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This Story was commissioned by Emilyleanne as an extension to a previous story wrote by myself.

So thank you Emilyleanne for permission to share the story here.

Andrea obeys.

For those of you who have not read the Andrea strikes a bargain story here is a brief description of her: Her name was Andrea Bullock aged 43, she stood five foot two in her size seven stocking feet, her long blonde hair hanging just over shoulder length and partially hiding the aspect of her medium build and largish 36DD bust line.

It had been four months since her bargain had been made and she had returned to a near normal existence except for the on line chats from her new master. One day whilst home alone, the phone rang and innocently she picked the handset and suddenly froze to the spot.

“My little slut! You recognize my voice, don’t you? I have some instructions for you!” the voice said.

An almost trembling Andrea barely managed a “yes master!”

The telephone voice continued, “You will shower, freshly shave that horny little fuck slit of yours and wear a mid thigh skirt and blouse, no underwear! You will then drive to this address and present yourself there at 7 pm this evening. Once there you will ring the bell and when you enter you will go to the room on your left, there you will undress, place the blindfold which will be there waiting for you over your eyes and stand with your hands on your head! Is that understood?”

An already excited Andrea managed to respond, “Oh yes Master!”

Then the phone went dead and she replaced the handset, she looked at the clock on the wall and it showed it was only 2pm. She knew she would have to leave around 5.30 pm in order to reach the address for 7 pm. But it was far too early for her to shower and shave for she knew the last thing she would want was to be clock watching and getting excited as she waited for her time to leave.

Andrea decided to clean a few cupboards in order to kill an hour or so, but could not stop her mind wondering what her master had in store for her. She knew she would be naked and unable to see, in a strange house she had only ever visited once before. A nagging thought kept coming back to her, who would be the person to let her in and what possible role would they play. Despite trying to keep her mind from dreaming she could not help but found herself becoming hotter and hotter as her cunt began to produce its flowing juices. She was almost tempted to disappear to her bathroom with her favourite toy to ease the now intense itch in her cunt but she knew better. She knew at some stage her master would demand to know if she had played with herself and he would instantly know if she lied. He seemed to know every time she avoided the truth.

So the wall clock showed 4 pm and she breathed a sigh of relief for she had managed to kill the time without resorting to playing with herself, although her cunt was now soaking wet and traces of her juices were starting to slide down her leg.

In her bathroom she slowly stripped off her clothing, she could not help but look at her large firm tits in the mirror, cutely framed by her long blonde hair. She secretly thought her stomach was becoming a little podgy, but she prided herself that her tits showed absolutely no sign of any sag. Her erect nipples already sticking out some three quarters of an inch from her tit flesh; indicating straight away just how horny she was feeling right now. She sat on the side of the bath as she prepared to shave her cunt. Her master had instructed her on how he wanted her to carry this chore out and it never ceased to arouse her for he insisted she lather her cunt up with a proper real badger’s hair shaving brush.

Now Andrea for the last nine years or so had always kept her cunt shaved so there was little or no hair to remove today but she knew better than to pass off having shaved if she had not. She also knew that because of the lack of cunt hair, the shaving brush always felt more sensual as she prepared herself for running the razor over her cunt lips. She knew her cunt was sensitive and the bristles on the brush never failed to tickle her clit and on more than one occasion she had actually climaxed whilst lathering her cunt up ready for shaving.

She was so close to Cumming as she was now ready for the razor, she carefully applied the razor along her pubic area and the blades felt really cold on her skin. She breathed a sigh of relief that she had chosen to start high on her pubic bone for she suspected that if the cold steel blades had connected with her lips, she would have been powerless to prevent her climax. Twenty minutes later she had a freshly shaved baby’s bottom smooth cunt. She started the shower and stepped in as soon as the water of the shower hit her sensitive pubic area it felt like ten thousand needles stabbing at her flesh.

She shower quickly but thoroughly and could not prevent an orgasm as she washed her cunt. Her legs almost giving away as her throbbing cunt suddenly went off like a fire cracker. Soon she was steady on her feet and now dabbing herself dry, trying her best to avoid her cunt for fear of triggering another orgasm.

