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This was written by a friend and originally posted at another site, Enjoy !

Slippery Susie by RedHairedandFriendly

The sound of the shower running told Mike that his wife was up and readying herself for work. He glanced at the clock, noting the time was fast approaching eight p.m. and Susie would be in a hurry to get herself ready as well as grab a bite to eat. He got up from the couch and made a quick trip to the kitchen where he fixed her a bowl of chili and a cold glass of tea. By the time he was setting her supper on the table his wife was walking into the dining room, looking fabulous in her work uniform. “You’ll have a hard time keeping the guys off of you tonight,” Mike joked as he watched his wife take a seat and a long draw from her beverage.

“I doubt that,” Susie answered, winking at her husband before crushing several crackers into her chili. “I am glad the company finally relented and issued us new Summer uniforms. It gets so hot up in the Bullpen and those slacks I had to wear didn’t help matters much.”

Mike took a seat across from her, nursing his own drink as he watched his wife eat. “Well, the shorts only enhance those legs of yours and we won’t even discuss the way they hug your ass, or how your scrub shirt outlines your tits so well, that I can see your nipples.” He snickered as he watched her face grow warm and her nipples, do exactly what he wanted them to do. The thick beads of her breasts grew and puckered under her sports bra and shirt. He felt his cock jerk in response as he reached over and pinched one of the hard points.

Her tongue came out, moistening her lip and then her teeth pulled at the soft petal of flesh. “Mike,” she whimpered, leaning in and forgetting her meal as her husband toyed with the gumdrop pearl.

“Hey mom.” The voice entering the room, had Susie shifting back to her meal and Mike’s hand falling to the table and then sliding over to his drink. They both glanced at their daughter Nikki, and watched her take a seat with them. Inwardly they both chuckled, knowing the nipple play would be all they got that evening.

Eventually, Mike was at the door, kissing his wife goodbye and locking up the house for the night. He thought of Susie and her new work clothes as he got ready to retire for the evening. All ready he could imagine the looks she’d be getting from her co-workers, especially Kerry and Jake. The image of the two men popped into his mind as did the way they had ogled his wife at last year’s Christmas party. He was surprised by how much attention she’d received, though he really shouldn’t have been. She was still as beautiful at forty-five as she had been as a teenager, more so really, now that being a mom had filled her out in all the right places. Her breasts were larger, her hips more full, her legs . . .they still were as delicious as before. Age had only enhanced his wife’s natural beauty and when the young studs at her work pulled her in various directions that night, he’d been turned on.

He closed his eyes, imagining his wife and how her body had moved to the music at the party that night, and how close the two men had come to practically fucking her right there on the danced floor. His hand traveled to his cock, and soon he was picturing his Susie spread eagle on the pool table at work. Kerry and Jake’s rock hard members out and one of them allowing Susie to suck cock, while the other pounded into her slippery flesh. His hand moved in time to the thoughts of his fantasy. What would Susie say if she knew he jacked off to the idea of her cheating on him. He felt his seed spray onto his stomach as he pictured himself lazily watching his wife do the two young men in as many positions imaginable.

Susie yawned. She wasn’t tired, really, just bored. The night-shift dispatcher job wasn’t the most thrilling and often she found herself growing tired, bored, and even lonely sometimes. She pushed herself away from her desk, knowing there would probably be little if any calls for her to deal with. The hour was late and it was highly unlikely that either she, Jake, or Kerry would have to make any emergency deliveries to the area hospitals and nursing homes. The job of a medical courier was not something to write home about and brag, but the benefits were good and her position in the company stable. Rarely did she go out on calls anymore, she’d become the supervisor for the night shift, but without the title that went with it. She didn’t mind really. She enjoyed the freedom of the job; she had her own office, or at least her own cubicle and she even got to play boss over the two studs of the facility. With the thought of Jake and Kerry, came a sliver of excitement that skated through her spine.

They hadn’t seen her in the summer uniform yet. They’d walked in, waved to her and then made a beeline for the employee lounge. She’d been sitting at her desk reviewing the day shift’s runs and trying to gauge if there would be much, if anything for her and the other two employees to do. Susie stood up and smoothed her hands down the front of her scrub top. Her palms rested on her nipples and she thought back to Mike and what he’d said about her clothes. She stepped out into the hall and then headed to the women’s locker room. Once there she stood in front of a long mirror and studied herself.

Her gaze focused on her stomach, something she worked hard at keeping in good proportion with the rest of her body. She worked out several days a week, even took various dancing classes to keep her before-baby-body in shape. Only the widening of her hips and the swelling of her breasts were different than her younger years. Even Susie had to admit, those things were nothing she complained about. Her thoughts shifted to her breasts and she cupped them; her fingers moved over her areolas and she grinned as the nipples rose and perked up in retaliation of her teasing. A flush of heat traveled to her pussy and she licked her lips, before dragging her hands away from her bosom and down her hips.

One of her hands moved to slide across an ass cheek. She turned and took in a side-view reflection of herself. Her palm rubbed up and down her round globe, smoothing the wrinkles of the shorts and then trailing down to tease the flesh of her thigh. Her other hand moved to her neck. She struck a pose, admiring her body and the color of her hair. She laughed when she thought of Mike’s expression when she walked out of the bathroom with her new “do”. The red hair dye, in her opinion wasn’t as natural looking as her best-friend’s, but she still thought it accentuated her tanned complexion and her dark eyes. Mike had agreed, pulling her to him and fucking her senseless. She felt a thickening of her juices and squeezed her inner muscles. “Down girl,” she told herself. Susie tightened her ponytail and headed out to check on Kerry and Jake.

She stood at the threshold of the lounge and watched the two men settling in for the night. The television was set to some boxing channel and two black men with arms the size of tree trunks were battling for some armature title. She stepped in, coughed and then watched them jump up. “Oh, it’s just you,” Jake said, reclaiming his seat and propping his feet up on the coffee table. Kerry snickered, noting Susie expression as Jake blew her off. He walked over, casually running his gaze over her figure.

“You look good enough to eat,” Kerry told her, adding a wink to his already devilish good looks.

Susie’s annoyance melted and she smiled back at Kerry. “Thank you. Why aren’t you wearing the new shorts? I bet you’d look good enough to eat, too.” She liked Kerry and Jake, though Jake had more of an attitude than Kerry, but all in all he was a good guy.

“Real men don’t wear shorts,” Jake said, answering for Kerry.

Susie laughed. “Maybe men with scrawny legs and small packages don’t, but I bet Kerry would look hot in them.”

Jake and Kerry both laughed. She watched Jake rise from his seat and walk over to both her and Kerry. “My package is anything but small,” he told her, raising a brow as if challenging her to doubt him.

“Is it? Then why hide behind a pair of baggy work slacks. You could be showing your ‘impressive’ meat in a pair of shorts. Letting the boys breath as they say.”

Kerry leaned against the pool table, listening to the exchange between supervisor and employee. Susie glanced at him and winked, then purposely walked over and settled herself between his legs. The three of them often flirted and poked fun at each other, but tonight she felt different. She wanted to tease Jake and see how far he’d go before he grew frustrated and walked out. “Full of piss and vinegar tonight?” Kerry asked, his hands settling on her shoulders.

“She’s full of something,” Jake answered as he walked over to stand in front of her. “My boys are just fine as is my meat.”

“Prove it,” Susie said, her smile widening as Jake’s brows rose. “I hear Kerry, here is a big boy. . .”

Kerry laughed. “You’ve got the rumors mixed up there Susie. I’m an average fella, Jake’s the one whose supposedly hung like a horse.”

