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The Novice Ch. 02
by wishfulthinking©

Audrey raced along the leafy path toward the safety of the convent, her way lit by thin fingers of moonlight. Her shift fluttered against her thighs as she ran, her trembling fingers clutching the torn edges of her bodice together. She felt breathless, her skin dewy and hot, pulses of tingling heat curling through her belly.

She knew he was back there, intensely masculine, terrifyingly seductive. All she had to do was turn around, to surrender herself to the madness he so easily evoked inside of her.

And destroy any chance she had of becoming a nun.

Even now Lukas's words still echoed in her head. "Go now, before I take what it is you seek to deny me."

She gave a soft cry as she stumbled and fell to her hands and knees on the uneven path, her ankle screaming in protest. She sat back on her heels and brushed her long chestnut mane back from her face as she drew gulps of air into her lungs.

She gave a squeak of horror as long fingers wrapped around her upper arm and dragged her awkwardly to her feet.

She gazed up, unaware of how her exposed breasts with their tender rosy tips glowed in the moonlight as she focused on the shadowy features of Mother Superior.

"Novice," Mother said coldly in greeting. "How is it that I find you in a state of dishabille," Audrey winced as Mother's long fingers flicked her tight nipples painfully. "After curfew?"

Audrey hastily drew the folds of her bodice together, flustered at being caught and unsure how to begin to confess the multitude of her sins.

Even now, her body still throbbed where Lukas's fingers had stroked her lush folds until she melted, the feel of him as he probed against her tiny entrance, sliding that shocking thick male part up inside of her and stretching her uncomfortably until he came to rest against the evidence of her chastity. Audrey shuddered, a guilty flush staining her cheeks as she gazed up into the shadowed eyes of Mother. "I-"

"Save your lies, Novice. Father will no doubt wish to see you after prayers tomorrow morning."

Audrey barely held back a moan of horror. She would be forced to confess her wickedness to Father Matthews, and the mere thought of it scared her rigid. Would he discipline her? Would he lock her up? Would she be banished from the convent?

Audrey had known no other life than that within the confines of the convent. She had been raised by nuns who had cherished and loved her, and it was her sole wish to become a nun too so that she follow in their footsteps and help raise orphaned or unwanted children like herself.

It was only her old Mother Superior's belief that Audrey would in time come to desire a husband and children of her own that led her to refuse Audrey's wish to take her vows like the other novices. Eventually Mother had agreed that upon Audrey fulfilling a full year as a Novice at the convent at St Helen's, if Audrey still wished to become a nun, she could do so with Mother‘s full blessing.

Audrey had arrived at St Helen's a little over a sennight ago, and found herself struggling to cope with the many differences from the convent in which she had been raised. In many ways St Helen's was freer, without the rigid codes of dress and conduct expected by the elderly Father at St Agatha's. However, St Helen's was in other ways stricter and more demanding on the person. At St Agatha's, the body was viewed as a mere vessel, its functions to be tolerated and ignored. Yet at St Helen's, Audrey had found that shame of the human form was discouraged while purity was carefully monitored.

Audrey had never felt so conflicted as she did in those moments when she had witnessed Father Matthews towering over Beth as she lay on the pagan stone altar in the forest clearing, his hard straining flesh thrusting between her quivering buttocks as Beth moaned and writhed beneath him.

She had been warned all her life against the sins of the flesh, of the depravity and wickedness that would result. Yet how was she to resolve this with what she had seen Father Matthews do the other young Novice?

As she was marched back to her cell by Mother Superior, Audrey realised that before coming to St Helen's she had led a life sheltered from the sins and temptations of the flesh. She now wondered if she would ever be free of this yearning to have her young body caressed and to feel the hard press of male flesh between her melting thighs, and feared that her faith would be tested deeply in the coming year.


The kitchen was silent as Beth and Audrey washed the dishes after the breaking of fast the following morning. Audrey had not breathed a word to her friend of the intimate acts she had witnessed in the forest, and Audrey hated herself for the deception.

Audrey dried and put away the dishes as Beth washed, and together they wiped down the benches and put the chairs to rights. Audrey couldn't prevent herself from yawning, feeling immensely tired and weary. She had been unable to sleep, her mind in a turmoil of guilt and discovery. The mere thought of what she had done, of what she had seen, had filled her body with a restless yearning that kept her on edge and needing, wanting, something more.

Had this been what lay behind her old Mother Superior's refusal to allow Audrey to take her vows and finally become a nun? Had she wanted Audrey to discover the exquisite pleasure of a man's touch before she finally chose to live her life in the convent, one of chastity, poverty and duty?

