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The Pornographer
11-24-2008, 03:57 PM
The Bitch!
Featuring Jessica Alba
By The Pornographer
(MF, voy, BJ)

This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under age or easily offended STOP READING!
Feel free to send any comments, suggestions and death threats...

It all started one fateful afternoon when I received a call from work asking me to fill in for a sick colleague. It seemed one of the guys had called in at the very last minute and management was desperate to have someone show up and fill in for the despised graveyard shift. Fortunately for them I hadn't made any significant plans for the evening and so I reluctantly agreed to come in. A few hours later I arrived to the hotel and settled in to my position at the front desk.

For the most part the job of a hotel concierge was a long and tiring and thankless occupation, although at times it did prove to be quite rewarding. This is the story of one of those instances.

It was only after I arrived to my work station that I realized just how quiet and empty the hotel seemed. We apparently hadn't even filled a complete floor much less the rest of the hotel. It also appeared due to the holidays almost everyone was either sick or away on holiday leave. Despite this I prepared for my shift and was quickly instructed to take charge of the small skeleton crew.

As expected the shift went off without a hitch and appeared to be just another mundane and uneventful affair until I received word of a complaint over the radio. As it turned out one of our VIP's on the top floor had had a run in with one of the new room attendants and words were exchanged. The poor trainee had apparently been brought to tears by the irate guest and I was now forced into action and required to make a call.

Fortunately for me before I could make the call the person in question contacted me directly at the front desk. Right away I was unprepared for what awaited me on the other end of the phone.

"Hello?" a sultry female voice exclaimed.

Whoever she was she sounded sexy, yet very much perturbed.

"Ma'am?" I responded meekly.

"What kind of place is this!" she whined.

Yelling abuse for several moments, the guest insisted she was in need of some assistance and wanted someone to come upstairs and see her as soon as possible. Unfortunately for her I was "unable to facilitate that request at that time" and while I proceeded to explain the situation to her she totally flipped out.

"WHAT! Are you joking?" she snickered.

Standing my ground I then tried to explain that it was 3am and almost everyone was either away or preoccupied with other responsibility. As expected this didn't go over very well and she simply responded by screaming at the top of her lungs.

"I DON'T CARE! Get someone up here right now!!" she boomed before hanging up the phone in my face.

"Wow." I thought to myself, "What a bitch."

With that I arranged for someone to look after the front desk for a few minutes and caught the elevator up to the top floor to investigate. A few minutes later I finally arrived to the suite in question and was immediately shocked into silence. There I was greeted at the door by a scantily dressed and barefoot Jessica Alba! I could barely believe my eyes. Standing before me was one of the world's most sort after actresses and sex symbols.

To my surprise it seemed that Jessica was scantily clad in what looked like one of our complimentary bathrobes. I almost lost the power of speech as I looked her over. She looked absolutely breathtaking as her hair was up and her body was visibly wet. I presumed she had just come from the shower and in her rush to answer the door had apparently slipped on the robe at the very last moment.

I gulped deeply as I realized she was most probably naked beneath the flimsy silk gown. This assumption was only confirmed as I briefly glanced down to her ample chest and immediately noticed her piercing hard nipples. God she looked good.

"About time." she complained before she simply turned her back to me and proceeded to wander down the hall.

I immediately shut the front door behind me and followed her inside.

Walking behind her my eyes instantly drifted to the back of her robe and I found myself admiring her beautiful legs and incredible butt. Her sweet luscious backside hypnotically jiggled beneath the thin fabric and I noted that there didn't appear to be a hint of panty line. The realization that she was entirely bare underneath caused my cock to twitch and stir in my pants. Could this woman be anymore sexy?

Shaking my head, I curiously followed the stunning actress through the lavish penthouse, down the hall and into the marble bathroom. There it seemed after all the commotion, after all the shouting and theatrics, the life threatening dilemma was the tub? As it turned out it seemed two of the eight powerful water jets had stopped working correctly, and Jessica was furious.

"Shock horror," I sarcastically thought.

