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Chapter 1

Callie closed her bedroom door and dropped her green and white duffle bag on the floor. She went over to her bed and flopped onto it, exhausted from her cheerleading practice, and lay there letting the soft bed ease her tired muscles. She brushed her long chestnut brown hair from her face and stared up at the ceiling, wondering for the hundredth time if all this work to be on the squad was really worth it. Sure, she was popular and went on dates with the hottest guys on the football team, but still!

After a few minutes she pushed herself up and sat on the edge of her bed, the short skirt of her cheerleading uniform riding well up her long, well toned legs to the white cotton underpants that were also a part of her uniform. It kind of turned her on to think the boys and men in the stands had their attention focused on her while doing her routine and she got an additional thrill whenever her skirt flew up and showed off her tight ass under the cotton underpants.

She got up and pulled her matching top and sport bra top off, releasing her firm breasts with a sigh. Time to take a much needed shower. She tossed them into a corner, then tugged down her skirt and added it to the pile. Glancing at her clock, she noticed it was almost five o’clock. Taylor should be ******. Wearing only the white cotton panties, she plopped down at her desk and turned on her laptop.

As she waited for it to boot up, she toyed with the webcam, adjusting the it so it was pointing directly at her. She grinned to herself as she thought of how bad it would be to turn it on while she was sitting here practically naked. Taylor would probably do it - she was always telling her about some wild thing she’d done. But Callie was a little more inhibited and actually felt a little uncomfortable just being this undressed while chatting ******, even without her cam on.

The computer booted up and she navigated to the website where she knew her ****** friends would be. It was a somewhat local chat room and while real names were never used in public chat, she knew of several people there who claimed they went to her school. Taylor lived in a town several miles away and although her screen name was ‘wildchick91’, she and Callie had chatted in IM many times and they were on a first name basis. They’d never met, but had chatted with webcams and she was someone Callie considered a friend.

She logged in and sure enough, wildchick91 was there, deep in conversation with hotstud69 about how far a girl was expected to go on a first date. Before she had a chance to type “hi”, Taylor greeted her.

“Hey, sexy! How r ya?”

Grinning, she typed in her reply. “Smokin’ hot and almost naked, you horny bitch!”

Taylor’s reply was a typical “LMAO” followed by several lewd responses from some of the guys in the room asking her to allow them to view her cam. An IM box popped up in the lower right corner from Taylor, along with several others, which she ignored.

“You little slut! Turn on yr cam and let me see that bod!””

Callie laughed and typed, “What r you, a fucking lesbo?”

They continued this banter for a few more minutes, then a box opened inviting her to view sexychcik91’s webcam, so she clicked on it and a jerky shot of Taylor’s face popped up in another window. She was grinning and was only wearing a bra, her long blond hair pulled back into a pony tail that revealed her pretty face and long, slender neck.

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!”

Callie laughed and shook her head as she typed in, “U wouldn’t dare!”

Taylor’s eyebrows arched and she reached both hands behind her back, taunting her. Callie eyed her webcam and took a deep breath. What was the harm? It wasn’t like she was going to have cyber sex with her.

Feeling her adrenalin start to pump, she typed in, “OK” and turned on her cam, then hesitated for a brief second before offering Taylor the invite to view. She watched Taylor’s face as her image appeared and her smile grew as Callie’s naked breasts were broadcast to her computer. Callie watched her lean forward and type something. A second later it appeared in her dialogue box.

“Holy shit, girl! Nice hooters!”

Callie laughed and playfully cupped her C-cups, pushing them together. Taylor giggled and reached behind her back to unfasten her bra. Callie watched intently, surprising herself at how curious she was to see her friend’s naked breasts. When Taylor pulled her bra free, her tits fell out, and even over the small grainy image she could see that her nipples were very large and fully erect. She had bigger tits than hers - probably a D cup - and she watched as Taylor cupped them in her hands and even teased her hard nipples, grinning into the camera.

She reached out and typed, “Wow, those are huge!”

She saw Taylor read her words and she arched her eyebrows suggestively, still fondling her big breasts. She leaned forward and typed with one hand, her other one rubbing her right nipple.

“And I just love to have them sucked. Do you like that, too?”

Callie leaned back. She did in fact enjoy having her tits played with, and especially sucked. But this was going from exciting to a little weird. She was suddenly uncomfortable sitting here topless and talking about what turned her on with her friend. She reached down and picked up her sport bra and pulled it on. When she looked back at the screen, Taylor was busy typing.

“I’m sorry…I guess that was a little too personal huh?”

Callie adjusted her bra and typed, “It’s ok,” then added, “I need to go take a shower before dinner. Talk to ya later, ok?”

Taylor’s face twisted into a look of regret. “You aren’t mad at me, are you?”

Callie laughed into the camera and shook her head. “Of course not. C ya later!”

She closed down the dialogue and camera windows before Taylor could respond, then logged out. Feeling a little embarrassed, she pulled off her sport bra again and slipped her panties off, then put on her worn bathrobe and went to take her shower.

Chapter 2

Later that night, Callie was in her room working on her homework. She completed her math assignment and closed her books. She couldn’t get her ****** chat with Taylor out of her mind. It didn’t really arouse her sexually to see her friend topless and playing with her large breasts - she wasn’t interested in girls - but it did sort of give her a thrill to know she was also being watched.

She got up from her bed and went over to her computer. It was still on and she sat down, staring at her Johnny Depp wallpaper for several long seconds before logging into the chat room again. Taylor wasn’t there, but there was an offline message from her.

“Callie, I’m sorry if I freaked you out. I hope we can still be friends. Here’s my phone number. Please call me and let me know we’re good, ok?”

Callie stared at the number. In the past eight months since she and Taylor had started chatting, they’d never spoken on the phone. She wondered why, because they seemed to get along great and only lived about an hour’s drive away from one another. She looked over at her phone, then picked it up and began punching in the numbers. She took a deep breath and pressed the send button and put it to her ear as it began to ring. Midway through the third ring, it was picked up.


Callie swallowed hard. If this was Taylor, her voice was high and sweet with a lilting tone that sounded almost child-like. Callie tried to find her voice, but she couldn’t find the words.

“Hello?” The voice on the phone took on a slightly less inviting tone.

“H…hi, Taylor?”

“Callie? Is that you?”

“Yeah…it’s me.”

“Hey! I’m so glad you called! I was so worried!”

Callie listened as Taylor went on about how sorry she was and hoped they could still be friends. She seemed as outgoing in person as she was ****** and talked almost non-stop for a full minute before giving Callie a chance to speak.

“It’s ok, Taylor. I was a little freaked out, but I really did have to take a shower before dinner. I’m really ok and of course I still want to be friends.”

She could hear the relief in her friend’s voice as she spoke again. “Oh, good…I was so worried.” There was a brief pause, then Taylor’s voice took on a more excited pitch. “Hey, I finally get to talk to you for real! This is cool!”

Callie laughed. “I know. We should have done this ages ago. It’s nice to finally hear your voice.”

She lay back on her bed and they talked for almost an hour about everything from school to favorite movies and clothes. Callie told her about a leather jacket and matching purse she saw in a shop window on her way home from school every day for the past few weeks. It was Italian, very fashionable, and at almost $1100, way out of her price range. Her parents weren’t poor, but there was no way in hell they would ever pay that much for a jacket and purse.

“You need a job, girl,” Taylor said.

Callie sighed. “It would take me months to save up that kind of money working part time flipping burgers, or selling shoes, or whatever crappy minimum wage job I could get.”

There was a long pause before Taylor spoke. “What if I told you I know a way you could make that much in week, maybe even sooner.”

Callie hesitated, then chuckled. “Right, doing what - selling drugs or prostitution?” When Taylor didn’t immediately come back with a laugh, Callie’s mood sobered. “Taylor?”

“And what if I told you I worked a total of three hours last week and made $1500? Cash. Would that interest you?”

Callie didn’t reply right away. There was no way an eighteen year old girl could make that much money. Not legally anyway. She had to be shitting her. “Come on, Taylor, quit joking around.”

“I’m not joking. And I’d hardly call it work. I had a great time and it was easy.” She paused and when Callie didn’t say anything, she added, “So, have I aroused your curiosity?”

Callie took a deep breath. She’d be lying if she told her she hadn’t. But what was she doing to earn that kind of cash? “Ok, you have my interest. What are you doing to make that kind of money? Is it even legal?”

She could sense Taylor’s wide grin through the phone. “That I can’t say on the phone. Why don’t I come and see you and I’ll tell you everything?”

Callie was more than a little apprehensive about what kind of job could earn her so much money. But if nothing came of it, she would at least finally meet this girl who she’d shared so much with ******. And aside from the mysterious job offer, they seemed to get along even better on the phone than they did on the computer.

Taylor said she had her own car and it was no problem for her to come to Callie, so they agreed to meet the following night at the food court in a mall a short bus ride from Callie’s house. As she hung up the phone, she had a mixed feeling of anticipation and dread, but she could always say no, right? She shut down her computer and went out to the family room to watch TV before bed, but her mind was on her meeting the following night.

Chapter 3

The next day was Friday and there was another long and grueling cheerleading practice in preparation for Saturday’s game. By the time Callie made it home, it was well past five and she was seriously considering dropping from the squad. But deep down she knew she couldn’t. She’d applied to a few universities and extra curricular activities looked good on a college application. She could stick it out for the rest of the school year.

She looked at her computer as she began taking off her uniform, but instead of turning it on, she undressed and took a shower first. Her meeting with Taylor was at seven and she needed to leave by six-thirty to make it to the bus stop. She showered quickly and did her hair and makeup, then put on a pair of jeans and a white halter top that showed her bare navel. It was getting cooler in the evenings so she wore a jean jacket over it. She took one last look in the mirror, then left to meet Taylor.

At six-forty-five, she was seated at a table in the food court, nervously fidgeting with rim of her latte as she watched the overhead clock tick closer to seven. At about five minutes to, she saw a familiar face coming through the doors and look around before settling her gaze on the food court. Taylor’s eyes scanned the tables and her face lit up when she recognized Callie waving to her from across the mall.

Callie smiled nervously and waved back as Taylor made her way through the maze of tables to where she sat. She was wearing a very short black mini-skirt and a lacy top that could have easily passed for lingerie. A biker style black leather jacket completed her ensemble. Callie couldn’t make up her mind if she looked like a model from a magazine or a hooker.

She came over to where Callie was and they hugged. “Hey there!” Taylor exclaimed, “I can’t believe we’re finally meeting!”

Callie giggled and hugged her back. “I know, me too!” She released her and took in her outfit, raising her eyebrows. Taylor noticed her look and laughed, striking a pose before sitting. “You like?”

Callie looked across the table at her friend, then glanced around, noting the several pairs of male eyes that had followed Taylor as she came in. “Maybe a little too much for this place, but definitely hot!” She leaned in, a conspiratorial grin on her face. “You know this isn’t a date, right?”

Taylor’s face lit up and she laughed. “Aw, hell! You mean I got all dressed up for nothing?”

The familiar banter from the chat room seemed to carry over to their actual meeting and they began talking like two old friends. As they chatted, Callie wanted to bring up the topic of the job, but didn’t want to appear too eager. She decided to let Taylor broach the subject.

After about fifteen minutes, Taylor sat back and looked around, noting as if for the first time how much attention she was receiving from some of the male patrons and passers by. She looked back at Callie, her eyes sparkling.

“So, aren’t you going to ask about the money?”

Callie shrugged and picked at the rim of her empty cup. “Sure, I guess.”

Taylor leaned forward, her large breasts resting on the table. “Ok, here it is.” She looked around to make sure no one could overhear her, then spoke in a quiet voice. “Do you like having sex?”

Callie just stared at her. “You don’t mean…”

Taylor’s hand reached out and covered hers. “Hear me out before you judge me. It’s not like I walk the streets.”

Callie met her pale blue eyes and took in a long breath, then released it slowly. She nodded. “Ok, I’ll listen, but I’m not going to prostitute myself.”

Taylor grinned. “You make it sound so sleazy, and it really isn’t. You see, I work for a guy who arranges for older men to hook up with teenage girls. It’s all done ****** and I get to see and even chat with the guy before I decide to do anything. We meet in a hotel room, wham-bam, here’s the cash, and I’m usually outta there inside of an hour. Five hundred bucks a pop.” She grinned, her eyes twinkling. “Not bad, huh?”

