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daddy spanks
12-05-2008, 05:19 PM
Ryan was still in the bedroom,crying from her first fucking she heard the door opemn,there stood her masters brother! he approached the girl and told her to roll over which she did. he then tied her wrists to the bedposts and undressed. he proceeded to spank her ass,crying she said " I did what you said,mwhy the spanking? " shutup he said! her ass went from peach to pink tomred then crimson, " good " he said this is to warm you up. he then p0ulled her ass cheeks apart and put vasoline on his cock then smeared it on her brown opening, this will help but not by much. he then placed his cock at the tight opening and roughly rammed her ass, she let out a long scream but he was in her up to his balls and was having a most pleasent time, he kept on fucking until he filled her and then took his cock out, now whore he said lick it! she started to gag,he said" if you puke" I will make you eat it, she kept licking tasting cum and ass juice, now you can go to the bathroom, there she threwup and then used mouthwash to clean her mouth. she was taken to the living room and sucked both men, her master brought her out of the trance still naked she dressed and was told to leave but she would be caslled back.

12-05-2008, 09:35 PM
your ideas are great, but they lack details and substance. Try to expand your writing from a short story to a longer more detailed version. Good start.