It was then I looked across the room to see a number of discarded chocolate wrappers and half empty wine bottles which lay scattered around the room. Seeing this I had to wonder just how long she had been in the bathroom. Judging from the mess I surmised she had spent the entire evening there, simply lying around and watching the large plasma screen from the comfort of her bath. Meanwhile as I stood contemplating this, Jessica startled me out of my daydream.

"Fix it!" she ordered ruthlessly before she casually strutted over to the counter and helped herself to another glass of champagne.

While she then proceeded to flip through a few channels on the plasma, I crouched down underneath the tub in search of the small control panel. There it took all of two minutes for me to correct the flaw and fix her faulty Jacuzzi. Still, despite my success Jessica was not amused. Nevertheless, a minute later the hot tub buzzed to life and proceeded to produce an extra amount of foam and bubbles. With that I then asked if there was anything else I could do for her and she simply shot me a sarcastic look.

"Help me, with what?" she snarled.

"Your Staff are rude, the service is slow, and the food sucks." she griped, "What could you possibly do for me?"

Rolling my eyes I then turned to leave the bathroom as Jessica snapped.

"Hey, don't roll your eyes at me pal."

Out in the hall I couldn't help but smirk to myself as she eagerly pursued me to the front door. There I finally turned to apologize while she just flashed me a filthy look.

"Just, get out!" she stated angrily, "I want some privacy."

With that I stepped through the door and proceeded to give her one of our standard customer service spiels.

"so feel free to contact us if there's anything else we can do for you."

It was then however as I turned to face her that Jessica simply smiled sarcastically and slammed the heavy door right in my face! She slammed it so hard the walls shook violently and I thought the door was going to break off its hinges.

"Bitch" I muttered under my breath.

"Idiot" Jessica growled from behind the door.

With that I went over to the elevator and made my way back down to the front desk. To my dismay I hadn't been there more than a single solitary minute before Jessica called to complain again.

"God damn it!" I thought to myself, "This is all I need. Another spoilt, conceited, celebrity bitch."

Once again Jessica Alba was in a foul mood and quickly dispensed with any pleasantries.

This time however she stopped half way through abusing me to tell me that she wanted to order up some room service. She apparently wanted another bottle of expensive Champagne and another box of complimentary chocolates. It was apparently her third serving. I almost stammered in fear as I had to inform her that at that time of the morning there was no way we could accommodate her request. As it was, the kitchen usually closed around 1am and at present it was almost half past three.

"WHAT? Unbelievable." Jessica droned, "This hotel is fucking pathetic!"

Hearing her disappointment I then explained that although the kitchen was officially closed, I was about to take my scheduled break for the evening and would take a quick look around in the cellar for any spare bottles from earlier in the day.

"Oh, don't do me any favors." she said mockingly.

I grinned evilly to myself as I then informed her that I would "try" to get her provisions up to her suite within the next hour or so. Of course this was all bullshit, but I don't mind telling you that Jessica was now at breaking point.

"What? No now!" she screamed through the phone, "Bring the fucking Champagne up to my room this instant!"

With that she then abruptly hung up in my face for the second time that evening.

"Fucking, bitch" I groaned audibly.

I really wasn't in the mood for her snobbish bullshit.

With that I ignored her demands and casually carried on with my break.

A few minutes later I returned from my cigarette break outside and as it so happened I wandered through the kitchen and in fact spotted a spare bottle of Bollinger Blanc de Noir. Feeling guilty I decided to make an effort and take it up to her suite myself, and it was while on my way up to her room I began to scheme. I first considered giving her a piece of my mind but then thought better of it. The last thing I wanted to do was lose my job to such a spoilt and unappreciative bitch.

I then considered a different tact and contemplated leaving the cuisine kart right outside her door and wait for her to call and complain. I hoped that this would afford me the opportunity to embarrass her over the phone by insisting that the champagne had already been delivered and compel her to go out and check for herself. I knew it wasn't exactly the most devious of schemes but it would hopefully piss her off immensely and give me a small victory.

