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12-07-2008, 11:07 AM
It was monday morning and Ryan was off to school, she dreaded going because of what she had done as M. James sex slave, she was wearing a pull over shirt,no bra, a short shirt and a thong and sneakers no socks this is what she was told to wear. she had her first two periods the her next was with Mr. James. she sat down at her desk and saw her teacher smile at her, towards the end of class she was told to stay as the last pupil left she was told to close and lock the door she did and went up to the desk, remove your clothes.all of them she shook and asked not to, you can strip or under my control you will wind up naked in the boys shower room which will it be? she pulled off her shirt revealing her tits which he sucked,lets go he said the rest of them, he watched as she removed the rest now you suck and swallow and she did he groaned as he filled her mouth then he had her lie over his desk and pumped her cunt. he said to go to lunch but return after school, at 3pm ahe returned and was placed in a trance, she was taked to a van ,placed inside and taken out of the city, the van pulled up to an old building and they went iinside. she was told to strip and she stood naked before a group,of men," see I told you I could find a fresh one" meaning Ryan! they roughly inspected the girl hands explored everyopening she will do and they handed him a wad of bills, Ryan had been sold! she was placed in a car and driven to a small airport where a private plane would take her to another location just across the border. her new home was in a brothel and she was in demand men wanted this young teen, she was kept in control so she obeyed not wanting but with no choice, she was a hit when she was to have sex with a dog, yes they made her suck then fuck and it was all on tape, she became a star and the last she had turned 22yrs and was still there and still the number one girl ;wild

12-08-2008, 11:09 AM
good subject just need to develop it more