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daddy spanks
12-11-2008, 01:11 PM
Bobby was your average 14yr. old, he had some close friends,played baseball,went to the mall and arcades,he lived in queens with his parents and a brother and sister both older than him,he was a b student and. he was about 5'10" was a bit skinny for his age he had semi long black hair and gray eyes, his manhood still developing was about 5" and thick with a fair bush and he at times liked to cut school and head for the city,there he would go to arcades and a movie this would lead to more than he bargained for. It was aclear cold day as Bobby jumped onto the E train,he got off at Times Square and went to an arcade he played a few games and wandered out onto the street,it had turned a bit colder so he went to a movie. he went up to the balconey,there was only about three other men there and he settled in, he was watching the action so he did not realize at first that one of the men had sat down next to him. But he soon felt the hands patting his leg,he tried to et up but the man "groweld" stay right where you are! then a man in back told him to just be quiet, the man placed Bobby's coat on his lap and then unzipped his pants he felt the man take out his cock and start to rub it and inspite of himself it grew hard and the man said " you do like it" he then was told to go with him to the mensroom,Bobby said no but now the other two men said lets go, frightend he did so. two stayed outside while he and the first man went inside he was told to stand in a stall and drop his pants & shorts the man then licked and sucked his cock Bobby felt his cum ready to shoot and the man grabbed his ass, he came and the man swallowed he then took bobbys place and dropped his pants, Bobby standing outsidestill naked with his pants down was told to suck,he said he never did this before,the man said" there is first time for everybody" now suck or else! scared Bobby opend his mouth and slowly started to suck just as the mans cock was in his mouth there was a lot of yellingand tthree uniformed men were there. they picked Bobby up and told him to dress and took him downstairs to a officw. He was sitting there crying when when a big man enterd." so" we caught another one" he said! lets have your name,address and phone number,now the school you attend and the principals name, given the information Bobby was told that his parents and school would be notified also since he broke the law the police were to be called he had three ushers who saw what you were doing and we have security tapes, Bobby was told that he had a choice be arrested and have everybody know what he did or he was to do as he was told, He said he would do as told.well young man how old are you,14yrs well old enough, now stand up and strip and I mean naked! even your shoes & socks, Bobby did as told and was taken naked out and down the hell and into another room there still naked and his ckithes out of sight he was told to get on his knees, he then was told to lick the mans balls and to wash them with his mouth,the to suck cock, he did so and tasted cock for the first time the man was now pumping his mouth and he said to swallow my cum, it tatsed salty and it was warm and gooey but not that bad, the he was told to suck the other three men sfter he was taken in the next room,there he saw a bed and was told to liee down, a gag was put in his mouth, he was told that he was to be fucked and the first time was painful so the gag was to prevent him from yelling. Bobby felt his ass cheeks pulled apart and some vasoline put on him and on the mans cock and then he felt some pressure,the man then rammed him,the cock went in and Bobby screamed but all you heard was a muffled "ugh!" the man was fucking him,it felt white hot anbd then the cum. he thought it was all over but no the other three men were waiting turns. Bobby felt drained he stood up but was wobbly,he was given back his clothes and then he was told, we have this all on tape you will return here saturday at about 11am, knock on the side door if you do not come all the tapes and pic will have copies made and spread all over your school,see you soon. more to follow

12-11-2008, 01:31 PM
one suggestion is to paragraph it making it easier to follow for peep to read i have dyslexia i found it very hard to read but good read when i got there

Brigit Astar
12-11-2008, 04:33 PM
thanks for the addition