Susie pushed back on her friend’s crotch, letting her ass rub against his groin. “You don’t feel average,” she said, tossing her head and winking at him. Kerry groaned and moved his hands to her hips, pulling her further into him.
“If you keep doing that, you’ll find out,” he told her. She smiled, blushed and yet refused to give up her position. Instead she turned back to Jake. “So are you ‘hung like a horse’?” she asked.

Jake chuckled. Without giving Susie time to ask him what he was doing or to tell him to stop, he undid his drawers, released the zipper, and dropped his pants and boxers all in one swoop. His cock was semi-hard and hung low and to the left.

Susie’s eyes grew wide as she stared at her co-workers cock. Her tongue came out and she moistened her lips. She swallowed the saliva that had suddenly formed and then tried to stutter out something that would make sense. Jake’s chuckle mingled with Kerry’s. “Told ya he was hung,” Kerry whispered in her ear. “But its only fair you have a chance to compare. Don’t you think?” He pushed her away from him, gently to one side.

She watched him pull his pants down and then his briefs. “Ummm. . .” she whispered, not sure what to do now that she had two cocks in her face and both were growing harder and thicker the longer she stared at them. Her fingers curled into fists at her sides and she tried to think of something, anything really, to say. The one thing she didn’t want them to do was to hide the two massive rods from her view. She’d fantasized too long to simply allow these two men to cover the objects of her dirty dreams.

“She’s speechless,” Jake said, nudging his friend in the ribs. “It’s like she’s never seen a black cock before.”

Susie rolled her eyes. “I’m married with kids you perv. Of course I’ve seen a cock before.” She stuck out her tongue and stepped closer. “But. . .Kerry’s right I should compare.” Susie had no idea what she was doing, or at least why she was doing it. Mike and her had a great marriage and a great sex life, but here she was willingly looking at a pair of impressive cocks that were jerking toward her as if she were some goddess they needed to worship. She chewed on her lip as she studied both men’s rods.

The sound of one man clearing his throat brought Susie out of her trance like state. “I shouldn’t be doing this,” she whispered as she slipped to her knees and reached out for both cocks. One hand wrapped around its own prize and she slowly stroked her friends’ dicks. “I mean, Mike’s always talking about other men and me and I know he thinks about it, even if he doesn’t tell me.” She dragged her firm grip downward and then up, letting the skin grow loose, before she forced it tight again with each gently stroke.

“Damn, Susie,” Jake hissed. Kerry repeated the words. Susie continued to stroke both men, alternating between quick and hard motions to gentle and slow ones. A drop of pre cum slithered out of Jake’s cock first and without thought Susie dipped her head down and swallowed the oily substance. She felt Jake’s hand on her head and she allowed him to push into her mouth. A soft moan left her throat, blanketing the rod that was filling her. She lifted her mouth up, then slipped it back down. Over and over she sucked Jake’s purple cock, while stroking Kerry’s paler member. When she sensed Jake was about to come, she popped herself off and went off sampling Kerry’s dick.
Both men were treated to her slow and well-practiced torment. Sucking, pulling, dragging. Back and forth she moved. Swallowing steady streams of pre cum, examining the different flavors and the different texture of both men, even comparing those tastes and those feelings with the one man she had memorized, so many years ago. She pushed her lips down to the base of Kerry’s dick, knowing it would be easier for her to deep-throat him then it would with Jake's ebony monster. A part of her wanted to try though and so she quickened her speed and found her throat full of Kerry’s come. He leaned against the pool table again, spent for the time being as Susie began to concentrate on Jake’s longer and deeply darker shaft.

Susie opened her mouth as wide as she could, angled her head one way and then the other, until she found just the right position. She swallowed Jake’s dick, pushing past the gag reflex and working her throat in a way that it seemed to surround and tighten against the large tool. She held him there, breathed through her nose and used her hands to anchor herself to him. Her nails bit into his flesh. The sounds of Jake’s moans and words of encouragement made her heady with excitement. She moaned and hummed, sending vibrations up and down his sex. Soon she was rewarded with both his hands in her hair. He pushed her deeper and she was amazed she was able to accommodate his girth and length. With her thoughts focused on making him come, she blocked out all reflections of guilt, doubt, and indecision. Jake’s seed filled her and splashed against the narrow column of her throat. She swallowed all of his milk, burying her face into his pubic hairs, until she was sure she had all of his offering.

While pulling herself off him, she did so slowly, making sure to suckle and lick his cock, in hopes she cleansed it well. After she slipped her mouth from his dick, she looked up at him and grinned. “Hung like a horse is an understatement,” she told him, before sitting back on her ass and taking a deep breath.

Kerry and Jake finished undressing. Susie didn’t stop them, or ask them not to. “Get up here Boss Lady,” Kerry said, patting the pool table and winking at her. “I bet you’re as slick as syrup right now and just as sweet and sticky.” He reached out and took her hand, helping her to rise.

Susie pulled her scrub top off and chuckled when she heard the two men’s appreciative growls and low whistles. She shimmed slowly out of her khaki shorts, kicking her shoes off in the process. She turned around, faced the pool table and purposely bent over to drag first one sock off and then the other, before rising up and sliding her fingers around the waistband of her panties and pulling them down. Even that she did with the skill of a dancer, teasing her audience. Her sports bra was skinned off and she turned to face Jake and Kerry, still holding the stretchy material against her chest.

“This goes no further,” she told them, suddenly serious. She knew though that if her husband pressed her she’d confess. . .something deep down in her gut, told her that he would want to watch. A thrill of excitement coursed through her as she imagined Mike sitting in the corner watching her get fucked by these two men. <I>“Maybe someday,”</I> she told herself.

Both men agreed and Susie scooted herself onto the table. The green felt was a contrast to her tanned, toned skin, now full of heat and desire. “We’ve always wondered if this table was strong enough for a good fucking,” Jake said. He slid on, positioning himself behind Susie. She turned and crawled over him as he lay down. She smoothed her pussy over his half-masted rod, knowing it wouldn’t take long and he’d be as hard as a rock again.

She felt a pair of strong hands on her hips and she moaned softly as Kerry began to knead her derriere. She pushed back into his caress and hissed when he dragged a finger down her ass cheeks and then up the crack. “I’ve imagined fucking you so many times, Susie,” Kerry told her. He bent down and kissed each round globe, then spread her cheeks apart to run his tongue along the dark flesh. He paused at her ass; her whimper, his answer. His tongue pushed at the dark entrance and then slipped inside. She growled and shifted hungrily on Jake’s stiffened tool.

Jake’s hands cupped her large tits, squeezed them and pushed them into each other. Her nipples touched, the hard peaks made love to each other; Jake manipulated them and Susie begged for more. She felt a cock slide into her pussy and knew Kerry was lubing himself up for her ass. A wave of lust rippled through her and she moaned. One of Jake’s hands left her breast and pushed between them. She felt his fingers tease her pussy and then his cock head was pushed against her clit. Another shudder and another whimper filled the room. Susie lifted her hips, felt Kerry's dick slide out and then Jake’s push back to claim the free hole. “Mmm. . .” she moaned, settling herself on his thick rod. Once more Kerry’s hands were on her ass, spreading her cheeks apart.

The tip of his cock pressed against her anus and she closed her eyes, relaxed herself as best she could and waited for the pending invasion. The spongy head pushed its way into the puckered entrance, bringing a hush to the room as Susie welcomed him into her ass. Kerry’s hands moved to her hips, and he held her still as he pushed further into her. Susie felt the length of him and his thickness. Her muscles tightened and when she moaned, she knew she was going to be fucking her two co-workers every night they were together.

