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10-20-2008, 05:29 AM
"Attention! Do not read any further if you are either too young, not allowed to view this kind of content in your region/area/whatever, offended by this kind of material, or related to the author by blood!" Trent announced as he read off a piece of paper. "In other words: Read at your own risk!"

"Hey now, you already had a turn at doing that," Synn remarked as she grabbed the piece of paper out of Trent's hand. Blinking for a second, she looked down at the piece of paper. "This... isn't paper, is it?"

"It's not!" Trent grinned as he grabbed... whatever it was back from Synn. After cramming it down his throat, he said, "Tasty!"

"I'm gonna go wash my hands now," Synn grumbled as she walked away.

"That's what she said."

"Go to hell."

Title: WTF High's School Defence Force - Lesson XIII
Class: 4D
Room: 104

"Damn it... what the hell are you?" Crypt growled as he clutched the gaping wound on his right arm. The young man's eyes narrowed into dangerous slits as his bladed tendrils waved threateningly at his opponent. He was used to having his blades and tendrils smeared with his victims' blood. However, this time it was the other way around. No matter what he did or how much faster he attacked, he never could seem to land a hit. It was like his opponent knew exactly where he was going to strike and when.

"What do you think I am?" Berserker asked cryptically with a malicious grin etched across his face. His face was twisted and distorted into an unrecognizable beast with bloodied claws. In his left hand, he had fresh crimson red blood dripping from his finger tips. In his other hand, he held an umbrella against his shoulder as though it were a rifle.

"Fucking bastard! Gonna make you eat your own guts when I'm done with you!" Crypt shouted angrily as he launched several tendrils at once with the full intention of skewering his victim alive. However, just mere inches before they reached the target's face, they were blocked off by a thin piece of black fabric: The umbrella. Though confident that he could easily tear apart a stupid umbrella, try as he might, he could not get through at all. All of his blades simply bounced off the flimsy material like ping-pong balls.

"Heh..." Berserker smirked as he chose that moment to rush in with his umbrella open in front of him as though it were a shield made of iron. A couple steps later and he was brushing aside the tendrils with his umbrella before finishing things up with a strengthened left fist to the throat. Suffice to say, he found the umbrella useful for its original purpose... sort of.



"Fucking hell! Damn bitch! Looking down on me!"


"Gonna rip a hole in her and rape it till she's all out of blood!" Synn shouted angrily as she continued swiping at the concrete wall with her bare hands.

"That's the third spare she's gone through," John remarked as he sat on the floor of the underground parking lot. With his knee up against his chest and his back against what was left of his car (kinda looked like a convertible now), he watched his friend laid waste to the ruins.

"Is she always like this?" Monica asked as she sat down next to John. "It is kind of a waste, do you not think?"

"Nah... got tons of those back home. They're nothing compared to her usual set. Now those were a waste," John replied without looking at Monica. "By the way... name's John and that's Synn over there. Come to think of it, you kind of look familiar. What school do you go to?"

"I should look familiar. We have the same homeroom together," Monica replied with a smile. "My name is Monica, by the way."

"Really? Small world. Synn's in our class too, but you might not know that since she's skipping all the time," was John's reply as he pulled out his laptop and clacked away at the keys. "Hmm... doesn't look like we're gonna be able to catch up with that strange hair girl."

"You are not used to talking to other people, are you?" Monica quirked an eyebrow.

"What gave you that idea?" John asked without looking up from his laptop.


"Shit! John! Need another hand over here!"


If only I had a working hand, Tim thought to himself as he moved to avoid what was obviously a lethal punch from his robotic opponent. Using quick side-steps and by paying attention to his opponent's movements, he was able to survive so far. Unfortunately, this wasn't going to end until one of them was able to get the other. If he was able to use his guns, he was confident that he could end it right there and then. Unfortunately, both of his hands were injured and wrapped in bandages at the moment. All he could rely on was his footwork and the stiletto blades sticking out of his sleeves.

"You can't run around forever," Click stated as he attempted to land a hook on Tim's left temple.

"....." Tim silently moved back and out of the way of the hook punch before rushing in to begin the counter attack. He tried slamming his heel into the waist, but there was obviously some strong metal plating underneath the synthetic skin. He tried breaking off the balance by kicking the legs, but was met with a strong and sturdy stance that was most likely created with some godly programming skills. The blades didn't even make a dent and the neck was especially designed to keep the head from falling off. Whoever built this android certainly knew what they were doing.

Click, on the other hand, was a little unprepared for the former assassin's quick movements. Even if the android weighed more than 200 pounds, he was built to be able to run faster than your average high school track star. His movements were made to be as efficient and precise as possible so that he wasted no unnecessary time on start-ups and pull-backs. So why was he having trouble catching an injured opponent?

Tim kept his mind's eye on the goal he was going for. Even as he moved to avoid the attacks, his eyes were always open... just waiting for the right moment to strike. When it finally came, he immediately zeroed in on the brief opening before him and launched his attack. With deadly precision, his right blade pierce the android's left eye. From that point on, the rest of his plan fell into place.


"You know... the human body's made up of... like... what? 70... 80 percent water? Sounds bout right," Berserker mused as he took out a bottle of water from his backpack. After taking off the cap, he poured the water over his hands to get the blood off. Apparently, one bottle wasn't enough. "What about blood? Around... 90 percent? Well... the plasma part, anyway."

