling out just before cumming and managed to spray his load all over her face. Some even splashed on to her blouse, then he made her suck his cock clean before they dressed. Peggy pointed out that she was not paying for the soiled blouse and he agreed to a fifty percent discount as he had enjoyed his time and that had to be worth something.

Peggy agreed and paid for her blouse before finding a place to grab a bite to eat, she laughed to herself as she thought, God isn’t it strange how much good sex makes you hungry.

Later when she got back home she showed her purchases to her husband and took great delight in recounting the experiences of her shopping trip, even pointing out the spunk stains on the blouse as proof of her fun. Her husband kissed her and agreed he was pleased she had enjoyed her shopping trip so much but added he would have loved to have been there with her. He surprised Peggy by smelling the spunk stains and she was not sure but did she just see him snake his tongue out to taste it, no surely not.

Then on her next day off she told Jim she was off to the glory hole and he eagerly kissed her and made sure to examine her clothing marvelling at her boldness her braless tits looked delectable and the rest of her set up made her look like a street walker.

She drove nervously to the A630 and followed it until just outside Dronefield she saw the toilets in question. With her tummy doing summersaults she pulled in to the car park and carefully with apprehension entered the ladies toilets. She checked the first cubicle but could not find the hole in the wall she was looking for. Neither was there one in the second or third cubicles but in the fifth cubicle she found holes in both side walls and thought this a better bet as it doubled her chances of some fun.

She entered the toilet and closed and locked the door; now she was alone and unsure. Should she undress ready or just sit on the loo. In the finish she decided to play it safe and make out she really needed the loo. So she dropped her panties and raised her skirt and sat on the loo seat. The deadly silence was actually deafening in her mind and she sat there with the time seeming to stand still. Several times she nearly lost her nerve and left but she was disappointed nothing seemed to be happening.

She had just about given up when she heard movement out in the main foyer, she heard footsteps moving down towards her cubicle. What she could not see was a man walking slowly down checking the cubicles until he spotted the engaged sign on her door, he slipped into the cubicle to her right and closed the door with a deafening bang.

She heard nothing more but felt she was being watched, gathering all her nerve she opened her legs and began stroking her stocking clad legs, turning slightly to her right she now had her cunt on full view. Her right hand opened her cunt lips as her left hand squeezed her firm breasts. Suddenly a finger popped through the hole and beckoned her towards it. Now was the moment of truth, had she the courage to go through with this or would she sprint passed the guy and jump in her car and speed away.

Her mind went into slow motion, but she stood and as sexily as possible she walked forward and approached the hole; she saw the hand suddenly pop through the hole and begin to stroke her cunt. Soon a finger entered her cunt and it blew her mind; not because it was stroking the insides of her cunt wall but the fact that it was a total stranger being so intimate with her and causing such passions in her.

She backed off causing the finger to plop out of her soaking cunt and the hand instantly disappeared back through the hole; she whispered that she wanted to see his cock and she knelt with her eyes inches from the hole. She watched as the man undid his belt, then undid the waistband of his trousers before allowing them to drop next he pulled his pants to the side and a seven inch uncircumsised cock popped out. She took a deep breath at the thought of sucking suck a hard cock.

She hooked her finger through the hole and beckoned it to come closer, as soon as she could she hooked her fingers around it and pulled it through the hole, she was surprised but delighted when his balls came through as well. Now like the wanton whore she felt, she devoured the cock delighting in pulling the foreskin back and bathing the cock head in tiny licks, as her hand encompassed his balls, she marvelled at the sized of them and the weight. Peggy hoped the weight indicated a massive load of cream for her to swallow.

As she devoured his cock in her mouth she suddenly felt him humping the wall as his cock began thrusting. She could not help but laugh in her mind as she visualised what he must look like on the other side of the wall. She was just getting into her sucking duties when the cock was gone, before she could react a hand was through the hole and pawing at her blouse trying to open it. She sat back on her heels ready to untie the straps and allow her tits to swing free, when she felt something hard and yet soft almost hitting the back of her neck. Shocked she turned her head and came face to face with a large eleven inch black cock. She immediately opened her mouth and swallowed it as she completed untying her straps and displaying her tits. The hand now found her nipple and twisted and pulled on it. The cock in her mouth began thrusting and suddenly she heard a tapping on the wall of her cubicle, the first guy began whispering for her to unlock her door.

She released the black cock from her mouth; she now contemplated whether she really wanted to have them both join her or had she gone too far already. As if not apart of her she found her hands leaning towards the door and releasing the bolt. The door swung open and there was her mystery man. The black cock she had been sucking even disappeared and soon she was lifted out to the foyer of the toilets, the white male then lay on the floor and the coloured guy lifted Peggy on top of the white guy, she helped him guide his cock into her cunt and she felt his hot mouth on her tit, his teeth nipped and bite firmly into her tit flesh, the pain mixed with her passions and heightened her overall experience.

She reached another level, when she suddenly felt the firm pressure of the black cock pushing past her anal ring and filling her arse. She was so hyper at this point she was bucking hard on to both cocks screaming her head off but getting no sounds from her throat. Suddenly a hand grabbed her chin and a third cock was pushed against her mouth. Such was her horny state she simply opened and swallowed the cock; now with every hole filled with cock meat she was the complete slut. She sucked and fucked her way through these cocks and when she staggered out to her car and drove away she could still feel the spunk dripping from her cunt, arse and drenching her lacy panties, which the black guy had been kind enough to recover for her.

Ass he drove she was trying to recall all the details to tell her beloved Jim, but she knew whether he liked it or not she would be back; Soon and back often.

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