Andrea was glad when she was finally dressed in a tartan wrap around skirt, which came just above mid thigh and a white semi transparent blouse. She finished this off with a checked full length coat, which she planned on leaving in her car when she arrived at the address. Before putting on her top coat she could not resist one final look in the full length mirror, her shapely firm tanned legs would be the envy of a woman half her age, her slender but in her mind’s eye podgy belly was still sexy and the full firm roundness of her tits pushing the thin material of the blouse out and her hard pointed nipples clearly visible made Andrea lick her lips and for once she thought some hard cocks going to be fucking lucky tonight.

Slipping into her coat, she quickly exited her house, skipped down the five path steps and as she did so she saw her elderly neighbour mowing the grass, without thinking she waved and it was not till she caught the look in his face that she suddenly glanced down and saw her skirt had ridden up as she raised her arm to wave and she was showing an awful lot of bare bum cheek to him. Nothing could dampen her spirits though for her master had summoned her and she was sexually alive and tingling, so she braved a smile and hurried to her car. As she opened the door she felt rather than saw her neighbour’s eyes on her, so she felt mischievous and as she got in the car she deliberately opened her legs wider than necessary to swing them in. Of course this meant he got an eyeful of her freshly shaved cunt. As she closed the door she blew him a kiss but registered the fairly large bulge she had caused in his trousers.

Andrea felt so alive and sexually charged as she drove, she even stopped to remove her top coat placing it in the boot of the car and in doing so she inadvertently flashed her bare arse to some builders working on a site opposite where she had stopped. Another rush of sexual adrenalin coursed straight to her clit. She drove off mid cheers and wolf whistles from a group of six or seven builders. She thought; I now know why women get so sexual excited by flashing, the naughty thoughts of being seen in everyday surroundings really can turn you on.

Soon she approached the address given to her by her master, it was now the butterflies in her stomach turned to great eagles trying to get out, yet she knew she must obey and would obey. She could not find anywhere close to park and ended up some 500 yards away and now faced the prospect of walking along the street I just a semi transparent blouse and short wrap around skirt. She steeled herself and took a deep breath of air. Locking the car she turned and walked at a brisk pace towards the house. Her skirt began flapping slightly as she hurried, each flap seemed to direct cold blasts of air towards her cunt and they seemed always to hit right on her clit.

Her juices were flowing even as she climbed the three steps to the front door. She knew if she hesitated now she would turn and flee so as soon as she was in arms reach she pressed the door bell. She seemed to be waiting for an eternity, before the door opened and a young woman in maid’s uniform asked her for her name. Andrea answered in a shaky voice still eager to get off the street, but made to wait by the maid, she said “I am Andrea Bullock and I was told to come to this address by Ray!”

Just then the maid beckoned her in; Andrea stepped inside the polished wooden floored hallway, instantly she noticed three doors leading off from this room and a large ornate staircase ascending up to an upper balcony. She immediately turned her attention to the door off to her left, but hesitated almost waiting for the maid to show her into that room. The maid whispered, don’t blow it now slut, follow your instructions before we both get punished.

Andrea snapped out of her trance and strode off to the room on the left. Entering she found a roaring open fire and midst room a table and single chair. In the centre of the table was a blindfold of crushed dark blue velvet, there was nothing else in the room.

She slipped her shoes off and the marble floor felt cold to her feet despite the fire warming the air in the room. With a little shudder she quickly removed her skirt and blouse folding them neatly on the table, she picked up the soft feeling blindfold and popped it over her eyes and tied it tightly behind her long blonde hair. Then placing her hands on her head she stood and waited. She waited and waited and as she waited her hearing became much more acute, for she could now here tiny footsteps out in the hallway.

She heard a succession of low speaking voices and a hive of activity taking place in that hallway. She wondered how long she had been standing here now, it seemed like forty minutes or more, in fact she had been there for only ten minutes, unaware of the eyes now scanning her body. For she had failed to detect her Master’s arrival though a side door; the first she was aware was when she felt his warm hand suddenly cupped against her soaking wet cunt. No words were spoken but she recognised his aftershave, or at least she hoped she recognised it as being his.

