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Glory or bust.

5. Shopping together.

On the Monday Peggy and Jim, went shopping together for the first time in ages; normally Jim’s hate of being dragged from shop to shop led to him claiming his illness was worse than it actually was and besides he argued that she could shop faster if he stayed home. But today they were happy to be out shopping together; Peggy suspected there was an ulterior motive as Jim almost begged her to retrace her steps from when she went shopping for her glory hole uniform as he referred to the clothes she wore to the toilets.

Soon the entered the same shoe shop and Peggy pointed out the salesgirl, the poor girl thought she was in real trouble as the woman had brought her husband in. Jim went over and said, “Can I have a quiet word, my dear?” a nervous woman agreed and led him as far away from her boss as possible, “I understand you served my wife a few weeks ago with some special shoes, my wife says your services was superb and wanted you to serve her again!” Jim reassured her. The girl breathed a sigh of relief.

“She would like the same style shoe but in black, with black stockings too match, and if your agreeable she would like you to try them on her just as you did the as time! There will of course be a special bonus in it for you, but again it depends on if you’re agreeable!” Jim continued.

Just then the shop manageress appears, “Jane, is there a problem here!” she snapped.

“No Ms Brahms,” Jane quickly answered back.

Jim could not help but laugh out loud; “Excuse me, what is so funny?” Ms Brahms asked. Jim explained he used to be a real fan of the TV comedy show, ‘Are you being served’ and there was no way anyone would mistake this Ms Brahms for the Wendy Richards character, no she was more like the Molly Sugden character of Mrs Slocumb. Even Jane had to force herself not to giggle.

Jim continued, “Ms Brahms, your sales staff here, served my wife two weeks ago with a pair of shoes and accessories, had it not been for her diligent service my wife would have gone elsewhere to make that purchase, but for as long as this staff member works here, this shop is guaranteed our future custom! So best you look after your excellent staff member!”

Mr Brahms smiled and said congratulations Jane, head office shall be informed and with that she turned and walked away. Jane smiled and thanked Jim. Now it was the fuck me shoes size seven only in black she recalled. Jim loved the way she said fuck me and given half the chance he swore he would. She quickly moved off to the store room and soon returned with three boxes and two packs of stockings. Just then Ms Brahms called over to Jane saying she had needed to go see the chemist for her migraine was getting worse. She then added as it was nearly lunch time after Jane had served these two valued customers could she lock the shop and take her lunch as she was going to nip home and lie in a darkened room. This was an unexpected bonus for Jim and Peggy, the slight blush on Jane’s face too betrayed her instant thoughts. As Ms Brahms headed for the door she stressed, “Remember though we re open at 1.30 even if I am not back!” The three of them waited giving Ms Brahms five minutes to disappear and Jim hurried over to the door and dropped the catch.

Meanwhile, Peggy stood directly in front of the kneeling Jane and raised her skirt at the front so Jane could see she was not wearing panties, By the time Jim got back to them Peggy had bent her knees and opened her legs as Jane lapped at her cunt like a cat licking cream. Jim helped Peggy to sit on the bench as Jane continued her oral onslaught, the Jim moved behind Jane and raised her skirt; he was disappointed to find she was wearing tights and plain navy blue passion killer knickers. He struggled to pull her tights down and instead ripped a hole in them, promising as he did so to buy Jane a new pair. He pulled aside her knickers and instead of driving his tongue up her cunt he began rimming her anal ring.

This sent Jane’s mind into spiralling firework displays and she doubled her efforts to bring Peggy off, hoping that she may then have time to suck Jim’s cock. Jim was having non of that as he used his pointed tongue now to spear and penetrate into the edges of her anal ring and as he did so he slipped two fingers deep into Jane’s cunt. As he fucked her cunt with his fingers he would twist them skewering her on to orgasm.

Rapidly two fingers became three as her cunt adjusted and Jim saw Jane had four fingers now up his beloved Peggy’s cunt. Not to be out done Jim now inserted four fingers up Jane’s cunt and returned to rimming her arse. His concentration was interrupted when Jane turned her head towards him and snapped, “Fist me!” Eager to please Jim closed his thumb into the four finger’s already ploughing her cunt, it took a little hard work but he worked his full hand into the young girl’s cunt. Once his hand was inside up to his wrist, he clenched his fist and began thrusting his fist inside her cunt.

Jane went ballistic with lust as she screamed her orgasm into Peggy’s cunt, Jane’s throes of orgasm caused her to hit the right spots on Peggy’s clit and sent her too into orgiastic outer space. Poor Jim never got the chance to fuck Jane as he wanted, for the shop clock now showed 1.25 pm. By the time they dressed, kissed their goodbyes, paid for their goods, also paid for new shoes and stockings for Jane and after Jim slipped his phone number into Jane’s hand, they slipped from the shop just before they saw Ms Brahms heading back.