Callie listened, her eyes wide. This couldn’t be true. Yes, Taylor had always seemed a little on the wild side, but this was way out there. She shook her head in a disbelieving gesture. “You’re bullshitting me. You don’t do that.”

Taylor nodded, her eyes never leaving Callie’s deep brown ones. “Yes, I do. I can work as much or as little as I want. Whenever I need a few bucks, I just log onto the website and let him know I’m available. I even have a few regulars.”

Callie shook her head again, still not believing what she was hearing. “Ok, let’s say I believe you and that I’m even entertaining the thought of doing it. How do I know I’m even the kind of girl they’re looking for?”

Taylor’s smile widened. If she wasn’t at least somewhat interested, she never would have asked that. “Trust me, you’re the right type. Pretty, sexy, and innocent looking. You’re exactly what they’re looking for.” She looked around again and her voice dropped. “You once told me you aren’t a virgin. Is that really true?”

Callie felt her face flush, but nodded. “It’s true.”

“Do you like having sex?”

Callie shrugged, feeling her face getting hotter. “Sure.”

“Are you good at it? You know, lots of movement, noises, dirty talk? Do you give good head?”

Callie’s face was now bright red. “Taylor…”

Taylor smiled and squeezed her hand. “Don’t be embarrassed. These are all important questions to consider. If you decide to do this, I want you to know what you’re getting into.”

Callie leaned back, fixing her gaze on an Orange Julius sign across the plaza. She wasn’t lying about the sex. She’d slept with three different boyfriends several times in the past two years and had even experienced orgasms while fucking. Giving head was no big deal either - she’d gone down on all the guys she’d fucked, plus a couple more. But could she do it for money? She looked back at Taylor, who was being unusually quiet, her soft blue eyes watching her closely.

“So…what do they expect? I mean, would I have to do whatever they say?”

Taylor leaned forward again, shaking her head. “No, never. If you aren’t comfortable with anything, you don’t have to do it. I’ve had guys ask me to do anal, but I won’t. I always tell them up front before we even meet what I’m willing to do, but sometimes they still ask when we get together. I just say no and it’s never been a problem.” She gave her a questioning look. “Do I take this to mean you’re considering it?”

Callie sighed, shaking her head. “I don’t think…” Taylor interrupted her.

“Before you completely rule it out, take a look at the website.” She took out a pen and a piece of paper and jotted down the URL then passed it to Callie. “It’s a private site, for paying members only. I spoke to Lenny, the owner, about you and he gave me a user name and password for you to use if you want to look around. He’s a really great guy and he won’t fuck you over, pardon the pun. This password is only good for a week, so don’t waste time.”

Callie looked down at the paper and saw the information under the URL. She looked back up at Taylor. “I’m just not sure I could do this. It’s just so…so…”

Taylor grinned. “It’s just sex, Callie. You said you like sex, so why not get paid for it? I only pick the guys I’d want to sleep with anyway, so I just think of it as a date. I’ll admit the first few times were a little weird, but it gets easier.”

Callie met her eyes and tried to smile. “That’s what I’m afraid of.”


Chapter 4

After Taylor dropped her off at home, Callie watched as her bright red Mustang convertible sped off. It sure would be nice to be able to afford a nice car like that, or almost anything else she wanted. But it came back to the same old question; could she have sex for money? And how would she explain her newfound wealth to her parents?

As she went inside and up to her room, she kept turning it over and over in her head. She did truly enjoy sex, especially if the guy knew what he was doing. Most of her experiences had been a little awkward at first, but had turned out ok eventually, although it usually took a few times with a guy before she was able to cum. When she mentioned that to Taylor, she’d smiled and explained that her ‘clients’, as she called them, weren’t high school kids and that they knew what they were doing. She admitted that even so, she sometimes had to fake her orgasms, which was necessary to keep the client happy.

She closed the door to her room, took off her jacket and sat down at her desk. She opened up her laptop and turned it on, then fished the paper with the scrawled website from her pocket. It couldn’t hurt to take a look, right?

She stared at the screen as the computer came to life, then opened up her browser and typed in the URL Taylor had given her. The screen changed, and a small box opened up asking for a user name and password. No site name showed up, just a long number instead at the top of her browser. She carefully entered the username and password, then paused with her cursor hovering over the ‘OK’ icon. She closed her eyes and clicked the mouse, then opened them.

The page had loaded and pictures of young girls wearing sexy lingerie filled the screen. Under each picture was a first name only and a clickable link. She scanned the pictures and noted that they were all much like her, looking nothing like prostitutes, or ‘call girls’ as Taylor had referred to herself as.

She clicked to page two and about halfway down the page was a picture of Taylor wearing a white silk teddy and lying on her side, one long leg slightly bent and her large breasts barely contained in the flimsy material. Under her picture she read ‘Charisma’.

Curious, she clicked the link and was taken to another page with three more pictures, all nudes. Taylor, aka Charisma, was standing in one with her legs slightly parted, one arm under her heavy breasts. Another showed her on all fours, her ass angled toward the camera and breasts just visible underneath.

But the third was the most revealing. She was sitting on a sofa with her feet propped up beside her, legs spread wide, and her fingers probing into her pink pussy. Her eyes were heavily hooded and her mouth hung open in a look that suggested she was blissfully in mid-orgasm.

Callie stared open-mouthed at the pictures, hardly believing this was the same girl she’d gotten to know over the past eight months. Her eyes went to the third picture and the look of sexual abandon on her friend’s face, then dropped down to her open pussy, shaved clean, her swollen labia glistening with moisture.

She swallowed hard. This was too much. How could she pose for pictures like this, enticing strange men to want to fuck her? She quickly closed the website and shut down her computer, convinced there was no way in hell she could ever entertain the notion of doing that.


The next day was Saturday and she once again donned her green and white pleated skirt and matching top, then headed off toward the school. It was almost noon and the game was scheduled to start at two. She was expected at the field by noon to set up and prepare for the pregame show, but her mind was still filled with thoughts of Taylor’s proposal. She wondered just how many clients her friend had fucked to be able to buy that car.

As she walked past the shop with the leather jacket on display in the window, she stopped, her eyes looking at it with a new outlook. Suddenly, it was no longer just a dream. If she wanted it, she’d been given the means to get it. Not in months, when there was a good chance it would no longer be available, but as early as a week or two. She examined it closely, imagining how the soft leather would feel, and how good it would look on her. It was a perfect match for her leather cowboy boots and it would look great when she wore it with her tight jeans. Damn it, she had to have that jacket!

She forced herself to continue on to the football field and went through the same old routines again, although without as much enthusiasm as was expected. More than once she’d been on the receiving end of some harsh glares from her team mates and the cheerleader coach, but she performed her required moves flawlessly. The home team won and after the game she quietly slipped away, avoiding the post game celebration and the inevitable lecture from her coach about team spirit.

She paused again at the shop window on the way home and as she once more stared longingly at the coveted jacket, she made up her mind. She could do it. It wouldn’t have to be a permanent thing, just until she made enough to buy the jacket. Three guys, that wouldn’t be so bad. She might even have fun and it would leave her with a little pocket money to boot.

She went home, showered, and was soon once again logged into the website. She examined the fine print at the bottom and clicked on the ‘contact’ link. Her e-mail program opened up and she typed a short explanation of how she was interested in working there and how ‘Charisma’ had introduced her to the site.

At the last moment, she decided to include a picture. It was the sexiest one she had of herself, although it was nothing like the ones the other girls had posted on the site. It was taken at a friend’s pool last summer and she was standing next to an ex-boyfriend wearing her red bikini.

She carefully cropped out the ex using Photoshop and attached the photo to her e-mail. She thought for a moment, then signed it Tara. She reread it one more time, then taking a deep breath, clicked on the ‘send’ button. There. It was done.

She leaned back in her chair, staring at the pictures of the teens on the website. None of them looked eighteen, which she supposed was the draw. She‘d turned eighteen two months ago so the legality of posting nude pictures wouldn’t be an issue. And besides, she wasn’t going to do it that long anyway. It was just a means to an end, right?

She closed down the site and logged into the chat room looking for Taylor. She wasn’t there so she spent some time flirting with someone calling himself surferdude. He was practically begging her to allow him to view her cam, but she really wasn’t comfortable doing that. In fact, the only person there she’d ever used it with was Taylor.

An icon suddenly popped up telling her she had new mail and she opened it up.

Her eyes grew wide when she saw it was a reply to her e-mail to the teen site. She stared at it for a long moment, ignoring the pings as surfer dude continued to urge her to invite him. Without hardly thinking about what she was doing, she closed the chat room and IM, then opened the e-mail.

‘Tara: Thanks for writing. When Charisma told me she had a friend who might want to join our little family, I was thrilled. She’s one of my top girls and if she’s recommending you, that’s all I need. Your picture is amazing - very sexy body. We’ll need some more erotic pictures of you for the site, so get back to me as soon as possible and I’ll set up the shoot. I will cover all expenses. Write back if you have any questions. Looking forward to seeing you soon…Lenny.’

She read the e-mail again, and again. Holy shit! This could happen!

She got up and walked across her room, then turned and stared back at the screen. A photo shoot. She was going to have to get naked in front of strangers and do lewd poses that would be posted on the website.

Then a thought struck her. What if someone she knew saw her picture and recognized her? True, it was a members only site, but there was a remote possibility someone she might know was a member. After all, it was a local site.

She shuddered at the thought of her parents finding out their perceived innocent little high school cheerleader daughter was actually a call girl; or to put it in the harshest terms, a prostitute.

Advice was needed, and there was only one person she could turn to. She logged back into the chat room, but Taylor still wasn’t there. She picked up the phone and dialed her number. It went to voice mail but she left her cell number in her greeting. Apparently she had her own phone line - perhaps even her own apartment. Callie quickly hung up and dialed the cell number. Taylor answered on the second ring.

“Hello?” There was a lot of background noise and Callie figured she was in the car.

“Taylor, hi.”

“Callie! How are ya, babe?”

She was too preoccupied for conversation and got straight to the point. “Lenny sent me an e-mail. I need to talk to you.”

The noise lessened and Taylor’s voice became much clearer. “Oh, ok… so you decided to give it shot! Excellent!”

“Can we get together? I really need some advice.”

Taylor’s voice softened. “Of course. Are you at home?” When Callie confirmed she was, Taylor said, “Cool. I’m on my way home from a client in your neck of the woods. I can be there in twenty minutes.”

Callie told her she’d be ready then hung up the phone and sat on her bed. Her heart was hammering in her chest and she was afraid she’d just made a terrible mistake. As the reality of what she was considering doing began to set in, the jacket no longer seemed to be as important when she considered the consequences if anyone found out about this. Besides the hurt to her family, how would universities feel about accepting a girl who prostituted herself for a leather jacket, of all things?

She was still mulling this over when she heard the distinctive rumble of Taylor’s Mustang slow and turn into her driveway. She stood up and went downstairs, opening the door only a second after the doorbell rang. Taylor stood there in a tight, short mini dress, grinning broadly. Callie was about to step outside when she heard her mother call out from the kitchen, asking who was at the door.

“It’s just Roxanne, Mom,” she called back. Roxanne was another cheerleader who she hung out with. She didn’t like to lie blatantly, but her mother didn’t know Taylor and if she saw her leaving with a girl dressed like that…well, it wouldn’t be good. “We’re going out for a while, ok?” She went out without waiting for a reply, closing the door quickly behind her.

Taylor followed her to her car and within seconds they were driving away, with Callie looking back over her shoulder. Taylor glanced over at her.

“Ashamed to be seen with me?” She was trying to give her a hurt look but Callie could see the twinkle in her eye.

“Dressed like that? Hell yes! Mom would lock me up if she knew the company I was keeping!”

Taylor laughed and steered into the parking lot of the local A&W, parking at the back of the lot. “Fucking always makes me hungry,” she said, opening her door. “Come on, my treat.”

Callie just stared at her in disbelief. “You can’t go in there! Not looking like…” She gestured toward Taylor’s dress that practically screamed ‘hooker’.

Taylor grinned at her. “Why not?”

