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Trick or Treat.

A few years ago whilst I was training Eleanor, We had cause to celebrate Halloween in a special way. For friends of hers lived in a little village in Norfolk, and threw an adult’s only Halloween party. The theme of this party as in keeping with all hallows eve and was good versus evil. Therefore each couple who attended had to represent both sides of the eternal battle. It meant in reality a party along the lines of vicars and tarts, with one half being good virtuous and the other half being wickedly sinful.

Well I hired a cardinal’s outfit and Eleanor went as a French lady of the night. Now to make matters worse we were told we had to arrive already costumed up, so as we had a four hour drive from London to the host address near Thetford, we decided to call in at a Little Chef roadside restaurant about thirty minutes from the host’s house.

Well the looks we got as we entered the restaurant in plain clothes and after being shown to our table, we ordered some food and Eleanor went off to the toilets and changed into a short skirt, lace top no bra and no knickers, fish net stockings and finished the whole thing off with a bright red beret. The strange looks doubled as I then went off and returned in a fifteenth century style Cardinal costume of long flowing robes and a mitre hat.

The waitress could not believe her eyes when she brought our food; until I explained we were attending a Halloween party and representing good versus evil. She did however spot that Eleanor’s 38C breasts were unfettered by a bra and her hard erect red nipple was poking through one of the holes in her lace top. I stood up and moved beside the waitress and said, would you like me to send her to the ladies to straighten herself up and you could slip in there and taste that which you seem unable to ignore.

The waitress looked up at me and instead of answered she simply nodded her head. I instructed Eleanor to return to the toilet and make sure she pleased the waitress but reminded her that her cunt was out of bounds. I did demand that she brought me back a souvenir though of the waitress’s panties.

Eleanor rose and headed off to the ladies with all eyes if the customers watching her every step, Five minutes later I spotted the waitress slip into the toilet corridor and in to the ladies. I sat and ate my meal for twenty five minutes until first the waitress came back into the main hall of the restaurant and the shortly afterwards so did Eleanor. As Eleanor sat down she pressed a cold wet piece of cloth into my hand; I slowly and discretely raised it to my nose and smelled the fragrance of highly sexed cunt.

As we sat there I moved a little closer to Eleanor, which she now recognises as a prelude for me checking her cunt, so she opened her legs in anticipation. I deliberately start with my hand near her knee and slowly stroke my way up her legs till my finger tips are touching her swollen and parted cunt lips. As my finger nail scraped against her clit she shuddered, and I leaned close to her ear and said, “My slut, you have had her fingers up your cunt. Bitch. I told you your cunt was out of bounds!”

“Yes master, but you told me to please the waitress so she wanted to eat my cunt and pressed her fingers into my cunt and anal ring!” Eleanor replied.

When Eleanor had eaten her meal we paid and went to leave the little Chef restaurant, I had just got into the car beside Eleanor when the waitress came out, immediately she came to my side of the car and asked for her panties back. I climbed out of the car and explained that these were my reward for her having had fun with my slut. She promised me absolutely anything to get them back as her husband would want to know where they were. I moved up behind her and placed my hand on her arse outside her skirt and said, “If I return them to you I will want to spank your bare arse! That will be the price of me returning them to you! Do you agree?”

She looked around and said, “where would you do it?”

I pointed over by the bin chutes and said, “There you would be out of sight of the restaurant and yet close enough for my slut to witness your punishment!”

She agreed but informed me to pull away as if leaving then drive the car to the side of the bins and she would be out in five minutes. She asked for her panties and I said only after I have spanked your naked arse. I did as she suggested and sure enough she returned five minutes later coming out the back door of the restaurant.

Strange thing was she had a man with her, She introduced him as her shift manager and he was there because it was the only way she could get out was to tell him and he agreed provided he could witness it first hand. She nearly backed out of the agreement when I demanded she remove all her clothes, until I pointed out I had repeatedly said her naked arse, naked meaning with out clothes. With her shift managers persuasion she reluctantly removed her clothes and presented herself in front of me. I reached out and pinched her left nipple whilst inviting her manager to do the same on her right nipple.