"B-bas... tard..." Crypt gasped while laying there battered and beaten on the ground. Both his legs were broken and a geyser of blood was spewing from his right arm. What he couldn't understand was... how was this possible? He was told that his skin was harder than a rhino's and his bones as unbreakable as diamond. Yet here he was, lying helplessly at the feet of some human who just happened to pass by. Who was that guy, anyway?

"Just a little experiment I was trying out. Can't really use this technique without coming into contact, though... but it's still pretty effective once used, don'tcha think?" Berserker smirked as he planted his right foot against the tendril monster's back. With his right hand, he reached out and grabbed Crypt's left arm. As soon as he withdrew his hand, Crypt's blood had a need to follow along even if it meant breaking skin. The blood spewed out forcefully and gathered around Berserker's hand, ripping apart flesh along the way. "I haven't come up with a name for this yet, but I'm thinking of something related to Vlad the Impaler or something."

"AAAAUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Crypt's eyes bulged out as he felt for the fourth time his own blood cutting through his skin from the inside. It wasn't as though a single hole was made and all the blood just followed along in a single line. No... it was more like a bunch of panicking idiots breaking glass and jumping out of the windows of a burning building. What was probably the worst part was just enough blood was left inside him to keep him conscious just long enough to experience the excruciating pain.


"They're experimental subjects created by mad scientists and commissioned by underground organizations, like the mafia for example," John explained after closing his laptop and turning his head to face Monica. "We haven't really come up with a name for them yet, but 'Homunculus' seems to fit the bill. They were born with modified genes so that they'd be able to do various tasks such as assassinations and killing sprees. Right now, they're in the experimental stage, which is probably why their abilities are still unique to each others'. They're probably trying different kinds of approaches with their prototypes and letting them loose to see how they'd do without caring about the consequences at all."

"Where are the police in all this, then? Why is the media not all over this?" Monica asked. "Surely their actions would catch a lot of attention."

"The people behind these experiments have enough power and money to do experiments that can cause trouble of that scale," John replied, pointing at the destruction Neon left behind. "They probably have enough power and money to keep the media quiet and the cops out of their way."

"What about Synn? How did she... become like that?"

"You mean the arms and legs? My dad designed and invented it, but I'm the one who made them for her," John answered. "And before you ask, no, we're not the ones who... mutilated her. She was kidnapped and shipped off to a slave auction overseas. Unfortunately, she was both American and Jewish: The two kinds of people most hated by the ones attending the auction... so she was sentenced to be the entertainment. Her skin was peeled off and her-"

"You do not need to go into details," Monica interrupted before John could continue.

"Anyway, it just so happened to my dad had some business with one of his clients and sponsors, who just happened to be one of the people invited to the slave auction," John continued. "Anyway, long story short... Synn was mutilated and modified by the one who bought her two days after the auction. When he grew tired of her, he sold her to my dad. Since then, she's been living with us."

"Then... she does not wish to go home?"

"If she remembered where it was... or even her real name, she probably would."

"Why are you telling me all this?" Motoko asked.

"You asked, didn't you?"

"Yes, but..."


"Okay, I'm done," Synn grumbled as she held up one of her battered legs and tucked her broken left arm under her good right one.


Click did not see this coming.

He did not see this coming at all.

"You could probably survive this height," Tim remarked.

Click looked back up at the former assassin with his one good eye. He looked a little ticked off and he probably had every right to be.

"Depending on how durable you were built to be, you might even be able to walk away without a scratch," Tim added as he stood over the ledge and down at the defeated android.

Hanging from the side of the hospital building was Click. Of course, if he was merely holding onto the ledge, he could had easily escaped this predicament by jumping back onto the roof or even letting go and falling off. The reason why he couldn't do either?

"Course, that's why I pegged your hands to the ledge," Tim explained as he lightly tapped the stiletto blades he was wielding before with his toes. The blades were no longer sticking out of his sleeves and were instead sticking out the back of Click's hands. Sitting down on the ledge, he planted the bottom of his right foot against the android's face. "Now... I've got some questions and you are going to answer them."

Click stared at Tim.

Tim stared back at him.


Tim's eye twitched slightly at the sound and immediately reacted by jumping back. If he were a couple seconds late, he would have been caught by a cinderblock-sized swipe. With an amazing display of strength, Click tore off a piece of the ledge with each of his bare hands. Once he was back on the roof, he smashed the two pieces together to free his hands. However, the stiletto blades were still stuck in his hands and with those two parts malfunctioned, there was no way for him to get them out. Even if he somehow got them out, the damage was already done.

Even playing field... time to finish this, Tim thought.


"Ugh... what happened...?" Needler groaned as he painfully sat up from where he was lying down. His head throbbed like crazy, especially the spot between his eyes on his forehead. As he slowly came to, he gradually became more aware of his surroundings. With wide open eyes, he looked around with amazement at all the blood painting the basketball court. He barely managed to get his voice through the blockage developing in his throat, "Wha... what... happened here...?"

From a different perspective, the random splashes of blood could be seen as a work of abstract art. If not for the fresh scent of spilled blood, the mess could have easily been mistaken for the result of a gallon of red paint spontaneously exploding. With a start, Needler realized that something was missing from all this: The body! What happened to the tendril monster?!

