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Glory or bust…

4. Testing times

The next week passed slowly for both Peggy and Jim, although neither really knew what the other was thinking they both were eager to set out on their new adventure together. For Peggy she wanted to re live the thrill of being a whore for strangers pleasures, for the simple act, that first time, of allowing the men to use her three holes had released a side of her she did not know existed. To herself now she freely admitted she was a slag, a common worthless whore, a cum slut; no a cum queen; for she knew she would never tire of taking as much cum as she could in any hole she could get it. The only worry on her horizon was, would she be able to let herself really go with her beloved husband with her; or would the thought of having to live with him knowing she was a cock crazy slut be too much for their marriage to survive.

For Jim, the thought of his dear prim and proper wife, becoming the plaything of a stranger was an unbelievable aphrodisiac and to prove it had they not made love for the first time in months upon her return from servicing these men, but more he had actually cum up his wife for the first time in over a year. He had his nagging doubts as all men who truly loved their wives and yet wanted them to be whores for other men often do. Would she find a better lover, a more deserving cock to worship and start not coming home straight from work maybe even claiming she was working late and instead in a seedy hotel with some lover or other, what if that lover was some big black man with a massive cock. Hell; these thoughts haunted him day and night for the last seven days but yet he felt more alive and he was more sexually active since that fateful day.

Now today they would go into that toilet hand in hand and wait in the cubicle, wait for someone to come stick their cock up his wife, what if they wanted him to suck their cock too? As he pondered this new thought; he did not realise till he spurted, he had absent mindedly been stroking his hard cock. Here was his answer staring at him like a rabbit in a car’s headlights, the small pool of white sperm on the bathroom lino told him if told to, he would do so and do it eagerly.

He hoped no one would but secretly wished he would be made to do so, he could excuse his actions as not wanting to spoil Peggy’s fun but deep down inside he wanted to relive one of his earliest sexual experiences. When he was thirteen, he and a school friend had bunked off school to go to this school pals house to play with his train layout.

They had sneaked in through the garage only to find out, the lads parents were already out and Glen invited him up to his bedroom to see the train layout. Only just outside the bedroom Glen had stopped him and said, “What do I get if you get to play with my train set?”

Jim was flustered; finally stammering, “What would you want?”

Suddenly Glen was pressing his lips to Jim’s as his hand groped at his crotch trying to feel his cock; rather then feel disgusted Jim actually became aroused and returned the favour seeking out Glen’s cock. Glen then pulled away and told him to remove his trousers and pants as Glen slipped into the bedroom. For some reason Jim, removed everything and slipped in behind Glen. Suddenly Jim was knocked face down on the bed and an also naked Glen was rubbing his arse cheeks.

Glen gloated as he asked if Jim had ever had a cock in his mouth, Jim started to say he had not, as he opened his mouth to speak his mouth was invaded by Glen’s cock; just long enough for him to lubricate Glen’s cock then Jim felt Glen’s weight on his back and with Glen’s maniacal laughter in his ears he felt his anal virginity ripped from him. The pain was excruciating but was soon replaced with a warm erotic feeling which had Jim shooting his cum with out a hand being laid on his cock.

Glen then made Jim lick up the sticky mess he had made, that was after he had shot his load up his arse of course. Jim never got to play with the train set that day but he did get to suck his first cock and got his first taste of another man’s seed. For a while Jim was confused as to whether he was gay, bi sexual or straight. When he was sixteen he met his first serious girlfriend and pushed any thoughts of other men’s cocks far from his mind. However those thoughts were now back with vengence.

He quickly cleaned up the bathroom floor and went to his bedroom where Peggy was already dressed in her glory clothes as she lovingly called them. Jim insisted on checking her out, he started with her tits, stroking them and making sure she was not wearing a bra, he demonstrated this to himself by pinching and twisting her nipples, Peggy just began breathing a little heavier. Next he made her raise her skirt, checking she was wearing the flimsy lacy deep red panties, matching stockings right down to the matching six inch high heeled fuck me shoes. They both looked at the bedside clock and simultaneously said time to go.

Taking her by the arm, Jim led her down tot eh car and even played the perfect gent by opening the door her side and then after she had entered closing it for her; he then went round to the drivers door, opening it and sitting inside he closed the door and turned to her and said, “Where to ma’lady?”