Arriving to her floor, I was immediately presented with another challenge. It seemed Jessica had decided on blasting the stereo at full volume from her lavish suite in a vain attempt of rebellion and stubbornness. At this point I thought she really was acting like a spoilt little child. Luckily for her the floor she occupied was currently empty and so she was not disturbing anyone. Otherwise I would have immediately confronted her, and despite her status, would have demanded she pipe down.

Rolling my eyes I pushed the kart out of the elevator and in the direction of her door. There I knocked loudly but as expected didn't get an answer. It was no wonder considering how loud the music was playing. Realizing she wasn't going to hear me I decided to use my security card to enter her suite. Seeing as she was unaware of my presents I decided on the spur of the moment to be a little cunning and proceeded to set up the Champagne on ice in the middle of the living room.

It took me all of a few moments to set everything up the way I wanted before I turned to leave. It was then however that I happen to glance over to the large leather sofa and noticed some articles of clothing strewn all over the couch and floor. I was surprised I didn't notice it the first time I had visited but then remembered that her tight little bubble butt had taken up most of my attention earlier. Taking a closer look I was then shocked to find that one of the discarded garments was in fact a pair of sexy lace red panties.

Jessica Alba's used panties?

Picking them up off the floor I held them up to the light and without thinking brought them down to my face to inhale her scent. The aroma was everything I could have imagined it to be. To my delight her panties were still warm and her scent was fresh and intoxicating. Smirking to myself, I quickly slipped them into my pocket as a keepsake and rushed for the door. Grinning widely, in my mind I had finally got my revenge on her.

It was then as I reached for the door that something caught my attention. Pausing for a moment I thought I heard something peculiar emanating from the other room. I listened more intently and heard it again between a break in the music, and intrigued, decided to investigate. With that I carefully tiptoed down the dimply lit hall and towards the bathroom. There I was absolutely gob smacked at what I found.

I glanced inside to find Jessica Alba alone and naked relaxing in the tub.

Unfortunately for me her body was partially concealed by the bubbles in the water but it still afforded me a fantastic view. Jessica lay there with her eyes closed and her face turned to the side while the television displayed another outrageous rap music video in the background. I immediately noticed that her lips were slightly parted and judging from the tortured expression on her face I suspected she was casually masturbating in the water.

Although I couldn't see the exact position of her hands I could see some movement in her arm and noted the way her knees were parted slightly. I could see the tops of her knees just above the frothy water line. A moment later my suspicions were proven right as she then reached up to gently caress her cleavage and tweak one of her erect nipples. This action caused her let out a soft groan while I stood absolutely spellbound.

It was without doubt one of the single most erotic things I had ever seen. From my vantage point by the door I watched as her ample chest rose and fell with her breathing and her erect nipples hypnotically dipped just beneath the water. It was then she scooted her hips to lay directly over one of the Jacuzzi's powerful water jets and it all suddenly became clear to me. Now I knew why she had been so vehement about getting the tub to work properly. The poor little sexpot was sexually frustrated and using the jets to get off.

While I stood contemplating this, I then watched as she flicked her head from side to side and proceeded to moan and grunt audibly over the music. I couldn't believe it but it seemed as though she was in the throws of an orgasm. The display caused my cock to grow rigid in my pants and I had to fight with all of my strength and will power not to reach down and strangle it. Just then, Jessica suddenly took my breath away when without warning she stopped what she was doing and shifted in the water.

While I wondered what she was doing she suddenly moved to get up and stand in the middle of the tub. Had she heard me? Had I been busted? The water swished and splashed loudly around her as she slowly stood up in all her magnificent glory. Shocked, I nearly shit myself and panicking for a moment as I scrambled to hide behind the door. With that Jessica raised her arms up above her head and fumbled with her hair as she took a moment to admire herself in the full length mirror.

Seeing her standing there in all her glistening splendor, I actually heard myself gasp with wonder. What a goddess, I thought. What a vision. She really had a body to die for and now stood there with her back slightly arched and her magnificent breasts and butt extending out. With that I then watched as she carefully climbed out of the opulent tub, and dripping wet, wandered over towards the gold plated toilet. At this point my head was spinning and my cock throbbed with anticipation. What was I about to witness?

