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Trick or Treat.

2. The Halloween party.

Eleanor and I continued our Journey towards Thetford, almost in complete silence although Eleanor was sat with her skirt up around her waist and legs wide apart. Her shaved cunt glistened in the shine of the road lamps; her juices making her lips appear even more swollen.

Every so often, I would place my hand on her thigh and stroke it lightly, always so close but never actually touching her cunt. In this way I kept Eleanor bubbling just short of boiling point and kept her appetite for sex at a razor sharp peak.

We finally hit Thetford and soon found the address in question. Arriving about half an hour later than scheduled but there were already a number of cars parked in the dimly lit country lane. We exited the car and made our way towards the front door. Just as we were about to ring the door bell Eleanor was hit side on by a small pail of cold water. She had accidentally tripped the trip wire which brought the water fall her way. She was not best pleased but I saw the funny side of things.

The door opened and we were greeted by what can only be described as a Christmas fairy. The man was wearing a salmon pink furry tutu, obviously a padded bra making it appear he had 36 c breasts, pink Lycra tights but with a hole ripped into the gusset so his cock was poking through and when he turned round full access was available to his arse. Eleanor said, “Good evening, George!” this immediately identified him as one half of our host’s, the other being his wife of some twenty two years, Mary.

We were quickly ushered inside the door and as soon as the door closed, Eleanor was on her knees and sucking George’s cock. I had been pre-warned about this and I slipped my hand behind George’s back and worked my finger to his anal ring. As Eleanor ducked her head forward, I forcefully shoved my index finger into George’s anal ring. This caused him to buck forward in effect ramming his cock further down Eleanor throat.

Just then Mary opened the dividing door from the porch to the reception room and we saw about ten couples all watching Eleanor’s blow job action. Mary leaned in and kissed me as she introduced herself and added, “I see you have discovered George’s weakness for things up his arse, later he will be the centre piece of a special form of bobbing!”

Eleanor upon hearing Mary’s voice; stopped her oral ministrations and stood up kissing Mary full on the lips before saying, “This is Ray my master and trainer! I am only allowed to do whatever he allows me to do!” Eleanor then looked at me to see my reaction for Mary already had her hand between Eleanor’s legs, and from what I could tell at least two fingers buried up her cunt. Now what with the teasing I had given Eleanor as we drove from the restaurant to here she was close to Cumming and I spoke up threatening her, that if she so much as started a climax she would be spanked at least six spanks from every person at the party male and female alike.

Mary must have taken pity on her for she quickly withdrew her fingers and we entered and met the remaining guests. The drink flowed freely and before long Eleanor was begging for permission to go to the toilet and with everyone looking on I refused. Poor Eleanor she was almost hopping from one foot to the other with her legs tightly crossed as she pleaded on more time. I allowed her to go pee, but not as she expected in the bathroom, no she had to go into the garden and do it in full view of any of the guests who chose to go out to watch.

Eleanor quickly as she could exited into the garden when the main garden security light came on she was stood with nearly everyone watching what she was about to do. I made her spread her legs then crouch down so her cunt was on full view. I also whispered in her ear that she had to play with her cunt as she pee’d but must not climax whilst doing so. She said but I will have my hand covered in piss. I agreed and said either George or Yourself will get to lick it clean so don’t disappoint me.

Soon a slow trickle of urine came from her piss hole in her cunt, that small trickle turned in to a golden coloured torrent and she had her fingers rubbing her cunt and becoming glistening in urine. Once she had finished I spoke to Mary who instantly told George to go lick Eleanor’s hand clean. Like a bullet from a gun George was there and never left till he had licked up all the piss from her cupped hand.

Mary laughed as she said, “For someone who has only just met George, you have a very good understanding of his likes and dislikes!”

I replied, “Yes! I hope to have an even better understanding after I have fucked you and had Eleanor clean my cock and George cleans your cunt!”

Mary then suggested, “Well I know Eleanor is a good cock sucker, but George needs the practise so why don’t you make him suck your cock before and after you fuck me and then he can clean my spunked up cunt out with his tongue!”

I agreed and said, “We will do it in the living room at midnight with everyone else there to watch his final training session, for after that he will be the true cuckold he professes to be!” Now it was Mary’s turn to agree.