Peggy smiled and said, “To the rampant cocks, James and don’t spare the bollocks!”

He pulled away from their drive as they joint laughter masked the aroma of latent sexuality which the car was now steeped in. He really had to fight the urge to drive at above the permitted speed limits, he thought to himself it would really good if he got pulled over for speeding with his wife in this dress and state, mind you he mused if she was horny enough she could always fuck the copper and get them both off the offence.

He was almost lost in thought as he drove and Peggy beside him was apprehensive about asking why he was deep in thought in case he said he had changed his mind and did not want her to go through with this. So they travelled on in silence, both scared the other may chicken out. Jim nearly passed the toilets until Peggy nudged him and pointed, he was too late to turn in so he went down to the next junction and turned round. Soon he pulled in and parked a fair distance from the entrance. Peggy suddenly asked him why and he muttered that the car would not be as noticeable here, until Peggy suggested that maybe the car being near the toilet was the signal for the action to be available.

Jim reversed the car nearer to the entrance of the toilet; getting out he came round and opened Peggy’s door for her and together they stood looking around before sure they were not being watched they entered the ladies loo’s together hand in hand. Jim looked around inside and remarked he was glad this was the ladies and not the gent’s. Peggy asked him why and he pointed to the dividing wall between the two toilets saying that’s where the urinals would normally be so this floor would be a wash with spilled piss; at least here the floor was clean and dry.

Peggy led him down the foyer and straight in to cubicle five, As she closed the door she pointed out the two glory holes and said that’s the one which showed first and then pointing at the one opposite it she said and that’s where that monster black cock came from. She went over and slipped her panties off before sitting on the toilet pan. Then she said, “Come on Jim, you know the deal. Off with those clothes!”

Jim’s heart was beating so fast he actually thought he could be about to have a heart attack as he slipped his slacks down and stepped from them, quickly followed by his pants and then he removed his tee shirt and stood totally naked before his wife, in this surreal atmosphere of a confined cubicle. He was just about to step forward to allow Peggy to play with his cock when he saw some movement off to his right; he nodded in that direction and Peggy turned to her left and began slowly stroking her cunt with long lingering strokes. Suddenly a finger came through the hole and a painted fingernail indicated for Jim to come closer to the hole.

Peggy disappointed to say the least nodded for Jim to move towards the hole and the hand came through taking hold of his cock and pulling him gently towards the hole. Soon his cock was through the hole and he said, “shit she is sucking me like there is no tomorrow! But I want to see who is this expert cock sucker!”

At this Peggy tapped on the cubicle wall and asked if the person would like to join them in this cubicle. Suddenly Jim’s cock was released and seconds later a slight tap on their cubicle door heralded a new arrival. Jim’s eyes lit up for the painted finger nails belong to a young looking man, who despite the tight space was soon on his knees sucking Jim’s cock a fresh. Peggy not to be out done soon had her hand inside the guy’s trousers and was slowly stroking his cock.

Just then a large fleshy pink cock slid through the hole to their right and now Peggy squeezed beside the young man and began kissing the head of the cock and was soon lapping at the cock like a giant lollipop. The voice of the owner of this cock asked if he could join them but had to be told there was no more room, however everyone agreed to give up their anonymity and meet out in the foyer area which allowed for more room for movement.

Once everyone was out of the cubicles they quickly shed their clothes and Peggy was quick to latch her mouth on to the guy with the painted fingernails who resumed sucking Jim. Meanwhile Jim asked the new guy if he wanted his cock sucked the guy looked shocked but declined and said he wanted to fuck a hot cunt and was not into men.

He soon slipped his cock up Peggy’s exposed cunt; she never missed a lick on the cock she was swallowing deep throat style. Jim watched closely as this new guy’s cock pushed and pulled on Peggy’s cunt lips, he was amazed how wet her cunt looked and how it made the cock shine and shimmer under the artificial lighting. Just then a large black man appeared and whipped out his cock, it appeared a poor six inches and he ordered Jim to begin sucking it telling him he heard him asking to suck on the other guys cock so he could suck this one before he ravaged the white bitches arse. Instantly Jim was thirteen again and happy with a cock in his mouth only this time he had another mouth sucking on his won cock.