Jake moved his hips, thrusting into her and Susie answered back with a grinding motion of her very own. Her clit puckered out and she rubbed it against the coarse hairs of Jake’s sex. Her bald mound tingled as she slowly rolled her hips and began to ride her new lover. The feeling of her ass being full and her pussy as well, drove Susie mad. In time she was grunting, begging, crying out for more cock. Jake pounded into her. Kerry plundered her. Both men moved together, quickly finding a comfortable speed in which to fuck Susie. She was grateful. Her tits rubbed against Jake’s chest. She felt Kerry’s hands moving from her ass, to her hips, to her shoulders, even in her hair his fingers found a home and pulled her red ponytail back, forcing her to arch and swallow him up in her tight cavern.

Minutes passed, each person lost in lust and need. Susie flexed and released her muscles, milking two cocks and wanting to feel their come jettison over her. She jerked her head free of Kerry’s grasp and turned to glare back at him. “Come in my ass!” she demanded, pushing herself back. She then looked down at Jake, giving him an order to fill her cunt with his cream. Her jaw grew slack as she focused on the ricocheting emotions that were slamming her at all sides. She bucked and fucked her co-workers, until she was gasping for breath. Soon her come was shooting free and blanketing Jake. Seconds later she was feeling hot lava in her ass and steamy milk mingling with her honey.

She squealed as her climax carried her through several spurts of both men’s balls emptying themselves deep inside her. When she felt Kerry’s palms slide slowly down her back, she knew he was done and ready to leave her ass. She moaned, but pulled her ass upwards, while he dragged his limped tool free. He kissed both her cheeks. She wiggled her butt and lifted her pussy from Jake’s shaft. Smiling down at him, she rolled to her back and settled herself onto the green velvet of the table. The material drank up the sweat on her body and the come that dripped lazily from her holes.

Jake moved, rolling to one side and nuzzling her tits, before licking his way to first the right and then the left. He rose from the table, shaking his head in amazement, before gathering his clothes and heading to the mens locker room. Kerry ran his fingers down Susie’s body, pausing at her pussy and sliding a finger into the hot core. “We’ll be doing this again,” he said, before twirling the digit and leaving her alone in the room.

Susie rolled to her stomach and watched the man leave the room, he too gathered his clothes and she knew he was going to shower off the evidence of their mating. She ran her fingers down her body, cupped her come-soaked pussy and toyed with the slippery juices. “A shower sounds good,” she whispered to herself and slipped from the table. Ignoring her clothes, she made her way to the mens locker room, to see if Jake and Kerry needed someone to wash their backs.

*****Always welcome any authors wishing to chronicle Susie's continuing adventures*****

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Nice addition.

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Liked the story. Something about cheating wife stories that grab my attention. Thanks

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Susie's adventures continue.....

Slippery Susie - Part Two

Emotions bombarded Susie as she approached the men's locker room door.
There was a little guilt because she had cheated on her husband for the
first time with her two coworkers, but that emotion was easily drowned
out by the raw sexual energy she was feeling. She had never felt so
erotic or alive. She knew that she had crossed an invisible line, a line
that separated fantasy from reality. Once that line was crossed, she
also realized there was no going back. She could not take back what had
just happened with her two new lovers, and in truth, she reveled in what
she had become.

For too long she had seen herself as more of a mother to her two
teenagers than a sexual being. She had always felt that she and her
husband shared a wonderful sex life, but she also knew that once she
became a mother, she held a portion of herself back. She smiled to
herself as she thought a mother would not drop to her knees and suck two
guys off and then let them fuck her silly. As a mother, sex with her
husband Mike was fulfilling, but never wild, never adventurous, never
awe-inspiring. And now, here she was, standing naked in front of the
men's locker room at work and she knew that she could be so much more
than just a mother. She could still excite men, Kerry and Jake were
proof of that, and she could finally release that part of herself she
had kept hidden for so long. The simple act of moving past flirting had
lifted a weight off of her that she did not realize was there in the
first place.

She quietly stepped inside of the men's locker room and she could hear
the showers running. She could also make out the conversation between
Kerry and Jake. She smiled to herself when she heard them talking about
her and how sexy she was. Her hands found her sensitive nipples and
began to rub and pinch them softly as she listened to her two new lovers
talk about her and what a great sex toy she had been. One hand slipped
down to her heated pussy and began rubbing her clit as Jake explained
that nobody had ever been able to deep throat him before. Susie swelled
with a new kind of pride, pride in her sexual abilities. She continued
to rub herself and was about to surprise the two men when they both
mentioned how she had worn them both out. There was disappointment when
she heard this, but she also knew this was reality and guys could only
get so many erections before they needed a rest. She was halfway out the
door when she heard Jake say, "Well, at least we get to fuck her again
tomorrow night."

Those words brought a smile to her lips and more erotic thoughts into
her mind as she left the men's locker room and headed to the women's
instead. She turned on the water, making sure it was nice and hot before
stepping under the powerful stream. She sat under the hot water, letting
the sweat of her earlier escapades wash away. The water felt wonderful
on her body and it was not long before her hands were once again
exploring her body. She sighed in pleasure as her right hand massaged
little circles around her clit. She could not believe how sexual she was
feeling, she was just happy for the feelings and never wanted them to end.

Turning off the water, she grabbed a towel and dried herself off. She
knew she had stayed in the shower too long, but she figured she would be
safe and there would have been no calls. She looked around for her
clothes for a second before she remembered she left them out in the
employees lounge. Standing up tall, she walked proudly from the women's
locker room. Jake and Kerry were both sitting in the lounge watching
television when she entered. They both looked at her, smiled and
whistled their appreciation. "Hey sexy!" said Kerry, "You still look
good enough to eat."

Susie turned to face them. She winked at Kerry, "Anytime."

"I'll remember that," he said with a genuine smile on his face.

"Yeah, me too," added Jake.

Susie nodded before turning and picking up her clothes. She walked
towards the door that led to the bullpen, making sure to swing her hips
from side to side. As she reached the door, she turned and said over her
shoulder, "Make sure you guys get enough sleep, I think we might get
busy tomorrow night."

Her body flushed at her brazen attitude and she shivered in anticipation
when she heard the two men begin to talk about what was going to happen
tomorrow night. Susie made it back to the bullpen and she dumped her
clothes on her cubicle. She was about to get dressed, but then she
thought better of it. She had always loved being naked, and here was a
chance that she could simply not pass up. So she folded her clothes and
placed them on the corner of her desk before sitting down and starting
on some paperwork completely naked.

There was very little chance that someone would be stopping by this time
of the night, but if they did, they would have to call in to have Susie
buzz them in. The only two that would see her naked would be Kerry and
Jake, and THAT was no longer a problem. Besides, there was little chance
they would leave the lounge anyway. And so Susie passed the next few
hours alone with her thoughts. She was happy, she had pushed the guilt
aside and she knew that when she eventually told her husband about
tonight that he would truly be happy and want to hear all the details.
She smiled to herself, of course, she planned on adding to those details
over and over again.

She left the bullpen to go to the bathroom and that was the first time
the guys realized she had been naked the entire time. When she came back
out of the locker room, Jake was standing facing the door with a smirk
on his face. "Hey, boss," he said, "we really like the new summer outfit."

"I thought you might," she laughed.

"We were just thinking," he began a little less sure of himself, "that
maybe that should be your new outfit. I mean when it is just us."

Susie stopped in front of Jake, her smooth body on display. She looked
him in the eye, no self-doubt in her at all. She had never felt so alive
or so in control in her life. They thought they were in control of the
situation and were trying to tell her what to wear, but she knew she had
the power and she was not naked because they wanted her that way. She
was naked because this is what she wanted. "Is that what YOU were
thinking?" she asked as she continued to stare into his eyes. Jake broke
eye contact and turned away from Susie. He did not say anything as he
sat back on the couch in front of the television. Susie could hear Kerry
laughing and making fun of Jake as she left the lounge.