I went to Eleanor and dipped a finger into her cunt, pulling out I smelt urine on my finger and I ordered George to get back here and finish the cleaning Job he had started. He looked at Mary and she simply shrugged her shoulders; poor George did not know what to do. However with a sly wink from Mary I demanded he get over here, instantly and on his hands and knees to boot.

Behind Georges back, Mary smiled and nodded as she gave me a thumbs up; then she swatted the air as if to say spank him. When George had cleaned up Eleanor’s piss smelling cunt, I informed him that his punishment for disobeying me was to be spanked. I led Eleanor over to a garden bench and made her kneel down beside it; then I sat in the middle of the bench and had George come over to receive his spanking adding that if he delayed I would double his dose. Without even looking at Mary he came over and instantly lay across my lap. I made him stand again telling him, I had not given permission for him to assume the position.

Now I made a big thing about pulling my gown up around my waist and he saw I was naked beneath, I then had him kiss my legs from the left knee up and then the right knee up, finally I made him kiss the head of my cock before I allowed him to lay over my lap. His hard hot cock pressing into my thigh flesh as my own hot hard cock pressed into his stomach. I made a big thing about getting his legs the right distance apart, this was for two reasons one to prolong his expectancy of the spanking and two as he moved to adjust his legs he was rubbing his cock against my thigh exciting himself even further.

Then I ordered Eleanor to kneel behind him and take a firm hold of his balls, I then gave the following instructions to her, “When I raise my hand ready to spank him, you will probe his anal ring with your tongue! When you hear me say now, you will pull back from licking his anal ring and watch for my hand to drop. At the exact moment my hand makes contact with his arse flesh you will pull on his balls. The force should be enough to make me feel his cock move but not to pull him from my lap is that understood you slut of a bitch?”

Eleanor replied, “Yes master, may I demonstrate the pull to make sure I get the right force?”

I refused her this but added, “If you do not apply the right force, you will be suitably punished yourself, I am sure there are enough volunteers to be found to bite your tit flesh as George her spanks your bare cunt!”

Suddenly there were flashes and extra lighting as Mary arranged several people to take still photographs whilst she used a digital video camera to capture the whole thing. I raised my right hand and Eleanor went to work probing his anal ring with her tongue; of course poor George did not know where he was. He was torn between feeling the erotic passions of a tongue licking and stimulating his anal ring and also the intrepidation of expecting the crash of a hand delivering pain as it delivered each spank. So it was that he endured six spanks interspaced with six erotic interludes of Eleanor’s tongue and of course the hefty tugs on his ball sack.

Mary captured every single second of it on camera and afterwards she praised me for my ingenuity in setting the parameters of his pain and pleasure. She offered to place herself and George under my tutorage so she could learn new techniques with which to humiliate and yet titillate her husband with.

Just then Mary announced it was bobbing time, George actually groaned as he got up from my lap; He immediately fetched a large A frame picnic table; you know the type with the fixed benches along each side; and placed it almost centrally in the garden. It was so strange because it was as if it had been so well orchestrated, for while George fetched this table, the females all disappeared in doors. Mary re emerged and carrying some leather straps she promptly tied George across the table.

He was face down with his legs inside one bench and tied wide apart; his bulky torso was flat on the table top and his hands equally spread were tied to the inside of the bench on the opposite side of the table. In effect George could no longer move at all although his head remained free to move with in the restrictions of his neck muscles. Mary then disappeared again after asking me to officiate in the bobbing.

With in minutes all twelve females emerged from the house, all totally naked and all sporting various sized strap on dildo’s around their waists; Mary then announced that the rules were thus:

1. A time limit of two minutes each end would be set.
2. The order of the procession would be determined by the master of ceremonies.
3. The master of Ceremonies would be the guest of honour and for tonight only would be referred to as his highness Prince Lucifier.
4. The order determined then each participant would spend the first two minutes fucking the sacrificial offerings arse, before walking around and having that offering suck clean the weapon of intrusion.
5. All male members of the congregation would stand around stroking their weapons until they deposited their loads on to the offering.
6. Then as the final Act Prince Lucifer would select a member of the congregation to either accept the lords sperm or a male member to deliver a final load up the offerings arse, or both.