Just then they all seemed to freeze as a woman entered and shrieked, they were about to scramble to find their clothes when she apologised for shrieking and came closer to see what was happening. However she clearly need to go pee as she kept grabbing her cunt and squeezing her legs together, The big black guy took charge and ordered her to raise her skirt and pull the panties to one side and then piss all over the white fucking whore of a bitch who loved sex, the dirtier the sex the better he announced.

Jim was amazed because the woman quickly raised her skirt right beside him and instead of pulling the panties to one side she was not wearing any and her black hairy cunt suddenly parted as a hot stream of yellow piss gushed all over Peggy and the guy fucking her cunt. Jim watched closely whilst still stretching his throat muscles on the now fully extended ten inch cock of the black guy. This guy suddenly pulled his cock away from Jim and told him to lick the pisser’s cunt clean. Unsure of himself Jim thought about refusing but his sub missive side won through and he was soon drinking the last few spurts of the woman’s piss before tenderly licking her cunt clean. As he continued licking her cunt the black guy came up behind her and slipped his cock between legs almost hitting Jim on the nose with it. Then it slipped into her cunt and the guy ordered Jim to keep cleaning her cunt. He was soon lapping up her cunt juice directly from his cock.

Then the guy fucking Peggy pulled out and sprayed her body with his seed, the guy sucking Jim had been also stroking his own cock and was now spraying his load to join the other guys all over Peggy. The coloured guy slipped his cock out of the woman and added his all over Peggy too, However Jim was still struggling to maintain a hard on let alone get close to cumming. However the coloured guy saw Jim’s cock wane and ordered him to get the fuck on the floor and lick all that shit up of his wife, adding that if he missed a single strand of spunk he would not only whip his ass but butt fuck him with this hard cock. Jim was sorely tempted to deliberately leave behind some spunk just to get his arse fucked, but he size put him off he had been sore for three weeks the first time he had his arse fucked and he never forgot that.

So Jim cleaned his wife up completely and afterwards he watched as Peggy took the big hard black cock up her cunt and the finger nail guy up her arse whilst the other guy had gain a new bravery and had ordered Jim to bend over. Then he slipped his hard cock up Jim’s arse and fucked him hard; this caused Jim to spurt his cum over Peggy’s hair, once again no one had touched Jim’s cock. However as Peggy was now being double fucked she was also sucking on the woman’s cunt and that woman leaned over and now cleaned Jim’s cock.

Jim now had to sit out the action as his cock would not rise to the action any more; so he had a ring side seat as he watched his wife and a mystery woman take on these three stiff cocks. He was just about to collect his clothes when the mystery woman grab him and pulled him it a cubicle, she immediately pulled him between her legs and holding open her cunt lips she ordered him to lick all the spunk from her cunt, and if her husband found one single trace of any she would be back with a shot gun looking for Jim.

Jim was happy to oblige and between his tongue, fingers and sucking he really did a grand job cleaning her cunt out and in the process bringing her to two climaxes. By the time he came out the cubicle his wife was along on the floor in a pool of piss and spunk, she had white sticky fluid oozing from her cunt lips, anal ring and even from her mouth. He helped her up and commented that she stank like a Turkish brothel; she managed a weak smile as he helped her put her skirt and blouse on over her love bit tits and swollen cunt lips. He even insisted on her putting her panties back on, using the excuse that he did not want her to dribble this lot all over the car seats.

He carefully drove home and had to wait till two of his neighbours entered their house before helping Peggy out of the car and up to the house as she walked bow legged. Once inside he led her up to the bathroom and made her stand in the bath. Instead of turning the shower on he began by licking around her mouth and used his tongue to bathe her. he thought this may disgust him but instead it turned him on to the point where he had a raging hard on and he turned the almost comatose body of his wife towards the wall and slipped his cock up her arse, fucking her whilst imagining he was thriteen again and this time he was fucking a screaming Glen.

Later in bed as he cuddled up to Peggy she asked in a dreamy voice, “Was I dreaming or did you fuck me up the arse and call me Glen?”

He kissed her forehead and promised someday to tell her the full story, and he promised her a new outfit for the next time they went in search of some glory….

As she dropped of to sleep, Peggy’s last words rang around in Jim’s mind; good you can fuck my arse as often as you like and call me a man’s name if it helps……

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