The rest of the shift passed quickly. Kerry came and talked to Susie a
couple of times. He sat on her desk and even played with her hard
nipples a couple of times. Kerry had always had more respect for Susie
than Jake, but he also loved playing with his new lover and he was glad
that she seemed to enjoy it as well.

The next shift was due to arrive in a few minutes when Susie finally
decided to put her uniform back on. However, she left her panties off
and placed them in her purse. After the shift change, Susie found
herself walking to her car escorted by Kerry and Jake. Jake seemed to
have gotten over the earlier episode. Jake said his goodbyes when they
reached Susie's car, but Kerry stopped to talk to her.

"You sure about this," he began seriously. "We don't want you to do
anything, uh, you know."

Susie smiled up at Kerry, leaned forward and pressed her lips against
his. She opened her mouth and left him do the same as their tongues met
and swirled around each other. The kiss ended and she said, "I'm sure."
He simply nodded and left her alone as he walked towards his own vehicle.

The drive home was uneventful, but as she neared her house, she began to
get more nervous. She hoped her husband would not be able to tell what
had happened last night. She parked her car and walked into the house.
He gave her a kiss as he was downstairs getting ready for work. He asked
about her night and she just said she was really tired and needed to get
some sleep. This was not unusual so he told her to get some sleep and he
would make sure the kids were taken care of that morning. They were
really old enough to take care of themselves, but being teenagers, they
were more than likely to not eat a good breakfast.

Susie reached her bedroom, quickly shed her skimpy outfit and crawled
under the covers. He mind flashed back to the previous night and her
body began to tingle thinking about what was to come. She was more tired
than she realized as she soon fell into a deep sleep.

Vivid erotic dreams slipped from her mind as she bolted awake. She was
sweating and terribly excited. She noticed her nipples were rock hard
and she reached down to touch her bare mound and found her finger coated
with her juices. She could not remember what she had been dreaming
about, but she had a pretty good idea it had something to do with Kerry
and Jake. 'Shit,' she thought to herself, 'I really am a mess now.'

With her body this excited, she knew she would not be able to go back to
sleep. She looked at the clock and realized she had only been sleeping
for two hours. Climbing out of bed she walked naked to the bathroom
where she started the shower. Stepping under the hot spray did nothing
to alleviate her flushed feelings. She was careful when she washed to
not spend too much time on her breasts or her pussy. Finally, she turned
the water off and dried herself off. Her head was now spinning, she did
not know what to do. She knew that something had awoken inside of her,
she just did not know how to handle it or what to do. There was no
chance she could talk to her husband, yet, which really only left one
person she could talk to, her sister. Susie was still in a daze as she
grabbed a jean skirt and a tank top from her closet. The tank top hugged
her body and helped to push her breasts up. It was a little thicker
material since she did not have to wear a bra with it, but she could
still see the hard points of her nipples displayed through the top. She
wiggled her hips from side to side as she pulled up the skirt. She never
even thought of putting on panties as she grabbed some sandals and left
the room. She found her kids in the living room and told them she was
going over to see her sister and that she would be back later.

It was already getting hot outside as she drove towards her sister's
house so she cranked the air conditioner. This helped to cool the sexual
flames inside of her, but it also made her nipples stick out that much
more. She finally reached the house and she practically ran to the front
door. She had no idea what she was going to say to her sister, but she
just needed to TALK to someone. She rang the door bell and waited. She
was very surprised when it was not her sister, but Shane, her
brother-in-law that answered the door. What was even more surprising was
that he was sweaty and only wearing a pair of loose fitting shorts when
he opened the door. "Hey, Susie," he said with surprise of his own. She
was not sure, but she thought she saw him quickly glance down at her
breasts. He laughed as he said, "I'm guessing you are not here to see
me. She left to run some errands, she should be back in an hour if you
want to wait."

'Damn, damn, damn,' she thought to herself as she tried to figure out
what to do.

"Come in, it is too hot outside. I have some lemonade," Shane said as he
stepped away from the door.

"Okay, that sounds great, Shane," she replied.

"You okay?" he asked with concern.

"Yeah, sorry. Just a long night at work and not enough sleep. You sure
you don't mind if I wait?"

Shane headed towards the kitchen after Susie sat herself on the couch.
"No problem. I was just out working in the yard and was going to take a
shower. Relax." Instead of relaxing, Susie's eyes followed Shane's sexy
butt as he walked towards the kitchen. It was at that moment that she
remembered her husband commenting on Shane's rather unique anatomy. Her
husband had said he was a freak of nature. She had never realized what
he had meant until she examined Kerry and Jake. THOSE two were freaks of
nature. As Shane walked back into the living room with two glasses of
lemonade, she was unable to take her eyes off of his crotch as she tried
to see how big he was. She grabbed her lemonade and glanced up at Shane
who seemed to be smirking down at her but he did not say anything. "I
need a shower. I'll be right back."

The lemonade was just what she needed. It gave her mind something else
to think about while she tried to focus her thoughts on what she was
going to say to her sister. She began to regret her decision to come to
her sister's house when she heard the water turn on in the shower. Her
mind quickly turned from what she would say to her sister, to what Shane
looked like naked in the shower. Her hand passed over her breast and
sensitive nipple. Her body jumped at the contact and she felt the heat
begin to rise inside of her again. Just like last night, her mind
clicked and she was a different person. She pushed the mother in her
aside and became the sexual beast that had always been hidden away. She
set her drink down and walked purposefully towards the master bathroom.
She did not pause as she walked through her sister's bedroom. The door
to the bathroom was open and she could see the Shane's body moving
behind the glass shower doors. You could not see clearly through the
glass, but she could see the shape of his body as he washed his hair.

The tank top was pulled easily over her head before she dropped it to
the floor. She unzipped her skirt and it quickly joined her tank top.
The sandals were kicked off last as she took a deep breath. She walked
towards the sliding door and opened it without a second thought. She
climbed into the steaming shower and saw Shane standing smiling at her.
"I was wondering if you were going to come in," he said.

Susie could not talk nor did she see him smiling. Her eyes were
completely focused on the largest piece of meat she had ever seen. It
was not even hard but she knew it was going to be bigger than both Kerry
AND Jake. She did not say a word as she dropped to her knees in the
shower. She used her right hand to grab that magnificent tool and bring
the head towards her greedy lips. She opened her mouth and sucked the
head inside. Her lips closed around the impressive tip and her tongue
began a slow massage as her lips applied soft suction to the tool. She
used her hand to gently massage the lower portion of the shaft and his
shaved balls while her mouth began to pump up and down on his hardening

It only took a few strokes of her hand and her mouth before his cock
reached its full potential. She did not have a ruler on her, but she
knew it had to be at the very least 10 inches long and VERY wide. Where she had
been able to completely take Kerry and Jake into her mouth, the size of
Shane's cock made that all but impossible. As her saliva coated more of
his cock, she was able to take it deeper into her mouth. However, when
she knew she could take no more, there was a good 3 inches between her
lips and his delicious balls. Only slightly disappointed, Susie began to
suck in earnest, determined to give Shane a sucking he would always
remember. She heard him moan which excited her even more, knowing she
was bringing this wonderful cock such pleasure.

Her hand continued to caress his balls and a moan escaped her own lips
when she felt his hands grab the top of her head. She felt his fingers
grab fistfuls of her hair as he began to thrust his hips forward. Susie
almost came from the excitement of having him take control of the
situation and begin to fuck her mouth. She relaxed her throat as much as
she could as he began to pound his cock harder and faster into her
mouth. "Oh, fuck," he cried over and over as he increased the pace. The
warmth of the mouth sucking his cock, the tongue that constantly swirled
around the base, and the fingers on his balls was simply too much for
Shane. With one last hard thrust he pushed deeply into Susie's mouth
before he felt his cum shoot up his shaft. Susie felt his balls tighten
and his cock became that much harder in her mouth. She felt his cock hit
the back of her throat just as the first spurt of cum erupted from his
cock. Shane grunted with each jet of cum that was dumped into her
waiting mouth. He held her head tight against his cock as he filled her
throat with his cum.