With my mouth wide open I then watched in awe as she unwittingly turned to face me and carefully moved to straddle the bowl. It was there I was finally granted the first glimpse of her pussy and I was so aroused and elated I almost groaned out loud.

"Holy, shit." I let out involuntarily.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

It seemed 25-year-old Jessica Marie Alba was bald and totally clean shaven. It was a wonderful revelation. While I stood admiring her pristine snatch from a far, Jessica moved to squat directly over the seat, and without making contact with it, released her bladder and proceeded to pee. There her incredibly fit, toned, tanned body was dripping wet with soapy suds and foam as a powerful stream or urine gushed out and entered into the bowl below her.

I was so amazed and bowled over by the entire scene I could literally feel myself blushing bright red. This was an extraordinarily private moment I was spying and I almost felt guilty for being there. Still, I had to admire the strength she apparently possessed in her slender legs as she held that awkward position for several moments. It seemed despite the incredibly obscene and intimate moment, I found I couldn't tear my eye away from her. I was genuinely captivated.

Meanwhile Jessica soon lost the power in her legs and finally settled to sit on the very edge of the bowl while she continued to tinkle. Finishing her business I then watched in awe as she reached down between her spread legs and briefly caressed her tender flesh. This apparently provoked a soft moan from her and she then proceeded to study and pet her pretty pussy for a few extra moments.

Getting comfortable, she then moved to lie back against the gold plated toilet and spread her splendid legs obscenely wide over the bowl. I then watched in disbelief as she proceeded to openly play and twiddle with her tight hairless mound. At this point I was so aroused and excited I was almost panting and shaking uncontrollably. I couldn't believe I had just witnessed Jessica Alba peeing, and now openly masturbating on the toilet.

Licking her fingers Jessica leisurely caressed her moist folds with both hands, and reaching under her butt, let one of her fingers gently glide and sweep across her puckered anus. I watched breathlessly as she teased her backdoor with the tip of her index finger before she abruptly plunged two additional fingers from her other hand deep inside her quivering quim. There she then carefully buried her single digit into her tight little starfish, and filling both holes adequately, proceeded to finger-fuck herself in earnest.

I was absolutely blown away and had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. The entire scene was surreal. At that exact moment in time the music videos on the television seemed to cease for a few moments leaving the apartment in relative silence. Now all that could be heard was the sound of the Jacuzzi and her lustful grunts and groans as she squirmed about over the toilet and eagerly explored and fucked her sweet immaculate cunt.

"Nnrghh nnghhh yesss" she cooed breathlessly.

From this display I was now right on the verge of blowing my own load all over the door in front of me. Without realizing it I had somehow unzipped my pants and was squeezing the life out of my throbbing member. It was then in the midst of all of this that I inadvertently bumped the door with my stroking hand and made a noise which startled us both. To my horror Jessica immediately glanced up to lock eyes with mine, and in an instant she shrieked out loudly.

"Hey!" she yelped, before almost stumbling off the throne.

Panicking, I jumped with fright and rushed down the hall towards the front door with my throbbing member still flapping in the breeze. Meanwhile Jessica finally found her bearings and furiously leapt off the toilet yelling obscenities as I took off like a shot. Still despite my head start, in my rush to get away it was then I inadvertently slipped over a small cashmere rug at the end of the hall and tumbled over hitting my head against a vase and side table.

"GET OUT! GET OUT!!" Jessica screamed at the top of her lungs behind me.

"You son of a bitch!!"

It seemed during all of this Jessica had someone found the foresight to grab her bathrobe before taking chase. It was then as she arrived to the end of the hall that she found me wounded on the floor and crawling haplessly behind the large leather sofa for safety.

"YOU BASTARD! GET UP!" she jeered, "Serves you right! Serves you fucking right you pervert!!"

My head was spinning and I felt concussed.

