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Trick or treat.

3. Homeward bound.

On our way back from Thetford, we detoured into Swaffham and sought out the address given by Alec; by the time we arrived Andrea was also there. We knocked on the door and Alec invited us in; Eleanor carried in my black fun pilotís bag.

No sooner had the door closed than Andrea was also present in the hallway; I immediately demanded all three subs strip. Eleanor and Andrea quickly began removing their clothes but Alec hesitated and actually asked if he might be allowed to go upstairs before undressing as he needed the toilet. I snapped back that he had ten seconds to begin undressing or the two women would strip him and take it in turns to spank him on both his arse and his cock. As if to reinforce my threat, Eleanor retrieved the riding crop from my black bag, as she waved it through the air: Alec thought better of angering me.

He began undressing, he removed his shirt to reveal a very feminine lacy bra; next as his trousers dropped to the floor both Andrea and Eleanor wolf whistled for he had on the flimsiest almost gossamer panties and a similar looking pair of self supporting stocking. Alecís face flushed so red you would have easily mistook him as a traffic light stuck on red. Despite his embarrassment his cock was rock hard showing clearly through the ultra thin panties.

I turned to Eleanor and Andrea and reminded them they were not yet undress and they could be punished as easily as Alec. Both returned to undressing themselves in silence, whilst I turned my attention to Alec. ďSo young Alec!Ē I began, ďYou like wearing fine female clothing!Ē he nodded. ďWell show me to your bedroom? So I can see what other female clothing you have!Ē I demanded. I turned to Eleanor and Andrea and said, ďYou two fucking sluts; in the living room and both of you on the floor on your hands and knees with your head touching the floor. Who betide you if I find you have so much as touched each other!Ē

Meanwhile I followed Alec up stairs; as he began to climb the stairs I stopped him and told him if he was going to be a wimp of a man dressing as a bitch, he should walk the proper walk and sway his hips like the female slut he is trying to be.

Alec began to wiggle his hips as he climbed the stairs; once in his bedroom I made him show me his sex toys and his female clothing. He had a short mini skirt in almost gold satin material and a wispy almost gossamer blouse. On the sexual toy front he had a medium sized butt plug and several clamps and a couple of heavy sized vibrators. I made him remove his panties and insert the butt plug up his arse; I instructed him to show me how he used the clamps. Rather embarrassingly he clamped two clamps on his testicles tight in his ball sac, a third he clamped sideways onto his cock just below the cock head, the next two clamps the smallest of the six; he applied to his nipples. I gave him the gold skirt and gossamer blouse and waited till he put them on.

I picked up some pretty pink narrow ribbon and tied a bow around the base of his cock and using this as a lead I led him back to the stairs. Slowly we descended down to the living room; as we entered the two girls were in front of the settee, on hands and knees with their heads pressed against the base of the settee and carpet. I walked up behind then and slipped my index fingers into both their cunts at the same time. Both were extremely wet and I demanded to know If they had disobeyed me or not.

Both sluts were adamant that they had not touched each other nor had they touched themselves and their excitement was all from the mind waiting for their master to come and use their horny bodies.

I ordered both girls to stand and then introduced them to Alec and instructed both women to help Alec with his make up to turn him in to a glamorous woman. Both women eagerly grabbed their hand bags for their makeup and both could not help but stare at the clamps which were attached to his nipples.

Soon the only thing that gave Alec away as a male was his short cut hair style; although he did say he was going to order a glamour wig from a mail order company. He had on eye shadow, eye liner, blusher and deep red lipstick, so with the shape of his face he could quite easily have passed for a woman with a simple bad haircut.

I then ordered him to run his tongue along each of the slutís cunt lips; and then to press his pouted lips hard against each of their pubic bones leaving his lip print. As he leaned forward I slipped my hand up the back of his skirt and played with the butt plug. I then applied extra pressure on the ball clamps until I heard Alec wince; although if it was possible his cock grew a little harder.

I instructed Eleanor to kneel behind Alec and to pull the butt plug from his arse and immediately she was to stick her tongue as deep inside him as she could and she was to wiggle it. As Eleanor did this I asked Alec to tell me why he wanted to be a woman. He said that because men would take advantage more readily of women and he only felt good when being sexually abused.

I asked if he was serious about being abused and he swore blind that it was his biggest wish to be used as a whore by as many men as possible; in fact his recurring dream was he was shut inside a box so tight he could not move. Then he described how there was a hole in line with his mouth and one in line with his arse and for three or four hours an endless stream of men would shove their cocks into the mouth hole and when he had sucked them erect they would don a condom and fuck him hard up his arse. When they came they would pour the used condom into a bowl and only when he was released from the box was he allowed to lick up the bowl full of sperm and always whilst on his hands and knees like a dog bitch.