Scrambling to his feet, the dumbstruck teen looked around for his white-haired adversary, but the only other person on the basketball court was an unconscious Virginia. Deciding that his classmate came first, he quickly ran over to check the girl's condition.

"Still... alive...." Needler stated after checking her pulse and making sure that she was breathing properly. Falling back on his ass, he breathed a sigh of relief. The girl was safe and that's all that mattered... right? He wasn't able to convince himself at all.


"Click, come in," John attempted to contact the android, but to no avail. All he got was static. "Come in, Click."

"No luck?" Synn asked as she took a left turn. Like before, she was at the wheel of the car and driving as dangerously as usual. If she wasn't so incredibly good at it, they probably would've crashed by now. Ironically, her spare limbs actually made her a better driver since she didn't have to hold back her strength to keep from breaking the wheel through sheer gripping power alone.

"No luck. His signal's gone, too. Not a good sign at all," John replied.

"You think that might have something to do with that anomaly earlier? He tracked it all the way to the hospital, right?" Synn asked.

"Undoubtedly," John replied as he continued clacking away at his laptop. "We should head over there ourselves."

"With what? In case you haven't noticed, we're a little unequipped at the moment," Synn seethed as she let go of the wheel and lifted her fists to prove her point.

Screech! Bam!

"Maybe... maybe not. We still have her," John jerked a thumb toward the backseat where Monica was seated. "Oh, and keep your hands on the wheel. I think you just caused an accident back there."

"*Why thah hell's she drivin', neway? She's gonna get us killed, man!*" Monica screamed as she frightfully gripped the rarely used handle found above the car's window. "*Why'd we hafta steal a car? We coulda just took a bus or some'in'! I don't wanna go tah jail! Haven't ya heard all thah stories?*"

"What'd she say?" Synn asked as she took her eyes off the road yet again to stare at Monica.

"Dunno. I don't speak Japanese," John replied. "Why's she even screaming for? We're only going 250mph. According to the data I collected from your fight with her, she could probably walk out of the crash without a scratch on her."

"*We're on the roofs now! We're jumping roofs in a car! What the hell!*"

"So what'd you think happened to Click?" Synn casually asked as she drove right through an office building.



"Eria, I need your help with something," Tim said after tossing something onto the breakfast table above his hospital bed.

"Hmm?" Eria roused from her sleep and the first sight she saw was a dismembered head. Well... Click's dismembered head... and the wires sticking out of the neck made it obvious that it belonged to an android. Still... it was enough to warrant a scream. Luckily, Tim was prepared for that and was quick to cover Eria's mouth with his sleeve.

"Get the tools out. You're gonna be taking that head apart for easier transportation," Tim explained.


"Huh..." Mr. Smith scratched the back of his head as he stood within the ruins that were once the underground parking lot. "I can't seem to find my car anywhere."


"What the fuck? Is that a flying car?" Rock asked as he looked outside the window just in time to see a car run off the edge of a building and straight into another building. "Wait... I recognize that car. Isn't that Mr. Smith's Hyundai?"

Rock turned his attention away from the distraction and back to the current problem at hand. The problem's name was Gina and she was urgent. For some reason, the waitress... well, former waitress now... was acting like a total slut with an insatiable hunger for sex. Ever since she woke up, she's been begging to be fucked rough and hard while playing with herself at the same time. Rock held back as best he could, but it took all of his willpower to keep himself from just screwing the college-aged girl's brains out. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that one of those monsters did something to her and the young summoner wasn't about to have her suddenly regain her senses while his cock was in her ass. Then again...

If I'm quick about it... and have an excuse ready... and if she remembers everything, I can just blame it on the monsters... and if she doesn't, I'll just blame it on... beer? Rock reasoned with himself as his eyes continued taking in Gina's luscious form. His own arousal was made evident by the large bulge throbbing in his pants.

"Please... I need... I... just need..." Gina moaned in pleasure as she worked her fingers in and out of her dripping pussy. Her head was propped up against the headboard and her knees were drawn up to make it easier for her pussy lips to be stretched and exposed. Her right hand worked from above while her left slipped under her ass to work from below. Her fingers worked furiously resulting in a rhythm of slurping and slopping. The dark stain pooling right below her juicy cunt showed just how much she was getting into it.

The brunette girl's hips started moving with her fingers in order to get the most out of the ministrations of her fingers. She knew her own body well enough. She didn't do it all the time, but she did masturbate enough to know what turned her own. She was panting and sweating profusely as she desperately tried to reach her next climax, but even after reaching it, she was already focused on her next one. Her insatiable hunger just kept her right on going as though she had an unlimited supply of energy. With her tongue sticking out, she felt as though she could taste the scent of her own lust. Unfortunately, that just made her hornier by the second.

Supposedly to get better access, she slouched down until her head was on the pillow. The dark spot made by her juices went cold with time and she felt it against the small of her back. Lifting her legs, she pulled in her knees as much as she could until it seemed as though she was trying to lick her pussy. With her little puckered dark star up in the air, she could pump away with her fingers as best she could. After a few failed attempts at bringing herself off at that point, she finally stuck her left middle finger into her ass and probed as deeply as she could no matter how much it hurt. Fortunately, she excreted so much juice by that point that she had plenty of natural lube for her gaping anal tract.