All the while Jessica stood with her hands on her hips yelling for me to reveal myself. Falling quiet for a moment I then glanced out from behind the sofa to see she had somehow grabbed a golf club. For a moment I found it amusing wondering where she had unearthed such an instrument but I was in too much pain to laugh. Besides I thought, I had royally fucked up this time. Not only had I most probably lost my job, but I was surely going to be locked up and declared a pervert as well.

"Get the fuck up! Show yourself you bastard!!" she said as she strategically moved to stand in front of the main door, blocking my getaway.

Jessica held the iron putter over her head waiting to take a swing as I slowly and reluctantly stood to reveal myself.

"It's you?" she exclaimed, "You son of a bitch. How dare you!"

Clutching my head, it was then I couldn't help but glance down and notice that in all the commotion her robe had fallen open to reveal her right breast. To my delight it still looked as pert and magnificent as ever. God she had great nipples. They were for lack of a better word, perfect. Following my gaze Jessica quickly blushed and covered herself up.

"You asshole. You're in so much shit right now."

Yelling obscenities Jessica finally fell silent to catch her breath and I looked to see what had caught her eye. To my shock horror it seemed that her used panties were also exposed and now dangled out the side of my pocket. Seeing her stunned reaction, I immediately began to stutter.

"II can explain!"

"Yeah, I'm sure you can." she replied before she walked over and abruptly snatched them out of my pocket.

"What the fuck?" she protested, "These are like my favorite pair as well."

I was rendered speechless.

There was nothing I could do or say to excuse my appalling behavior. I had crossed the line in more ways than one.

An awkward silence finally fell between us as we both waited to see what she would do next. Would she call the police, her agent, the media, what? It was then I noticed Jessica suddenly seemed intrigued by my exposed penis. Up until that point I had totally forgotten that I was still exposed, and still very much aroused. To my surprise this exposure seemed to amuse her and she smirked to herself for the very first time. Dropping her guard for just a moment, I then took the opportunity to move and readjust myself when she suddenly waved the golf club at me again, reminding me who was in charge.

"Hey, don't move!" she threatened as she reached over to the cordless phone and began to dial 911.

As expected this proved to be futile considering she was in Sydney Australia, and on the other side of the globe.

Jessica groaned with frustration.

"Um, you do realize youre not in the States," I explained, "We have a different system here."

"SHUT UP!" she yelled before she tried the number again.

Again she was disappointed.

"Uh, you have to press '1' to get an outside line." I said while trying to be helpful.

This only infuriated her further.

"FUCK!" she spat, "This place sucks. Nothing works."

With that she finally threw the phone to the couch and stood menacing the golf club at me while trying to decide what to do next. It was then she pointed the end of the putter down at my crotch and raised an eyebrow.

"You fucking pervert, look at you." she hissed, "You guys make me sick. You're all the same."

"Look, can we just pretend this never happened, and I'll..."

"SHUT UP!" she scolded.

"So you like to spy on people do you? You like to watch them get off, huh?"

To my surprise she then looked down at her panties and seemed to consider something before she suddenly tossed them back at me.

"Pick them up."

I did as I was told.

"So go on, show me."


"Come on." she dared, "Show me what you were going to do with these."

"I, um"

"SHOW ME!" she shouted.

I was frozen with fear as she then explained the situation we suddenly found ourselves in.

"Listen buddy, if you don't do exactly what I tell you you're job and life are over."

"You wouldn't. You can't." I stuttered.

"No? I wonder what the media would say about you and your hotel."

Resigning to my fate I nodded.

"OK-OK, what do you want me to do?"

Jessica grinned slyly as she considered her choices.

"Well, you can start by stroking that cock of yours."


"Show me how you stroke it." she affirmed.

I was absolutely bowled over. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Did she actually suggest I pull my cock for her?

Shocked, I took another glance at the intimidating golf club before I tentatively reached down and started to nervously massage my prick.

"Hmm, impressive." she grinned deviously while waving the putter around.

"Now show me what you were going to do with my panties."

"I um..." I mumbled before Jessica yelled back.

"DO IT! Show me!"