Alecís agitated state was partly from his description of his fantasy and mostly from the working tongue inside his anal ring. I handed Andrea a large fourteen inch long rubber cock and told her to relieve Eleanor and use this on Alecís arse. I then made Eleanor kiss open mouth with Alec so he could taste his anal juices on her tongue.

Now with all three sub-missives busy I slipped out of my own clothes and pushed my cock between the open kissing mouths of Alec and Eleanor. I eased the tip into Alecís mouth and began fucking his mouth as he and Eleanor still tried to kiss. I grabbed Eleanorís hair and ordered her to go eat Andreaís cunt to prepare it for my cock to slide into her so easily.

Now with my hands behind Alecís head I began to really fuck his mouth my balls bouncing of his chin with each forward thrust. I could see Andrea still trying to maintain her ploughing of the rubber cock into Alecís arse whilst grinding her cunt against Eleanorís mouth.

I suddenly pulled out and then pulled Eleanor away before finally pulling Andrea away. Leaving Alec with this rubber cock up his boy pussy and I ordered him to now sit on the coffee table and show us how he wanked himself off. I warned him to make sure he tried hard enough to make himself cum or he would be punished as he would if he came without my permission. Eleanor recognised the situation from previous training session and immediately encouraged Andrea into helping her verbally abuse Alec as being a cock stroking, little wanker. Eleanor openly stroked Andreaís cunt enticing Alec that he would never be man enough to stick his weedy cock up a good healthy whoreís cunt like this one.

Alec listening to all the banter around him as he stroked his cock suddenly began begging for permission to cum which I refused and I tool hold of one side of the clamp on his balls and slowly but deliberately pulled on it till it clicked free. Alec visibly winced with the pain but never slowed his stroking hand. Next Andrea was told to suck Alecís cock clamp and all. This was a little difficult until I told her to keep his cock head in her mouth and now use her teeth to try to open the clamp and pull it free from his cock head.

Alec was groaning more in fright than in pain as Andrea tried to manipulate her mouth to a place where she could grip the clamp between her teeth and not bite down on to Alecís cock. Eventually I had to allow her to release his cock from her mouth and use it instead to release the clamp.

Then Eleanor was told to whip the last remaining ball clamp from Alecís bollocks, she took me at my word and instantly yanked the clamp clear away form his balls, he yelped but also started spurting his cream all over his clutching hand. I made Alec lick the spunk from his hand and Andrea got the job to lick his cock clean as I announced Alec was going to have to be punished. I heard Eleanor giggle feeling pleased with herself that she had caused Alec now to face punishment that was until I added that she too would face an identical punishment for giggling at a fellow slaveís demise.

I made Alec lay on the coffee table with his legs either side and his still erect cock on display. I took the riding crop and made Eleanor hold his legs above his head exposing his arse cock and balls to the effect of the crop. I handed the crop to Andrea and told her she should apply six strokes to each of his cock, balls and arse a total of eighteen strokes in all.

I suppose because Andrea was not used to using the crop her style left a lot to be desired but where the craft was missing she made up for with enthusiasm. When she delivered the last of the strokes I made Alec and Eleanor swap places and this time Andrea held Eleanorís legs almost over her head. I suddenly announced that as Eleanor was used to being punished the amount should be doubled and should be aimed at her clit, lower cunt lips and arse.

As Alec wielded the Crop, I slipped in behind Andrea and slipped my hard cock up her arse and began fucking her with long hard strokes. She began to groan and did not take a lot of persuading to let the other two know where she was having my cock plunged. She began screaming that my cock felt massive as it plunged in and out of her anal ring. She was rocking her hips in time with my thrusts and Eleanorís head was close enough to see first hand how her anal ring gripped and stretched as my cock pressed home.

I kept up a hard fast fuck rhythm on her arse until l felt the tingling feel of my impending climax, at the very last moment I pulled my cock clear and sprayed my thick white baby seed all over Eleanorís face and tits. Alec even leaned forward and caught the last few spurts on his own face, before trying to locate the cream with his tongue. I immediately allowed Alec to suck clean my cock and then whilst I dressed I allowed Andrea and Alec to share the cream on Eleanorís skin.

Then a very happy couple waved Eleanor and I good bye as we drove off on route back to London. We remained in contact with Alec and Andrea and the last I heard was that Andrea had left her husband and moved in with Alec sharing all her sexy female clothes with him. As for Alec he stated hormone treatment to develop breasts but did not choose to complete the transformation, so he became by choice a transsexual.

THE END.......

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very nice some parts made me go ouch but it was a good turn on story thank you xxx