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daddy spanks
12-04-2008, 07:55 PM
Kelly was off on her adventure,she had planned very carefully. It was summer and she told her friends that she was to go to England with her parents,she told her parents she would stay with friends so here she was on her own for the summer. she took the money left for her care and started to hitch a ride she wanted to leave her small town in Ohio and head for nyc. she made good time until she reached the city there she had a hard time getting a room stranded in train station she made friends withanother girl named sammy. she said her uncle would let her stay so off they went. over lunch she confided in him telling how clever she was and that no one knew where she was nor did she know anybody as she stood up she felt dizzy and sat down. the door opened and five men entered,yeah she is ready said the uncle. they stood her up and undressed her she wanted to scream but couldn't naked they took her to the bedroom, you now belong to us and yyou do as you are told. I.m a vigin she cried,not for long you are to be a whore. ;wild

12-05-2008, 08:28 AM
Short but to the point, try expanding the story with some descriptions and scene setting. This tale has the possibility of being an excellent story.