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daddy spanks
12-04-2008, 06:33 PM
lets step back and see why this has happend to Ryan. she is 16yrs old, she is 5'2" and weighs 105lbs, has dirty blond hair that drops to her ass,ah! that ass it is small,tght and yells " spank me " she has a pair of 33 inch tits almost a bcup, her waist is26" and hips that are 28" and a pink pussy covered by almost down instead of hair yes if a man sees her he gets hard.now for Mr. James, he is in his forty's and single,by choice. he is a big man,6'2" and about 210lbs all muscle and has a cock that is about 9" and quite thick. and he is a predator. he has a brother who works for an unamed pharmacutial lab where he discovered by error the drug that makes the subject obey without question. he and his brother have used this many times to use girls as they wish and to even have sold some to brothels. now Ryan is the latess victime. she is naked and sucking her masters cock,she has swallowed his cum and her nipples ach from being abused, she is going to be led into the bedroom for futher instructions and they will not be pleasent at least not for her

daddy spanks
12-05-2008, 01:02 PM
Ryan was now led to the bedroom,there she was told to lie down and spread her legs. her master started by playing with her tits, he then licked and sucked her nipples they were thick and he bit down as she let out a moan, he then was fingering her pussy one the two fingers he kept this up until she was wet the he slowly put in his cock she felt as if he was going to split her open and he felt his cock rub her hymen. he then with drew up to the head of his cock and suddenly rammed through her virgin flesh . she screamed in pain but he was fucking her and it was greeat! he came not once but twice and taking his cock out he told her to clean it with her mouth, she did tasting not only his cum and her own cunt juice but her virgin bllod, he got up but told her to stay for now his brother was to rape her virgin ass