Gina felt the sting of sweat on her eyes, but she didn't care at all. She closed them and found it easier to reach her climaxes that way. With her sense of sight gone, she found her own touches to be more sensitive and the aroma of her own messy body sent her mind into a wonderful daze. However, she found herself wanting more than just her fingers. Her orgasms were getting farther and farther apart. That was why she decided to open her eyes again and look into Rock's. She continued begging to have something... bigger in her hungry cunt. She didn't care how she sounded. She didn't care about the shame and humiliation that she should be feeling at that point. She closed her eyes again just as she reached her next climax. She just wanted...

Suddenly, she felt a weight on her body. Popping her eyes back open, she saw Rock kneeling over her with his cock out and ready. With a smile on her face, Gina hungrily pulled the young teen down and fumbled around to get his cock into her pussy. In response, Rock slipped his arms under the brunette's knees to keep her legs up. That way, his cock was able to penetrate deeper and with more control. It also restrained the girl... something he liked to do with the livelier ones.

Bending his head down, Rock forced his lips onto Gina's and found it unnecessary to force his tongue into hers. Hers was already in his.

"Yeah, you like that bitch?" Rock growled cockily as he roughly gripped the upper parts of Gina's arms. With his shoulders, he temporarily lifted the entire lower part of Gina's body and forced her wrists behind her back before lowering her back down again. With this, her legs and arms were both restricted. Now that he was getting into it, he no longer felt the need to hold back anymore. He slipped his cock out of the girl's pussy and rammed it right into her asshole. The resulting scream that was filled with a mixture of pain and pleasure was music to his ears.

"Ah... please... don't stop... please!" Gina screamed as she felt yet another orgasm coming on. This one was probably the tenth one by now... or... the fifteenth? She lost count.


"Whew... got her safely home... at least... I hope that was her home," Needler sighed with relief as he left the apartment building. He looked up into the sky and noticed that it was getting a tad dark out. Looking down at his watch, he realized that it's been several hours since he lost the others earlier.

"Hello Berserker Boy," Sera's voice came from above.

"Eh? Sera?" Berserker blinked as he quickly looked up to see the young blonde demoness up in a tree. Sera was perched up against the trunk with one leg on the branch and the other hanging down. Since she was wearing a mini-skit, anyone looking up at her from below could clearly see that she wasn't wearing any panties. Berserker's face reddened once he realized this, but he didn't look away. Even though he wasn't looking away, he didn't even notice that Sera was holding his umbrella... and even using it to block out the sun.

"So, I see you've... awakened, somewhat," Sera giggled as she reached down with her free hand and took hold of the hem of her skirt. Slowly and seductively, she lifted it inch by inch to expose more of her womanhood to the world below. With a sly smirk, she cooed, "Like what you see?"

"Huh? What? I mean..." Berserker blinked, then suddenly found the stop sign interesting. He immediately snapped his eyes back to Sera and said, "I mean... isn't that my umbrella?"

"How sharp," Sera grinned with feigned admiration. She folded up the umbrella, then held it point-down and pressed up against her naked pussy. She licked the handle in a suggestive manner... then tossed it, without warning, right at Berserker. Like a spear, the umbrella shot through the air and impaled itself into the ground right in the spot between the youngster's feet. "That's no ordinary umbrella, is it?"

"Uh... this? I... um... just found it... in the attic," Berserker chuckled nervously as he pulled his umbrella out of the ground. Rubbing the back of his head at the awkward situation, he asked, "So... anyway... what're you doing here, Sera?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Sera asked.

"Humour me."

"No way. That wouldn't be any fun at all," Sera laughed as she pulled down her skirt, much to the disappointment of Berserker... which the demoness found amusing. Steepling her fingers together, the blonde asked, "What do you remember about your fight with Crypt?"

"Crypt? You mean that tentacle guy with the white hair?" Berserker asked. Looking down at the ground, he tried to recall what happened, "Er... I remember using my umbrella to block his attacks... then everything else after that just sort of became fuzzy. Kind of like... getting drunk, I guess?"

"Even though you've never touched a drop of alcohol in your life?" Sera asked with a Cheshire grin.

"Yeah... wait..." Berserker blinked a third time as he looked up again. He wanted to ask how she knew, but... he decided not to waste asking a rhetorical question. "Never mind."

"Is there anything you'd like to ask about what happened?" Sera asked while staring straight into Berserker's eyes. For a second there, it seemed as though she was a bit serious. However, the young man couldn't find a trace of it again behind those yellow predatory eyes.

There was a ton of stuff Berserker wanted to ask, especially the ones about what Sera did to his head. However... that same sense of feeling that told him what was the right course of action advised against asking. It was stupid, but... he felt that something would go wrong if he ignored it.

He ignored it.

"What did you-"

"Whoops! Just remembered that my favourite show's on today," Sera interrupted with a chuckle. She gave Berserker a little wave as she slowly faded out of view.

"....." Needler just stood there under the tree, feeling as though he just made a big mistake.


"Mmm..." Gina moaned as she hungrily took Rock's cock into her mouth. She was kneeling on the bed with a semi-doggy-style position while holding onto Rock's hips for support. Rock was standing next to the bed while putting his shirt back on.