The mouth maintained its soft suction as Shane slowly pulled his
sister-in-law's head off his cock. He could not believe that she had
come into the shower with him. After all the times he had thought about
fucking her and how many times she had flirted with him, he never really
thought he would get a chance to fulfill those desires. Yet here she
was, on her knees with his cock in her mouth as she swallowed his cum.
She looked so incredibly sexy, especially since she had become a red
head. She had no idea what kind of affect that had on him since he
always had fantasies about red heads. One thing he was sure of, he was
not finished with her yet.

His body jumped a little as her mouth passed over the sensitive part of
cock near the head. The half hard cock flopped over her chin when it
finally escaped from her wonderful lips. Shane helped her to her feet
and he pulled her close to him as his hands began to explore her body.
He lowered his head and sucked first one and then the other nipple into
his mouth. As before, the suction on her nipples sent immediate spasms
into her pussy. As he continued to suck on her rock hard nipples, his
right hand began to explore her wet pussy. He slid two fingers up and
down her slit which felt like a furnace to him. He could feel how
incredibly wet she was as he pushed those fingers inside a little
further with each pass they made.

The fingers moved back and forth between her moist lips, reaching up to
circle her clit before sliding back down until they swirled around her
puckered hole. He moved the fingers back to her clit and began to circle it faster.
Susie moaned loudly as Shane sucked harder on her nipples
and pinched her clit between his fingers. He released the nipple from
his mouth and kissed his way down her flat stomach to her bare mound. He
used one hand to pull her leg up and place it on the seat in the shower
which exposed her pussy to him even more. He replaced the fingers on her
clit with his mouth as he greedily sucked her swollen clit into his mouth. This
time it was her turn to grab his head with her hands as he alternately
sucked and licked her clit. His fingers returned to their journey up and
down her slit as he sucked harder on her nub.

Susie began to breathe harder as she ground her pussy into Shane's face.
She felt his tongue press hard against her clit and suddenly she felt
those two wonderful fingers push up into her steaming pussy. The fingers
easily disappeared into her juicy pussy and he fucked them in and out
hard and fast. She moaned with each thrust and then he sucked her clit
back into his mouth and her world exploded. Her eyes closed and her body
shook as a huge orgasm slammed into her. She held onto Shane's head
tighter to keep herself from falling as she felt her pussy spasm and
grab the invading fingers in a vice-like grip. She pushed her body
forward, pressing her clit harder against Shane's mouth as the pleasure
continued to grow.

Juices easily leaked from the overheated pussy as Shane continued to
slide his fingers in and out of her spasming pussy. He had never seen
anyone orgasm the way that Susie had just done, but he thought it was
the sexiest thing he had ever seen. In fact, he looked down and noticed
that it had been so sexy that he was already as hard as he could be.
While Susie was still in a daze from her orgasm, Shane stood back up and
used gentle pressure to turn her around. This time he lifted her other
leg onto the shower seat which exposed her gorgeous ass and pussy to his
view. The sight of her sexy ass and wet pussy lips was something Shane
would always remember.

Susie could not really tell what was happening. She was still trying to
recover from her orgasm when she felt Shane turning her body around. Her mind
slowly started to recover when she felt something large pressing against
the lips of her pussy. She was still trying to figure out what she was
feeling when Shane got the head of his cock into her and pushed
forward. The head popped inside and Susie sucked in her breath at the
size of the cock invading her pussy. She had never felt so full in her
life and she knew that he had just got the first few inches inside of her.

As she tried to get used to the size, she felt Shane's hands grab her
hips and pull her towards him. With a loud groan coming from her mouth,
she was impaled on that humongous cock. She felt every inch slide inside
of her and she felt her pussy stretched like never before. Shane did not
stop, he simply continued to pull her until he felt the last of his cock
bury itself in that delicious pussy. He knew he was bigger than any cock
she had ever had, but he also knew she had two kids and that she could
take him all. Susie was amazed when she felt his balls slap against the
lips of her pussy, knowing that she had taken his entire length in her

"Oh, yes," she moaned as she wiggled her ass to increase the sensations
in her pussy. "Fuck me, Shane," she cried.

Gripping her hips tighter Shane did as she asked, pulling his cock out
until just the head was inside before slamming the entire length back
into her pussy in one fast thrust. Each thrust felt like a battering ram
was slamming into her pussy, but she did not care because the feelings
were incredible. One of her hands found a bar to hang on to as the other
tried to hold onto the slippery wall. Shane fucked Susie with hard fast
strokes that he knew most women would not have been able to handle. The
violence of the thrusts pushed Susie's head against the wall of the
shower over and over but each time her head hit the wall, she would push
her body back harder against Shane and his huge cock. Shane had never
had someone completely lose control like this and the fact that it was
his sexy sister-in-law was incredible.

No matter how hard he pushed into her pussy, she always was ready to
push back to try and take him a little deeper. Shane could not remember
the last time he had gotten hard again so quickly after an orgasm, but
the sexy redhead had a lot to do with it. He could also not believe the
words coming from her mouth. The wanton way in which she swiveled her
hips and took everything he had was enough to bring on his second
orgasm. The fact that she kept begging him to "fill her pussy with his
cum" was simply too much for him. "Here it comes," he shouted as he
slammed into her three more times in rapid succession before he felt the
floodgates open and his second orgasm hit. He felt her own orgasm come
out of nowhere as her pussy grabbed his cock and milked him as he came.
He had to hold her body up again as she seemed to lose the ability to
hold herself up as his cum pumped into her pussy.

Susie could not move her body, nor did she want to. She wanted to stay
here forever and feel that wonderful cock fill her pussy. The second
orgasm had surprised even her. One minute she was feeling him start to
cum and the next her world went black and she was overwhelmed with
pleasure. Both partners seemed content to not move as their bodies tried
to recover from what had just transpired.

Eventually, Susie felt the cock begin to soften as it slowly slipped
from her lips. The moment had passed, but the sexual feelings were still
there, and this time there was no guilt, just a desire to continue to
enjoy this sexual awakening. Without saying a word, Susie turned around,
dropped to her knees again and sucked Shane's softening cock into her
mouth. Since it was not hard, she was now able to take the entire cock
into her mouth. She sucked it deep, using her tongue to swab his cock
clean. She bobbed her head up and down a few times before she determined
it was clean enough. She reveled in the mixture of fluids on the cock
and she vowed to herself that this would not be the last time she
experienced the taste of her pussy on a cock.

She stood back up and gave Shane a swift kiss on the lips before leaving
him standing naked in the shower. Once again Susie dried off and put her
clothes back on. She was sitting comfortably on the couch again when
Shane came out of the bedroom dressed in khaki shorts and a t-shirt.
Susie sat with a smile on her face and no guilt in her heart as she
waited for her sister to come home.

12-30-2008, 01:52 AM
Nice story, well written. Please post any more chapters that your friend writes for it.


01-02-2009, 11:53 PM
Thanks Missmelz, more chapters to come in the following days.

01-06-2009, 07:27 PM
Slippery Susie - Part Three

Back To Work

Only 15 minutes had passed for Susie before her sister walked in the
front door. Shane had spent the time away from the living room. Susie
was not sure if it was guilt or he did not think he could stop himself
from having another quickie with his sister-in-law. Either way, it left
the two sisters alone when Liz finally arrived. Liz was surprised but
happy to see her sister. She immediately asked if something was wrong
and Susie assured her that everything was fine and that she just needed
to get out of the house for a little. Susie helped Liz carry some bags
into the kitchen and mentioned that she would be going out with her
friend Amanda tomorrow night and she thought Liz might want to join them
in a girls night out. Liz went and found Shane and asked if he was okay
with that. Liz returned smiling and let Susie know that she would LOVE
to get out of the house for a night. The two sisters made plans to meet
at Susie’s house at 8:00 p.m. the next night. Susie gave her sister a
hug and a peck on the cheek before heading to the front door.