Callie could only stare speechless. The A&W was only a couple of blocks from her home and there was a very good chance she’d see someone she knew. Then Taylor laughed and pulled the door closed, cutting the dome light.

“Relax, I was just yanking your chain. I have some regular clothes in the back.”

Callie watched in relief as she pulled a small overnight bag from the back seat and took out a pair of jeans. She managed to wriggle into them then looked out to make sure no one was nearby before tugging the tight dress over her head. She was braless under it and her large breasts quivered in the pale light from the building. Taylor looked up at her as she unfolded her t-shirt and winked, then pulled it over her head and tied her long hair into a pony tail.

She checked her makeup in the mirror, wiping off the remains of her lipstick, then grinned at Callie. “Better?”

“Much. Thank you.”

They went inside and Callie went to the washroom while Taylor got their order. They took a seat at a booth away from the few other patrons. Callie nibbled at her fries, too apprehensive to eat much. Taylor took a huge bite from her burger then studied Callie as she chewed.

“So, what made you decide to e-mail Lenny? Was it the money, or my amazing sales pitch?” She winked again and took a sip of her soda.

Callie sighed and twirled her straw in her mug of root beer. “I really want that jacket,” she replied. “That’s all. Once I get that, I’m done.”

Taylor chewed on another bite, watching her. She nodded to Callie’s untouched burger. “Aren’t you hungry?”

Callie looked up at her. “I’m trying to be serious, Taylor. This isn’t an easy decision for me.”

Taylor nodded and set her burger down. “You’re right. I’m sorry.” She sat back and sipped on her straw. “Are you afraid Lenny is a creep who’ll rip you off?”

She shook her head. “No, no…you said he’s a good guy and I believe you. It’s the whole…sex for money thing. Besides being illegal, my parents would be horrified if they ever found out. They still think I’m pure as the driven snow.”

Taylor nodded. “Ah, I see.” She thought for a moment, then said, “How do you think they could ever find out? I mean, they don’t know you’re having sex and that’s been how long?”

“A couple of years, but it isn’t the same thing. I don’t advertise for dates on the internet.”

Taylor sighed. “What you need…” she began, pointing a fry at Callie, “…is to get laid. How long has it been anyway?”

Callie felt her face redden and glanced around to make sure no one heard Taylor’s louder than necessary question. “Taylor…!”

Taylor grinned and leaned forward, popping the fry into her mouth. “Come on, we’re friends! How long? I’m guessing at least a month.” Callie just stared at her. “Two months?”

Callie sighed, realizing she wouldn’t let up until she answered her. “It’s been a while…I guess Josh and I broke up almost three months ago.”

“Holy fuck! How do you do it?”

Callie shot her a look. “Do what?”

“Go without sex for that long! Holy fuck, one week and I’m digging through the fridge looking for the biggest cucumber!”

Callie chuckled at the image of Taylor masturbating with a big green cucumber despite her unease at the direction the conversation was taking. Maybe she could change the subject.

“Lenny said I need to take some pictures for the site. Where does he do that?”

Taylor gave her a knowing smile, her eyes locked on hers. “He has a studio he uses over in Westmount.” She folded her arms on the table in front of her. “Three months…damn! I’ve got to get you laid right away!” She began looking around at the other patrons as if seeking out viable candidates. Apparently not seeing any, she took another bite of her burger and chased it with a long swig of root beer, then stood up. “Come on. I have an idea.”

She turned and headed for the exit while Callie sat there watching her. She stopped at the door and waved her over. “Come on!”

Resignedly, Callie got up and walked outside with her, afraid to ask what her ‘idea’ might be.

Chapter 5

They left the A&W and began heading out of town. Neither had said a word since they left the restaurant and now Callie was starting to become a little concerned, her stomach feeling like it was filled with hundreds of fluttering butterflies. Just how well did she really know Taylor? What if she was taking her somewhere where she would be forced into a life of prostitution?

She finally convinced herself that she was being ridiculous. Taylor was always a little wild on the website so her behavior tonight wasn’t really out of character. She glanced at her watch. Nine-fifteen. Still early enough that she had a few hours before her one am curfew.

“So…” she finally asked as they sped past the town limits toward Westmount, “…where are you taking me?”

Taylor didn’t reply right away, staring straight ahead as she shifted into fifth gear. She looked over at Callie. “I know a place we can hang out and talk. There might even be some cute guys there.”

Callie groaned. “Taylor, I really don’t want to meet anyone tonight! I have too much on my mind right now!”

Taylor smiled, her eyes back on the road. “You’re just stressing. All you need is a good, hard fuck and you’ll relax.”

Callie’s mouth dropped open. “You were serious?! I thought you were just kidding around!”

Taylor glanced over at her. “I never kid about sex, honey.”

Callie tried to tell her that she wasn’t at all interested in having sex; that she wasn’t the kind of girl who could have a one night stand, but Taylor was adamant.

“Look, if you want work for Lenny, then you have to learn to separate your emotions from the act of having sex. Just hook up with someone, let him ball you, then pull up your panties and go home. You might even enjoy it.”

Callie leaned back in the seat. There was no arguing with her!

She sat there quietly as they entered Westmount and Taylor drove to a subdivision full of average sized bungalows. She made a few turns then pulled up in front of one that looked much like all the rest. They got out and made their way to the back door. Callie lingered back, her heart in her throat as Taylor went up to the door and rang the bell. She looked back at Callie and waved her over just as the door opened.

“Dave! Hey!” she said, leaning in to lightly kiss the dark haired guy who opened the door. A waft of sweet marijuana smoke drifted out into the night air. She motioned toward Callie. “This is a friend of mine…”

Callie stepped forward, extended a hand and interrupted her. “Tara,” she said, forcing a smile. Might as well start getting used to the name.

Taylor’s eyebrow arched slightly but she didn’t miss a beat. “Mind if we hang out for a bit?”

Callie felt Dave’s eyes taking her in, pausing at her hips inside the tight jeans, then he held the door open wider. “Sure. Come on in.”

Taylor went in first and Callie followed her past Dave, feeling his eyes on her ass as they made their way down into the hazy and dimly lit basement. The scent of the pot was even stronger here and a low cloud of smoke lingered in the air. A song Callie recognized as a Grateful Dead tune was playing on the stereo, although she couldn’t remember the name of it. A dark haired girl with long hair was sitting on a well worn couch while another guy was flopped out in a beanbag chair smoking a joint. As her eyes adjusted to the dim lighting, Callie was reminded of a flophouse she’d seen in a movie about hippies in the sixties.

The girl and the guy smoking the joint both turned to them as they came down the stairs. Taylor immediately went over to the guy in the beanbag chair and plopped down in his lap, putting her arm around his shoulders while reaching for the joint with her other hand.

“Hey there, Jim,” she said before taking a long pull on the reefer. She exhaled it as both him and the girl looked up at Callie, who was still standing at the foot of the steps. Dave came down and slipped past her, letting his hand glide over her hip as he did. Taylor nodded toward Callie. “This is Tara. She’s cool. Tara, this is Jim and Cass.”

Everyone murmured a greeting and Callie mumbled a response, but remained where she was. This was all too surreal. Did Taylor really expect her to have casual sex with one of these guys?

Dave accepted the joint from Taylor and took a long hit before passing it to Callie. At first she shook her head, but he was insistent so she took it between her fingers and brought it to her lips, taking a small puff. She tried to hand it back, but he grinned and waved her off.

“Finish it, baby. We have plenty more.”

He went over and dropped onto the couch beside the girl Taylor had called Cass. She was thin, wearing tight black jeans and a Metallica t-shirt that combined with her long, straight, black hair and pale complexion, gave her an almost goth-like appearance. Dave put an arm around her and she settled in next to him, resting one hand on his knee.

Maybe Taylor was just fucking with her about having sex. She seemed to be getting pretty cozy with Jim and it appeared that Dave and Cass were together. She relaxed a little and took another pull off the joint, this one a little bigger.

Then something totally unexpected happened and she almost choked on the smoke. Jim brought a hand to Taylor’s heavy breasts and gave them each a good squeeze. She almost purred her approval and brought her hand up to cover his, guiding him to her erect nipples. Obviously privacy wasn’t a big issue with this crowd.

“So what brings you to my humble abode this fine evening?” Dave asked, startling her. She realized with reddening face that she’d been openly gaping at Jim fondling Taylor. As she stammered to come up with a reply, Taylor looked up at her as Jim continued his unabashed grope.

“Tara’s considering working with Lenny but she’s a little uptight about it. I told her all she needed was a good fuck to help her make up her mind.”

Everyone turned to her and she could feel her face burning as their eyes undressed her.

“Cool,” Cass murmured nonchalantly, glancing up at her as she held a lighter to a joint between her lips.

She wanted to turn and run back up the stairs, but before her brain could tell her feet to start moving, Taylor was suddenly there taking her hand. She led her over to the couch and sat her next to Dave. “You don’t mind sharing tonight, do you Cass?”

The dark haired girl blew out a long breath of smoke, shaking her head as her dark bloodshot eyes looked directly across Dave to Callie. “Fuck, no. As long as I can join in too.”

As Callie listened to this, the reality of what Cass said finally penetrated her mind and she felt her adrenalin surge. She tried to push herself up, but Taylor bent over her, her face only inches away. Her eyes danced with excitement; and something else she knew all too well: lust. Her close proximity should have felt extremely uncomfortable, but for some reason it didn’t really bother her that much. It must be the pot, although it had never had this effect on her before. But she was definitely catching a good buzz.

Taylor’s blue eyes searched hers, then without warning, she straddled Callie’s legs and climbed onto her lap, pushing her big tits right under her nose. Callie leaned her head back, looking up in shock at her friend. Again, this should have made her very uneasy, but the feel of Taylor’s warm body resting on hers was kind of nice. Taylor smiled down at her.

“Feeling a little better now?”

Callie swallowed hard and didn’t reply, continuing to stare up at her and wondering what the fuck was going on. She’d never had any feelings or desire to be with another girl, but there was no mistaking Taylor’s actions! And Cass’s insistence that she would only share her boyfriend if she were there too only confirmed her intuition! They both wanted to have sex with her too! And the scary part was, the way she was feeling right now, it actually sounded like it might be fun!

“Y…yeah…um…a little…I…I…don’t…”

Taylor grinned and reached into the pocket of her jeans. She pulled out a baggie which she held up for Callie to see. Inside were maybe a dozen little white pills.

“E,” Taylor said with a grin. “When you went to the bathroom at the A&W, I slipped a couple into your drink.” She wriggled her hips, grinding her pussy against Callie’s pelvis. “You must be starting to feel real good by now!”

Callie swallowed, her mouth suddenly dry. Ecstasy. She’d heard about it of course, but had never tried it.

She became aware of movement next to her and for the first time since Taylor had sat on her legs, she remembered the other people in the room. A hand touched her arm, then moved up it to her shoulder and over to the back of her neck, gently caressing and massaging her. She shivered uncontrollably at the sensation, the drugs amplifying it tenfold. Despite her fear, she couldn’t resist the incredible rush of being touched so sensually and closed her eyes.

She felt warm breath on her face and opened her eyes to see Taylor’s face only an inch or two away, her moist lips almost touching hers. She felt herself giving in to her desires and parted her lips expectantly, as if kissing her was the most natural thing in the world for her to do. She closed her eyes and felt the warm breath move across her cheek to her ear, causing her to tremble with excitement.

“Just relax and enjoy, baby,” Taylor whispered into her ear, her lips brushing against it and her soft warm breath bringing her nipples to full attention. “We’re going to show you just how good sex can be!”


Chapter 6

Callie’s body trembled as hands began to touch her, stroking her arms and lightly brushing across her face. Taylor remained sitting on her and leaned in so that her breasts pressed against Callie’s face. The idea of another girl’s tits in her face somehow didn’t seem as taboo as she thought it would be, no doubt due in part to the influence of the ecstasy.

Then Taylor pulled back and another face moved in, soft lips brushing her cheek, then her lips. At first she wasn’t sure who it was - everything seemed to spinning in a mish-mash of bodies - until she realized it was Dave. His tongue probed sensually at her lips and she parted them, letting him into her mouth. It was without question one of the hottest, most sexually charged kisses she’d ever experienced and she responded by kissing him back hungrily.