The next shop on their route was the skirt shop where the single young female worked alone. Peggy introduced her to Jim and asked for a similar skirt to the red on she bought here two weeks ago, the girl’s eyes flew wide open as she now recalled where she had seen this woman before. This time the girl never said a word and merely walked over to the door and locked it, upon returning she selected a skirt in black denim type material, still a wrap around version. She then led them through to the fitting room and then turned to Peggy and simply said, “Strip!”

Peggy quickly removed her clothes and the girl slid her hand between her legs and snatched it back saying, who the fuck has been playing with this. Peggy looked from Jim to the girl and snapped, what the fuck does that matter. She was instantly shut up by the slap of the girls hand across her face. Jim was about to step in to defend his wife when the girl shot him a look that said try it, I would love to slap down a jumped up twat like you.

The girl turned back to Peggy and demanded, “Well!”

Peggy blushed and mumbled the girl in the shop where we bought the shoes. Now the shop girl turned to Jim and smiled, “Strip wimp!” she said. Suddenly Jim went into automation and quickly undressed. Then the girl told them they could call her Mistress Mandy, Mandy reached forward and took Jim’s flaccid cock in her hand, she pulled on it sharply causing Jim to wince. She now instructed Peggy to kneel and suck Jim’s cock; now it was Peggy’s turn to become sub-missive as she meekly knelt and began sucking Jim’s still flaccid cock.

Neither Jim nor Peggy saw Mandy slip from the room, returning a few minutes later stripped and sporting a large black strap on cock. The first Peggy saw of it was when it touched her cheek; but Jim had seen her approaching in the full length mirror, swaying her hips in an exaggerated manner causing the impressive looking rubber cock to wave hypnotically as she walked towards them.

When Mandy stood beside Peggy’s head, she instructed her to suck this rubber cock; once it was covered in Peggy’s saliva she stepped behind Jim and pushed him into a bending position. Then she eased firmly but gently the hard rubber cock into his arse. Almost as soon as she had half the length up his anal chute, she noticed his cock was now rock hard and she teased him calling him a fucking faggot, a wimp who only responds to being fucked like a cunt toting whore.

Without being told Peggy resumed sucking on her husbands now rock hard cock and was soon rewarded with a mouth full of spunk, Mandy ordered her not to swallow and pulled the rubber cock from Jim’s arse and pushed it; shut stains and all into the white sticky fluid in Peggy’s mouth. When she had coated the rubber cock sufficiently she turned and made Jim kneel and suck the rubber cock clean. Then she made him stand in the corner looking into the mirror as she pounded mercilessly into Peggy’s cunt calling her a two bit whore of a tramp. The more she screamed her abuse at Peggy the more excited both Peggy and Jim got. Soon Peggy was screaming her way through a mind blowing orgasm.

Ten minutes later they left the shop with the new skirt and it seems a new mistress to obey when she called upon them.

Thirty minutes later they were walking out of the third shop with a black half lace button up blouse which clearly showed Peggy’s cleavage. Nothing unto ward happened in this shop because it was not the same male salesman working today.

Making their way home some what weary but satisfied they talked about where their adventures were going to lead them. Jim expressed concerns over how easily they both became subservient to Mandy just now and how dangerous that could be, he stressed that they really needed one of them to be strong in these cases and suggested that they take it in turns to protect each other.

For the first time in as long as they could remember they both decided upon an afternoon nap, they were soon laid fully dressed on top of the bed and drifting off to sleep. When they woke it was dark outside and both felt more than a little hungry. They decided to have a late supper in bed and rest up for their glory hole adventure tomorrow.

After eating they laid having difficulty in finding any sleep, so they chatted about the changes to their lives over the last month or so. Jim actually apologised for leading Peggy down this path until she told him he had done nothing she had not been thinking about herself. She added the difference was because he knew about it she did not feel guilty like she would sneaking around to satisfy her needs.

Instead of saying anything else, Jim leaned over and gave his wife a slow loving kiss, when they broke that kiss; she whispered I love you, Jim. He replied lovingly not half as much I love you, Peggy slutty wife. She shot him a look and saw he was grinning like a Cheshire cat so she cradle herself in his arms and smiled back.

Peggy slowly reached out her hand and slid it down his leg till she was touching his cock, she looked lovingly up to his eyes and whispered, would Mr throbbie, respond if I kissed him right now. Jim knew there was little chance but did not want to spoil the moment so he said gently, he might.

He watched as his loving wife slid down the bed and placed a lovingly long kiss on to Jim’s cock head, probing its eyelet with the tip of her tongue. Meanwhile Jim tried to help her along by thinking how he felt when that rubber cock pushed deep into his arse and massaged his prostate gland. He even whispered for Peggy to slide her index finger up his arse. She began probing his anal ring but Jim’s cock was dead. Although when he told Peggy, she jokingly added that if he were dead it would have help because rigor mortis would have set in and he would at least be hard.

Immediately she had said it she regretted speaking those cold words as she saw the hurt in Jim’s eyes. She began to apologise but Jim stopped her and told her he knew she meant no malice in her comments and in any other circumstance he would have found it highly amusing but because he so wanted to make love to his sexy and randy wife, he could not raise a smile from it.