On her instructions I brought her lace knickers up to my face and inhaled deeply. Watching her reaction I then brought them down my body and wrapped them around my aching member. To my delight Jessica seemed genuinely fascinated by this and watched intently as I fucked my fist and her sexy lace underwear.

"Pervert." she muttered softly.

Still, despite her exterior something told me she was secretly getting a kick out of the situation.

"God damn it." I let out, "You're so fucking sexy."

"Shut up!" she blared, "I'll do the talking, understand?"

I ignored her insults and continued to thrust my cock against her lace panties. It wasn't long before I grew noticeably thick and hard. Judging by the expression on her face I could tell she was clearly impressed. Her eyes constantly darted between my growing cock and the tortured expression on my face.

"God. Those lips." I whimpered while admiring her luscious mouth.

To my surprise Jessica played along and instinctively responded by wetting her lips with her tongue which excited me to no end. She was such a fucking tease.

"Fucking pervert." she uttered a little louder, "Did you enjoy watching me get off in the bathroom? Huh?"


"Answer me!"

"Yes." I confessed.


"You know, you can put that down." I said pointing to the club.

"SHUT UP!!" she replied, before she then pointed the end of the putter mere inches away from my bare penis and grinned.

"So, how big can you get it?"

I smirked confidently, "Well, to be honest I'm not usually this excited. It's just..."

"What?" she interrupted, "It's just what? Tell me!"

Despite the menacing club I tried to explain that seeing her standing before me over stimulated me. Jessica simply smiled shyly as if flattered at first but then to my amazement decided to give me a little help and inspiration. I watched as she reached up to untie the strap of her robe, allowing it to fall open. I stood frozen with awe as her flawless skin was slowly revealed.

"Is this what you mean?" she teased.

The entire side of her body was exposed including her leg, hip, and breast.

"Jesus." I let out causing her to chuckle.

Seeing my stunned reaction Jessica smiled for the first time.

Unfortunately for me I took this brief lapse of judgment as a sign that she was okay with everything and had calmed down, and so I reach out to touch her. To my chagrin, Jessica quickly responded by slapping me firmly and squarely across the face.


She struck me so hard and swiftly that I thought I lost the hearing on one side of my head. I had never been hit so hard in my entire life, and for a moment I wondered if she had actually struck me with the club. Fortunately for me it was just her hand, and it seemed the girl really swung a mean right hook. Just then, before I could respond appropriately Jessica seemed to take pity on me and in an instant toss the gold club to the side and abruptly threw herself at me, pinning me hard against the wall behind me. In an instant she then did something that completely surprised and took my breath away, and kissed me hard on the lips.

"Bastard." she whispered between kisses, "Is this what you want?"

Pausing for a moment Jessica then took a step back and without wasting another moment flicked her shoulders to let her bathrobe fall to the floor. She was now left to stand totally and utterly exposed to me, but before I could take in her majestic beauty she was on me again, kissing me hungrily on the lips. My hands instinctively grabbed and groped at her luscious backside as I felt her push her long wet tongue into my mouth and moan softly. God her ass was soft. She was on fire. With that, Jessica vehemently kissed my face and neck while I let my hands wander and explore her exquisite body.

Breaking our embrace I whispered, "Those lips. You're so beautiful."

Jessica grinned shyly for a moment before she then did something that totally blew my mind.

"Don't move." she whispered softly before she slowly began to drop to her knees directly in front of me.

I groaned with delight and was taken aback as I suddenly watched one of the world's most sexiest women kneel before me.

There I felt her hand reach out to touch my aching member. Stroking it gently for a moment, she grinned to herself. I on the other hand was so shocked I could barely breath much less speak. Just then, Jessica cupped my ample balls with her hand and carefully massaged them as she bent down to bring her face closer to the prize. She was now mere inches away from my rigid tool and so close I could feel her hot breath against it. The sensation caused me to look up towards the ceiling through half slitted eyes.

Was this actually happening? Was Jessica fucking Alba about to blow me?

Jessica seemed to get off on toying with me as she leisurely cupped my sensitive package. It was then she leaned forward and pressed her nose into the crease of my leg. For a moment I thought I was going to pass out. The outer edge of my pubic hair now tickled the right side of her face. With that Jessica then pressed her lips to my skin and proceeded to lightly nibble her way to the base of my prick.