The hand against her cunt began to prise open her cunt lips as a finger lightly trailed against her clit causing her to tremble, a mouth then latched on to her right nipple sucking it in and the teeth then gripped lightly but firmly as her nipple was stretched away fro her body before being suddenly released and pinging back to its base on her tit. Now the finger found her opening and was sliding deep into her over heated cunt, she gave an involuntary thrust of her hips and was met with a firm slap on her arse.

Then the finger was gone leaving her cunt clutching at fresh air as her arms were now lowered to her sides and her wrist taken behind her back. As her hands met the elbows of each opposite arm she had her forearms bound together. This of course forced her to arch her back and thrust her tits further forward. Then she felt a collar being placed around her neck and a leash being added to that; the leash hung between her tits and down as far as her lower legs before it was taken up between her legs tight against her cunt and arse cheeks. This was then somehow attached to her tied arms, pulling slightly on her neck but pressing tightly against her sensitive clit, every stop she took now rubbed this leash against her clit.

She was silently then led towards the door, she felt the cold marble floor change to a slightly warmer laminated wooden floor, so she reasoned she was now back out in the hallway. Carefully guided she avoided falling or collisions as she was led to another room although by now she had lost all sense of direction and location as the floor still felt like the floor in the hallway.

Suddenly she was stopped her master’s voice now close to her ears as he informed her, “Here is your final test of obedience, my little fuck slut! By the end of tonight you will be bathing in a cum bath, you will have had so many orgasms you will think you can never have another, but you will prove yourself to be the whore, the slut the cum bitch you really are! Now on your knees my cock loving slag”

Carefully Andrea managed to kneel down, but as she did so the leash against her cunt continued its magic rubbing and she was so close to her first orgasm she could physically taste it. When she was knelt she was instructed to open her legs as wide as she could, then she felt the felt fastenings of the anklet straps being fastened round her ankles. She sensed rather than felt her inability to close her legs anymore, but she was right for a spreader bar was now holding her legs open.

With her other senses heightened, she soon smelt the usual aroma of fresh pre cum as a cock almost touched her nose. Her master’s voice ordered her to open her mouth and she instantly obeyed and was treated to the heavy weight of an erect cock pressing down on to her tongue. Immediately Andrea began swirling her tongue around the invading cock, she made sure to flick the underside of the cock head and even sought out the one eyed slit. The cock began rocking back and forth in her mouth, when she suddenly felt a warm wet mouth latch on to her right nipple. The wet mouth closed over her nipple and the teeth nipped her erect nipple hard and began stretching it away from her body.

Andrea was awash with sensations, her cunt throbbed her nipples tingled and the cock in her mouth sent her mind into overdrive. She tried her very best to concentrate on the cock in her mouth, doing her very best to bring forth the torrent of spunk. Suddenly the mouth on her nipple and the cock were gone, her mouth almost sucking on fresh air as it disappeared. Hands helped her stand and then fall back into waiting arms; she then felt a soft breeze which said to her she was again on the move. She sensed her body rising at an angle as they carried her upstairs. Soon she felt the cold satin sheet against her back, her hands were first released and then grabbed and pulled above her head; she felt the soft ropes tighten around her wrists and felt the pulling on the bar which prevented her legs closing.

Andrea’s mind was whirring with strange thoughts and feelings, when suddenly the wet mouth was back on her nipple and was promptly joined by another mouth on her other nipple. Now rough tongues flicked at her nipples causing her to groan as her already hard nipples reacted further. She thought things could not get any hornier until she felt a slim wet tongue began to probe her cunt lips. It parted her lips and began to flick at her excite clit; then it slipped lower till it was pushing deep into her cunt. Andrea’s cunt juices began flowing like wine and as they flowed they were quickly lapped up by the tongue.

Suddenly she became aware of a weight climbing on to the bed; as it did so the mouth on her cunt sucked hard on the tip of her clit and fingers now replaced the mouths on her nipples. The nipples were now being pulled and twisted sharply as she felt the body warm of the person now easing themselves between her held open legs. She was just about to panic when her master’s voice whispered into her ear, he said, “My little fuck slut, you have pleased our audience and now they want to fuck you. As a cum slut I know you want as much fucking cock as your little whore of a cunt can take, they will all wear condoms and they will be tied off after your bitch of a cunt makes them shoot. Then after you have satisfied all of our guests, we will play a truth or dare game!”