Father Matthews had told her upon her arrival at St. Helen's that their ways were different. Had her old Mother known of this before sending Audrey to St. Helen's, and intended perhaps for Father Matthews to take the same liberties with Audrey as he did with Beth?

Audrey was dragged from her whirling thoughts as Beth placed a hand over hers.

"Do not torment yourself so, Audrey. I know."

"Y-you do?" Audrey gasped, blushing madly.

Beth merely smiled, looking suddenly older than her nineteen years. "I had hoped that you would follow me. I wanted you to see for yourself what it was like, to not feel frightened when your time comes. Father Matthews treats us all as his own."

Audrey trembled, her lashes lowering as she remembered the feel of Lukas moving inside of her, of the exquisite pleasure he had coaxed from her innocent body. Yet at the same time she had felt a burning uncomfortableness, as though he were tearing her apart.

Would it be the same with Father Matthews? Oh, god, the mere thought of it sent a bewildering quiver between her thighs.

"B-but isn't it wicked for a nun to lose her chastity and fornicate with a man?"

"There is no wickedness, Audrey," Beth assured her. "Father Matthews vowed before God to love, cherish and educate the nuns and novices under his care, and he does so with the full assent of the Lord."

"Oh," Audrey murmured, chewing on her bottom lip.

Beth brushed back a stray chestnut tendril from Audrey's eyes. "Let Father Matthews love you, Audrey, as only a priest can. As all of us at St. Helen's do."

Audrey was unprepared when Beth leaned forward, gently kissing the corner of her mouth. Audrey blinked, startled.

"We are all friends here, Audrey," Beth murmured, giving Audrey‘s hand a squeeze. "I want you to know that you can ask anything of me. Anything."

Audrey gazed into Beth's earnest eyes, indecision warring within her.

"Beth, I-" Audrey hesitated, blushing, wanting to confide in her friend, yet she struggled to find the words to express the confusion and uncertainty that plagued her.

The girls jumped apart as Mother Superior strode into the kitchen. Stern blue eyes swept over the clean benches and empty sink before narrowing on Audrey. "Father Matthews will see you now, novice."


Audrey hesitated before the closed door to Father Matthews's chamber and took a deep breath, trying to calm the churning in her belly.

Throughout prayers she had been plagued with memories of the wicked ways in which Lukas had touched and caressed her, making her face burn until she thought the other nun's could not help but notice her guilt. All the while she had been deeply conscious of the exquisite ache between her thighs where he had stretched her around him as he speared her with his hardness.

She could barely hold back a moan of shame as her nipples tightened into painfully hard buds beneath her habit. She was truly wicked! What would Father Matthews do to her once she confessed?

With trembling fingers she knocked softly against the door, all the while praying for God's guidance.

"Come in," a masculine voice commanded, and she opened the door with dread.

Father Matthews stood facing the large arch windows with his back to her, the morning sun turning his dark blonde mane to a rich gold.

He turned, and the breath caught in her throat as steely grey eyes pinned her where she stood.

"As you are no doubt aware, Mother Superior informed me of your nocturnal activities."

His kept his gaze locked with hers as he moved toward her, and she swallowed hard.

"Yes, Father," she murmured, feeling as though her every lewd thought was clear to his all-seeing gaze.

"Out of concern for you she carried out an inspection of your cell while you were at prayers." He stopped before her, so close that the tips of her breasts nearly brushed his chest, and the proximity forced her to lift her face to gaze up at him.

She watched with wide, dark blue eyes as his hand reached up and caught a stray silky chestnut strand and rubbed it between his thumb and forefinger.

"She was shocked to discover lice in your pallet. No doubt a result of your late night frolics in the forest."

Audrey's soft lips parted in shock. "Lice," she breathed, unable to gaze away from the penetrating grey eyes. She had overheard some of the elderly farmhands at St Agatha's complaining of the malady, and the itchiness it seemed to cause, yet it was not something Audrey or any of the other nun's at her old convent had ever suffered from.

"Yes, Audrey. Lice." He gently tucked the strand behind her ear, and she shivered slightly at the brush of his fingers against her sensitive skin. "The solution, while bothersome, is a simple one."

"It is?" she questioned hopefully, chewing worriedly on her bottom lip.

"Mother Superior has already brought to me the items I need to eradicate this pest from your person before it spreads to other members of the convent."

"Oh," Audrey murmured, gazing uncertainly at the items resting on a small stool by the desk that he indicated to with a sweep of his hand. A bowl of water, towelling, and a broad, flat blade rested on beside a small pretty pottery bowl containing a substance that looked like thickened cream.

