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I had been planning to attend the local college's first football game of the season that Saturday, along with three of my coworkers: Tony, Dennis, and Dwayne. I had also invited Anthony, our neighbor from across the street, to go along. Anthony was in his mid-thirties, slightly overweight but with a good personality. Now I decided to take Joy along, which was probably what she had hoped for when she suggested the game.

I instructed Joy to wear a tight yellow blouse to set off her brown hair, a black pleated miniskirt, black bikini panties and black high heels. I tied the tails of her blouse in a knot and unbuttoned it halfway down. My wife was in a high state of excitement as we drove around picking up the other guys.

Driving down the Interstate, heading for the stadium, I put my free arm around Joy and played with her tits. Anthony, who was sitting on the other side of her in the front seat, noticed but kept his eyes ahead as we all talked about football and other topics. A little later I unbuttoned the yellow blouse all the way down and slipped my hands inside to fondle her breasts and pointy nipples. My spouse laid her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes, but though she compressed her lips, trying to hide it, a tiny smile was turning up the corners of her mouth. Her nipples were as hard as nails, and I could see the pulse beating in her neck. Joy's feet were resting on the center hump in the car's floor, which raised her knees and made her tiny skirt ride well up on her thighs. I knew Anthony had a breathtaking view of the expanse of my wife's legs, probably all the way up to her bikini panties, though he tried to hide the fact that he was checking her out every few seconds.

A short time later I whispered softly into her ear, "Take off your panties." I heard her catch her breath, and for a minute I wondered if she would really do it. Thirty seconds later, however, her eyes still closed and her face still hidden in my shoulder, she raised her hips, reached under her skirt to grasp the panties, and then slid them off, handing them to me. I tossed them onto the dash, sure that the guys in the back seat could see me doing it, and then opened the blouse to bare her breasts, fondling them in full view of everybody.

My cock was like a bar of iron, and Joy was breathing heavily through her open mouth. The other guys were still trying to make conversation, but their hearts weren't in it, and Anthony was now openly looking at Joy's fine, snowy breasts, and what I was doing to them.

A few minutes later I said, "Lean up, Anthony, and scoot forward a bit."

With a puzzled expression on his face, Anthony moved forward on the seat, and I told Joyy to put her foot behind him. My wife made a small squeaking noise, but after a few seconds she raised her leg and slid her high-heeled right foot behind Anthony's back. Anthony couldn't keep himself from looking at Joy's crotch, which was now fully open to his view. When he didn't make a move for the next mile or so, I said, "Go ahead and touch her, Anthony. She loves it."

Anthony couldn't believe it. He swallowed hard and said, "Are—are you—sure?"

I nodded, smiling at him. "You bet. We do this a lot." Joy said nothing, her head still on my shoulder, the trace of a smile still playing at the corners of her tightly closed mouth.

Anthony's right hand moved down between my wife's splayed thighs, and she jerked slightly and made a small noise as our neighbor's fingers touched and fondled her furry snatch.

"Oh, man, she's really juicy," Anthony said. He was panting a little.

"Yep. She drips when she's really turned on," I told him. "Go ahead and finger-fuck her. She likes three fingers best, and even four after she gets stretched out."

The guys in the back were leaning forward now, their heads craning over the front seat. Joy moaned low and long as Anthony's fingers slid into her. The heavy, sweet aroma of pussy juice was eagerly inhaled by all of us as Anthony began to stroke my wife's cunt, and her hips began hunching up and down in rhythm with his moving fingers. She was rubbing my crotch with her left hand now.

Dennis reached over and took hold of her right hand and began to kiss it, laying her arm along the top of the seat. With that, Joy seemed to abandon herself to her emotions. She shifted her body so that she was lying flat on her back on the seat, with her head in my lap, and pulled her skirt up around her waist, spreading her legs as widely as possible as she offered herself up. Dennis was sucking her fingers, and I heard Dwayne say, "Ohhh, baby, you are so beautiful!"

Suddenly, with a long, loud cry, my wife climaxed, her pussy clenching powerfully on Anthony's three stroking fingers, her firm butt arching off the seat and her whole body thrashing and quivering as the juice flowed heavily from her succulent twat. Her eyes were still closed, but she was no longer trying to hide the smile of pleasure on her face.

"Shall I stop?" Anthony asked, looking at me inquiringly.

I shook my head. "No. Do her some more. She can come again."

"I think she's ready for four fingers," he said softly, his eyes on Joy's dilated, dripping pussy.

I nodded. "Go for it."