While I inhaled sharply, she leisurely nuzzled her way down to my balls. This sudden attention caused my balls to involuntarily tighten. I could see she was growing increasingly intrigued at the prospect of seeing me reach my full length. My balls were now pulled tight against the bottom of my column as she continued to burrow against my crotch.

"I can't believe this is happening." I gasped to myself.

Meanwhile Jessica slowly pumped and squeezed my rod with her hand which forced blood to surge into my pulsating head. I could see that the amount of heat she now felt on her face surprised her. My long, proud, fully erect cock now pulsated directly in front of her beautiful face.

"Mmm" she cooed softly while studying my erect manhood.

"Please." I muttered.

Jessica's hand continued a few short strokes as she slid her open lips up the side and length of my shaft. She then shifted her hand to cradle the base and held me upright. Staring right into my eyes she then slowly worked her tongue up the underside of my pole and along the pulsing ridge. The anticipation almost killed me. There she cruelly moved up slightly, parted her luscious thick lips and extended her searing hot tongue to make her first and direct contact.

At this point I was breathing so hard I was almost hyperventilating. Still, Jessica seemed to simply ignore my condition as she carefully slid just the tip of my prick against the opening of her mouth. The sensation of her soft velvet lips almost caused me to lose my mind, not to mention my wad. On the final caress from her lips, Jessica then slid her mouth forward and turned her head to take me straight on. There she widened her mouth enough to swallow my bell head and extended her tongue to cradle it in order to keep her teeth clear.

"FFuck" I let out involuntarily.

With that the sexy starlet firmly enveloped me in one go before sliding up and sucking back all the way. At the top she explored the well sculpted tip and slid her lips around its smoothness. She then formed a soft cup with her tongue and very slowly, with long deliberate actions, slid my engorged head in and out with short sucks. There she teased my head several times before she began to take it deeper.

I was absolutely besotted.

I was actually surprised at how much she seemed to enjoy herself. She seemed to genuinely get off on sliding her mouth up and down my organ. I suspect she could have done it all night. By now I was sure that her jaw must have ached from its open position but she didn't seem to care. Pulling away, a long thick string of saliva kept us connected, and once again my throbbing tool was free to the cool air, as the heat from her mouth left the moist surface.

The cool breeze made me very aware of her absence before she grinned slyly and finally touched the tip again. God she could tease. God she could give head. Jessica held me upright in her mouth as her tongue made constant contact with my knob. I could feel it repeatedly swirl around the tip. With that she then proceeded to leisurely bob her head up and down over my prick and I finally reached down to grasp her hair.

"Oh Jesus, I think I'm going to come!" I confessed.

My confession seemed to hit her like a tidal wave of adrenaline. Jessica seemed to fly into action and without warning aggressively plunged down again with unprecedented vigor. My eyes immediately rolled into the back of my head as she pumped my rod with her hand and sucked noisily with her talented mouth. God she was determined. I grunted and squeezed the back of her head as my orgasm approached.

In an instant I began to come and suddenly filled her hot little mouth with copious amounts of spunk. We both groaned loudly as Jessica's eyes widened and she proceeded to gag and choke momentarily. To my delight she finally gulped hard and swallowed my abundant seed before finally releasing me from her luscious wet lips with a noisy grunt. Catching her breath she sat back on her feet and flashed me a proud and cunning look.

"Satisfied?" she asked indifferently as she wiped her mouth and slowly rose to her feet.

I could barely respond.

With that Jessica then reached for her robe, granting me another view of her tremendous ass. I couldn't believe this was the same sex symbol that had just treated me to a mind blowing BJ. Clearing her throat, Jessica then proceeded to tie back her hair and clean herself up when she spoke again.

"Okay, now get out." she said callously without looking at me.

"I want to finish my bath."

I stood dumbfounded as she casually sauntered down the hall and back into the bathroom.

"What a bitch." I smirked to myself, "But it was well deserved."

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