Andrea moaned her ascent to the action as the master continued, “I will ask you various questions and if you answer truthfully you will receive one of the condoms, hesitate or lie and you will receive a dare which could be anything from being spanked to having to make your way home naked and on foot! For every condom you earn you will place it in your mouth and burst it swallowing all the spunk it contains and you will also receive a reward from me over the next few days! Each dare will be set by someone here as there are twenty dares wrote down in folded pieces of paper and one will be drawn for every lie or delay. Some of these dares have their own time limits set others are at my choice as to how long! Is this clear to you my fuck slut?”

Andrea answered with a trembling voice, “Yes Master!”

For the next hour and a half Andrea was fucked by six cocks ranging in sized from six inches to 10 inches in length and as each cock climaxed into the condom, it was removed by the maid and tied off, then popped into a bowl. By the time the last of the cocks managed an erection there was twelve condoms in the bowl. Andrea had gone from a normal struggle to having two orgasms in a session to now having multiple multi height orgasms and her cunt was a river of cunt juice. Finally when she felt the last cock swell and throb as it delivered its load, she sighed and thought she was now going to rest and relax, but the maid having tied up the thirteenth condom now pushed her face close to Andrea’s gaping cunt. Tenderly she began to lick up the cunt juice causing Andrea to shiver with excitement once more.

Exactly when her ankles and arms were released she was not aware; as she now concentrated as best she could on the questions she was expecting. The first question was easy for her to truthfully answer as her master asked her what she was. She replied in a loud trembling voice that she was a tart, a cum loving whore and horny slut to boot.

The next question was how many different cocks had she sampled tonight; she answered after taking as much time as she dared that she had sampled nine different cocks, she was told that was in fact wrong as there were only seven cocks present and she had sampled only six of those.

Question three was how big the smallest cock she had taken tonight was and also how big was the largest cock. She answered quickly that the smallest felt around six inches and the largest almost double that. By nodded consent she was allowed this as correct.

The next question was how many times she had climaxed from the time she entered the house this evening. Again she answered instantly that she had counted thirty climaxes. The maid nodded her agreement.

The last question was had she during the fun this evening, at any time had a female licking or sucking her either her cunt or tits. Again she answered she thought she had smelt a female fragrance while having her tits sucked so she would answer yes. Again a correct answer as accepted.

Her master now told her to remove her blindfold, and as she had got one question wrong she was to pick a dare from the bowl and read it out for all to hear. She opened the piece of paper and announced the dare was to accept three spanks from every person present. These spanks would be by hand on her arse and she was told to assume the position with her upper torso on the edge of the bed. In the same order that the cocks had fucked her they stepped forward and placed their three spanks hard across her now cherry red arse. The maid was next to last just before Andrea’s master; when he spanked her he allowed his hand to remain in contact with her arse cheek and then stroked his hand firmly between her spread cheeks and along her cunt lips.

Now the maid produced the bowl containing the condoms and one by one they were popped into her mouth and she bit into the latex rubber sausage swallowing the sperm and spitting out the condom. The maid looked on in envy at the slutty cum loving antics of Andrea and the way she played with each condom before popping it into Andrea’s mouth you could tell she dearly wanted to try it herself. I whispered to Andrea asking if she would allow her to sample one and she smiled and nodded.

I took a condom and placed it half in the maid mouth half out and told her to close her mouth without bursting the condom. Then in an instant I slapped her under the chin and the condom exploded with the flying spunk hitting her in the face and also all over her tits.

Everyone started laughing at the look of shock on the maids face, and slowly they began drifting away but all of them came up to Andrea and thanked her for being such a sporting slut.

Master Ray and Andrea moved down to where her clothes were and she was allowed to dress before they walked out of the house and down the street to the car. Master Ray confessed he was well pleased with his lovely sexy cum slut and as her reward he was going to allow her to fuck him in any way she liked when they got home.

As Andrea drove she told Ray she wanted him to fuck her doggie style as she was his bitch and she needed to be fucked like the bitch in heat she was.

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Niteowluk2003, thank you for accepting my challenge and commission and writing this great story which will stir my dreams for weeks to come.

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thanks for the story

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