Taylor continued to squirm on her lap and she could feel the heat from her body on her legs. She felt hands tugging at the button of her jeans and a part of her mind told her to stop, that this was getting way out of hand.

But in truth, she didn’t want it to stop. Her heart was pounding with excitement and she craved the closeness of the other bodies - male or female, it didn’t matter. As she felt the fly of her jeans being tugged down, Taylor stood up and a moment later Dave’s hot kiss ended.

She looked up to see Taylor smiling down at her and reaching out to her. Dave sat next to her, his hand moving up to cup her tit. Without even thinking, she took Taylor’s hands and allowed her to pull her to her feet. They continued to hold hands and their eyes met.

Unconsciously, she licked her lips and Taylor pulled her closer, their lips almost touching. They held there for what felt like a long time and although Callie could feel her jeans being pulled down, she was powerless to break the intoxicating spell Taylor held over her. Their lips hovered, almost touching, and she thought she was going to burst if Taylor didn’t kiss her soon.

Deciding to make the first move, she moved in, but Taylor seemed to be waiting for her to do that and deftly moved back just enough. Callie gave her a puzzled look, then Taylor laughed and took her face in both hands. She leaned in and as their lips met, Callie closed her eyes and accepted her soft, warm tongue. Taylor’s kiss was soft, sexy, and extremely erotic. If this was what kissing another girl was like, she definitely planned on doing it again! As they kissed, she felt her jeans being pulled all the way down and lifted her feet to allow them to be taken completely off.

Taylor pulled her closer so that their bodies were pressed tight together. She could feel the hot blonde’s stiff nipples pressing against her own mounds, and it felt so fucking good!

She felt hands moving across her panty clad ass and between her thighs, not quite touching her increasingly moist pussy. Then fingers slipped under the waist band and began to ease them down. She started to break off the kiss, some remnant of modesty telling her not to be the first naked chick in the room, but Taylor held her tight. She felt her panties pulled from her wet pussy and down her long legs. As with her jeans, she was urged to lift each foot so they could be removed.

Taylor released her lips and smiled at her, her eyes sparkling. As Callie looked down at her exposed pussy, Dave dropped to his knees before her and looked up to meet her eyes before pressing his face between her thighs and giving her a long, slow lick.

She gasped at his touch, subconsciously parting her legs a little more so he could have better access. His tongue once again moved along her wet slit, then he rolled it around her clit, making her feel like he was sending an electric shock through her body. One of her boyfriends had gone down on her, but he’d been inexperienced and it felt nothing like this. Apparently Dave had some experience in pussy-licking!

Taylor stepped back and pulled her t-shirt off to reveal her heavy tits, then quickly removed her jeans and panties, standing fully naked before them. Callie watched her undress, taking in her friend’s sexy body as Dave continued to lick and suck at her pussy. Taylor rubbed her tits with one hand while pushing the other between her legs to her bare little twat.

“Take off that shirt, sweetie. Show everyone those amazing tits!”

Callie glanced over at Cass and Jim, who had been making out on the couch, but stopped when they heard Taylor and looked up at Callie expectantly. She swallowed hard and then Dave’s tongue met her clit again, causing her to let a soft moan escape her lips.

Before she even realized what she was doing, she’d pulled off her top and was about to reach around to undo her bra when she felt a pair of hands already working at the clasp. She looked over her shoulder to see Cass was unfastening her bra. Callie dropped her hands as Dave’s lips sucked on her hard little clit and Cass finished removing her bra, leaving her completely naked as well.

Callie didn’t care about her nakedness in front of these strangers anymore. Dave had brought her to the very brink of orgasm and the idea that others were watching only made her more turned on. She was reveling in the incredible sensations, her pussy tingling and her skin on fire, when he suddenly gave her one final lick and stood up. She gave him a pleading look.

“Please…don’t stop now!”

He smiled at her and took her hand, bringing it to his lips and kissing it. “Don’t worry, honey. We’ll get you off. Trust me.”

He led her to the beanbag chair and sat her down in it. Then he undid his pants and lowered them, revealing a the tent from his hard cock in his boxers. He pulled off his t-shirt and then took off his shorts.

Callie looked up at his stiff prick hovering over her and oozing precum, making the tip glisten. Dave took a step closer, his hand slowly stroking his cock and she knew exactly what he wanted.

Pushing herself up to a sitting position, she pulled him closer and took his cock in her hand, then licked its entire length. Dave sighed and rested a hand on her head. “Oh yeah, that’s it baby. Now suck it.”

She licked her lips, tasting his salty precum, then kissed the tip before letting it slip past her lips and into her warm mouth. She really wasn’t crazy about giving head but normally didn’t mind doing it, except for letting a guy cum in her mouth. That was something she just didn’t do.

But tonight, she was actually enjoying doing it. She wanted to please him, hear his moans of satisfaction. And the feel of his hard cock in her mouth was making her even hornier.

His hand began to gently urge her to take him deeper and she allowed him to push her head forward until she felt his cock touching the back of her throat. When he heard her gag, he allowed her to pull off, then pushed her all the way back onto him.

This was turning her on like never before and as she began to get into a regular rhythm, she felt hands exploring her tits, two on each one. She glanced sideways and saw the naked Taylor on one side and Cass on the other. Cass still had her panties on, but had removed her jeans and t-shirt. Her tits were smaller than hers and Taylor’s, but still nice - perhaps a B-cup. And the fact that she was sucking cock while two girls fondled her tits no longer seemed like something unusual. Oddly, she found herself wondering where Jim was.

Dave pulled his cock from her mouth and knelt before her, pushing her back until she was lying semi-prone in the bright red beanbag chair. He pushed her legs apart and crept forward until his cock was touching her dripping pussy. Callie’s eyes met his and no words were necessary. She needed his hard cock inside her. Right now.

As she lay back, Cass leaned over her and took her right nipple into her mouth, biting it softly as she sucked on it. A second later, Taylor did the same thing to her left tit. Callie closed her eyes and felt Dave’s cock slip along her swollen labia, then push inside her dripping snatch.

“Oh fuck!” she heard herself whisper as he pushed further into her hot, wet tunnel.

She felt herself stretching to accommodate him and it felt so fucking good! He bottomed out and withdrew, then pushed back in, causing her to yelp in pleasure. He began a slow fuck and she lay there basking in the multiple pleasures that were being inflicted on her young body.

As Dave’s cock and the girl’s mouths worked her over, she sensed another presence near her head and caught the faint aroma of excited cock. She opened her eyes and saw Jim standing beside her, his hard cock in his hand. He was looking at her expectantly but all she could think of was why wasn’t he fucking one of the other girls?

He crouched down and held his cock to her face and she suddenly realized what he wanted. A cock in her mouth and pussy at the same time!? Why the hell not!

She nodded and he moved closer, pressing his wet tip to her lips. She moaned as Dave drove deep into her and at the same time opened her mouth for Jim. He pushed his cock in and she sucked on it as Dave withdrew and slammed home again. She was having trouble keeping up a rhythm with him with so many distractions so he began to rock his hips, fucking her mouth.

After a moment or two, Cass and Taylor stopped suckling her tits and she pulled Jim’s cock from her mouth long enough to look up to see them kissing over her, their hands roaming over one another’s naked bodies.

Then she felt the soft, wet tip of Jim’s cock rubbing against her cheek and lips and turned her head to take him back into her mouth. He moaned his approval with a heavy sigh.

“Oh yeah, baby! Suck that cock!” he gasped, rocking his hips.

Meanwhile, Dave’s thrusts were becoming harder and faster. Her small body shook with the impact and she could feel her orgasm growing again, even bigger than when he was licking her. Jim continued to pump in and out of her wet mouth and a stream of drool hung from her lip.

She felt her pussy begin to throb and tingle, the pressure building inside her. She moaned around Jim’s thick cock, thrusting her hips up to meet Dave’s thrusts. Then, he slowed and pulled out, leaving her pussy gaping and clenching for the cock it so desperately needed right then.

At almost the same instance, Jim pulled his cock from her mouth and she looked up to see Dave taking up a position on the other side of her head while Jim moved down between her widely splayed legs.

While they were switching, she noticed that Taylor and Cass were now on the couch. Cass was lying back with her legs open while Taylor’s head was buried between her thighs.

Then Jim placed the tip of his cock against her swollen lips, bringing her focus back to her own situation. She panted, “Yesss…” as she slowly slid his hard cock between them and deep into her cock-hungry cunt. She groaned a sigh of relief as her pussy was once again filled and when Dave’s cock touched her lips, she eagerly opened her mouth and took him in, taking it in as far as she could.

Immediately she noticed his taste was a little different than Jim’s and she realized she was probably tasting her own excretions as well as his. This was the first time she’d ever sucked a cock after it had been inside her and for a brief second she’d balked at the idea, but then decided the taste wasn’t so bad. Although the idea of tasting pussy was a little foreign to her, the way she was feeling right now, it made her even hornier. Maybe it was the drugs, or seeing Taylor going down on Cass, but whatever the case, she was having the most intense sexual experience she could ever imagine and wanted to savor every moment of it.

Jim wasn’t as thick as Dave, but he was a little longer and was going deeper. She rocked her hips against him until he was all the way in and began to move faster. The sensations she’d been feeling had eased when Dave pulled out, but they were rapidly being resurrected. She began to suck hungrily on Dave’s cock as her moans became louder and her body shook from the force of Jim’s pounding. She felt herself building to a climax and pulled Dave’s cock from her mouth.

“Oh fuck yes!…don’t…stop…!” she panted between thrusts.

Jim responded by grabbing her waist and pulling her to him, slamming her even harder. She closed her eyes and began to moan almost non-stop, the volume increasing as her orgasm built to climax. As she felt herself peaking, her hands clenched and her mouth wide open, a loud cry escaping unbidden as her body tensed.

“Ohhh…fffffuck!!” she cried, releasing her orgasm and stoking Dave’s cock as Jim continued to pump in and out of her tightening vagina. She groaned and tensed as her pussy clenched on Jim’s cock, cumming harder than she could ever remember. She writhed on the chair, her teeth clenched as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss coursed through her.

After what felt like a long time, her body finally relaxed as her climax passed and Dave urged his cock toward her mouth again. She took him back in, her entire body tingling as a few little tremors continued to excite her. Jim began to move again inside her tender pussy and she felt the beginning of another orgasm.

After only a few moments, Dave pulled out of her mouth and began to pump his cock over her. A few seconds later, his hot white cum streamed over her face and hit her chest, then a less powerful shot left a stream across her face, covering her chin, lips and nose. Instinctively, she licked at her lips and got the full flavor of his salty seed in her mouth before she realized what she’d done. Surprisingly, the taste wasn’t all that bad, although she still didn’t think she’d want a mouthful.

Jim was still fucking her throbbing pussy and she soon forgot about the jism on her face and tits. She could feel her body starting to tingle and vibrate, the pressure building in her womb once again.

As she felt herself build toward another release, Jim’s face contorted and he drove deep into her. She felt a warm surge as he released his load deep inside her throbbing pussy and she immediately came again, squeezing his spurting cock and trapping it inside her.

They came together in silence, except for their mutual grunting and gasping, for several long seconds until Jim finally let out a long breath and leaned over her, bracing his arms on either side of her head. They lay there staring at one another until someone began a slow clap.

Both turned to see a naked Taylor grinning and clapping as she sat on the couch with Cass’s legs over hers and Dave sitting beside her. Jim looked back down into Callie’s eyes and winked, then withdrew his softening cock from her dripping pussy. Callie sighed as it was pulled free and a flood of cum spilled to the chair under her. Jim straightened up and moved off and someone tossed a towel onto her stomach.

As Callie began cleaning the sticky cum from her chest, face, and pussy, Taylor came over and knelt beside her.

“So… you looked like you were having fun!” she said with a mischievous grin.

Callie grinned and tossed the towel aside and Taylor helped her to a sitting position. She looked around at the others, who weren’t making any move to get dressed. Jim and Dave each gave her a smile and a nod while Cass was busy spinning up a joint. She turned back to Taylor, who passed her her top.

“Y…yeah…I guess I did,” she said, pulling it on, then reaching for her panties.

Taylor laughed and began to get dressed. “Good for you!” She leaned in closer and whispered, “Now pull up those panties and let’s get out of here!”