I sat and thought for a short while and decided the easiest and less painful way for George was to start with the smallest dildo and work up to the largest as this would slowly widen and open up his anal ring. I also decided that Mary would get a real pounding from my cock while George would take the two largest cocks of the rest in his mouth and arse at the same time.

I announced the order of the sacrificial fucking and the women all began comparing the sizes of the strap on cocks, they then formed a line moving forward along the line if their rubber cock was smaller than the one in front. Soon the first one stepped forward and was about to slip it up George’s anal ring when I stopped her.

In a loud mono tone voice I demanded obedience from all before me and in particular from the NEOPHYTE or new novice. I demanded he beg to be accepted into the order of horny devils and actually had to beg to become a cock sucking cum drinking male harlot. I even made him suck on the nearest real cock to him as repentance for all his past good deeds.

As he began to suck the cock in front of his face, I thrust my arm forward indicating the woman should ram her rubber cock into his anal ring. Well ram it she did and George shocked and alarmed by the sudden intrusion tried to lurch forward to escape the thrust but could not move all he did was swallow the last two inches of the cock in his mouth. Now the circle of men began to stroke their cocks as I kept an eye on the clock. After exactly two minutes the woman was told to withdraw and present the phallus to be cleaned by our novice.

The real cock he was swallowing was soon gone from his mouth and a rather smelly rubber one was pushed into his face. Again everything stopped until the new cock was ready to thrust into place; however in a variation of the rules it was a real cock covered in a condom which now thrust into his arse. So the process was repeated every two minutes, real cock in the mouth whilst rubber one up his arse then rubber anally used cock in his mouth whilst condom covered real cock up his anal ring.

When it came to cleaning the real cocks, they kept the condoms on and even kept them on as they took their turns at stroking their own cocks, until eleven condoms were now full of the white sticky cream which creates babies. The Mary stepped forward and at my command pulled George’s head back and I ordered him to open his mouth as one by one the condoms were poured into his over flowing mouth. Only when all eleven were poured in this way was he allowed to swallow.

I then picked out the two largest cocks and ordered them to fuck George; I allowed then to choose between them as to who would fuck his arse and who would fuck his face.

I instructed the women to now grab Mary and hold her over the back of George, on her back. Then with two women pulling her legs apart and high up towards her head I slipped my now rock hard cock into her overly wet cunt. A few quick thrusts and then several slow long strokes before I withdrew and then dipped my cock into her own anal ring. Again this pattern was repeated a few quick thrusts to get entry and then the long slow sensual strokes to stoke her passions before switching back to her other hole.

When I felt I could not last any longer I had Eleanor stroke my cock till I shot my load all over Mary’s tits and face. And then I ordered Eleanor to clean her up using her tongue but not to swallow any of it as she was to share it with Mary.

It was nearly five am when the party began to break up with most guests bedding down in the living room. However almost as a thank you Eleanor and I were invited to share George and Mary’s bed. Once in the bed room I tied Eleanor to the foot of the bed with her head leaning on the mattress. Then I stroked George’s cock till it became hard and slipped it up Eleanor’s cunt before tying their legs together so George would not be able to thrust because if he tried it he would pull Eleanor’s thighs back with his movement so his cock would not move in her cunt cavity. I then popped a large strap on cock Up George’s arse and warned him he would be punished if I heard it drop to the floor. I knew this would make George have to clench his sphincter muscle to hold it in tight.

Then Mary and I climbed in to bed and I ordered her to suck my cock like the fucking two bit whore she was and what’s more she had to between sucks tell me what a whore like her wanted to have done to her. I honestly believe that Mary had a strict Roman Catholic upbringing as she kept going on about being caned and being tied to a cross for forgiveness. She even mentioned instead of a crown of thorns, she ought to have to endure a panty full of nettles.

I eventually fucked Mary hard and came inside her cunt and then made George from where he was behind Eleanor lick her cunt clean.

We arose around 11 am that morning and packed everything away, made our farewells and promised to visit them real soon as we drove away. Once we left Thetford village Eleanor asked me if I enjoyed fucking Mary, I told her she was alright and then Eleanor revealed her jealous side by asking if she was better then me. I reassured Eleanor that no slut was better then her and she would always be my number one whore. Just then the phone rang and it was Alec. We spoke for about ten minutes before I ended the call and announced we were going to make a detour on our way home.

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