Then I made a sturdy seat out of boxes and sat down on it. I patted my lap and the waitress came over and looking at Alex the shift manager, she bent over my lap; I immediately took her right arm in my left hand preventing her from moving. As I raised my arm I looked at Alex and saw his bulge of his cock inside his pants. Suddenly I was inspired to tell him to strip, I half expected him to refuse and try to pull Andrea from my grasp, but he did not he merely looked down to the ground and instantly began to remove his clothes.

I could not believe my luck, for to find a sub missive female in such circumstances was rare enough, but to find such a woman paired with a submissive male is almost unique, as most working relationships are of one strong character usually in a management role and the lesser strong character as the underling. I paused with my hand raised ready to strike until Alex was naked, his five inch cock already hard and erect just from looking at Andrea naked. I stared straight into his eyes and told him to stroke his cock but I told him to tell me what he wanted as he did so.

Again with out any hesitation he began stroking his cock, he spoke in a almost trembling voice as she said he wanted to lick her cunt, he wanted to eat her juices and preferably wanted it mixed with a man’s spunk. Then out of the blue, he said, if Eleanor could find something to fuck his arse with he would be in seventh heaven.

I nodded in Eleanor’s direction and she got out the car, when to the boot and opened it removing a rubber cock from my bag in there. She walked slowly around to me waving the ten inch long and two inch thick rubber cock. I ordered Alex to suck the rubber cock and to lubricate it with his saliva before taking it up his boy pussy.

Then I spanked Andrea, slowly making sure to stroke her arse and cunt between each of the ten slaps. By the tenth her arse was a nice shade of crimson and her cunt was bubbling like a babbling brook.

I allowed Andrea to stand up but made her keep her legs wide open, as I ordered Alex to now replace her across my lap. My own hard cock covered by the gown was pressing into his thigh as his cock felt red hot on my covered leg. I again took his right arm in my left hand and ordered Eleanor to slide the rubber cock into his tight arse. Soon she was fucking him with long slow strokes and I asked him loud enough for all to hear, “So Alex, you want to suck a real cock, don’t you? You want to become a cock sucking male whore, don’t you?”

Alex almost screamed his one word reply, “Yesssssss!”

I made Eleanor shove the rubber cock all the way up his boy pussy and then made him kneel before me and I raised my gown. I looked him straight in the eye as I ordered him to suck my cock. Andrea stepped closer to see her shift manager sucking on my cock. I turned to her and told her to wank him off but first to go naked and get a clean glass to catch his spunk.

She looked terrified as she walked off towards the restaurant and five minutes later returned carrying a empty glass. Then she knelt beside Alex and began stroking his cock till he was shooting his white baby seed into the glass, all this time though Eleanor had been stroking the rubber cock into his arse.

I pushed Alex to the floor and grabbed the glass just in time to add my load to this white thick liquid in the glass. Then I made Alex, sit and beg for the liquid. Only when he had humiliated himself sufficiently; by telling us all how much he wanted to taste the baby making seed. Did I let him open his mouth and tilt his head back before tipping the contents of the glass into his mouth; I ordered him not to swallow until he had shown each one of us individually his tongue coated in the mix of spunk’s

As we all prepared to leave, Alex gave me his home phone number and he told Andrea to give me hers as well. I returned the favour giving him mine and I told him to phone me tomorrow.

With that we pulled out of the car park and continued along our way. After we left, apparently Alex quizzed Andrea about what did happen in the ladies toilets and she described for him all the action.

Ray had asked me very quietly if I wanted to suck on Eleanor’s exposed nipple and suggested we got to the ladies to do so; well I was shocked and yet so turned on I just could not say no. in fact I could not say anything; but I did manage a nod and then he spoke to Eleanor, who smiled at me and stood up and walked so sexily off to the ladies.

I waited five minutes and went after her, well when I entered the toilet she had already checked they were empty and she lifted her lacy top clear of her great tits; then without a word being said she indicated with her finger for me to come closer. My heart was pounding, my cunt was itching and on fire, I just knew it would be the start of a great night of fun.