Callie grinned and nodded as she stood up to finish getting dressed. She had to make an appointment with a photographer. The sooner, the better!

12-03-2008, 07:00 AM
Good story well written and interesting subject, also very topical here in uk at the moment. Thanks for posting here for the memners to enjoy, which i am sure they will.

12-03-2008, 09:10 AM
thanks for the story. looking forward to what happens next

12-03-2008, 12:05 PM
well written story. Will there be more I HOPE.

12-03-2008, 03:29 PM
well done. great characters

12-03-2008, 04:01 PM
Thank you all, I'm happy you enjoyed it. I don't have any idea how this is topical in the UK right now, niteowl - just a coincidence, but kind of cool.

Nothing in the works as of yet for any more with these characters, but I did leave the door open for more so I may revisit them later on if I have time and there's enough interest.

Brigit Astar
12-03-2008, 09:19 PM
well-written story, good description and character, dialogue is really good--natural--one of the better stories I've read--8+ on the Richter scale

12-17-2008, 02:26 AM
Ok, I guess this is later. Herre's another installment:

Chapter 7

Three days after Taylor’s little orgy at Dave’s, Callie stood in the small dressing room of Lenny’s photography studio adjusting the lacy black bra he’d given her to wear. There was a matching pair of almost sheer black lace panties that barely hid her bare little pussy lips, which were already starting to swell just from the feel of the silky lingerie and the knowledge that she’d soon be undressing completely for him and the photographer.

She’d been feeling more than a little apprehensive on the way there and when Taylor offered her some more of the Ecstasy, she accepted it without hesitation. Now the pill was starting to take effect, increasing her arousal; her craving need for human contact, and lowering her inhibitions.

Finally satisfied with the fit, she took one last look at herself in the mirror, then put on the white robe they’d provided and opened the door.

The studio wasn’t very big and as soon as she stepped out of the dressing room the lights hit her and she had to shield her eyes as she made her way across the room to where Lenny stood talking to Taylor. She was thankful Taylor had volunteered to bring her, both for the ride in and for the moral support. They both turned to her as she approached, the pretty blonde’s face breaking into a wide grin.

“Hey! All set?” she asked excitedly.

Callie nodded sheepishly. “I think so.”

Lenny also flashed her a smile. Before she’d met him her image of him had been the typical grease-ball porn guy - overweight, bald, and leering. But Lenny was pretty much the exact opposite. He was good looking, in his early thirties, with well groomed brown hair and the bluest eyes she could ever remember seeing on a guy. Whenever he smiled at her, those eyes sparkled and she felt like she would almost melt under his warm gaze. No question about it; she was quickly developing a serious crush on the handsome man.

What was he exactly? A pimp? Was that the right word for him? Somehow, it didn’t fit his image. She decided to think of him as her manager, and the way she was feeling right now she would’ve done anything for him. And now he was about to see her naked. She felt a warm dampness between her legs just thinking about it.

He lay a reassuring hand on her shoulder, sending a small shiver of excitement down her spine. “Just relax and pretend you’re posing for a guy you like,” Lenny said in his warm voice. “Forget anyone else is even here.”

She smiled nervously and nodded. ‘That shouldn‘t be too difficult,’ she thought to herself as she watched him move over to where the photographer was setting up.

The photographer finished adjusting the lights and picked up his camera, giving Lenny a nod to show he was ready.

Taylor tugged at the belt holding her robe closed, giving her a seductive grin. “Ok, baby, time to show off that sexy bod!”

Taking a deep breath, Callie undid the belt and shrugged off the robe, passing it to Taylor. She wrapped her arms around herself and shivered despite the heat from the lights, suddenly very conscious of the way she was dressed. She could feel her nipples hardening and poking against the silky fabric of her sexy bra.

Taylor put an arm around her and turned her away from Lenny’s captivating eyes, leading her over to the couch in front of the lights.

“Just try to relax and do what Lenny said, Callie,” she said in a low voice. “Remember, you’re gorgeous and have a beautiful, sexy body. Don’t be ashamed to show it off.”

Callie gave her a nervous smile and nodded. “I’m glad you’re here. I don’t think I could do this without you.”

Taylor smiled and took her hand. “You’re going to do fine, honey. Just think about what we did the other night and how sexy you felt then.”

Callie smiled and nodded, the memories of that night forever etched in her mind. She sat down on the couch as Taylor moved over to where Lenny stood.

“Ok, honey,” the photographer said. “Lie down on the couch and look toward me.”

Callie lay back flat on her back and turned her head in his direction. The lights were now directly in her face and for a moment she was completely blinded. Then a shadow passed in front of them and the photographer leaned over her.

“All right, now bend this leg…” He raised one leg and placed her foot on the couch while leaving the other foot on the floor. “Good…that’s perfect. Now lift your head for a second…” She did and he pulled her long hair from under her, letting some of it fall over the edge of the couch until it almost touched the floor. She lowered her head back down to the cushion and he stood back, one finger to his lips as he studied her pose. Then he reached down and pulled one of her bra straps off her shoulder, loosening the cup so that her left tit was partially exposed. He was careful to keep her hard nipple covered to preserve the mystery of what was hidden under the sexy lingerie. Next, he placed her right hand across her stomach under her breasts and moved her left arm over her head. He studied her again, then looked over at Lenny. “I think that’s it.”

Lenny nodded his approval and the photographer went over behind his camera. “Ok, sweetie, give me your sexiest look. Let’s see those pretty bedroom eyes.”

Callie licked her lips and gave him what she hoped was a sultry smile that would transform her from a high school cheerleader into a seductive vixen, trying to look as sexy as she felt in the lacy black lingerie. The camera flashed again and again as he had her try different expressions.

“Ok, now bite your lower lip…yeah, that’s perfect!” The camera whirred again, then he stood up. “Ok, I think we have enough of this type,” he said to Lenny. “We’re not going to get any sexier than that with clothes on!”

Lenny nodded and smiled at Callie. “Good job, baby. Now let’s lose the lingerie and get some nudes.”

As Callie sat up, Taylor came over and helped her to her feet. Her face was beaming. “Wow, girl! You looked so hot!”

Callie returned her grin. “Thanks,” she mumbled nervously. Now came the hard part.

Taylor hugged her and the feel of her almost naked flesh pressing against her warm body made her tremble as she remembered how good it had felt when she’d embraced and kissed her a few nights before.

Taylor spun her around and quickly had the clasp of her bra undone. Callie instinctively held it in place, glancing up at the photographer and Lenny who were standing off to one side smoking. She took a deep breath as Taylor came around in front of her.

“Come on, now, don’t be nervous. Just pretend you’re undressing for me.” She grinned and leaned in to give her a quick peck on the lips. “If we can wrap this up quickly, maybe you and I could…you know…have a little fun?” Her eyebrows arched and she held Callie’s eyes, looking at her expectantly.

Callie tried to laugh and after a second’s hesitation, lowered her hands, letting the bra fall from her breasts. “I don’t know if I’m quite ready for that yet,” she said as Taylor’s hands moved to her waist and began to work the skimpy thong down.

Taylor wasn’t at all fazed by her response. “That’s what you said about the pictures on the way over here.”

Callie considered that as the buxom blonde knelt down to finish undressing her, looking across the room to where Lenny and the photographer had finished their cigarettes and were now watching the two girls. She felt a pang of anxiety as Taylor tugged at her leg and she lifted first one foot, then the other so she could remove her panties. Then Taylor stood up, bringing the black panties to her nose and inhaling deeply.

“Mmm …now don’t try to tell me you aren’t turned on, honey!” she exclaimed, then slipped a finger between Callie’s legs, bringing a surprised gasp from her lips. She grinned and brought her finger up in front of their faces, examining the wetness on it. “Uh-huh…I knew it!” She placed her finger to her lips, rubbing the wetness onto them before taking it into her mouth and sucking on it, her eyes locked on Callie’s. Then she popped it out and with a wink and a grin, turned and went back over next to Lenny.

The photographer came back over and she could feel his eyes taking in her naked body, causing her to shiver with nervous excitement. It was very unnerving being naked like this in front of strange men, but she also found that on some level it was turning her on. Not to mention that Taylor’s proposal had also aroused her curiosity and she realized she was seriously considering it.

The photographer had her sit on the couch, leaning against one arm of it with one leg on the floor and the other propped up and spread wide to show her bare slit. He had her place one hand on her tit and pinch her nipple as he snapped a few pictures using different facial expressions.

Next, he had her lay on her stomach with her butt slightly up and her legs parted to show her pink pussy. She had her crossed feet in the air, leaning slightly to one side so most of her left tit was visible, and was looking back over her shoulder at him. Again, he had her try different facial expressions and snapped several shots.

“Ok, now for the money shot,” he said after he finished. “I need you to masturbate for me…I mean really get into it. Do you have any preferences for a position?”

Callie thought for moment and shrugged. The only times she’d masturbated was in bed under the covers. “I …I don’t really know…” she said, glancing over to Taylor. Taylor realized she was fishing for suggestions and spoke up quickly.

“You’ve seen my pics, right?” Callie nodded. “Just do something like that. I find it better to actually finger myself than to try to fake it, but it’s totally up to you. But if you don’t want to really do it, at least do your best to make it look real. That’s what draws in the clients.”

Callie nodded thoughtfully, then sat down in almost the same position as her first nude, but she spread her legs wider, opening up her labia. She reached down and began to rub her clit, then slipped a finger between her wet lips, sighing and closing her eyes as she pushed her finger deeper inside her dripping snatch. Her other hand went automatically to her tits and twisted on her hard nipples. She was so turned on that she began to feel the warm tingle almost immediately, despite her nervousness. She chewed on her lower lip, moaning and gasping as her fingers circled her erect clit, surprising herself at her wanton sexuality in front of these strangers. The photographer’s voice startled her.

“All right, honey, that’s a wrap. I’m all done but you can stay there until you finish if you like.”

Callie opened her eyes and squinted against the bright lights, surprised that it was over so quickly. She pulled her fingers from her wet vagina and Taylor was there a second later, taking her hand and bringing her wet fingers to her rosy lips.

“Holy shit, girl! That was so fucking hot!”

She opened her mouth and took Callie’s pussy-soaked fingers in, slurping and sucking while making contented little sounds. Callie watched her and found herself becoming even more aroused than she already was just from the feel of her friend’s mouth sucking on her fingers so seductively.

She finally pulled them from her lips and grinned at the naked teen, her eyes sparkling. “So, wanna go fuck?”

A few days ago, Callie wouldn’t have even entertained the idea of sex with another girl, but before she even realized she was doing it, she was nodding and returning Taylor’s sexy grin. Taylor’s face lit up.

“Really?! Awesome!” She pulled Callie to her feet and led her back to her dressing room. “Come on…my apartment’s only few minutes from here!”

Callie went in and began to get dressed, her heart pounding with excitement at the idea of her first true lesbian encounter. Was she ready for it? She sure felt like it right then. She pulled on her jeans and t-shirt, quickly checked her make-up, then grabbed her purse and jacket and went out to meet Taylor.

Chapter 8

“Lenny said your proofs were some of the best he’s seen,” Taylor was saying as they sped toward her apartment.


“Oh, yeah…and I have to say, you looked smokin’ hot, baby!” She gripped Callie’s hand and looked over at her. “You still do …and I can’t wait to get you naked in my bed!”

Callie squeezed her hand but said nothing. Her initial excitement at the thought of sex with Taylor was starting to wan a little and she wondered if she’d have the guts to actually go through with it. Taylor seemed to sense her apprehension.

“Hey, you’re not going to change your mind, are you?”

Callie looked down and shook her head. “No…I mean, I said I would, so I will.”

Taylor didn’t reply, but slowed and pulled over to the curb. She looked over at Callie, who was still staring down at her hands in her lap.

“Callie, I don’t want you to do this just because you think it’ll please me. I want you to want it too. If you’re having second thoughts, I’ll understand.” She took her hand and squeezed it, causing Callie to look over at her. “I won’t say I won’t be disappointed,” she said with a reassuring smile, “…but I will understand.”

Callie tried to return her smile, then leaned her head back against the headrest. “I…I think I do,” she said, “ …but it’s just all happening so fast … it’s a little overwhelming and…”

Taylor interrupted her. “I know, honey. I felt the same way the first time I was with another girl.” Callie inhaled a deep breath and looked straight out the windshield.