Next morning when Jim woke up, he leisurely reached out his arm to cuddle his wife, but found an empty bed, sadly he sat up and contemplated getting up and taking a shower when the bedroom door opened. In the light of the landing, it appeared his wife was naked holding as she was a tray on which she had prepared him a breakfast. As she moved out from between the light and Jim’s eye line he saw she was wearing the self same Negligee she had worn twenty three years ago on their honeymoon.

She approached the bed and placed the tray on the bedside cabinet and lean forward to kiss her husband. Jim reached up and cupped her breast through the gossamer material and gently squeezed and he blew her a kiss and he said I still love you in that sexy gown.

Whilst Jim ate his breakfast, Peggy knelt and feasted on his cock trying all she could think of to make him hard enough to fuck her but by the time he had finished his cock was still as soft as when she started. Then Jim produced a small plastic bag from under his pillow and before Peggy could react he swallowed two small blue pills. She asked what were they, and smiled to herself when Jim replied ******.

Together they retired to the bathroom and showered together; with Jim delicately shaving her cunt; before walking naked back to the bedroom. Jim cursed and Peggy asked what was up. He replied that those fucking useless tablets aren’t working. The guy who charged him fifty quid for them swore they would make his cock like steel within twenty minutes of taking them, and yet here we are forty five minutes later and nothing.

Peggy never said anything, but under breath she cursed wasting so much money of something that did not work. Now in silence they dressed, Peggy putting on her black ensemble purchased yesterday, by the way for the men reading this, the whole ensemble had cost £150.

Then at 11.30 am they stepped from the house and slipped into their car, driving over to the toilets as before; this time Jim parked beside the entrance and ever the gent he went around and held open Peggy’s door. He could not help but admire her fine sexy body even if she was wrong side of forty.

Arm in arm they entered the toilets slowly creeping down to the fifth cubicle, Drat it was already occupied, so Peggy pulled him into the sixth cubicle. She quickly bent and peered though the hole, she nudged Jim who also bent and peered through the hole too. The sight that befell him was exquisite, a large long black cock being sucked by a man naked and displaying a slightly smaller cock.

To be honest it was not the cocks which attracted Jim most, but the cute tight arse of the owner of the smaller cock. Jim could not help but wonder if after all these years, his latent homosexual tendencies were about to surface for good.

He was suddenly brought back to reality by his wife’s hand gently squeezing his cock. He looked down to see his trousers and pants on the floor around his ankles. He thought to himself some smooth operator his wife, he never even felt her undo his belt.

She nudged Jim towards the hole and placed his still semi soft cock into the edge of the hole before knocking loudly on the wall. Suddenly Jim moved to the wall and whispered one of them is sucking my cock, Peggy slipped out of the cubicle and tapped on the next cubicle’s door, it too opened and she moved inside. Suddenly Jim’s cock was released although now it was hard.

He pulled back and soon followed Peggy out of the cubicle, when he did so he came across a proper little orgy in full swing, for there was a naked Peggy a large black cock beneath her thrusting up into her cunt and the other cock now thrusting into her spread wide anal ring. Now with the combination of the ****** and the erotic stimulus Jim was as horny as a bandicoot. He moved up behind the guy on top of his wife and stroked his arse, the guy never moved so he slipped his now rock hard cock up the guys arse. As he drove his cock into the guy in front he governed that guy’s strokes into his own wife’s arse. After ten minutes, Jim pulled his hard cock out of the guy and moved round to make his slut of a wife to have her suck it. Just at that point, the two men thrust and held their cocks buried deep inside Peggy as they unloaded their baby making seed.

Peggy began squealing like a horny pig as she came; and the men dressed and left. Jim still sporting the hard cock climbed between Peggy’s legs and slipped his cock into the sloppy cum filled cunt of his wife, to Jim this felt like heaven. He was just about to add his own load to the loads in her cunt when a male voice told then to stop this instant.

Both Peggy and Jim looked up and saw a police officer stood there. Instantly Jim’s cock spurted its seed deep into his wife’s already full cunt. The officer grabbed Jim and pulled him off Peggy; making the pair of them stand in the corner he began questioning them. Jim explained they were not doing anything wrong as they were husband and wife and they were there alone.

The officer soon shut him up by telling him that he was drawn to the toilets by the disappearing two males who came out of the ladies loo, now upon entering into that toilet, he finds a man and woman engrossed in an indecent act. Now that man with what looks like several loads of spunk all over his still hard cock claims nothing happened and they are husband and wife. But have no documents on them to prove they are married as they claim.

The officer took out his notebook and began to write something down and as he did so he said your both looking at 18 months inside for perverted acts in a public place, Peggy began to sob and Jim trembled; not at the thought of prison but at the excitement of becoming some inmates person boy pussy.

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i never meet a sales girl like this one great story loved it thanks xx