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Glory or bustÖ

3. Re-living the dream.

Peggy parked the car in her driveway, and eagerly entered the house calling out to her beloved husband Jim, she hears him answer from their bathroom and she hurries up entering without even knocking.

Jim is sat on the toilet having a piss and Peggy knelt in front of him and lovingly held his penis whilst he peed. She began to tell him in an excited voice of the three hours she had spent in the glory hole. Despite his wifeís obvious state of excitement there was no reaction from Jim until she begins to tell him about being brought out of the cubicle and having a cock up her cunt, one in her arse and one down her throat at the same time.

She felt a stirring in his cock and hoped if she could tell him enough of the sordid details she may just get to fuck her own husbandís cock. She began by telling him, the guy who fucked my cunt had a seven inch uncircumcised cock and its pick head looked edible when she slid it from its polo necked sweater. Jim chuckled at her description although he did think it rather appropriate description. She described how big his balls and ball sac felt when she held it and how she was sure it would hold a large amount of sperm. When she said the word sperm she felt Jimís cock twitch once more.

Peggy went to great lengths to tell Jim that she hoped this cock would spray his load all over her face, but he did not. Then she told him about how she knelt back on her heels and felt the big black cut cock touch her neck. Once more Jimís cock lurched a little more into life. She described turning her head and seeing for the first time a real life one eyed trouser snake in its natural chocolate colouring and she felt his cock twitch and start to harden as she described its length, she suggested it was longer than her forearm and as thick as her wrist. Now between her descriptions she was kissing and sucking on Jimís hardening cock.

She described how when she had the white guys cock up her cunt in the foyer of the toilets she suddenly felt this hard and yet so soft object pressing into her anal ring. She expressed her feelings of being so hot if someone had covered he ass in butter she could have fried an egg, then she told him how she felt a sharp pain in her arse as her anal ring expanded over this hard black baby making cock. By now Peggy was sure she could have left out any references to herself and just described the cocks and it would have had an effect on Jimís cock.

Peggy told her beloved husband that although her arse hurt like fuck from the size of the cock now sliding into her she was so horny she did not care and began thrusting back to get much more of it inside her, then she nearly blew Jimís mind as she told him believe it or not she could feel every single vein and pimple of both the cocks that were now only parted by the thin membrane which separated her cunt from her ass. By now Jim cock had reached a half solid erection and she slowly stroked it to maintain this effect.

When she told him that she managed to take all eleven inches into her arse and could feel it dwarfing the seven inch one in her cunt, Jim slipped his hand over hers and began jerking on his cock. She told him how the guy up her cunt began biting her tits and leaving his teeth marks which although felt painful merely inflamed her passions further. Then she told him at this point and she knew not where it came from but she felt another cock pressing against her lips. She described opening her eyes and seeing a smaller black cock than the one in her arse and this one wore the polo necked sweater. She admitted she eagerly opened her mouth and began to swallow this eight inch black mother fucker of a cock.

She described the feeling of being a complete whore, and yet she confessed it felt so natural to her. She described feelings which she really could not ever have known had Jim never have suggested her being free to find the sex he could no longer give her. His cock finally stood firm and proud when she admitted it was a surreal feeling having three cocks all interested only in achieving their own orgasms but uniting in bring her to the boil and releasing her own orgasm.

At this point Peggy stood up and kissed Jim full on the mouth, he could taste the distinct salty taste of male spunk in her saliva and again his cock jerked. Peggy then stepped back and told Jim she had something just for him; she raised her skirt and slowly lowered her spunk filled panties, tossing them into Jimís face. He immediately picked them up and smelt the gusset and realised it was soaking in spunk, watching her carefully he was just about to slide his tongue out to taste the staining when she shocked him by saying, ďYes Jim, taste the spunk and if you really like it I have more still up my cunt and arse which you can lick out directly!Ē

Jim suddenly spluttered and asked how long had she known. Peggy not wishing to hurt his feelings said she had know for the last four years at least; she winged it by saying she knew he had been licking his own cum from her dirty panties right here in this very bathroom. She reassured Jim that it was ok and now he would be able to really go to town eating other menís cum form his wifeís cunt.

Quickly now the pair moved from the bathroom to the bed room and Jim lay on the bed his head still buried inside his wifeís used panties. Peggy climbed up along side her husband and quickly buried his cock up her well used cunt, she teased him by asking if he could feel the other manís spunk still up her cunt and now squishing all around his lovely cock. As she described his cock swimming in all this other manís sperm she began riding him hard and fast. Suddenly Jim blurted out that he wanted to go with her next time, he wanted to see with his own eyes his delicate wife being used as a common whore.

Never before had Jim used such words around her and she was taken aback but more importantly they turned her on more than her trusty vibrator. Peggy knew, she would have to encourage him to verbally abuse her while they fucked. She promised him that on her very next day off she would take him along with her and he could stand in the cubicle and watch to his hearts content as long as he was naked from the waist down.

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