"Looks like the effects have started wearing off," Rock noted as he took hold of Gina's head and look into her eyes. Using what he learnt about detecting energy within another person, he noticed that Gina's inner-aura was returning to normal. "Guess that's my cue to leave... right after you clean my cock up, of course. Take it as a farewell present."

"Mmm..." Gina could only moan in response as she licked up the mess as best she could. She could easily taste her own ass and pussy juices on the cock along with traces of dried up semen. The semen in her ass and pussy were still dripping out onto the cum-covered bed sheets after having been used over and over again. She worked her tongue as best she could for even after all that, she still craved to have the taste of fresh jizz in her mouth. It only took a half a minute more of deep-throating before she got what she wanted. She swallowed up the jizz as it was shot directly down her throat. After that, she pulled away from Rock and fell back onto her bed with her eyes closed.

"Finally out, huh? Well... that's to be expected," Rock said as he tucked away his manhood and zipped up his pants. He looked down at the sleeping form of the girl who, just moments ago, was filled with wanton lust. He couldn't believe that this was the same girl who was begging to have her ass filled earlier. She looked... peaceful now. Her hands and knees were drawn up as the side of her head was sunken into her pillow. Rock stared for a few seconds longer... then turned to leave...

only to come back again to change the bed sheets. She could catch a cold if left like that, after all.






Mr. Smith Hyundai flew through the car before slamming into the roof of the hospital building and screeching to a stop. Shrapnel flew up from all the skidding around, so it was kind of a wonder why nobody went up to check out what was going on. After all the screeching and squealing, the car finally came to a full and complete stop. The two right wheels that were up in the air when the car landed finally came back down after the stop. With that display of reckless driving over and done with, the driver and the passengers got out.

"This where Click fought the anomaly?" Synn asked as she got out of the car.

"Could be our classmate, Tim, you know," John replied as he got out of the car. "He's human and just as strong as Monica. Isn't that right, Monica?"

"You... drove... through... an office... building," Monica gasped as she crawled out the passenger seat. Sprawling across the ground, she tried to regain her bearings. From the look on her face, she could end up either puking up her morning breakfast or passing out from the horrifying experience.

"Two office buildings and a parking lot, actually," Synn replied as she headed for the door leading back down to the top floor of the building. "All those parked cars made for a bumpy ride, but I guess I couldn't had made that jump without them there."

"You really don't hold back when it's not your own car, huh?" John remarked as he followed along. "I'm just surprised the car's still in one piece. Never thought another car besides our own could handle that kind of punishment."

"*What thah fuckin' hell's wrong with ya'll,*" Monica grumbled as she staggered to her feet and followed along. As she walked along, her eyes drifted down to the skid marks and noticed something strange about them. Once she was at the door, she realized it and saw the whole picture.


The car blew up.

Monica was the only one who noticed... probably.


"Sleep tight, princess," Rock smirked as he took one last look at Gina before he was headed out the door. "Even if you were out of it, you were still a good fuck. Too bad this'll probably be the last time we see each other again. Well... probably for the best, anyway."

With that said, he opened up the door, stepped through, and closed the door behind him. Lying in bed with fresh bed sheets and blankets was Gina, who was sleeping like an angel at that point. Her sweat had pretty much dried up and disappeared, but she still smelled of it. The only thing that seemed to mask it was the smell of her own juice mixed with Rock's semen, which were still stuck to the sides of her mouth and between her legs.


A metallic eyeball the size of a small marble carefully watched the events unfold. Perhaps metallic was the improper description, since the eyeball itself was not made of metal. It was a floating eyeball with a metallic sphere casing. The eyelid was also made of metal, so closing them ensured that the eyeball was protected from all angles. There was one floating in the ruined underground parking lot. Another was in Gina's room, but left through the window as soon as Rock was gone. A third one was in making its way through the hospital, keeping an eye on Monica, Synn, and John. There was even one that was following Needler as he made his way through the city. Once their owner decided that there was nothing more to see, they were immediately called back. The mysterious youngster between the eyeballs was getting kind of tired, anyway.

"Hmph... interesting prey this season," Radey remarked with a stoic face as he stood atop the roof of a building. He looked down at the roof of the hospital building with crossed arms and an indifferent expression on his face.

Neon, on the other hand, was laughing her head off. The skid marks left behind by Synn's landing made a smiley face. :)

"They're pretty strong. Definitely poses a threat to us," Radey said as he held out his arms. His eyeballs flew through the air as they returned to their rightful place in the mutant's arms. They actually sunk right into his arms and disappeared from sight. There was no trace of them in the skin at all. "What do you think, Neon?"

"My... that girl with the Onitsurugu style will make a fine woman some day. I wonder how she'll be with a real sword in her hands," Neon chuckled as she allowed her blonde hair to float freely through the wind. "I don't care about any of that other trash. That cyborg girl was fun to play with, but she alone's not enough to satisfy me."

"What about that Berserker who beat Crypt?" Radey asked.

"Oh my... clearly not my type. I prefer my victims to be a little more... pure," Neon replied as took a strand of her hair and played with it. "My... such an interesting boy, though. That weaker side might be fun to play with, so long as he doesn't go Berserk on me."

"So what should we do about Crypt?" Radey asked as he turned around to look at his fallen fellow mutant.