Her fingers reached up to capture a soft, silky chestnut tendril. Her mane, falling in soft waves to just below her hips, was her single vanity. Vanity, she knew, was a sin, and something her old Mother Superior had despaired of Audrey every overcoming.

She knew that upon taking her vows as a nun that her hair would be shorn, but the eventuality had seemed a far time off. She gazed up at Father Matthews unhappily, but was accepting of her fate. If she were truly to become a proper nun, she knew she would have to suffer her punishments without bemoaning the consequences.

So Audrey was shocked when Father Matthews ordered her to remove her habit. At her hesitation, he pinned her with those all-seeing eyes. "You seek to disobey me, Audrey?" She quickly shook her head. "Then remove your habit."

Under Father's watchful gaze she fumbled with the buttons at her neck and slipped the white heavy gown from her shoulders. The habit pooled at her feet, and she stood there, head lowered, arm at her sides. She was unaware of how the thin shift she wore clung to the tiny thrust of her breasts with their taut rosy crowns, and did little to hide the triangular shadow between her thighs.

"Come, I want you here." He motioned to the large mahogany desk that dominated the chamber, its bare surface polished to a gleam. She took one, then two hesitant steps towards the desk, and gasped when his hands captured her tiny waist from behind. He lifted and turned her so that she sat with her bottom on the edge of the desk. She shivered at the feel of his warm hands burning through the fine shift to the bare skin beneath, in stark contrast to the coolness beneath her bottom.

As he touched her, she couldn't block the image of him, his large muscular form bent over Beth as she lay on the stone altar. Of his hand fisted in her mane as he thrust himself against the young novice's quivering buttocks. Audrey felt her heart begin to race.

Without warning Father Matthews gripped her knees and tugged her unresisting thighs apart and eased himself into the gap. She squeezed her eyes shut as he slowly removed the pins from her hair, so that it tumbled down her back in a mass of silky curls.

She didn't know where to look as his fingers lazily undid the ribbons of her bodice and drew the thin straps down over her shoulders until the tiny thrust of her breasts with their rosy tips were exposed to his steely gaze.

Her lashes fluttered close as his thumbs brushed across her tender nipples, before pressure on her shoulders forced her onto her back on the table.

She whimpered as she felt his hands drawing up the hem of her shift and the cool air swirl over the heated flesh of her secret place. She knew she should be used to him touching her there, yet each time she quivered, her body yearning for something more.

Audrey watched with wary blue eyes as he scooped up the soapy substance, and flinched at the coolness as he gently smoothed it over the triangle of chestnut down between her spread thighs.

"F-Father," she gasped in confusion, struggling up onto her elbows as his impersonal fingers massaged her there, feeling a heady pulse begin between her thighs. "I don‘t think-"

"Quiet, Audrey," he murmured as his hand splayed between her breasts pushed her until she was forced to lay back down on the desk. "I must attend to the breeding grounds of the lice, and it requires all my attention."

"Oh," she whispered, relief warring with shock as she realised he intended to remove the thatch of hair in her secret place, and not her mane.

She gazed up at the ceiling as his fingers covered every inch of her mound as he spread the cream over her, drawing soft whimpers from her as he stroked and tugged on her soft lips. Her breathing became hectic, her breasts rising and falling as he fingers touched her with a surprising gentleness.

A murmur of protest escaped her when the fingers stopped their magic. Her midnight blue eyes flickered open warily, only to discover Father Matthews kneeling between her spread thighs.

She shuddered as his hands forced her knees painfully wider. She felt breathless and weak, and prayed fervently that he didn't notice the wicked dampness seeping between her thighs.

"Do not move from this position, Audrey, otherwise I'll cut you."

She steeled herself for the press of the blade against her there, and her lashes flickered as she felt its cool scrape against her skin.

She felt as though every atom of her being was intimately connected with each stroke of the blade as he slowly removed the protective thatch of chestnut curls from her mound.

It felt as though days had passed as she lay there in unending torment, biting her lip to prevent whimpers from escaping her as fingers glided along her pink valley to grip a pouting lip, or peeled her pouting lips wide apart, allowing the cool air on her heated, damp flesh as he worked.

Her nub throbbed, and she felt depraved and wicked as the wanton heat between her thighs grew to the point of unbearableness. Relief washed through her when he dampened a cloth and gently wiped her between her parted thighs, catching up every last drop of soap.

The relief was short lived when the cloth slipped between her lush lips to stroke along the pink valley, lazily circling the needy nub hidden in their depths. She arched, her eyes flying to his, and her face flamed as she realised he had been watching her expressive face intently.

