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Glory or Bust.

6. The final countdown.

The police officer turned to Jim and said, “Make it easy on yourselves tell me who the other two guys were and it will count as assisting the police and you will get a lighter sentence!”

Jim tried to make the officer believe him when he replied, “That’s just it the idea of meeting here is anonymous sex, so you don’t know anything about the others, no names, no ages, no addresses, no way of contacting them. It’s that which allows them to do what ever they want to do with no recriminations!”

The officer walk up to Peggy, who now stood there trying her best to control her sobbing, she had traces of the other’s spunk running down both legs, her tits were marked with love bites, her nipples still stiff from her recent excitement and her lipstick smeared across her left cheek. The officer leaned close to her face and sniffed the air, then he said, “you smell like a cheap rate whore, you sure you not got form for prostitution?”

Jim instinctively jumped to his wife’s defence, “No she has not, we got into this only very recently when my long term medical condition and the drugs side effects rendered me unable to get an erection and I coaxed her into finding her sexual releases elsewhere!”

For the first time since entering the toilet, the officer smiled; secretly he admired Jim for his defence of his wife and yes even the true love he showed in wanting her to still be sexually satisfied if he could not, of course that was if it was true! The officer turned to Jim and said, “I can’t believe that, when I came in you were fucking this slut’s cunt like there was no tomorrow, hardly the actions of someone who could not get a hard on let alone not take care of his wife’s needs some other way!” “Besides that just makes her a free whore, a worthless cum bucket of a tramp!” he declared now staring at Peggy’s cunt.

“My wife is not a free whore, she is a tender loving woman who deserves better than some plastic tube stuffed full of batteries to give her sexual relief!” Jim declared indignantly.

Then Jim listened in disbelief when the officer said, “I suppose you, got your kicks from watching her perform like a slag, taking other men’s cocks so you could eat their spunk from her wide open cunt! What are you a cock sucking faggot?”

Jim in an instant, realised he either now began lying or he risked losing the respect of his wife, but I he lied and the officer did not believe his lies it could be worse for them all. He replied, “I can not deny that since we came here today, my attitude to tasting spunk has changed and I must admit I do like it but that was not the main reason I was here, I was here to protect my wife if things got too rough!”

Both Peggy and Jim were then shocked as the officer said, “OK. So prove it, get down on your hands and knees like a cock hound and lick up the spunk now running down her legs. Shaking from fear and a little rage, Jim immediately got on his hands and knees and crawled slowly over to his wife, who was leaning still sobbing against the toilet sinks. As he approached the officer raised his hand and rapidly landed a hard spank on Jim’s lily white ass. At the same time, he told Peggy to tell her husband to suck her clients spunk from her cunt and arse.

With trembling voice, Peggy, got into the role play as she said, “You worthless faggot, come her and lick up those customers loads from my thighs and whilst your there you better do a fucking good job on cleaning it all out of my arse! Oh yes and then there is that black guy’s load that could be making me pregnant at this moment up my cunt. You better start there and suck it all out my come eating wimp of a husband!”

Jim was taken aback, she was so convincing as she spoke he forgot their troublesome audience and obeyed with a yes mistress. So convincing was her role play he had another hard on, it had been seven years since he had managed two hard on’s in one day. The officer saw it too as he commented that the fucking wimp was enjoying it look at his poor little cock straining to fuck something again.

The officer stepped forward and grabbed Jim by his hair and pulled him away. He then ordered Peggy to lie on the floor with her legs wide apart. Once she obeyed, he released Jim and told him to stick his tiny cock up her cunt amongst that black guy’s spunk and then once he felt his cock coated in that filthy slime he was to start to fuck her calling her all the names he could think of as the whore she was and is.

What neither Jim nor Peggy saw as the carried out the officer’s demands was him slipping out of his uniform. The first they knew was when Jim felt the guy’s hands on his arse. Suddenly his arse cheeks were forced apart and something hard and hot was pushing into his anal ring.

The officer then said, “That’s it my little faggot, your going to take my cock up your boy pussy while your own worthless cock drowns in that other guy’s spunk, and your whore of a wife is then going to suck my cock clean before sucking my spunk from your shit hole!”

The talk had its effect on Jim as he relaxed his anal muscles and accepted happily the long thick cock of the police officer, mean while he added to the atmosphere by telling his wife, what a whore, a cum sponge, a cock teasing slut she was and how he could feel those ten guys spunk soaking into his cock.

The officer did not pay no attention to what was being said, no he was much more interested in fucking the tight ass of Jim and driving Jim’s cock into his wife’s well fucked cunt by driving his own nine inch cock deep into Jim’s bowels.

They fucked like this for forty minutes, the officer stopping every time he felt close to cumming and now Jim was begging him to fill his faggot like boy pussy with his masterful spunk, so his whore of a wife could eat it out of his anal ring.

Then the officer slammed his cock hard into Jim and held it there, Jim felt the scalding hot spurts of man cream hitting his bowel walls and it triggered his own climax as she sprayed his cum into Peggy’s clutching cunt. The intensity of Jim’s climax made him howl like a wolf as he came, so much so that the officer tried clamping his hand over his mouth to silence him.

Next the officer pulled from Jim’s throbbing arse and slipped his shit and spunk covered cock into Peggy’s mouth. She baulked at the smell let alone the taste but fearing annoying the policeman and making things worse she somehow managed to suck it clean.

As she cleaned the officers cock her beloved Jim was back to licking her cunt clean of the now mixture of the black guys spunk and his own. The diligent actions of Jim’s tongue helped take Peggy’s mind of the smell and taste of the cock in her mouth and it was working its magic towards another climax for Peggy.

No sooner had Jim given Peggy another orgasm and cleaned her cunt with his tongue, the policeman pushed him aside and was immediately pounding her cunt with his stiff member; Jim stole away to the cubicle and managed to clear his bowels and saved Peggy having to endure that.

The toilet was now echoing to the sounds of yet another orgasm wracking through Peggy’s body. The officer finally felt the tell tale signs of his climax approaching and pulled out to spray his load all over Peggy’s tits and then he made Jim lick it all up, which Jim was happy to do.

After they all got dressed; both Jim and Peggy now dreaded the next few minutes. But they were extremely relieved when the officer handed them a piece of paper which said if you want to repeat this fun, call me and gave his mobile number then laughing he turned and walked away.

All the way home, Peggy kept saying how she would have died of embarrassment if it had all come out in court. So they pledged to make sure to be much more careful in future.

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thank you its been a really good story all the way thro xx