"Damn... him... damn..." Crypt gasped as he panted heavily. All four limbs were grossly removed beyond recognition. The entire left side of his brain was exposed and it looked as though his intestines were spilling out of the gaping wound in his gut. Even if he was a biologically engineered monstrosity, it was amazing that he was still alive.

"Oh my, does this mean we must return to the lab?" Neon smirked. She was certainly not hiding her enjoyment at Crypt's expense. "My... that boy might be worth going after, after all, if only to see the look on Crypt's face in the aftermath."

".... right," Radey grumbled as he picked up Crypt by the collar of his shirt. "Let's just get going. He's getting blood all over my shoes."


The subways were open 24/7 and the trains were always crowded even late at night. You could pretty much get to anywhere on the subway these days... even to the next town over. All the subways in the country were connected despite only the maps only showing the part of the system in their respective cities. It was a huge project not unlike the Canadian Pacific Railway, beginning in 2013 and completed in 2015. The trains themselves were also modified to run over 700mph when travelling between cities despite being three stories high. The subways were also usually at least three levels deep so that you could enter the train from any level.

"Man... why can't Sera ever give me a straight answer?" Needler sighed as he slumped forward on his seat. Since he chose the lowest level of the train, there was practically no one around him. Usually he didn't bother, but now he was glad he went down those three flights of stairs for the extra leg space. "What happened, anyway? Where'd that guy go?"

As Needler sat there contemplating on the situation, the train stopped and a single passenger got on. The passenger was the teenage red head, Ginger. She came onto the train wearing a green jacket and white scarf over a white shirt and green skirt. In her hands she was carrying a white box with a pink ribbon and on the top of the box was the logo for some local no-name bakery. The teen girl recognized Needler right away, but wasn't really sure how to approach him. Instead, she chose to sit down two seats away from Needler's.

"Um..." Ginger tilted her head as she tried to get Needler's attention.

"A jelly monster!" Needler suddenly exclaimed.

"Uh... huh?" Ginger quickly snapped back in surprise.

"It was a monster made of Jell-O. If you beat 'em, they explode, right? Maybe that's what happened to him," Needler reasoned with a goofy grin on his face. However, he snapped out of that train of thought once he noticed Ginger. His face reddened immediately, but he was quick to wave and respond, "Uh... hi... Ginger. Fancy meeting you here."

"Um... yeah..." Ginger blushed in return. "Hi..."

Both of them sat there in awkward silence for a while longer, unsure as to what to say to each other. They just nervously glanced at each other, not really meeting each other's eyes. When their eyes do meet, they were quick to turn away from each other as soon as possible.

The only sounds they made were the nervous chuckles in hopes that one of them would break the ice sooner or later.

Ten seconds passed...

Twenty seconds passed...

Two minutes passed...

Three stops went by...

Then they broke out in laughter.

"Sorry... very sorry..." Needler apologized while trying to stifle down his laughter to chuckling.

"No, I'm... sorry, too," Ginger replied with a beaming smile.

"Actually, is there any reason for either of us to apologize?" Needler chuckled.

"Eh heh... I guess not," Ginger chuckled back.

They both sighed at the same time.

Then the silence resumed a while longer.

"So... um..." Needler decided to go first. "Apparently, I'm Needler today."

"Oh... okay," Ginger replied with a smile. "So... you ran into Mr. Smith, then?"

"No, it was picked out by Monica and them," Needler replied with a somewhat annoyed look on his face.

"Um... anyway..." Ginger decided to change the topic. "I guess you've heard about Tim's accident?"

"Yeah, I'm actually headed to the hospital right now to visit him," Needler replied with a grin. "You?"

"Ah... I got him a cake," Ginger replied, holding up the box on her lap. "I hope he likes chocolate."

"I'm sure he'll like it," Needler assured. "By the way... still no news from..."

"....." Ginger looked down as her face saddened. "... no... not yet..."

"....." Needler remained silent for a while, then said, "We'll find them. We'll track down those demons and save your friends."

"Mm hmm..." Ginger nodded, but her expression didn't change. "I was... happy, when Tim and Monica saved me, you know?"

"Yeah..." Needler nodded.

"I really owe them," Ginger turned her head to face Needler again. "I thought... that maybe... Candi, Lana, and Jenna would also be... saved... so I was happy... but that was long after I was saved..."


"When that... red... demon thing... was... using me..." Ginger held the box more closely to herself as she slumped forward a bit more. Her voice cracked up as she continued, "I was... only thinking... of..."

"....." Needler sat in silence as he listened, then scooted over next to Ginger. Face flushed with embarrassment, he wrapped and arm around Ginger and pulled her close.

Ginger cried her heart out.


"Well now, looks to me those two are getting along just fine," Sera smirked as she watched Needler and Ginger from the next train. The blonde demoness licked her lips as she watched, then turned away as soon as she felt the train stopping. Deciding that there was nothing left to see, she got off the next stop and made her way up the steps of the subway. Her glistening womanhood peeked out from beneath her skirt, giving a free show to anyone lucky enough to board the train from the third level. With her extraordinary senses, she could easily tell how many people were looking at her. Catching them red-handed with her predatory gaze, she flashed them a knowing and seductive smile. Once she reached the first level, she pulled up her back of her skirt just an inch higher as her juices leaked out along the insides of her legs. Her face, however, remained cool and composed.