She was unable to gaze away as his finger, draped in the damp cloth, pressed against her entrance. She winced slightly, still sore from Lukas's trespass, and his steely gaze dropped to her secret place, and a frown creased his forehead.

"You are chafed here," he murmured, his fingers skimming down between her slick valley to probe the gate of her pussy. She squirmed as his finger pinched her plump lips and drew them wide apart as he inspected her without her soft triangle of curls to protect her.

"Have you touched yourself, Audrey?" he demanded, gazing upon her intimate pink flesh intently. Audrey froze, hating the blush staining her cheeks as the steely grey eyes lifted to hers, an imperious eyebrow raised.

She turned her face away from him, but he rose between her thighs, catching her jaw between his fingers and forcing her to look up at him. "Or did someone pleasure you, Audrey?"

She flinched guiltily, and his eyes narrowed. When she didn't, couldn't reply, he gazed down at her for what seemed like hours.

"Your loyalty to the sisters is to be commended, Audrey," he bit out. "But I demand your complete obedience. Now answer me, did one of the nun's touch you here?"

She whimpered as she felt his finger press against her gate, slipping up inside of her. She arched slightly as his finger delved deeper, searching, until he finally discovered the thin barrier of her maidenhead. She squirmed, wanting to close her legs, to hide her face from this humiliation but his fingers held her face immobile as he stroked his finger in her pussy. Yet at the same time she squeezed the invading digit, her young body's resistance melting under the exquisite torment of Father Matthew's finger caressing her tight walls.

As if aware of her body's betrayal, he forced two more fingers into her tight pussy, and she whimpered breathlessly.

"You have one last opportunity, Audrey," he commanded as a thumb pressed down on her throbbing nub, sending a shudder racing through her. "Tell me."

She couldn't speak as his fingers worked inside of her, lost to the sensations between her thighs. Helpless moans escaped her as his knowing fingers quickly drove her toward her peak, thrusting without mercy in her straining channel.

"Tell me," he demanded coldly. She moaned, unable to speak, quivering on the edge of release, her hands clenched into fists at her side, her breasts flushed with desire.

She gasped in distress as he brutally withdrew his fingers from between her thighs and gripped her upper arms, dragging her up into a sitting position.

Her lips parted, yet before she could utter a protest his mouth closed over hers in a punishing kiss. It was brutal, dominating, without mercy. Her senses swam as his mouth moved over hers, her fingers clinging to his gown as she helplessly drowned in the searing kiss, so different from the coaxing kisses Lukas had stolen from her.

He tore his mouth from hers, gazing down at her trembling lips. "Then you will be punished until you tell me the name of the person who touched you."

She had been schooled from birth to obey the dictates of the priest and nuns, yet his reaction to discovering her wickedness both shocked and frightened her. What would Father Matthews do to her when he discovered that it was a man, and not a nun, that had touched her?

As he left her to walk around the desk and pull open a draw, she hastily pushed down her hem and fumbled at the ribbons of her bodice with trembling fingers.

He came back to her, ignoring the tears trembling on her lashes and ordered her to "Stand up."

She weakly slid her bottom off the desk and stood before him, gazing up at him with fearful eyes.

"Lift your shift and spread your ankles wide." She did as he bade her, and watched in dawning horror as he clamped a silver triangular pouch-like object over her mound and clasped the two silver arms tightly around her tiny hips.

His hands on her waist roughly spun her around so that she faced the stained glass windows, and she quivered as he somehow threaded the strange thin chain that was attached to the lowest point of the triangular piece lodged between her thighs up through the back of the belt.

She squirmed as he drew the fine chain up between her bottom until it pressed snugly against her cleft and he somehow secured the contraption at the small of her back.

Audrey clenched her bottom instinctively as his finger followed the path of the chain between her buttocks, and he chuckled against her ear.

"Now no one can touch you without my permission," he murmured as his finger traced along her inner thigh, his finger digging into her experimentally, yet he was unable to obtain access to her secret places.

"You will remain bound within the confines of the chastity belt until you reveal to me the name of the person who touched you."

Audrey moistened her swollen lips as she contemplated the horrifying reality of being forced to wear a chastity belt. She felt tight and constricted, as though she couldn't breath.

"Mother Superior is the only person beside myself that possesses a key to the belt. You will go to her should you feel the need to relief yourself."

"Now get about your duties otherwise I will be forced to punish you further," he told her, smacking her bottom with a force that propelled her forward

The priest's lips curved in amusement as he watched little Audrey dart from his chamber, groaning at the delightful sight of her heart-shaped derriere as she bent over to pick up her habit and clasp it before her. As furious as he initially was to discover one of his nun's had pleasured his innocent little novice with their fingers, and perhaps their mouth, he realised it could only add to his demure novice's torment.

