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Joy started off just flashing her titties to truck drivers many years ago.As she got a little braver she flashed more & more nudity to them & anyone
else high enough to see in to our vehicle, but mostly to truckers.

Joy loved to ride around at night especially because she felt that she could be more daring & just show off to truckers as we passed by. As we passed a
truck Joy would have me turn on the dome light & slow down to pace them so that they could get a good look at her. Occasionally she would even lay on the seat with her head against my shoulder & her legs spread wide open so that they could get a GOOD look.

If it was daylight she rode with her pussy exposed all the time & flashed her tits as we passed a truck. She wanted to make sure that the wrong people did not see anything, but that truckers got to see all that they wanted.

Years ago when C.B. radios were the craze we where into them as well. (In fact it was a few of our C.B. group that came to my poker parties.)

One night we were driving down East down I-12.. Joy was riding totally naked this time & was flashing her body to every truck she could while we listened on the C.B. to the trucker channel for chatter about her. Truckers would announce discretely ahead to check out the beaver coming up to the next guy up the road from us.

As we passed one truck Joy was laying in the seat with one leg on the dash & the other over the back seat while she played with her pussy with a dildo. We slowed down & I turned on the dome light so that he could get a good look at her laying there naked with her pussy looking right at him. She was putting her dildo in & then taking it fully out showing her wide open pussy, she kept repeating this for about a mile as he watched her. According to Joy (she could see him too) he was really enjoying the show.

As we pulled away from him, he got on the C.B. & called his buddy right ahead of him to make sure he got a good look at Joy & was telling him he sure
would like some of that beaver.

Just about then we pulled up on the next truck so again I slowed down & turned the light on again. This guy was looking as we came up & then he turned on a spotlight on the side of his truck & really lit Joy's naked body up. She just continued to play with her dildo & spread her pussy for him to enjoy. He came on the C.B. & told his buddy that he was right, that would be a nice beaver to play with.

I was used to Joy flashing herself this way & actually enjoyed watching her do it. But the thing that really surprised me was when Joy picked up the C.B. mike & started talking to them. She asked them if they would like to get a good look at her. Of course they both said yes, but one of them asked 'how much'. Joy answered back that it was always FREE & told them to follow us.

We were on a part of I-12 that was kind of desolute in that stretch. The off ramps then were used either to get to little towns back off the road or were for the farmers in the area. Also, it was about 2:00am so there was not much traffic.

Joy had me pull off at one of these off ramps & we went about 1/8 mile off the Interstate and stopped. You could still see the Interstae, but not real good. one of the trucks stopped right behind us & the other guy pulled in front of us and then backed up a bit.

Joy got out of the car totally naked with her dildo still in her pussy and stood there as the two guys walked up to her. They both were dumbfounded that Joy was standing there in front of them naked with her pussy still filled with a dildo. The both commented that they really were enjoying looking at her when she asked them if they would like an even better look at her spread wide open. Then she climbed up on the hood of our car & spread her legs open for them & played with her toy right there for them to watch.

She put on this show for about 5 or 6 minutes and then removed her toy and told them that it was their turn. One of the guys dove right in and started licking on her pussy. Joy told the other guy to unzip his pants and then she started sucking his cock with her head over the fender. Then the trucker licking her pussy dropped his pants and started fucking her. After a bit of this Joy asked them to trade places for a while so that she could suck on the guy in her pussy for awhile. After a few minutes of this the guy fucking her filled her with cum, so she asked them to switch again. At this point I said it was my turn to fuck her, so I jumped in and stuck my dick up her pussy before the other guy had a chance to. Joy just proceeded to suck them both for a while until I came in her & then she had the other trucker fuck her some more while I got to be licked clean. After he finished fucking and shot his load of cum in her, she sucked him clean & then she thanked both of them for fucking her and letting her suck them off.

They both thanked her profusely for the privilage of fucking her and said it was their pleasure to have enjoyed her. While they were saying this Joy had reached between her legs and pulled as much cum out of herself as she could and then licked her fingers clean. They both said that watching her doing that made them horny enough to fuck her again. So Joy told them to come ahead. They both got to fuck her again and get their cocks sucked & licked clean before they left.

After they left Joy told me that she was still horny, so I fucked her one more time right out in the open on the hood of our car. Then she sucked me clean
before licking what cum out of her pussy that she could.

After we were done I had to wipe the hood of all the excess cum off the hood while Joy finished fingering and sucking her fingers until her pussy was clean.

Then she got back in the car and we went on down the road with her flashing every trucker she could find while she was wishing she could find some more guys to fuck her.

A little further down the road was a truck stop, so Joy covered herself up so that we could stop & get some refreshments & go to the restroom. However
she left her pussy bare & showing slightly under her skirt,& she was wearing a sheer blouse also.

One of the guys she had just fucked was there when we walked in and he walked up to her and gave her a big kiss and again said thank for the fun they had. Joy asked him if he would like some more? Then she asked him if he had any other friends that could join in. He answered yes to both, but asked her where could they go. Her response was 'don't you have a bed in your truck?'

Next thing I knew Joy again was fuckiing two total strangers in the sleeper on this guys truck while I sat in one of the seats and watched them. She fucked and sucked both of these guys for about 1/2 hour total.

Then we went back into the truck stop so that we could finally get something to eat and use the restroom. As we walked to the restroom I was watching the fresh cum run down Joy's leg. She didn't seem to mind 1 bit if anyone else saw it either.

When she came out of the restroom we went in to the restaurant. Joy's pussy was still showing a bit below her skirt as she walked in. The only people in the restaurant this time of morning looked like truckers and two waitresses. A couple of guys commented that they enjoyed the view. Joy just smiled and said "Thank You" as we walked past them to a booth. We sat down and Joy spread her legs so that anyone looking could get a good look at her pussy. One of the truckers that had just fucked her came up and asked if he could join us. Joy and I were each sitting on opposite sides of the booth so Joy slid over & let him sit by her. After we ordered our meal I noticed Joy squirming a bit & that the trucker's right hand was out of view. Joy was letting him finger fuck her right there.

When the waitress brought our order out they stopped. About 20 minutes later Joy started squirming again. Again she was getting finger fucked. I could not believe Joy was allowing this to be done to her right there in a restaurant in front of about 15 truckers, but she was really enjoying herself being fingered & made no attempt to stop it. I think he could tell Joy was about ready to cum because all of a sudden he stopped fingering her. Joy actually had a surprised but sad look on her face when he stopped, but she said nothing about it. Then he picked up the bill for our meal & said thank you as he got up & left.

When we got back to our car Joy quickly got naked again and started playing with her dildo in her pussy before we even backed out of the parking space. I
asked her just what was he doing to her to make her so horny. Joy responded that he had at least 3 fingers in her pussy and that he kept his thumb moving on her clit the whole time he was fingering her. She was so turned on that she just had to get herself off right then and there.

Then we got back on the interstate and Joy proceeded to show herself off to a bunch more truckers as we drove on East.

This wasnt the first time Joy ever let any truckers have the pleasure of fucking herand it was NOT the last.


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Good story, enjoyed it a lot. I love slut wives, it's a good thing I'm married to one myself.

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