In another minute, my brown haired spouse was once more hunching vigorously as our older neighbor finger-fucked her willing pussy. Liquid sloshing noises came from her flowing honey pot, and she was mewling continually with excitement and pleasure.

"Damn!" Tony breathed behind me, his face almost touching my shoulder. "Four fingers clear to the knuckles!" It was hard to keep my eyes on the road as I kept stealing glimpses at Anthony's fingers plunging in and out of my wife's cunt. Meanwhile Dennis continued to suck on her right hand, all four of her fingers buried in his mouth, just as Anthony's were in her snatch.

For several more minutes we all watched my wife fucking those fast-moving fingers, until she had a second orgasm, almost as strong as the first. When she quieted, Anthony said, "One more?" and Joy nodded, perspiration shiny on her face. Anthony's arm and hand once more took up the motion, his strokes hard and deep, and Joy wriggled and grunted softly as he stretched her even wider, her inner thighs sticky with her sweet flowing juices.

"Wow!" Tony gasped. "Can I ride in the front going back?"

I laughed softly, though my cock ached with need. "Joy's going be riding in the back then," I told him. "You guys can take turns." joy moaned loud and long when she heard that, and a tremor passed through her splayed out, nude body. A moment later the tremor grew into a third orgasm.

"I think she's had it for now," I told Anthony, and he withdrew his fingers, licking them eagerly as Joy smiled appreciatively at him. After a moment she sat up and rearranged her skirt, but she left her blouse unbuttoned, just tying it loosely under her breasts.

She attracted a lot of attention at the game, and I could tell she loved it. Before we headed back, the guys drew straws to see who would sit in the back seat. Tony and Dennis won, but I assured Anthony and Dwayne that they would have their turns too. They got into the front with me, while Joy climbed into the back with the two winners.

We were hardly back on the road before Joy had a stiff cock in each hand and both guys' fingers in her cunt. One of them French-kissed her panting mouth while the other suckled and kissed her boobs, and then they traded off. Their pricks were both about six inches long, Dennis's slightly thicker than Tony's.

"How far can we go?" Dennis asked hoarsely.

"As far as you want," I told him, feeling seminal fluid seeping into my shorts.

In a flash Dennis had motioned Tony onto the floor of the back seat, laid Joy down and slid between her thighs. I had to breathe through my mouth as I saw Joy's left calf resting on the top of the front seat, and her right on the back. Seconds later her low moan of pleasure told me a cock had penetrated her other than mine. I watched her left calf jerking slightly with each thrust of Dennis's penis, and finally she wrapped her legs around his waist, eagerly urging him deeper. Dennis didn't last long. It couldn't have been two minutes before he gave a guttural yell and emptied himself into my pretty brown haired mate.

He lay gasping atop her until Tony urged him off, and they switched places in the cramped space. Tony kissed Joy passionately as she guided his stiff staff to her pussy, and then they were fucking with an almost animal-like need and abandon. Joy's calves clamped the backs of Tony's muscular thighs as he rutted atop her, and I longed to see his rigid rod plunging in and out of her beautiful twat.

My wife's bare legs were in constant motion, now resting on the seat top, now wrapped around her young sex mate, now jerking in the air above his back as she fucked him avidly Though he lasted only a minute longer than Dennis had, Tony's climax was matched by Joy's. She moaned softly as his semen spewed into her wildly spamming pussy.

Soon after that we came to a rest area, and I pulled in and told the guys in the back to change places with Anthony and Dwayne. I asked Tony to drive this time, so that I could get a better view and perhaps even join in.

Then we were back on the Interstate, Joy alternately frenching Dwayne and Anthony as she fondled their dicks. Dwayne had an eight-inch, un-circumcised ebony beauty, but it was Anthony's that caught my attention. Though only about six inches long, it was as thick as Joy's wrist, and topped with a huge head. It was that one Joy wanted first, and Dwayne slid onto the floor as she guided Anthony's thick dong between her thighs. A low wail of pleasure came from her lips as he penetrated her. I took her hand and held it while Anthony fucked her, feeling it clench on mine with every plunge of his massive dick as it plumbed her depths. Joy brought her knees up to her shoulders to get him as deep as possible.

Anthony screwed her with controlled, easy strokes, obviously trying to last as long as possible. When she wasn't French kissing him, Joy's eyes occasionally found mine, her slight smile telling me that she knew this was almost as exciting for me as it was for her.

"Is she a good fuck, Anthony?" I said watching Joy's erotically flushed face.

"The best!" he gasped, his wrist-thick member sliding in and out of her, dripping semen and pussy juice with each withdrawal.