For a second, neither said anything, then Taylor suddenly opened her door. “Wait here. I’ll be right back.”

She got out and Callie watched her duck into a convenience store down the block. She wondered what she was doing but was more preoccupied with the situation she was faced with. She truly liked Taylor and the thought of having sex with her wasn’t unappealing, just so…taboo.

She remembered a girl at school who’d come out earlier that year and while her close friends still hung out with her, most of the other students kind of just …stayed away. No one teased her or anything like that, it was just like she had some kind of contagious disease or something. Callie had to admit to herself even she was guilty of it.

Now her friend wanted to have sex with her and the thought of people treating her like that absolutely terrified her. She sighed. That would be almost as bad as if word got out about her new after-school ‘job’. Still, she was attracted to Taylor and the memory of her head buried between Cass’s thighs the other night made her pussy leak a little. Maybe she could do it. Everyone experimented a little when they were young, right?

She was pondering it when Taylor emerged from the store tucking her cell phone into her purse. She got back in the car and smiled at Callie.

“Slight change of plans, babe.” She started the car and pulled away from the curb. Callie looked over at her.

“Change of plans? How so?”

Taylor didn’t answer for a moment, not until she’d made a right turn and driven two blocks.

“Well, I thought maybe you might be more comfortable if we had a guy there too.” She glanced over at the shocked look on Callie’s face.

“Taylor …you know how I feel about you setting me up with guys I don’t know!”

Taylor laughed. “You seemed to do ok with Dave and Jim!”

Callie sighed and shook her head. “Taylor…come on. Let’s just go back to your place. I can do this. I want to do it.”

Taylor shook her head and made another turn. “Nope, sorry, too late now.” She looked over at her, a wry grin on her face. “Besides, this isn’t a stranger.”

Callie felt her heart pound a little faster and swallowed a huge lump. “Wh…who is it?”

Taylor grinned and looked over, then laughed. “Someone who thinks you are one sexy lingerie model!”

Callie had to think for a brief moment, then her eyes grew wide. “Taylor! You didn’t…”

“I saw the way you two were mentally raping one another,” she said with a wide grin. “So I gave Lenny a call and he can’t wait to hook up with you…well, me too…but mostly you.”

Callie felt her mouth going dry and took a long pull from the bottle of water she’d brought from the studio. Holy shit! The thought of hot and sexy Lenny pushing his cock into her tight pussy almost made her cream her panties right then and there.

Chapter 9

A short ten minutes later they pulled into the parking lot of a condo complex and Taylor parked in the visitor’s section. She turned off the car and took Callie’s hand, kissing it softly.

“Come on, baby. You’re going to love this!”

Callie looked over at her. “I just hope I don’t chicken out.”

Taylor laughed and reached into her purse. “I won’t let you because I know from experience how good Lenny is in bed. And trust me, I mean really, really fucking good!”

She retrieved her little bag of Ecstasy and gave two more to Callie, then swallowed two herself. Callie swallowed the pills with the last of her water and they got out of the car.

Together they made their way across the parking lot and Lenny buzzed them up to his condo. He was standing in the open door with a glass of wine when they stepped off the elevator, his trademark smile and brilliant blue eyes leaving Callie a little weak-kneed as he stepped aside and ushered them in.

“Ladies…welcome!” he said as they passed him. “Would you like a glass of wine?”

They both did and he poured them each a glass while they took off their coats and sat down on his beige leather couch. Taylor leaned back and crossed her long legs, seeming to be quite at home, while Callie perched on the edge, nervously wringing her hands together between her legs.

When Lenny passed her the glass of wine, she murmured a quiet thank you and sipped on the dark red liquid. He took a seat in front of them on the coffee table, sipping on his wine and allowing his gaze to drift over Callie, then over to Taylor, before finally settling back on Callie.

“Your shoot was excellent, Tara. Would you like to see some of the proofs?”

She nodded, then came to a decision. If he was going to fuck her as well as manage her new career, she had to be honest with him. “My name…it isn’t really Tara…”

Lenny smiled and caressed her hair as he stood. “I know, Callie. But I wasn’t going to say anything until you were ready to tell me.”

He went into his office to retrieve the prints and she cast an angry sideways glare at Taylor, who shrugged.

“I didn’t tell him,” she whispered. “But he does do a check on all his girls, to make sure they’re eighteen and other stuff. Don’t worry, he won’t say anything to anyone.”

Lenny returned and passed a large manila envelope to Callie. She nervously pulled out the eight by ten pictures and her eyes widened as she saw herself in the sexy poses. The final shot of her masturbating, her eyes closed and mouth open as her fingers diddled her pussy was the coup de grace. She really did look good, very much like all the other pictures on the site; even better than some. And the way she was made up, there was a slight chance if someone she knew saw her pictures, they might not even recognize her. Besides, no one would suspect that the innocent cheerleader would be offering her body on a porn site, right?

“So, what d’ya think?” Lenny was asking, startling her from her thoughts. “The camera really seems to like you.”

Callie nodded and Taylor reached for some of the photos, letting a low whistle escape her lips as she flipped through them. “Holy fuck!” She looked over the top of the pictures at Callie. “When these go up, be prepared for lots of responses!”

Lenny laughed and stood up. “I can do that right now if you like,” he said. “That way you can help choose the ones you want to use.”

They followed him into his office and for the next fifteen or twenty minutes they went through the photos until they’d selected one in the black lingerie for the main page and three nudes for her profile page. He wrote up a little bio with Callie and Taylor’s help and posted it to the site. He explained to Callie how she’d be paid, telling her that he collected the money in advance and her share would be deposited in a bank account before she even met the guy.

“There, it’s official,” he said with a final click of his mouse. He stood up and walked around his desk to where Callie was sitting next to Taylor. “Now, how about if you show me what you’re going to be offering your clients.” His eyes seemed to bore into hers and she found herself nodding and accepting his offered hands. He pulled her to her feet and held her close, her small body enveloped in his arms.

Callie could feel her heart beating so hard she was sure he must have felt it too. The pill she’d taken before the photo shoot had pretty much worn off, but the two she’d taken just before they came up to the condo were beginning to kick in and the feel of Lenny’s warm body holding her felt incredible. She nestled her head against his chest and squeezed him tighter, running her fingers up and down his back.

He pulled back a little and leaned down, his face only inches from hers. Callie closed her eyes as their lips met and the rush of adrenalin when he pushed his warm tongue into her mouth was almost like a small orgasm. They kissed deeply and she felt herself becoming lost in him. Everything about him seemed to trigger some sexual response in her; his scent, the taste of his kiss, his firm body, not to mention the feel of his stiffening cock pressing against her thigh.

She felt another hand on her shoulder and Lenny broke off the kiss. She mourned the loss of his hot mouth, but turned to see Taylor standing topless next to them, her rosy nipples protruding from her large tits as she squeezed and fondled them. She pulled Lenny to her and kissed him hard while Callie watched, a slight pang of jealousy clawing at her stomach.

But the kiss only lasted a few seconds and Taylor looked at her, licking her lips. Before Callie had time to think, they were locked in a hot, passionate kiss that was very near the equal to the one her and Lenny had just shared. Yes, Taylor had french-kissed her before, but this time it was much more passionate.

She sucked on Taylor’s tongue hungrily as she felt someone’s hands tugging at her t-shirt and slipping under it, moving up until they reached her firm tits. She broke off the kiss and looked down to see Lenny cupping her tits, his fingers teasing her already hard and sensitive nipples to new heights of arousal.

“Oh, fuck!” she gasped, raising her arms so Taylor could remove her shirt. Since the plan had been for her and Taylor to go have sex immediately after the shoot, she hadn’t bothered putting on a bra, or even panties. As Taylor pulled her shirt over her head, her bare breasts were exposed, leaving Lenny’s hands free to hold them fully.

“Beautiful…” he whispered, then leaned down to kiss one, then the other before taking her hard nipple into his mouth. As he began to suck and nibble on it, Taylor pulled Callie’s lips back to hers and resumed their kiss.

She took Callie’s hand and brought it up to her own breast, pressing it there and holding it until her fingers began to knead the supple flesh. Taylor sighed into her mouth and murmured something unintelligible. Callie found her long, hard nipple and began to tease it, running her finger in circles around it before pinching it. Taylor pulled her mouth from Callie’s and gasped.

“Oh, yes baby! Pinch it…harder!”

Callie squeezed harder on the stiff nub and Taylor squealed in delight. It was becoming increasingly difficult to concentrate on Taylor’s gorgeous tits while Lenny’s mouth was giving her own mounds a good workout. Her nipples were extremely sensitive and she loved having them sucked, but never before had anyone made her feel the way he was just by sucking her tits. She could feel a warmth radiating from her groin and she held his head in place, not wanting him to stop.

Before long, the warm feeling grew and, as unbelievable as it seemed, she knew she was going to cum just from his tit sucking! Her fingers still pinched and twisted Taylor’s nipples, but her mind was now fully on her own pleasure. Her breathing started to come in ragged breaths and she could hear herself moaning as his mouth suckled and teased her nipples.

“Oh fuck!” she groaned as her orgasm peaked and released. She grunted and felt her legs weaken as the wave of pleasure surged through her.

Lenny was fully aware of what she was experiencing, as was Taylor, who’d been on the receiving end of several of his tit orgasms.

After a moment, he released her tits and stood up, still holding her trembling body to his as her orgasm subsided. She opened her eyes and smiled up at him.

“W…wow!” she panted.

Taylor moved in and hugged them both. “Didn’t I tell you he was amazing?”

Lenny laughed and kissed her. Callie shook her head in disbelief.

“Yeah, but…wow! I didn’t think that was even possible!”

Taylor giggled and leaned in to kiss her. “I know! I wanted to surprise you. Lenny’s a man of many talents. If he can do that with your nipples, just imagine what he can do to your pussy!”

Lenny chuckled and put an arm around each girl. “Why don’t we retire to the bedroom and I’ll show you just what I can do to those sweet little pussies!”

They made their way back across the living room and down the short hallway to the master bedroom. Callie surveyed it with a look of wonder as Taylor and Lenny went over to the king size bed. The room was huge - as big as the living room, making the large bed seem smaller. In one corner sat a large hot tub and on the opposite wall was the biggest flat screen TV Callie had ever seen. It appeared the sex for cash business was very lucrative indeed.

“Come here, baby,” Taylor cooed.

She looked over and saw that the sexy blonde had removed her pants, leaving her wearing only a very small pink thong. Lenny was shirtless and his hairless chest caused her to stop and admire it. He looked like a model from a magazine, his pecs firm and well pronounced while his abdomen showed the faint outline of a six-pack.

Taylor knelt on the bed and continued to beckon her over. Somehow, she managed to make her feet move and managed to walk over to where Lenny stood next to her on the bed. He looked down at her firm breasts, then to her tight jeans and licked his lips. Despite her dazed state, Callie knew what was expected of her and this time she had no reservations about being the first one naked.

She undid her jeans and wriggled out of them, standing up and tossing them to the floor. Lenny’s eyes lit up as her fully nude body was exposed and her eyes drifted down to the growing bulge in his own slacks.

Taylor noticed her gaze and moved closer to Lenny. “Mmm…Lenny, why don’t you take off your pants so we can have a little taste?”

Lenny grinned and stroked Taylor’s hair, but looked over at Callie. “I’d love it if Callie did that for me,” he replied, his eyes meeting hers.

Callie swallowed hard and took another step closer. She looked down at his crotch and reached out to unfasten his pants, her hands trembling. Somehow she managed to release the clasp and lower the zipper. She could feel the heat from his arousal and smell the musky aroma of excited cock. She slid a hand inside his open pants and reached in, her fingers tracing along the long, hard shaft. She met his eyes and he grinned at her, holding her face in his hands.

“Undress me, baby,” he whispered, then moved his hands to her shoulders, gently pushing down on them.

Callie got the hint and dropped to her knees before him, now looking straight at his groin. She grasped the waistband and began to work them down, leaving him standing in just his boxers. He helped her to remove his pants and she found her eyes once again drawn to his fully hard member, now even more pronounced in the boxer shorts.