When I stood in front of Eleanor, she gently placed her hands behind my head and pulled my head down on to her right nipple. As I sucked the delicious hard nipple, she began talking in low whispers. It was all sorts of things she said like, “you horny little fuck slut, you want to drink your mummy’s milk from mummy’s titty! Come my darling baby breast feed again like you used to. Ohhh yes my baby suck the core of mummy’s tit out through the nipple! Tell me honey is mummy’s baby’s cunt getting all hot and wet?”

Well I could not speak with a mouthful of nipple so I nodded my head which tugged gently on her nipple causing her to groan even more. Suddenly she pushed my head away from her tit and demanded I show her how wet my cunt was. I eagerly raised my skirt and my powder blue panties had a large dark blue wet stain right where my cunt was. I was about to lower my skirt in shame when she slipped her hand up against the wet spot and began rubbing it against my stiff clit causing me to grind my hips against her hand. Of course this released even more of my cunt juices all over the panties.

Just as quickly the hand was gone and I still had not cum; Eleanor then demanded I remove my panties and give them to her. Hoping this would mean she would eat my hot soaking cunt I never even thought of disobeying her and soon she held my panties high up looking closely at the wet patch. I thought I would die from shame, but I was turned on even more. If she had asked, no demanded I remove the rest of my clothes and return to work stark naked I swear I would have done it.

But she did not; instead she took out a deep red lipstick from a pocket in the side of her short dress and applied it rather thickly to her lips. Then she handed me the same lipstick and told me to apply it just as thickly to my own lips. As I applied the lipstick, she had her hand between my legs, not touching my cunt but agonisingly close enough for me to hope for a little contact. Once I had applied the lipstick she held up the panties once more with the front facing me so I could see the deep wet stain and ordered me to kiss her through them.

I was really weird kissing another woman and even stranger doing it through a pair of cunt juiced soaked panties, for I could smell and taste the aroma of my over heated cunt. When we pulled apart there was a perfectly formed lipstick image of my lips directly over the wet patch and when Eleanor turned the pair around there was a similar image on he back.

Then Eleanor knelt in front of me and used her hands to part my thighs enough for her head to slip in and she kissed me first just above my pubic hair leaving a similar lipstick image before she began to flick my clit with her tongue; once my hips began thrusting of their own accord she began dipping her delicious tongue deep into my cunt and it seemed she was scooping out my hot cunt cream. Well I can tell you it is a wonder the whole restaurant did not hear me as my climax broke, it was wonderful my head was full of sky rockets in flight, loud explosions and waves of crashing waves pounding some forgotten beach. In fact it must have been three or four minutes after she had stopped licking my cunt that I realised she was gone and so were my panties.

When Ray and Eleanor left the restaurant I knew I had to get panties back in case Bill my husband decided that tonight was our once a month night for him to fuck me, it would have been just my luck to walk in at home without them and he grab me toss me over the back of the settee and try to ram his cock up my cunt. He would have had a fit if he found out I had no panties on. He would have been down here to accuse you or the chef of interfering with his wife. Mind you the useless oaf thinks foreplay is him giving me time to undress. So now you know why tonight felt so wonderfully different and will remain in my mind forever.

Andrea then asked Alex, “But why did you suck Ray’s cock, like you did? After all I always had you down as the strong silent type not a faggot!”

“I am not a faggot! But there was something hypnotic about Ray and when he looked me in the eyes as he did, I just had to obey him! But it has taught me that I must have a submissive side too for I loved the humiliation and feeling of being used and abused for someone else’s pleasure. The greatest humiliation was when he poured the mixed glass of his and my own spunk into my mouth and made me show everyone there I had a mouth full of spunk! I think I could have cum again without being touched if he made me show how I would have rolled that spunk around inside my mouth coating my tongue before swallowing it!” Alex answered.

Andrea then asked if he was going to ring Ray tomorrow as he had been told and Alex answered truthfully oh yes most definitely. And if Ray told me to drive to Scotland naked with a tree trunk up my arse in order to suck his cock again, I would do it. Andrea then added, “You and me both!”

In chapter two the Halloween party leads to some real tricks for a treat……..

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great story cant wait to what happens at the Halloween party thank you xx

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Here is a aptly timed halloween story for all you lovers of trick or treat.