Once she was out of the subway, she dropped the back of her skirt and continued walking like normal. The cool evening breeze brushed between her legs, causing her pussy to flow even more. The wet lines felt wonderful, especially after there was enough of her own juice for them to branch out and cover more of her pale soft skin. Despite the pleasure she was getting from all the attention she was receiving, she just continued walking like normal. With all those eyes on her evident horniness, she might as well be naked. Then again, it could be because she was still clothed that this little exhibition felt so good.

The little seductress purposely walked in a fashion that caused her to sway her hips from side to side. Spotting a hot dog cart, she walked up to it and noticed that the vendor was a young girl of high school age. She gave the vendor girl a flirtatious smile as she stared into her eyes in a hypnotic fashion. Normally, the vendor girl would have reacted in disgust, but to her shock, she found herself blushing profusely. She clumsily and quickly made a hot dog for the blonde stranger, forgetting to even ask for money.

"Mmm..." Sera moaned in an obviously sexual manner as she took the hot dog and ate it in a very suggestive manner. As though done on purpose, a few bits of relish and drops of ketchup and mustard dripped down into her cleavage. Scooping them up with her fingers, she carefully licked them off as cleanly as she could. After she finished licking, she gave the vendor girl a wink. The vendor girl immediately found to her horror that her panties were getting wet. After the blonde teen was done with her hotdog, she took a napkin to wipe the top visible part of her breasts, then wiped away the juices flowing down the inner part of her legs. As she bent over, she gave the vendor girl a full view of her pussy! After that, she placed the wet napkin right in front of her poor confused vendor before walking off.

"....." The vendor girl stared at the wet napkin as though it were a bomb waiting to go off. After her senses were a little better, she took the napkin... and placed it in her pocket.

"Humans... so much fun to play with no matter what flavour they come in," Sera chuckled to herself as she continued heading toward the hospital. Deciding that she had enough fun for one day, she made everyone around her forget what they saw. Everyone except the vendor girl, of course. She had so much fun that she decided to come back another time. "That berserker boy could do something similar if he wanted to. He just needs to wake up. Completely wake up."


"Trent got arrested for... um... 'public indecency'... I think," Needler explained with a bit of a nervous chuckle. "Luckily, Ginger and I were able to convince the police officer to let him off with a warning. Told him that he got mugged and was in shock, which was why he was running around streaking."

"Is that why he's wearing a hospital gown?" Tim asked as he pointed toward the open door. Trent was on sitting cross-legged on one of the crash carts as he went zipping right by the open door. A bunch of kids in hospital gowns laughed as they chased after him.

"Actually, I think he's wearing a doctor's coat," Needler replied as a drop of sweat rolled down his temple. "Gotta hand it to him, though. He's great with kids."

"That's because he is a kid," Rock grumbled under his breathe.

"Um... is that a human head?" Ginger asked as she stared at Click's head.

"Dr. Zeke Angels' coat, to be precise," Tim remarked. The young former assassin as back in bed with the covers brought up to his chest. The breakfast table was placed right over his lap and on top of the table was Click's severed head. A bunch of chips and such were laid out all over the table. "Anyway, I think we should talk about this."

"Isn't that... Click?" Rock blinked as he stared at the severed head. "Does that mean our football team's actually a bunch of robots? Figured that'd be more of a cheerleading kind of thing."

"Maybe the cheerleading squad are all robots as well," Monica suggested.

"Nah. You can't have more than one clique be robots or it'll lose taste," Rock shook his head.

"Technically, jocks and cheerleaders are of the same clique," Needler put in.

"By the way, John is going to want that head back," Monica said to Tim.

"John?" Tim asked.

"Yes, John and Synn helped me against the hair homunculus I told you about," Monica explained. "Synn is a cyborg with robotic arms and legs. John is a genius who built the robotic arms and legs... and possibly Click. Oh, and they are both in our homeroom! I take it you were the anomaly they were trying to track down?"

"Sounds about right," Tim nodded. "This guy kept asking me if I was with them and wouldn't believe that I was really human."

"Who's them?" Rock asked.

"... the homunculus," Tim replied.

"Oh! Maybe there's a war going on!" Trent's voice suddenly started echoing throughout the room. One of the panels in the ceiling was removed before the dog man dropped down into the room. "They might be making super soldiers, like in that one movie with all the zombies and stuff. Oh! Maybe it's not a war, but an invasion!"

"Did you... make a hole? I can see the next floor's ceiling," Ginger looked up into the hole Trent dropped down from.

"Perhaps not exactly world domination, but it would not be unusual for members of the underground to seek power," Monica surmised.

"How does this connect to the demons?" Tim asked thoughtfully. He turned toward Needler and asked, "What do you think? Are they connected?"

"Eh...? Well..." Needler thought about it for a moment, then replied, "I... guess. I mean... I don't..."

"What does it tell you," Tim asked again.

"....." Needler stared back for a few seconds. "I... I think they're connected. Somehow... that yellow demon... is somehow connected to this."

"I see," Tim replied with a nod. "Where are Synn and John now?"

"I told them that I would check out this side of the hospital for the anomaly," Monica replied. "When I sensed no sign of a homunculus being here, I suspected that maybe they were tracking your signal. John's laptop can pick up signals from when we use our energies. From what I learnt, they picked up on the energy from Needler's and Derek's battle under the bridge. They also picked up a signal from the roof of your apartment building, Tim. Then they picked up a signal from the roof of this hospital."