He doubted she would last more than half a day before the guilt forced her to confess, and he admitted to himself that he was impressed that she did not do so immediately. It seemed little Audrey had some steel beneath that exquisitely gentle exterior. Louis would enjoy seeing just how far he could torment her before he forced her to relinquish her secret to him, and eventually her maidenhead.

In the meantime, he would send for Mother Superior to discover which nun went against his express orders and played with Audrey, and impose a fitting punishment.

He was distracted from his musings by a knock on the door. "Come in," he barked out, wondering if perhaps Audrey had returned. His shoulders tensed imperceptivity at the sight of the tall imposing figure dressed in simple, yet superbly cut black jacket and grey trousers.

"Good morning, Lord Montford," Louis drawled, leaning against the edge of the large mahogany desk and crossing his arms across his chest.

Lukas's eyebrows merely raised at the formality as he gazed around the finely appointed chamber until finally coming to rest on its occupant. "Surely there is no need to insist on ceremony between us, brother?"

Louis merely shrugged as Lukas settled his tall frame into a leather chair, stretching his long legs out before him and crossing them at the ankle.

"To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?" Louis asked.

"I merely sought to enquire as to the progress of the renovations on the old kitchens," Lukas said casually.

"They were completed just under two months ago," Louis advised him dryly.

"Without mishap, I hope?" Lukas enquired silkily.

"One man suffered a sprained wrist, but I hardly see how this could be of interest to a man with responsibilities such as yourself."

"I plan on having some repairs done up at the Hall, and considered engaging the same workers. I merely sought to assure myself of their capabilities."

Lukas immediately regretted reminding Louis of the fact that by a twist of fate, the difference of several minutes meant that Montford Hall and all its encumbrances would eventually come to Lukas.

On their father's death three years ago, Lukas had ensured that his brother's advancement within the church was secured by the transferring the deeds to the lands of what now formed the grounds and buildings of St Helen's.

However, Lukas's intervention with the Archbishop was unappreciated by his brother once Louis discovered the truth, and the tension that always existed between the brothers increased tenfold.

"I noticed on the ride here that the convent has prospered greatly under your guiding hand," Lukas continued, gazing around the sumptuous chamber far removed from the sparse chamber one expected of a pious priest. "You must have, what, five or six nuns in your Order now?"

"Seven," Louis inserted firmly. "And two additional novices."

"Novices? I think I've seen one about the Township, a blonde pretty thing? I vaguely recall another one, tall with brown hair?" Lukas lied calmly.

Louis frowned. "No, Audrey has only been with us for two weeks, and has yet to leave the grounds."

"My mistake," Lukas murmured, feeling his blood rush through his veins at finally discovering the name of the innocent temptress haunting his dreams.

He also felt immense relief at the knowledge that his brother had had only a little time to corrupt her. The convent grounds lay to the west of the thriving township that made up a small part of the Montford estates, and rumours of pagan rituals, sacrifices and other odd goings on up at the convent spread like wildfire through the town.

Knowing his brother's fondness for depravity, humiliation and pain, such rumours could not be easily dismissed. Yet until Lukas had physical proof, his hands were tied. The relationship between the brothers was fragile at best, and Lukas did not want to act hastily.

"Before I forget, Aunt Agatha asked that I deliver this to you personally," Lukas said smoothly, withdrawing a slim sheet of vellum sealed with their family's crest from his inner pocket. "She kindly requests our attendance at ball she is throwing in honour of cousin Claire's birthday."

Louis took the invite and without a glance sat it on the desk. "Please convey my apologies to my Aunt, as I am committed elsewhere on whatever date she proposes."

"Will do. I'll let myself out, shall I? I'll inspect the workmanship of the renovations before I go," Lukas drawled.

Lukas strode from the chamber, conscious of the intensity of his brother's gaze on his back and sensing that Louis hadn't been fooled by Lukas's reasons for visiting him.


Audrey kneeled before the overgrown flowerbed, tugging at the wildly sprouting weeds. The morning sun was warm on her face, and a cool breeze stirred the damp tendrils escaping her braid as she set about putting the garden to rights.

Unlike the herb or kitchen garden, the flower garden was often overlooked unless flowers were needed for the church altar. Gravel paths separated the sweeping flower beds with their gorgeous riot of colours and fragrances. The small garden was enclosed on three sides by the tall hedges that formed the edges of the maze, lending it an air of seclusion.

