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daddy spanks
12-06-2008, 01:55 AM
sobbing withnpain Heather listened to Frank. now this is where we stand, you are to be called slave and I master if you obey you will not be punished at least not to much. we are in my barn and this is on private proerty which covers several acres. you will sleep in a stable it has nice warm hay and in the back a bathroom. now for your next lesson, Frank then puts nipple clamps on on and she gasps in pain, it has a chain which hangs down he then setup a small battery and attachs a wire to one end then a wire from the other end he then inserts the end into her pussy and throws a switch and a small shock enters her and she screams. good! now you will obey, he then snaps a cuff around one ankel which is at the end of a thick chain, the other end is locked around a post there is enough chain to let you roam around but not outside.now for your first sex lesson, on your knees,slave. fearing punishment Heathewr drops to her knees, now you can lick my balls then my cock she does this and now you are to suck and you will swallow and she does so.good,you learn fast now you may rest. it is early morning and Heather is awakie her master has her suck and then eat breakfast, we can now have you learn to be my pet, he has her wear a dog coller and leash on your fours and lets walk when she refuses he gives her rump a hard smack with a crop it stings and she walks next to hhim, good " bitch " after lunch we will break your virginity. it is about 1pm and he has Heather lie down, naked her masterapproachsmher his cock hard and ready, he begins withnlicking her nipples and putting fingers into her cunt despite herself she moans and is ready when he enters her, he feels her hymen and starts to pull out when he rams through her virgin flesh and bleeding Heather is no longer a virgin he fucks her until he cums in her then she must lick his cock clean tasting not only his cum and her own cunt juice but also her blood. he says slave " later we will work on your ass but first you are to be whipped again and this time she gets 5 lashes across her tits and 5 more across her tummy.

12-06-2008, 03:44 AM
To short, and not enough explaining of the setting, and why

12-06-2008, 06:10 AM
Um, yeah, that, and, do you know how to spell?

daddy spanks
12-07-2008, 10:07 AM
As she laid in her stall Hrather breathed in the aroma of the freah straw that made up her bed, she had to admnit that it did smell good and after all it had been 3 months now that she had been taken, her master had trained her well, why she had become not only his slave but a pain whore! yes she had gtowen to accept her spankings,the nippel clamps and when whipped she had an orgasim. Today was her 16th birthday and she had been allowed to sleep late,her master had informed her of a surprisehe had formher. she streched and headed for a shower, the water had been scented with roses and she smelled terrific, her breakfast was waiting for her and afterwrds she read the note, " slave you are to report to the main house" she enbterd and saw several men, they were eating and talking also to her amazement there were several young girls about her age and they too were naked! some were talking and one or two were sucking mens cock. her master told her that she was not the only slave and that they too were slaves. now for your surprise,and a man approached her,she gasped and let out a small scream," daddy, she yelled" yes it was her father. her master slapped her across the face," I ttold you,all men but me are to be called sir " that out burst will cause you a whipping! she immeadiatly called her dad sir and begged for forgivness. H e said alot of her worries were to be cleared up but first they were to go to the room of silence, she knew this room well, it was a soundproof room where a girl could yell and no one would hear it was here that she lost her cherry and now she was to go there with her father. they enterd and once the door closed she was told to assume the position,this ment she was to drop to her knees and she did so,yes her father started to undress and she was to suck his cock, she was crying as she licked his balls and licked his cock he was fucking her mouth and she swallowed his cum, then he told on the bed and ass up, she was to have her first ass fucking and it was to be by her father. he rubbed vasoline on his cok the pulled her ass cheeks apart and applied the same to her anus,he said it would hurt but this will help a little. she felt him at her tight brown eye and she braced herself as he roughly rammed through,tearing her muscle, she let out a blood chilling scream, it felt like she was being torn in half,please stop please daddy! but he only kept fucking her she felt him cum but he kept fucking her and cane again he took his cok from her ass ans she was made to clean it with her mouth,after they talked, Heather alott has to explained to you,first off you were not kidnapped we sold you to your master,yes! sold you! we were in severe financial set backs and were about to lose the house you being the oldest child it fell on you to help,we told friends and others that you had been caought with drugs and you ranaway from home.now you ask how mom went along with this> well if you took the time to have a good look at mom you would have seen very light,faded whip marks on her,yes dear your mother started out as my slave and your master is her younger brother so he is also your uncle. she jumped for joy, her parents while selling her still loved her and she was sold not to a stranger but her uncle.and now she told her father she had a surpise for all of them. they returned to the main room, master I wish to tell you that I expect my whipping and want my former daddy to give it to me but now since you gave me my surprise I have one for you, I wanted to be more than just your slave I am also your propery and one more thing I am also to be the mother of your child,yes I am pregnant, I stopped my bith control , just before her 17th birthdayshe gave birth to a boy and she knew he would become a master over the yrs she had two more girls and another boy she watched as her children grew up and the oldest boy was using his sisters as his slave well she had at last married her master and she was content to keep this all in her family.