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12-06-2008, 06:50 PM
After two grueling hours in the doctors office she was able to head out to her car. Glancing at her cell phone screen her eyes popped.

"Seven thirty!" She stepped outside to find it was dark. "Great." She walked to her car parked out in nowhere land far away from the security up front. Something told her she should have had one of them excort her there.

She walked between her car and the van and fished for her keys from her pocket. Suddenly the sliding door of the van opened and she was pulled in.

She struggled stunned by her new found predicament. As she tried to scream something was shoved into her mouth. She groped to remove it but her hands were bound behind her back.

"Mmm!" She squirmed. Then she felt the cold sharp steel against her throat.

"Okay, cunt, knock it off now. All we want is a little fun."

His hot breath was on her throat next to her ear.

She whimpered.

"Don't struggle and you won't get hurt."

She tried to remain still as he added an extra strip of cloth around her mouth to hold the wad in and tied it behind her head. She was shoved to the floor of the van and her ankles were lashed together and then connected to her wrists for a crude hogtie.

12-06-2008, 08:20 PM
Now totally immobile, she was pulled up onto her knees and a thick heavy hood was slipped over her head. the material of the hood not only removed her sight but also her hearing. Thus she never heard the van door close and the only time she knew what was happening was when the van moved off and she felt it swaying as it went.

Then she was almost knocked forward and felt a strong pain in her arms and legs as she was hoisted up on a pulley system which kept her off the floor of the van.

As the van travelled along she suddenly felt the cold steel of the blade against the seams of the trousers she was wearing and as the blade travelled down to her knee she realised they were cutting off her clothing. Her panic began rising faster then ever now for what if they slipped with the knife because of a jolt in the van.

12-07-2008, 12:30 AM
She whimpered. Pain spread through her back as she swung. The cold steel of the knife moved over her thighs to the lips of her pussy. She gasped. Tears soaked the hood as she thought about the cruel things that were going to happen to her.

The knife slipped up her shirt cutting it to ribbons and it fell to the floor of the van forgotten. Suddenly a hand moved up to her pussy and rubbed front to back. She jumped in her confines.

"Mighty fine little ass you have, cunt." He smacked it and she grunted.

The vehicle came to a rest sometime later and she suddenly grew even more frightened for her life.

12-07-2008, 08:05 AM
Now unseen hands lifted and released her from the pulley. the first she knew was the cold biting wind as it whpped against her naked skin, it caused goose bumps but more alarmingly for the victim she began to feel an excitement.

An excitement so strong she had never felt before, she had heard rumours of criminals facing death row, experiencing powerful sexual buzzes the night before their executions, and she wondered if this was happening to her. then the realisation that if it was the case, she would not be alive in 24 hours and that scared her so.

Suddenly the biting wind was gone and all she could think about was her impending fate. What was to become of her and more importantly would she survive this ordeal.

Now her knees were place on cold hard concrete and a loop of rope was passed beneath her arms and tied to a hook. Although she could not hear the motor an electric hoist now took the strain of the rope and lifted her clear of the floor. the placing of the rope kept her upright and large breasts to all present.

A spreader bar was attached at knee level and was opened to its maximum size forcing her knees wide apart and now displaying not only her over excited cunt but the delicate brown anal ring of her arse.

01-07-2009, 03:18 AM
His fingers brushed against my pussy and I barely cut back a moan. He leaned in close to my left ear and whispered," You love it, don't you cunt."
I gasped my breath coming in struggling gasps.
I cried out but the gag made it sound more like I enjoyed it.
I flinched as the strap stuck my ass cheeks.
I flinched again as I realized the onslaught was beginning to turn me on. Oh, my God! No!
His sure hand made the strap strike me in all the places that it count.

07-10-2009, 11:02 PM
anyone willing to get this roleplay going again or stranded i strated a new message in that let me know