Lost in her work, she didn't notice the man striding toward her until a flash of black out of the corner of her eye drew her attention.

Her heart stopped for an instant, and all rational thought departed as she caught sight of familiar broad shoulders and thick wavy black hair of the impossibly handsome man bearing down on her.

With a moan of distress, she dashed for one of the entrances to the maze as she sought to escape him, her white gown fluttering out behind her.

A small smile curved his lips as he began to jog after his quarry. It had taken a good half hour to finally find his delightful innocent, and he thanked whatever angel looking down on him that she hadn't been attending to chores somewhere inside the convent.

Audrey was breathless and dishevelled, and lost within minutes of entering the maze. She was too short to peek over the tops of the hedges, and in her distressed state the clues scattered along the winding turns of the maze made little sense. So she was surprised to discover she had stumbled upon the heart of the maze.

She paid the warbling fountain and narrow stone bench scant attention as she dashed through the centre of the small enclosed area to the opposite entrance. She turned a corner, and gave a squeak of fright as she bumped into a mountain of solid muscle. Firm hands clasped her upper arms, steadying her, as silver eyes gazed down at her in triumph.

She gave a soft cry as his large hands encircled her waist and lifted her up, the movement pressing her softness full length against his muscled strength, and she clung to his shoulders, gazing up at him warily with dark blue eyes.

"Lukas, no," she murmured desperately as he carried her toward the bench.

"Shh, little Audrey. You were made for me. For this," he murmured. She whimpered as she felt the stone bench nudge at the back of her knees. She felt her nipples harden and shivery heat build between her thighs at the intensity of those silver pools locked with hers.

She moaned as he slid her to her feet, and her face flaming as she became aware of the hardness nestled between his thighs. She stood there with wide eyes as he sat down on the bench, and then gentle hands guided her down onto his lap. Long finders slid up over her nape, tilting her head backwards as his mouth brushed hers, his teeth nipping and nibbling on her soft flesh, sending liquid fire coursing through her veins.

"Lukas," she moaned against his mouth before it moved hungrily hers, his forceful tongue delving between her soft lips, demanding, coaxing, seductive.

Her mind screamed that this was wicked, yet she was helpless to deny him as his fingers closed possessively over the thrust of her tiny breast.

Her small hands clung to his shoulders as his lips trailed down the sweet curve of her neck, nuzzling her neck. He groaned against her soft skin as he felt her hard nipple pushing urgently against his palm through the linen gown. "Sweet Audrey," he murmured as he teased the hard bud, her mewling whimpers like music to his ears.

He regretted not taking her when he had the opportunity, a mistake he intended rectifying without delay. It pained him that her first time would not be in a soft bed, yet the possibility of such a delightful mixture of innocence and wanton temptress corrupted by his own brother tormented Lukas.

He would keep her locked up, or even tied to his bed if need be. He groaned, feeling himself harden impossibly at the image his mind conjured up: she lay sprawled across his bed, her hair a cloud beneath her as she gazed up at him shyly with those mesmerising midnight blue eyes, her rosy nipples begging to be suckled, her thigh bent modestly to hide the tantalising triangle of curls at their apex.

Lukas kissed her, hard, as his impatient fingers sought the hem of her gown. He felt her weak struggles as she pushed at his searching hand with hers, and he brushed it away as he tugged the gown up over her knees. She began to struggle in earnest as his hand settled just above her knee, his thumb teasing the silky flesh.

She broke the kiss, pushing desperately against his chest. "No, Lucas, don't!"

"The pain will be fleeting, Audrey, I promise you. Then only pleasure," he murmured as he caught her wrists against his chest in one hand as his other slid higher, drawing her gown up over the tops of her thighs.

Audrey pressed her face against his chest, unable to bear the look in his eyes once he discovered her shame.

She felt the moment he tensed, his swift indrawn breath.

"Audrey," he breathed, releasing her wrists and capturing her chin, drawing her face up to his.

He quickly masked the searing agony filling him as he took in the tears sparkling on her lashes. "What is this?"

"A chastity belt," she mumbled, so softly he almost didn't hear her.

"I know that, little one. But why are you wearing it?" he asked calmly so as not to alarm her, his heady arousal of moments before quickly ebbing.

"B-because Father Matthews discovered that I was slightly chafed...in my secret place."

Lukas took a long, deep breath. "And how did he discover you were...chafed?"

"He - he shaved me." As Lukas stiffened, she quickly hurried on. "Mother Superior found lice in my pallet, and so he..."

"Shaved you," Lukas finished.

Audrey bit her lip and nodded desolately.