She heard her sister head upstairs as she reached the front door. As she
turned the knob on the front door, she sensed someone behind her. She
paused with her hand on the door as she felt two masculine arms wrap
around her and pull her close. Susie fell back into Shane’s arms and
wiggled her ass against his crotch, pleased to feel a very hard erection
rubbing in his shorts. His lips found her neck and he began to kiss and
suck softly as he pushed his hips forward, grinding into her round ass.

“Damn you are sexy,” he whispered as his lips nibbled on her ear.

“Mmmmm, that feels good,” she moaned in reply. Turning, she pressed her
lips against his and pushed her tongue into his waiting mouth. Her hands
moved over his muscular back as his hands rubbed and caressed her ass.
She broke off the kiss and licked her way down his neck. Shane was very
surprised when she continued to kiss his chest through his t-shirt as
she dropped to her knees in front of him. Before he could protest, she
undid his shorts and pulled the zipper down.

“Liz is upstairs,” he tried to protest as Susie pulled his hardening
cock out of his boxers.

“Then you better be quiet, silly,” she responded. “I need another taste
of you before I go,” she finished as she slipped the head of his cock
into her mouth. Susie pushed her head forward, taking his cock deep into
her mouth and partially down her throat. She was still frustrated that
she could not take it all, but she was simply glad to have this
wonderful tool back in her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down
quickly, swabbing the underside of his cock with her tongue with each
thrust. After already having two orgasms, she was not sure he could cum
again, but she also knew they did not have that much time. So instead,
she simply sucked on his cock for the sake of sucking. She loved the
feel of his smooth skin sliding up and down over her tongue. A few more
deep thrusts and she slowly backed off and let him flop out of her
mouth. She was proud to see that it was fully erect and ready for more.
“You better run up and stick that thing in my sister before it goes to
waste,” she said with a smile as she stood back up. “Let me know when
you have some more alone time, love.”

A huge smile was plastered on Susie’s face as she made her way to her
car. She knew she was going to be seeing more of Shane in the near
future and the thought of his magnificent cock caused her pussy to spasm
in excitement.

The remainder of the day was uneventful for Susie. She returned home,
and fell back to sleep for a few hours at which point she woke up
refreshed. She spent some time talking to her daughter Nikki and then
made dinner which she had ready when her husband returned from work.

Shortly after dinner Nikki left to meet up with some friends which left
Susie home alone with her husband, Mike, for the first time since she
had cheated on him with three guys now. There was no guilt however, just
a realization that this was just the beginning and eventually she would
have to share this new side with her husband. She was not afraid he
would be upset, she was just not sure what role she wanted him to play
in her new escapades.

The two cuddled on the couch with Mike occasionally letting his fingers
find her sensitive nipples. Susie enjoyed the stimulation and it helped
to build her excitement for what was to come later that night. It was
soon time for her to get ready for work as she extracted herself from
the insistent arms of her husband. She knew what he wanted, but she was
determined to save herself for her new lovers despite the wanton
feelings she was already feeling. She made her way upstairs and climbed
back into her new summer outfit, smiling to herself as she could already
see her nipples poking out through the material. It was going to be a
good night!

She kissed her husband good bye and let him play with her nipples a
little more before heading for the door. She wiggled her ass in his
direction which earned her a sharp slap and a laugh from her husband. “I
love you,” she said honestly as she left the house.

Thoughts of what was to come helped speed the drive to work. Her nipples
never softened and she could feel her overheated pussy already leaking
lubrication in anticipation. She tried to calm herself as she entered
her work and tried to avoid those employees that were on their way out.
Sitting herself at her cubicle, one of her hands slid between her legs
and began to rub her pussy through her shorts. She was so excited she
knew she could probably make herself cum without much trouble. However,
she held back, and contented herself with just rubbing to keep herself
at a sexual high.

Her two overnight co-workers, Jake and Kerry, arrived shortly after she
did. They both said hi, on their way to the employee lounge, neither one
mentioning the events of last night which left Susie somewhat confused.
Ten minutes later, the last of the second-shift employees left and Susie
quickly locked up the facility. She walked back to her desk and tried to
think if there was something wrong with Jake and Kerry. ‘There is only
one way to find out,’ she thought to herself as she stripped herself
naked. She ran her hands over her erect nipples and slide two fingers
into her wet pussy in preparation before walking naked into the
employee’s lounge.

As usual, the two men were kicked back on the couch, watching some
sporting event, baseball this time. Kerry was the first to notice her as
she walked into the room, “I do so love the new outfit.”

“What the fuck guys?” she blurted out. “You fuck me last night and can’t
do more than say ‘Hi’ today?”

In response to her angry questions, Kerry stood and crossed the room to
stand in front of her. “Hey, sexy,” he began tenderly, “We didn’t want
anyone to know about last night.” The two stared into each other’s eyes
for a minute as Susie tried to figure out if he was telling the truth.
What she saw in his eyes, convinced her that he was in fact being
honest, and they did want to keep their fun a secret.

Susie laughed at how absurd she had been acting and said, “Sorry, boys,
I’m a bit worked up.”

Kerry grabbed her hand and led her to one of the oversized chairs. Susie
sat on the chair as Kerry lowered himself to his knees in front of her.
He reached under and pulled her forward until her ass was on the very
edge of the seat. Hands caressed her sides and back as Kerry moved
forward to press his lips against hers. Susie moaned as she eagerly
opened her mouth and let his tongue slide inside of her mouth. The feel
of his strong body pressed against her naked skin added to the thrill
and excitement of the kiss. She melted into his arms and she gave her
body to her new lover once again.

His hands reached the front of her body and began to lightly massage her
breasts, making sure to pinch and pull her nipples which caused her to
moan again in pleasure. Kerry pulled away from Susie’s lips and kissed
his way down her chest and stomach. He positioned himself with his mouth
inches away from her bald mound. Sticking his tongue out, Kerry swiped
the tongue up and down her wet slit a few times to taste her juices.
“Damn, you are wet, baby,” he said softly as he lowered his mouth back
to her moist lips.

Kerry pushed his tongue between her wet folds, letting it slide into her
as far as it would go. Once inside, he wiggled it from side to side,
licking the walls of her pussy. He pulled back slightly and began to use
his tongue like a miniature cock, pushing it in and out of her
overheated pussy. Susie was having trouble controlling herself as the
feel of Kerry’s tongue was bringing her already over stimulated body
towards eruption. The tongue slipped from between her lips and found its
way up to her erect clit where it began to lash it with broad swipes.
Involuntary spasms rocked her body as she tried to lift off the chair
and push her pussy harder against Kerry’s face.

There was little doubt that she was already close to an orgasm so Kerry
sucked the clit into his mouth, flicked it with his tongue and pinched
harder on her nipples. He felt her body tense and suddenly her legs were
trying to crush him as her orgasm hit her. The violence of the orgasm
made it difficult for him to keep her clit in his mouth, but he was
determined to extend the orgasm for as long as he could.

The lights in the lounge seemed to disappear for Susie as her eyes
rolled back into her head. Her entire body contracted in pure pleasure
as the release she so needed finally arrived. Her clit served as a
lightening rod for the erotic sensations as wave after wave of pleasure
seemed to emanate from her pussy. She could no longer control her body
as it bounced and twisted in glorious agony. The idea of experiencing
too much pleasure had never crossed her mind until that moment.