"Battle? Under the bridge?" Ginger asked with wide-open eyes.

"You're on better terms with them than any of us," Tim said as he tossed Click's head into Monica's hands. "You return the head. In fact, it might be good to get them in on all this. The more allies we have, the better off we'll be."

"Allies? No offense to them or anything, but didn't you two hand them their asses on a platter?" Rock asked with an incredulous look on his face. "They're not gonna be of much use against the demons, ya know. Why are we even getting involved with these homunculus guys, anyway? I thought we were fighting demons!"

"There's a connection, remember?" Tim replied.

"A connection based on some psychic ability given to an indecisive idiot by a dangerous woman we can't really trust," Rock pointed out.

"....." Needler looked a little hurt by that remark.

"I can't be the only one wondering why we gotta buddy up with classmates we barely know to fight a buncha monsters just cause a little blonde bitch says so," Rock growled deeply. He looked toward Needler as though waiting for him to back him up. "You know what I'm talkin' bout, right?"

"Eh...?" Needler looked a little caught off guard. "W-well... the demons were real... so..."

"So we'll just beat them up if and when they show up again," Rock replied. "Better yet, let that fox... snake... whatever she is deal with them. She seemed to be able to handle that blue one pretty well."

"Are you saying that we should turn a blind eye and pretend nothing is happening?" Monica asked as she gave Rock a frighteningly cold stare.

Rock got ready to respond, but froze as soon as he met the sword girl's icy gaze.

Monica kept staring.

"No... I'm not," Rock replied as he looked away.

"I'm suspicious of Sera, too, and I'm sure Monica is as well," Tim stated, "but the threat she claims to be preparing us for is very real."

"Then we will help John, Synn, and Click with their hunts?" Monica asked.

"I don't think we should," Needler suddenly put in. As everyone (except Trent, he was busy throwing water balloons out the window) turned their attention toward him, he hesitated for a moment. Rock made a good point. How reliable is Sera's gift, anyway? Either way, he had to say something now, so... "We should let them handle the tracking and stuff. If they need our help, I'm sure they'll let one of us know. Until then, we should keep doing what we were always doing."

"... kay," Tim nodded. No one else looked ready to argue.

"....." Suddenly, the entire room went into awkward silence.


"Haha!!! I totally nailed that bald guy in the head!" Trent laughed. Turning around, he suddenly asked, "So when we gonna get to eat the cake?"

"Cake?" Everyone's eyes turned toward the cake in Ginger's hands.

"Um... yes. Cake. Would everyone like some?" Ginger asked as she gave a nervous smile. Everyone immediately responded positively to eating cake.

After everyone got a slice, Rock walked right up to the foot of Tim's bed.

"By the way... I've been meaning to ask..." Rock began... before yanking Tim's bed sheets away revealing...


completely naked...

and giving Tim a blow job.

The nineteen year old slave girl immediately noticed her cover was blown. Taking her master/boyfriend's cock out of her mouth, she looked around at everyone else in the room and blushed.

"Everyone, meet Eria," Tim did not seem affected at all. "Eria, meet everyone."

(To be continued)


"Wait a minute... what happened to that part where Monica fucks Synn with that dildo?" Rock asked.

"I say we show it now!" Trent exclaimed enthusiastically.

"What?" Monica responded with wide-open eyes. "No! Wait a-"


Slish slish slish

Monica was crouching down with one of her knees on the ground between what remained of Synn's legs. She worked the metallic rod in and out of the cyborg girl's flowing cunt, face reddening at the sounds they were making. With her free hand, she reached out and took hold of one of the breasts and gently caressed it to get more out of Synn. She plunged the phallic object deep into the hungry pussy, trying her best to ignore the wetness on her hand.

In almost no time at all, Synn gave out a loud shriek of pleasure as she came from Monica's attentive hands. She pressed the back of her head against the floor and lifted her chest, bending backwards in response to the orgasm. After the tremendous waves finally subsided, she slumped back to the ground, completely spent and exhausted... but finally at peace. As instructed by John, Monica slid the dildo all the way in and locked up the pussy with the chastity belt.

"Well that was interesting," John said. Monica quickly whirled around and immediately noticed the camera in John's hand.


"This'll make a great addition for the archives," John remarked.


The camera was cut in half.

"Um..." John immediately noticed that the tip of the iron bar was pointed at his face.

"....." Monica glared dangerously.

"Won't happen again," John assured her as a drop of sweat rolled down the back of his head.


Character Profile Section:

Name: Specimen 003 (AKA Trent Bloom)
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Chimera (Human/Dog hybrid)
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 70kg
Occupation: High School Student

Miscellaneous Information:
-Likes all forms of snack junk foods like potato chips and chocolate bars
-Favourite drink is Red Bull
-Favourite season is Summer
-Immune to almost all forms of poison, drugs, etc... (i.e., horse tranquilizers, tear gas, and cyanide)
-Favourite subject is Music
-Has no least favourite subject
-Named his skateboard 'Smiley Face' or SF for short cause of the... smiley face
-Hobbies include pranks, peeping, and public sex

Estimated Physical Statistics (before Sera's training):
Strength: 1500lb dead lift
Speed: 70m/s
Stamina: 150 miles