Taylor stood up and pulled her skimpy thong off, then knelt next to Callie, grinning at her. She reached up and grasped his boxers on one side and after a second’s hesitation, Callie took the other side. Together they began to work his shorts down.

Callie was mesmerized as the long hard cock was slowly revealed to her. It wasn’t porn star huge, but was still a good size; definitely bigger than any she’d ever had. Maybe seven or eight inches. It was also quite thick and she wondered just how it would feel to have it spreading her tight little hole.

Taylor finished removing the boxers and grinned at her. “Not bad, huh?”

Callie nodded, her eyes taking in the long hard cock from the base of his scant pubic hair all the way to the engorged tip, where a drop of clear fluid was poised to drip from the hole.

“Mmmm…” Taylor murmured, bringing her hand up to stroke the thick shaft. Her fingers were just long enough to reach around it so that her middle finger just touched her thumb. “I just love a big dick! Don’t you?”

Lenny looked down and smiled at the two teens kneeling before him. There was only one thing he enjoyed better than fucking the shit out of a hot little eighteen year old. And that was fucking the shit out of two hot little eighteen year olds!

Taylor pumped it for several seconds, then released it and motioned for Callie to take a turn. She wrapped her fingers around the hard shaft and began to jerk him off, looking up at him as she did. It turned her on to watch a man’s face as she pleasured him and Lenny’s smile told her she was doing a good job. She could feel the hardness and the pulse of his heart as she continued her hand job, her pussy becoming even wetter at the thought of it plunging deep inside her.

Taylor watched Callie’s tender hand job for several seconds, then leaned in and turned her to face her. She smiled and moved in for a kiss, pushing her tongue into her mouth as soon as their lips touched. Callie responded by returning the kiss, her free hand pulling the blonde closer as their tongues darted and teased. The feeling of Taylor’s soft skin was almost orgasmic and she pulled her to her so that their bare breasts were pressed together, her craving for the touch of another person almost insatiable.

Lenny watched their hot kiss for a while as Callie’s soft hand continued to work his cock. It was so fucking hot watching two naked and sexy young girls making out that he could have easily shot off a load all over their tits. But he didn’t. Not yet. Plenty of time for that.

He reached down and caressed Taylor’s hair until she broke off the kiss and turned her soft blue eyes up to him. “Suck my cock, girls,” he said, like it wasn’t a request. Callie looked up, then over to Taylor. Was that really an order? If so, it was kind of hot!

Taylor was the first to move in, rolling her tongue over the large head and then spreading her lips over it before taking in the almost half of the thick cock. She began to move back and forth on him, murmuring her enjoyment.

Callie watched her friend swallow the hard cock and tried to imagine how it would taste and feel in her own mouth. She looked up at Lenny, who was looking down at Taylor and gently petting her head. He looked over at Callie and said matter-of-factly, “I love to have my balls licked, too.”

She looked down at his heavy sac between his legs and dropped down so that she could reach it. He was cleanly shaven there and she began by licking his balls, then took one into her mouth and sucked on it. He moaned his approval and she continued her sucking for a few minutes before moving to the other one.

“Yeah…” he sighed, “Very nice…”

After a few minutes, Taylor pulled her mouth from his thick meat and said, “Your turn, sweetie.”

Callie released his balls and sat back up on her knees, her hand going up to grasp the thick shaft. Taylor pulled her head to her and kissed her again, leaving the faint taste of cock on her tongue. She released her and urged her forward. It didn’t take much urging.

She parted her lips and took him into her mouth, using her tongue to stroke the sensitive underside as her lips closed around the shaft. She began to bob her head back and forth, noisily slurping at the hard cock. She found she was really starting to enjoy giving head, instead of seeing it as something somewhat unpleasant that was expected of her.

Lenny murmured his appreciation, but placed a hand on her head to slow her movements. “Easy, baby,” he said, “We don’t want to fill that little mouth too soon, now!”

Callie slowed down and her heart froze at the thought of him cumming in her mouth. That was something she said she would never do, although when she tasted some at Dave’s house after her facial, she found the taste wasn’t all that bad. And it was kind of hot!

Meanwhile, Taylor had stood up and was moaning as Lenny suckled her tits. Callie glanced over at her friend’s naked legs, her eyes moving up to where the swollen lips of her pussy glistened with moisture. Before she even realized she was doing it, her hand was moving up Taylor’s inner thigh, pausing for only a brief second before she ran a finger along her dripping slit. Taylor’s legs parted more, giving her full access to her needy snatch, but now Callie wasn’t sure what else to do.

As she continued to suck on Lenny’s cock, she decided to just do what she’d want someone to do to her and began to rub her wet fingers around the hot blonde’s erect clit. Taylor began to pant and her legs trembled as Callie’s fingers and Lenny’s talented mouth worked her into a sexual frenzy.

“Oh fffffuck…” she moaned. She parted her legs more and turned her head in Callie’s general direction. “Finger-fuck my cunt! Please!”

Unsure of exactly what to do, Callie pushed a finger deep into Taylor’s hot hole, eliciting a gasp from her.


She pushed it in as far as she could, thinking that was what the panting girl meant, but Taylor looked down at her, her eyes wide as Callie’s mouth encircled Lenny’s thick shaft.

“More fingers! Fuck me baby! Hard!”

Callie realized that she was taking on too much and released Lenny’s cock with a quick lick, then turned her full attention to Taylor. She pulled her finger out and replaced it with two. Taylor grunted and spread her legs wider. Callie withdrew again and pushed three fingers up her friends hot, wet snatch. This time, Taylor squealed in pleasure.

“Ohhhh…fuck yes! Fuck me…!”

She began to pump her fingers in and out of Taylor’s hot pussy as Lenny continued his assault on her tender nipples. Before long, she was moaning non-stop and her body was jerking and shaking. Callie watched in fascination as her orgasm built, then peaked, her pussy clamping down on her fingers and a warm wetness oozing over them as Taylor convulsed in the throes of a very intense orgasm.

Lenny stopped sucking on her tits and winked down at Callie as Taylor slowly came down from her orgasm. She leaned against him and Callie withdrew her dripping fingers from her pussy, examining the creamy excretion that coated them. She brought them to her nose and inhaled the scent of Taylor’s cum, finding it not at all unpleasant.

Taylor staggered to the bed and plopped down, then lay back with her feet still on the floor next to where Callie knelt. Lenny reached down and helped Callie to her feet, then kissed her deeply. He released her and grinned.

“You give pretty good head,” he said, brushing the hair from her eyes. He noticed she was holding her wet fingers away from him and leaned in to sniff them, then his grin grew wider and he looked over at Taylor’s sprawled body, her flushed chest heaving as she caught her breath.

“You squirted!” he exclaimed, holding Callie’s wet fingers out for her to see.

Taylor opened her eyes and looked up at her friend’s fingers, then smiled dreamily. “I thought I felt something,” she said before closing her eyes again.

Lenny turned back to Callie, still holding her cum-coated fingers. “Have you ever tasted a woman’s cum?” She shook her head, her eyes locked on his. He grinned and moved her fingers to her lips. “Go ahead, then. It’s the sweetest thing I know of!”

Callie glanced at her fingers. They were beginning to dry but still glistened with Taylor’s juices. She looked back to Lenny and he nodded, pushing her fingers closer.

Taking a deep breath, Callie slowly opened her mouth and stuck one finger in, rolling it on her tongue. As she tasted the sweet cum, Lenny moved closer and took one of her other fingers into his mouth, sucking on it while their faces were almost touching. Callie was so turned on and caught up in his eyes that she almost forgot she was tasting pussy.

He pulled her finger from his lips and she did the same, their eyes still holding. Then he took her other finger and cleaned it off too, his tongue moving sensually and making her heart skip.

“I bet you taste just as sweet,” he murmured, sliding a hand down to her own dewy slit. She gasped as his finger slipped easily along her well-lubricated lips, closing her eyes and mentally willing him to at least put his finger inside her aching cunt. He did, and she moaned when he began to roll it all around, collecting her sweet juices, then bringing it out and slipping it into his mouth. She watched as he closed his eyes, savoring her taste and licking his lips when he was finished. He smiled at her.

“I intend to sample much more of that,” he said, with a grin. He looked over at Taylor, who was pushing herself up into a sitting position on the bed. Her breathing was pretty much back to normal and her eyes glittered as she watched them. Lenny released Callie’s hand and turned to Taylor.

“But first,” he said, reaching down and grabbing her ankles, “I’m going to give this little slut a good fucking!” He pulled her to the edge of the bed and lifted her legs up, spreading them wide. He stepped forward, resting her ankles on his shoulders as the soft tip of his cock rubbed against her wet labia.

Callie watched, stunned by the change in Lenny’s attitude. Did he just call Taylor a slut?

Taylor whimpered as he began to move the tip of his cock up and down her slit. “Oh, yes, please! I’m such a slut and I need a good, hard fuck!”

Again, Callie’s eyes widened as she heard Taylor’s response to Lenny’s harsh words and somewhat forceful advances on her friend. She was about to say something when Taylor turned to her and gave her a slight grin and a wink. Suddenly, she began to understand what was happening. She’d heard about this …what was it called …? Role-play. That was it. Where people got some form of sexual satisfaction from pretending to be different characters. It appeared that Taylor and Lenny were acting out some form of scenario involving a naughty slut and a bad boy rapist.

“Oh, yes, you fucking whore,” Lenny was saying as he pressed the head of his hard cock harder against her wet lips. “Here it comes!”

With that, he suddenly pushed forward and Callie could see Taylor’s body jerk as his cock was buried all the way into her pussy in one hard thrust. She cried out, her back arching as he withdrew and slammed in again. As she watched them start to fuck harder, Lenny cursing her and calling her names, Callie began to get very turned on by it. She slid a hand down between her legs and began to tease her clit, then pushed two fingers deep inside her moist hole. Every time Lenny pounded deep inside Taylor, she would match his thrust by driving her fingers deep into her own pussy, gasping louder every time.

Lenny must have heard her moans and gasps because he paused his pounding and turned to her, his cock all the way in Taylor’s cunt. Callie had her fingers deep inside herself and his eyes drifted down to her pussy before moving back up to meet hers.

“Well, it seems that we have two little sluts here today,” he said, giving her a wink. “Maybe I should give you a little punishment as well!”

Taylor looked up at them and Callie felt her own excitement grow at the thought of being included in their sexy game. She bowed her head.

“I’m a bad little girl,” she said in a low voice.

“You mean you’re a whore, too. Am I correct?” Lenny asked, his voice taking on the hard edge he’d been using with Taylor.

She nodded again. “Yes, sir. I’m a whore. I love getting fucked by big cocks.”

Lenny withdrew and slammed back into Taylor’s cunt again, then leaned over her. “So, what should we do with this other whore?”

Taylor looked up at him, then over to Callie. “I think she needs to be taught a lesson, sir.”

Lenny nodded, looking back over at the still-cowering Callie. “Yes, a lesson,” he said thoughtfully. “I’m going to have to think of a proper punishment. But for now, whore, I want you to sit on this slut’s face and she’s going to eat your pussy while I finish fucking her.”

Callie looked up at him, then over to Taylor, a questioning look on her face. Taylor beckoned to her, her lips curled into a very seductive grin. Lenny gestured toward Taylor, his eyes studying Callie’s reactions.

“Go on, bitch! Straddle the whore’s face and make her eat your cunt!”

Callie hesitated for a second, then slowly made her way over to the bed. Lenny wasn’t moving, his cock still buried to the hilt in Taylor’s pussy and his eyes following her. She climbed onto the bed and crawled over next to her friend. Taylor’s eyes shone with excitement and Callie could tell she was extremely turned on. Her own heart was pumping at a feverish pace as she looked down at Taylor’s naked torso, her legs pointing straight up and her huge tits flattened slightly and spread to each side.

A hard smack on her bare ass made her jump and yell out a cry of pain. She turned to Lenny, who was watching her, his eyes wild.

“I said to fuck her face, bitch! Now!”

Callie’s excitement grew and even the slap on her ass caused her already wet pussy to become even wetter. She nodded her head. “Yes, sir. Sorry.”