Short gasps for breath and moans were the only things coming out of her
mouth as Kerry pulled away from her pussy. He looked down and could
clearly see juices coating the entrance to her deliciously bald pussy.
He worked as fast as possible to get his pants and boxers down before
placing the head of his cock at the drenched entrance to her slick
pussy. The orgasm was slowly fading as he pushed his cock forward,
burying the entire length into her pussy in one strong thrust.

The sound of the television was the first thing Susie became aware of as
she finally began to come down from her orgasm. She was just about to
open her eyes when she felt the entire length of Kerry’s cock slide
deeply into her pussy. Instantly the orgasm returned and her body shook
again as Kerry rapidly forced his cock in and out of her pussy. She
could feel the walls of her pussy gripping his cock tight as a second
mini orgasm swept through her pussy.

The velvety lips of her pussy caressed and milked his cock as he slammed
into her over and over. The walls finally stopped spasming on his cock
and he slowed his pace, letting Susie recover and making sure that he
could enjoy the ride as long as possible. She opened her eyes and looked
at him with pure lust as he maintained a steady pace and filled her
repeatedly with his hard member.

Wet squishing sounds filled the room as the two continued to stare into
each other’s eyes. There was no need to hurry, just the need to prolong
the erotic sensations. Kerry’s hands found her breasts again and he
rolled her nipples between her fingers as he felt his balls slap against
her butt cheeks again. The force of his thrusts caused Susie to grunt
each time he bottomed out inside of her which added to his excitement.

Despite the slow pace and her extremely slick pussy, his orgasm began to
build. She was just such an amazing sexual animal, and her pussy seemed
to know how to suck the cum right out of his body. Her uninhibited
sexual appetite was something he had never seen in a woman before, and
he was just glad he was along for the ride.

Susie felt him speed up his thrusts and he started to breath heavier.
She knew he was getting close to cumming. Between her grunts of pleasure
she gasped, “Cum, uh, in my, uh, mouth!”

There was no way he could speak at that point as he was too close to his
own orgasm. The words that came out of her mouth almost caused him to
shoot off right then. Instead, he let go of her breasts and reluctantly
pulled his cock out of her soaking wet pussy. As he climbed to his feet,
Susie sat up and immediately sucked his cock into her mouth and directly
down her throat. “Oh Fuck!” he cried as his hands grabbed her head and
he fucked her mouth hard and fast. It only took a few strokes before his
cum burst from his cock directly into her mouth. She greedily sucked his
cock and swallowed his cum, determined not to miss a drop. She made sure
to suck gently as he came because she knew how sensitive it could be for
a man.

Kerry pulled his cock out of her talented mouth and she reached up to
squeeze it softly. One last drop of cum appeared on the tip of his cock
which she licked off before swallowing it as well. He waddled his way to
the couch, not bothering to pull up his pants and collapsed on the couch
in exhaustion.

Susie was savoring the taste of his cum in her mouth when she suddenly
felt another rock hard cock brush against her cheek. Precum was already
flowing from the cock and it was spread across her cheek. She turned to
look up and almost laughed when she remembered that Jake was there too.
His enormous pole was too inviting so she quickly sucked it into her
mouth, once again taking him all the way down her throat until her lips
were pressed against his balls.

The deep throating lasted for a few minutes but Susie still had a need
to be filled with cock. Letting the cock fall from her mouth, she
climbed up onto the chair while turning around offering Jake a view of
her luscious ass. Jake grabbed her hips and pushed forward, impaling her
on his 8” cock on the first thrust. The extra inch in length and the
extra girth just seemed to fill her pussy entirely. She felt alive when
she had that wonderful cock in her pussy, she felt like all was right
with the world. There was no slow pace with Jake, it was fast and it was

She knew he so wanted to be in charge and she was content to let him
have his way with her this time, she simply needed to be fucked and
handled like the slut she was becoming. He kept up a running commentary
while he slammed into her, telling her to “take that” and “ride it” over
and over. She could not explain it, but the combination of his cock
hitting every inch of her insides and his talk was driving her wild. Her
second orgasm was approaching and she began to thrust her ass back with
each thrust, trying to force more of his cock inside of her.

Her orgasm was within reach, she could feel it coming and she knew it
was going to be very powerful. Suddenly she felt him grab her ponytail
and use it to pull her back against him as he increased his speed. The
submissive inside of her burst and that dominant move by Jake sent her
spiraling out of control. Once again she completely lost herself in
orgasmic pleasure as her body shook and her pussy spasmed on the
invading cock.

Jake could not believe what was happening. He had never seen a woman so
out of control, so lost in lust. It felt like someone was using a vacuum
cleaner on his cock as her pussy walls rippled over his cock. The grip
on her ponytail tightened as he tried to keep her convulsing body under
control and keep his cock buried in that wonderful pussy. Most women
complained about the size of his cock, but not Susie, she just wanted
more and he was more than happy to give it to her.

Throughout her orgasm, Jake continued to pound into her wet slit,
pulling almost all the way out before slamming back inside. He loved the
feel of her ponytail in his hand and she seemed to be enjoying it as
well. When she was finally able to speak again, she turned her head
slightly so she could see Jake. The look in her eyes was something he
had never seen before, but it sent a shiver of pleasure up his spine. It
seemed that no matter how much they gave her, she just wanted more and
more and more.

“Fuck me,” she growled, “Fuck me.” Over and over she told him to fuck her.

Jake did as she begged and he continued to impale her on his cock. It
did not take long before he too felt the beginnings of his own orgasm
approaching. He never slowed or eased up on her, he just kept forcing
himself into her hard and fast while holding her hair in his hand.

The thrust were coming almost too hard and fast for Susie to handle, but
the feelings were just so intense that she was willing to take it just
to keep the pleasure going. He became louder and more vocal which meant
he was close to cumming. While she loved the feel of cum shooting into
her pussy, she was determined to take all of the cum that night into her

“Mouth,” was all she was able to get out due to the violent pounding she
was receiving. She was not sure if he heard her or not because he did
not seem to be slowing down at all. Suddenly the cock disappeared from
her pussy and she opened her eyes just in time before it was forced past
her lips and directly down her throat. The cock started to pull back for
a second thrust when she felt the first load of cum pump into her mouth.
She swallowed quickly as more jets of cum followed the first. She
swallowed the first few spurts of cum and then let the rest fill her
mouth. Her hand found his cock and she used it to help milk his cock and
deposit the cum into her waiting and willing mouth.

When Susie finally released the cock, it was completely empty and clean.
Susie swished the cum around in her mouth, content to let it coat her
mouth before finally swallowing the last of his cum. Jake joined Kerry
on the couch and he too seemed spent. Susie sighed, she had two orgasms,
fucked both of her lovers and yet she was ready for more. She was hoping
that she would have a longer experience than last night, but it seemed
that they were not going to be ready for more any time soon.

“We bought you a present,” Kerry said as he tossed her a wrapped box.

Sweat glistened off her overheated body as she unwrapped the box. It
appeared to be a shoe box when she had the paper off of it. Opening the
box, she gasped as inside of it was a very lifelike dildo. It was black,
about 8” long and had a suction cup on the bottom near two lifelike
balls. She laughed and said, “Looks familiar.”

Both Kerry and Jake laughed as well. They had picked it out because it
was the one that most looked like Jake’s big cock. “Why don’t you test
it out,” Kerry said sweetly, “Before round 2.”

The mere mention of a second round of fucking brought a smile to Susie’s
face. ‘Maybe this would be a night to remember,’ she thought to herself.
She was no strangers to toys, although she had never used a dildo with a
suction cup on it. She looked around the lounge for a place to play and
decided that she would set herself up near the television.