"Did he…" Lukas closed his eyes for a moment as he sought to put the words delicately. "Breach you?"

Molten silver eyes searched her expressive face as she slowly shook her head.

She felt him relax slightly, and his hands on her waist gently guided her bottom onto the bench next to him. He rose gracefully to his feet and strode to the fountain. He stood with his back to her, his legs widespread, hands on hips. She watched him warily, unaware of the battle that was going on inside of him as he fought to restrain his fury.

"I won't allow you to go back to him," he finally declared as he pivoted and pinned her with his silvery gaze. "You'll leave now, with me."

She gazed at him, her lips parting on a soundless gasp. "I can't!"

"You will," he told her sternly.

"My life is here, among the nuns."

"Audrey, you say this because you are an innocent. You know next to nothing about the joys that can be experienced between a man and a woman. You are an intensely passionate creature, Audrey. Had I taken you the other night, you would quickly have come to realise how life in the convent would pall without someone to pleasure your delightful little body."

"So I am to leave here with you so I can become your w-whore?" she asked sadly.

Lukas was caught off guard. He had been obsessed with her from the moment he saw her, bathing in the river in a shift that revealed more than it hid. He knew then that he would do anything to have her, his mind tormented by thoughts of tasting her delightful little breasts and licking the honeyed channel between her thighs. Yet anything beyond the need to quench this all consuming desire to lay between her thighs had not occurred to him.

He saw the hurt in her eyes before she pushed past him, and he was too stunned to stop her.

"Audrey wait," he called out, but the only was response was the sound of her hasty retreat as she disappeared into the maze.


Audrey kneeled before the altar, her head bowed, her palms pressed together beneath her chin.

She didn't hear the approach of soft footsteps, her only warning that she was no longer alone was the light scent of lily water.

Her head rose in time to catch a fleeting smile on Beth's face as she kneeled beside Audrey and crossed herself before the statute of the virgin Mary.

"You have been praying for hours, Audrey, long past the time for bed," Beth murmured, smoothing a chestnut tendril behind Audrey‘s ear and brushing the backs of her fingers over the soft skin of her cheek. "Tell me what it is that torments you so."

"Oh, Beth…," Audrey began, feeling the tears she had tried so hard to keep at bay begin to well up. "I've been truly wicked."

"Audrey, I find it hard to believe that you are ever that."

She took a deep breath, her gaze hesitantly meeting Beth‘s inquiring one. "A man touched me. In the place forbidden by the nuns."

"Oh, Audrey, is that what all this is about?" Beth asked gently. "Father Matthews loves you, just as he loves all of us. It's not wicked for him to touch you, or for you to want him to touch you. It is merely our way at St. Helen's to share God's love."

"No, no. You don't understand. It wasn't Father Mathews!"

"What!" Beth exclaimed, then hastily glanced around for signs of any listeners, but the chapel was empty, the nun's having retired to their cells hours before. "Who?" she hissed in a low voice.

Audrey covered her face with her hands. "Please don‘t ask me that. Father Matthews is punishing me until I reveal to him a name. What is worse is that he suspects it to be one of the nun's."

Beth drew Audrey‘s hands away from her face and gazed deeply into the wide midnight blue eyes glittering with unshed tears. "Tell Father it was me. I will keep your secret."

"Beth, I couldn't," Audrey gasped. "He would punish you too!"

"I am long used to his punishments, Audrey. And he would not beat me for long before he is distracted by other things."

"No, Beth," Audrey murmured, a tear trickling down her cheek. "I could never forgive myself if I lied to Father, and knowingly caused you pain."

"This man who touched you. Do you love him?"

"I-I don't know how I feel about him. But he doesn't love me though. He just wants to - to put his thing between my thighs." Audrey blushed.

"Did you let him?" Beth asked curiously.

"No. Well. Kind of."

"Kind of?" Beth's eyebrows raised.

Beth nodded guiltily. "It felt strange… and sort of nice."

"Audrey, I think you were right not to tell Father Matthews about this. If he asks you again, please consider telling him it was me."

"I cou-"

"Shh," Beth murmured, pressing her finger against Audrey's soft lips. "You are as yet unused to our ways, whereas I am. Father's punishments are more demanding and thorough than anything you would ever have experienced at the hands of your old priest. But I beg of you, don‘t make your final decision now. Think about it, for tonight at least."

Audrey gazed at her friend and slowly nodded.

"Good. Now we better return to our cells before Mother Superior catches us and paddles our behinds!"

Beth drew Audrey to her feet, and still holding her hand, accompanied Audrey back to her cell.