She carefully lifted one leg over Taylor’s chest and knelt with her hot pussy hovering over her heavy breasts, her back to Lenny. She felt his hand press into her back, urging her forward and she leaned over Taylor’s head, bracing her arms on the bed so that her own tits swung down over her mouth. She let out a gasp as Taylor’s mouth began to nip and suck on her hard and very sensitive nipples.

At the same time, Lenny’s hand slid between her legs and cupped her pussy. She moaned as he pushed a finger into her dripping snatch and began to move it around inside her hot cunt. She was just getting into the dual pleasuring when she felt Taylor move under her and her mouth was pulled from her tits. Lenny had resumed the hard fucking he was giving her.

His finger was removed from her wet hole and he slapped her ass again.

“Go on, slut, feed the whore that wet cunt!”

She moved forward until her pussy was directly over Taylor’s mouth, then felt hands grasp her hips and pull her down until a warm mouth made contact with her super-sensitive clit. She involuntarily pressed her wet pussy against the soft lips and gasped in pleasure as she felt Taylor’s tongue push through her inner labia and start probing her pussy.

She heard Taylor’s muffled grunts and the vibrations against her already heavily stimulated clit brought an involuntary squeal from her lips. After only a minute or two of this, she realized she was rapidly rocketing toward another orgasm, and this one felt like it was going to eclipse Lenny’s tit-sucking induced one. Her body moved with Taylor’s as Lenny began to fuck her harder, and she could hear Taylor’s moans and grunts becoming more urgent with each hard slam.

Lenny was breathing hard behind her and she could feel his hands that held Taylor’s legs press against her back every time he drove home. He would pound at Taylor’s cunt hard for a bit, then slow down for a few slower, gentler pumps before resuming his hard fuck. It was during one of these lulls that Taylor pushed Callie’s body up and pulled her lips from her pussy.

“Oh, fuck, baby, yes! Fuck me harder! I’m gonna cum!” she cried.

Lenny immediately began to slam her faster and she pulled Callie’s pussy back to her mouth, her cries of pleasure once again muffled. Her words seemed to have an effect on Callie’s situation, because suddenly the warmth in her belly grew hotter and began to spread outward like little millions of tiny electric fingers tickling her sweaty skin from the inside.

“Oh god, me too!” she gasped.

Taylor must have heard her because she began to attack her clit and vulva with renewed vigor. Callie felt her body start to shudder and she ground her pussy down on Taylor’s mouth.

“Oh fuck!” she gasped.

A second later her body tensed and she groaned as she came hard, feeling her pussy squirt against Taylor’s mouth. Taylor’s tongue continued to lap at her spasming pussy for a few seconds until she suddenly pushed her up, screaming out in orgasmic bliss.

Callie braced her arms on the bed over Taylor’s head, her own orgasm still making her body tremble and jerk. Taylor’s back was arched and Lenny’s cock was buried deep in her pussy. Her mouth was open and a strained gurgle came from her as her orgasm peaked and released. After a few seconds, she began to buck her hips, her head rolling from side to side. Lenny resumed fucking her, moving slower now and watching as she came, his eyes wild with excitement.

Callie began to relax in the wonderful calm that followed her orgasms and waited until Taylor began to come down from hers. She was about to climb off of her gasping friend when she felt hands grab her by the waist.

“Hold on, whore! I’m not done with you yet!”

She turned her head and saw Lenny gripping her bare hips with both hands and felt him pulling her toward him. His eyes still blazed with unadulterated lust and his lips were curled into a mischievous grin. She glanced down and saw his hard wet cock bobbing straight out from his waist and his skin was flushed with sweat.

“Come here and let me fuck that tight little cunt!” he growled, giving her a wink.

Callie allowed him to pull her back until she was looking straight down at Taylor’s face, the flush of her intense orgasm still very evident in her cheeks. Her chin, nose and cheeks glistened with her pussy juices. She smiled up at Callie and licked her lips.

“Hey beautiful,” she whispered.

Before Callie could even think of a reply, she felt Lenny press his cock to her dripping hole and cried out as he pushed easily into her. She closed her eyes as her still tingling vagina was stretched wide to accommodate his hard shaft.

“Oh …my …god!” she gasped, lowering her head as he bottomed out in her. She felt a hand on the back of her neck and opened her eyes as Taylor pulled her lips to hers and kissed her hard, thrusting her tongue deep into her mouth. Her other arm went to her back, pulling her body down on top of hers, the sweaty skin of their tits sticking together as Lenny adjusted his position and withdrew. He paused with the head still between her trembling lips, then thrust back in.

Callie pulled her mouth from Taylor’s hot kiss and lifted her head, crying, “Ohh…fuck!!”

Taylor placed a hand on her cheek and turned her head so that their eyes met as Lenny withdrew and pushed back in. She pushed upward with her hips so that their pelvises ground together.

“We’re both fucking you, baby!” she whispered, moving with Lenny’s thrusts.

Callie held her eyes for a long moment, her body jerking whenever the hard cock was pushed into her tight hole. Taylor smiled and pulled her back down, then licked her lips with the tip of her tongue before resuming their passionate kiss.

Callie was more turned on than she could ever remember being in her entire life. Taylor’s pelvis would occasionally rub her clit and Lenny’s big cock was quickly restoring the orgasm that she hadn’t quite finished when he began to fuck her. She felt like her entire body was vibrating at a high rate, little orgasms exploding almost non-stop. Her nervous system was being overloaded; on the verge of shutting down, but there was nothing she could do to stop what they were doing, even if she wanted to. This was far beyond anything she’d ever felt and despite her fear that she was no longer in control, she was curious to see just how much pleasure she could endure.

Taylor broke off the kiss and Callie remembered looking into her beautiful face, watching her lips move but hearing nothing. A second later, she felt an intense orgasm flood her body and every muscle went taught. She could still feel Lenny’s cock sliding in and out of her pussy, but all she could hear was a faint roar, almost like the ocean, over the rapid thumping of her heartbeat. Time seemed to slow and she threw her head back, opening her mouth to scream but unsure if any sound came out. Lenny continued to fuck her, but she was oblivious to everything except her mind-numbing orgasm and the feel of his cock inside her throbbing hole.

Finally, he pulled out and she rolled off of Taylor, collapsing on her back beside her. She opened her eyes to see her friend pushing herself to a sitting position as Lenny stepped closer, his hand pumping his cock and pointing it at Taylor’s face. Slowly, her hearing returned and she could hear the slapping sound as Lenny jerked himself and Taylor’s words of encouragement to him.

“…baby, that’s it…come on, I want it all over my face. Let me have it like the whore that I am!”

Callie watched them and Taylor glanced down at her, noting she was coming of her orgasmic daze.

“Look, baby, the other slut is ready! Shoot it all over those tits, too!”

Callie looked up at Lenny as he hammered away at his hard cock. The head was swollen and purple, and his face was red and screwed up into a grimace.

“Oh fuck, yeah!” he gasped. “Here it comes…! Ahhhhhh…!”

Callie lay on her back and watched as Taylor moved her face closer to the tip of his cock. A second later, the first shot hit her on the cheek, causing her to jerk slightly. Another gob landed on her tits before he swung toward Callie and pumped another shot across her tits and even hit her lips. He stroked his cock a few more times, leaving a few smaller shots quivering on her stomach and thighs. Then Taylor grasped his cock and took it into her mouth, murmuring appreciatively as she sucked the remaining cum from it and sucked him clean.

Callie looked down at her cum-splattered body as Taylor cleaned him up, her fingers dabbing at the hot, sticky semen. Her tongue licked at the stuff across her lips, then she cleaned it off, swallowing the salty goo. She looked up at Lenny after she did and saw him smiling down at her as Taylor continued to suck on his deflating cock. He gave her a wink, then turned his full attention back to the sexy blonde sucking his cock, pumping it in and out of her mouth until she gagged.

Callie lay back, completely drained but thoroughly satisfied. She didn’t even care about the cum that was cooling and drying on her skin. Her body still tingled from that amazing orgasm and all she could think of at that time was when she’d get the chance to do that again!

Taylor gave his cock one final suck then looked up at Lenny. “We should go. Callie’s supposed be getting off cheerleading practice in about an hour.”

She’d skipped afternoon classes to take the pictures but had expected Taylor to drop her off at school in time for practice. Their little encounter had nixed that plan and now there’d be hell to pay at the next practice. Coach frowned heavily on missing even one, even if you had a valid excuse, which she didn’t.

Lenny nodded and began to gather up the discarded clothing. The girls went into the bathroom to clean up while he went out to the living room to retrieve their tops. As they were finishing up scrubbing the sticky white cum from their tits, Taylor looked over at Callie.

“So, did you like our little master/whore game?” she asked quietly.

Callie didn’t reply for a moment, searching her body for any that she’d missed.


When she finally looked up to meet her eyes, Taylor could see the huge grin on her face. “It was so fucking hot!” she exclaimed in a harsh whisper. “I can’t believe how much it turned me on! I’ve never cum that hard before!”

Taylor laughed and put an arm around her waist. Together, the two naked teens walked arm in arm back into the bedroom where Lenny had left their various articles of clothing.

They quickly dressed and went out into the living room where he was sitting on the couch wearing a blue robe and doing something with his laptop. He looked up at the two girls as they walked over to him.

“Taylor, you were wonderful, as always,” he said, giving the blonde a smile. He turned to Callie and shook his head, his smile widening. “And you, my dear …” He exchanged a quick glance with Taylor, then looked back at her. “You were simply delicious!” Callie felt her face reddening at the compliment. “You acted like you were really having fun and that’s exactly what the clients want. If you can be even half that enthusiastic when you’re with them, you’re going to make a lot of money!”

Taylor nudged her and Callie felt herself start to grin uncontrollably.


Lenny chuckled and turned the laptop so they could see what he was looking at. Callie’s profile page with her three naked photos filled the screen. “You’ve already got over twenty responses and two requests for appointments. If just your photos draw that much attention, wait until your clients start posting comments on your performance!”

“Way to go, honey!” Taylor beamed, “I told you those pictures were hot!”

Lenny stood up and reached into the pocket of his robe, then passed her a cell phone. “I forgot to give this to you earlier. When a client wants to hook up with you, I’ll call you and you can decide if you’re interested. It’s completely up to you if you take the meet, but don’t be too fussy, ok? If you are, the clients will stop calling and I’ll have to drop you.” He smiled. “And I really don’t want to do that, babe. We can make a lot of money together.”

Callie nodded and slipped the black phone into her purse. Apparently Taylor hadn’t explained to him that she was only doing this temporarily. Oh well, no point in telling him now. She’d make the money she needed then tell him it’s not for her. At least she’d given it a try. Seemed easy enough, right?

Lenny was speaking again, bringing her from her thoughts. “Ok, ladies, thanks again. That was a very memorable afternoon.”

The girls each gave him a kiss goodbye and started toward the door. Callie opened it just as Lenny called out from the living room.

“Oh, wait, Taylor!” They both turned to him. “Can I see you alone for a moment?” He smiled at Callie. “She’ll be right down, ok?”

Taylor passed her the car keys. “I’ll just be a sec, hon.” Callie nodded and went out into the hall as the door closed softly behind her. She made her way to the elevator, limping slightly as her fingers toyed with Taylor’s keys.

Taylor pushed the door closed and turned to Lenny, who was walking toward her.

“You were right, Taylor. She has a lot of potential.”

Taylor nodded. “She’s coming along.”

He stopped a few feet away from her. “Keep after her. I don’t want her to just earn enough for that coat and leave. That girl is going to make us both a lot of money.”

Taylor grinned and nodded. “No problem, boss. I’ll let her drive my car home and maybe she’ll realize she can get one of her own if she stays on.”

Lenny nodded thoughtfully. “Yes, perhaps that’ll work. But if not, you know what to do, right?” He reached out and dropped a small packet of white powder in her hand. Taylor looked at it for a second, then slipped it into her purse and looked up at him.

“I understand.”

She went out and down the hall. Callie was nowhere to be seen and as she reached the elevator she saw the ground floor light come on. She pressed the button and waited for it to come back up, hoping Callie would come around without her having to resort to Lenny’s methods. Even though her entire relationship with the naïve cheerleader was based on her efforts to recruit her, she did actually like her on a personal level and didn’t want to see her become just another coke-whore in Lenny’s stable.

The elevator doors slid open and she stepped in.