She crawled to the wall next to the television and pushed the dildo
against the wall until it was sticking straight out at the perfect
height. Not wasting any time, she turned around and backed up towards
the dildo. Using her hands, she guided the plastic cock to her entrance
and then pushed back, letting the head split her lips apart. She moaned
as the new toy slipped further inside of her. Her eyes closed and she
continued to move backwards until she felt her butt cheeks hit the wall,
once again she was entirely stuffed with cock, the only difference being
this time it was plastic.

While the two men tried to relax and recover, Susie began to fuck the
new toy in earnest, grunting and groaning as she rotated her hips. It
was clear to Kerry and Jake that Susie was simply insatiable, it seemed
she could fuck for hours without a problem. They were just happy to be
able to sit back and watch this lovely creature fuck herself silly.

A glance at the clock showed that they had already been at work for two
hours which meant that Susie had been fucking her new toy non-stop for
more than 30 minutes. They were sure that she had at least one more
orgasm during that time. Kerry was ready for more and he took off his
clothes before walking over to where Susie was busy fucking herself. He
knelt in front of her and pressed his cock against her lips. She never
even opened her eyes, she just opened her mouth and let him slam his
cock into her mouth. He held himself steady as she first slammed back
against the dildo and then pushed forward until his entire cock
disappeared in her mouth. She repeated this process, getting his cock
slick with her saliva.

Kerry grabbed her hair and used it to guide her. He pulled her away from
the wall and she moaned in disappointment as the dildo left her pussy. A
gentle tug and she was turning around until she was facing the wall. A
slight push and her lips found her new toy now slick with her juices.
She did not even hesitate as she sucked the fake cock into her mouth.
Kerry moved behind her and admired her sexy ass and bald pussy. He
slipped his cock into her pussy and pushed it deep inside for a few
thrusts, letting her juices soak his cock.

Instead of returning his cock to her pussy, he placed it at the entrance
to her ass and then pushed forward. She moaned around the plastic cock
as he buried his cock into her ass. Her ass was as warm and inviting as
her pussy had been earlier and her juices easily made it slick enough
for him to shove his entire length inside of her. Without pausing, Kerry
set a fast pace, holding her hips and forcing his cock in and out of her
ass while pushing her face onto the dildo. His thrusts became too hard
at one point and he saw her face pushed against the wall a few times. Of
course this just seemed to turn her on more and she shoved her ass back
against him harder with each thrust.

Kerry hoped that since he had already had one orgasm that night, that he
would be able to last longer this time and really give her ass a good
pounding. Unfortunately, it seemed the combination of her fucking
herself for a half hour and the way her ass seemed to grip his cock
extra tight meant that his orgasm was building much too soon. He thought
about slowing, but decided that if he was up to it he could fuck Susie
again later. As a result, he just gripped her hips tighter and plunged
harder and faster into her ass.

The orgasm was approaching and he was about to cum into her ass when a
thought popped into his head. He knew she wanted him to cum in her mouth
earlier, he wondered if she would do it now that he was buried balls
deep in her ass. Determined to find out, Kerry yanked his cock out of
her ass and quickly buried three fingers into her gaping hole. A grunt
of disappointment was met by a moan of pleasure as the fingers entered
her. With his other hand he grabbed the ponytail again and guided her
mouth off of the plastic cock. Her lips brushed against the tip of his
cock and without hesitation she once again swallowed his cock whole.

Watching his cock disappear into her mouth after it had just been in her
ass was too much for Kerry and his cock erupted for the second time that
night. Once again he filled her mouth with his cum which she eagerly
swallowed. He was still pulling his cock out of her mouth when he saw
Jake kneel behind her. He pulled his fingers out of her ass and Jake
quickly replaced them with his own cock. Kerry had apparently stretched
her ass because Jake was able to slide his entire cock into that willing

Jake grabbed the ponytail from Kerry and forced her mouth back onto the
plastic dildo. He then repeated the process that Kerry had done to her,
fucking her ass hard and fast while forcing her mouth onto the dildo.
Kerry made his way back to the couch spent once again while he watched
the lovely woman take that huge cock up her ass without a problem. Over
and over Jake pounded her ass and she just pushed back wanting more. It
wasn’t long before Jake too pulled out of her ass and forced her mouth
onto his cock before emptying his balls into her mouth.

Susie swallowed the last of Jake’s cum and without being told turned
back around and once again pushed her pussy onto the plastic cock. The
feel of the cock in her mouth, the pleasant soreness in her ass and the
cum still coating her tongue helped her to reach yet another orgasm
which did nothing to slow down her pace.

Once again Jake and Kerry sat amazed while Susie kept on going like the
energizer bunny. The night was now more than half over and she never
seemed to get enough. They sat and watched in awe as she gave the
plastic dildo one hell of a workout.

An idea popped into Kerry’s head which he quickly shared with Jake. Jake
liked the idea as well and thought it would be a good way to finish up
the night with their remarkable love toy. The two men sat and watched
the show for a while, letting themselves recover before putting the plan
into motion.

Finally Kerry stood up and Jake followed as they approached Susie who
had her eyes closed in pleasure. Kerry grabbed the ponytail while Jake
reached behind Susie and pulled the dildo from the wall making sure to
keep it buried in her pussy. Kerry grabbed her head with both hands and
pushed his cock against her lips. Without a pause it slipped into her
waiting mouth and he began to slowly fuck her face, pulling her hair to
make sure she took him all into her mouth.

Meanwhile, Jake worked the dildo in and out of her pussy while he knelt
behind her. He took his rock hard cock and once again placed it at the
entrance to her ass. Leaving the plastic dildo in her pussy, he forced
the head of his cock into her ass. It was slow going as he tried to fit
his huge cock in her ass while she was completely filled with the large
dildo. Inch by inch his cock disappeared into her ass until his balls
bounced against the plastic balls of the dildo. Holding onto the dildo,
he pulled his cock back while pulling the dildo out of her pussy at the
same time. Once they were both nearly all the way out, he pushed forward
burying both cocks into her together. Susie tried to groan but Kerry
just forced his cock harder into her mouth so she could not protest the
double fucking she was getting.

Susie’s body soon became accustomed to the assault on her holes and the
pleasure mounted rapidly. 8 inches of cock in her pussy and ass at the
same time while swallowing another cock brought her to another powerful
orgasm. The intense sensations washed over her as the invading cocks
continued to plunder all of her holes. She had never felt so alive or so
full before, but she knew she was going to have to experience this
feeling again.

Seeing Susie orgasm and keep up with the three cocks was an amazing
sight for both Kerry and Jake. This woman continued to amaze her lovers
with what she was able to take. Kerry held her head tight as he fucked
her mouth until he unloaded his third and final load into her mouth. He
could not remember the last time he orgasmed three times in a night, but
there was just something about Susie that brought out the best in him.

She milked his cock and licked him clean before his deflating cock fell
from her lips. She was now free to concentrate on the two cocks in her
pussy and ass and she fucked back against them both as hard as she
could. Jake did his best to hold the dildo as she slammed into her two
holes repeatedly. He saw her swallow Kerry’s load again and felt his own
orgasm rising. It did not take too many more strokes before he had to
pull out of her ass, grab her hair and force her face onto his cock.
Once again she sucked him deep as his cum shot into her mouth. She
sucked him deep feeling his balls slap her chin as she let him shoot his
cum straight down her throat.

When the last of the cum had been sucked from his cock Jake let her
ponytail go and she opened her mouth to release him. The two men got
dressed as Susie laid down on the carpet and let her body finally rest.
She did not know it, but she had a cock, both real and plastic, inside
of her body for more than four hours at that point. She finally seemed

Brigit Astar
01-06-2009, 08:36 PM
well-done--good hot intense