"Well, this is your first time with her, but it doesn't have to be your last," I told him, and with that Joy came, mewling and kicking as her orgasm washed over her nude body.

Anthony paused only momentarily before resuming his rhythmical probing. Joy wrapped her wet, flawless legs around him again, moaning. I reached down to touch her pussy where his massive staff was plunging in and out.

"Which is better, thicker or longer?" I asked her.

"Thicker," she breathed instantly, and French-kissed our neighbor some more.

I stroked the back of her left thigh as Anthony fucked her, her warm wet skin as smooth as glass. A puddle of come was staining the seat beneath her ass.

When their kiss broke I said to her, "You're about to get some black cock. Does that excite you?"

"Yes," she said almost inaudibly, her eyes finding mine. I slid my middle finger into her anus, the come making the entry slick and easy.

"Black sperm in your belly," I said, and my wife climaxed yet again.

This one was so powerful it made her scream with joy, and kick so hard that one of her shoes went flying off, bouncing off the roof of the car and landing in the front seat. She lay panting and sweating after it subsided, while Anthony's thick prick kept its steady pace in and out of her.

Finally, she looked into his face. "What can I do to make it better?" Joy asked him.

"You're already great," he assured her. "I've wanted to fuck you ever since I first saw you."

"Well," Joy said, "I think you ought to come over once a week, for a sample. Don't you, honey?" She smiled at me. I said nothing, surprised at this turn of events.

"My husband obviously likes to watch me get it," she went on. "So we'll try to keep him happy,"

Anthony gasped at that, and finally emptied his balls into her overflowing snatch. Crazed with desire myself now, I asked Anthony to trade places with me. I heaved myself over the back of the seat as he climbed into the front. By the time I had struggled out of my clothes and seated myself on the floor, Dwayne had already buried his eight-inch tool in Joy's loose, sloppy cunt, which was now only inches from my face. I watched with awe and appreciation as his large black penis skewered her white slit, disappearing all the way inside her and sliding back out, shiny with her juices. Her white legs hugged Dwayne's black body worshipfully, her excited, eager face reflecting her arousal. Again I probed her anus with my finger, sinking it to the hilt.

"So how do you like his black cock?" I asked, looking into her half-glazed eyes.

"I love black cock!" she responded breathlessly, smiling at me. "Do you like watching it go into me?"

"I love it," I admitted. I could see that she was on the brink again, so I wiggled my finger in her ass, and Joy went off, humping Dwayne wildly as her body shuddered and writhed.

Dwayne lowered his face to her tits, his lips and mustache roving over her stiff, wet nipples, kissing and nibbling as Joy wiggled beneath him, tearing off another climax almost on the heels of the last one. Then she lay gasping as Dwayne pounded his way to release, crying out as he spurted strong jets of semen into her still spamming pussy.

I couldn't wait any longer. I eagerly changed places with Dwayne, sliding between my wife's wet, sticky thighs. My rigid rod slid effortlessly into her hugely dilated, sloppy snatch, and I felt very little friction as I began to fuck her. Dwayne stroked her left breast as I rutted on top of her, looking deeply into her eyes.

"So how did you like your gang bang?" I panted.

"I loved it! It's every girl's fantasy."

"Why don't you suck the come off Dwayne's cock?" I said.

Joy turned her face toward Dwayne, who rose to his knees, bringing his cock to her lips. Then she was kissing and sucking his come-covered prick, licking it lovingly as she cleansed it of their juices, sucking on the foreskin and kissing the tip, smiling up at Dwayne as she did it. The sight almost made me come. Even though Joy's cunt was so loose and slimy that I felt as though I were fucking a warm glass of Jell-0, the knowledge that my aching prick was submersed in a sea of cum from four other men set me afire. I slid my cock out of her gaping gash and levered it into her rear end.

Groans of pleasure came from her lips as my dick inched its way past her sphincter. "She loves it up the ass," I told Dwayne, and the others.

"This girl is perfect!" Dennis enthused.

"She is," I agreed, slowly working my prick up Joy's protuberant backside. "She likes the taste of come, too."

Joy pulled her knees up to her chest, levering her butt upward to give me better access, and I buried my eight-inch penis in her, fucking her marvelous ass with abandon as the four guys looked on in awe.

"Finger her clit," I said to Dwayne, humping hard as my climax neared. He did so, and Joy and I went off together, after which I fell against her, her arms and legs wrapping me lovingly.

"This was quite a game," she murmured, kissing my ear as my prick slipped from her flooded opening. "I'm not sure you can ever top this."

I smiled down at her. "Don't underestimate me, my love," I told her. "We've only just touched the surface.

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