Louis watched Audrey shyly approach the desk, his eyes narrowing as they took in the sight of the exquisite little novice, noting the creamy skin and dark blue eyes, the tumble of silky chestnut curls. She was made for a man's pleasure, demure and gentle, yet possessing an underlying sensuality that rocked him to the core.

It irritated him greatly that his questioning of the nuns had revealed no answers as to the identity of her seducer. One possibility, while unthinkable, taunted him. And necessitated what he was about to do.

"Come Audrey, do not prevaricate. Tell me the name of the person who dared to touch you?"

She bit her lip and shook her head miserably. She couldn't lie, and stand by while Beth was punished for her falsehoods. Yet to tell the truth could only mean banishment from the Order, surely?

"Then remove your gown and shift."

Audrey swallowed hard as she fumbled with the buttons of her habit. As the gown pooled at her feet, she fumbled with the ribbons of her shift before letting it too fall at her feet.

She stood before him, naked but for the constricting chastity belt, her rosy nipples peaking through the silky mass of chestnut waves, her face pink

Grey eyes moved over her, seeming to touch every inch of her. His hand moved from where it rested on the desk, revealing a tiny intricate silver key.

"Your insubordination is intolerable, Audrey. You know that your conduct forces me to punish you?"

Audrey nodded, her gaze dropping hastily to the floor. After several tense moments passed, she sensed him move, and felt the air around her stir as he moved to stand behind her. Warm fingers trailed along her collarbone, scooping up her hair and sweeping it so that it tumbled over one shoulder, exposing a small creamy breast with its pouting tip.

She shivered as he planted a gentle kiss on her shoulder, before his hands smoothed down her back to gently tug on the belt. She whimpered as she felt the tight constriction around her tiny hips ease. Warm hands drew the belt down over her bottom, slipping the silver warmed by her body's heat down her soft thighs.

As the belt came to rest on her clothes, long fingers splayed over her belly, drawing her up against him so that she was fully aware of the growing hardness pressing against her bottom.

"Tell me the name, Audrey," he breathed against her ear. Fingers trailed up her arm and gently circled a taut nipple, sending shivers coursing through her. She shook her head, the slightest of movements, and squirmed in his arms when he pinched the rosy tip, feeling the zing of pleasure and pain shoot between her thighs.

"Then I want you to bend over the desk with your elbows on its surface," he commanded softly, gently pushing her toward it. She hesitated, gazing over her shoulder at him with wide troubled blue eyes. She couldn't have known how much he enjoyed her resistance, making her eventual yet inevitable surrender that much the sweeter.

"Father, I-"

"Wilful disobedience is an unbecoming trait in a nun," he advised her warningly, his steely grey eyes locked with hers. "Before I punish you, I want to examine your skin for any signs of chafing caused by the belt."

"Oh," she whispered, chewing on her bottom lip.

"That's it," he murmured as she did as she was bade. Her face heated at the thought of her creamy bottom exposed to his all-seeing gaze as she rested her weight on her forearms. Her body tensed as she felt the brush of his gown against her ankles.

"Wider," he commanded, his fingers tapping against her inner thigh.

She inched her ankles further apart, biting back a moan of shame.


Tears filled Audrey's eyes as she forced her thighs almost painfully wide, until her belly came to rest on the desk's cool surface.

"You are pink," he murmured, a warm hand caressing her bottom. She gazed down at the polished surface of the desk, conscious of the rise and fall of her unfettered breasts as he stood silently behind her. He moved away, and returned with a small glass jar that he placed on the desk beside her hip.

"This will soothe the chaffing," he said as he scooped up some of the substance and rubbed it between his palms. Audrey flinched as his hands settled high up on the backs of her thighs, before a soft sigh escaped her as firm hands began kneading the soothing cream into her tender flesh.

Audrey's breasts jiggled with his strong circular movements, her head bowed, her breathing uneven. She bit her lip as his hands moved higher, his fingers digging into her bottom as he worked the cream into her soft skin.

He bit back a groan as the circular motions of his hands drew her cheeks apart, tantalising him with glimpses of the tiny rosebud nestled in their depths. She squirmed delightfully as his finger stroked her there, teasing the puckered little entrance. Time enough, he thought to himself as his fingers delved lower to caress her lush lips, discovering the dewy moisture gathered there with a groan of pleasure.

Audrey felt a wicked heat swirling between her thighs, and it took every ounce of control to remain still and not push back instinctively against the exploring fingers. Yet she couldn't prevent herself from wiggling slightly as he stroked her bare lips and mound with tantalising softness, wanting, needing more.

The memory of Lukas pushing up inside of her, stretching her exquisitely, tormented her fevered mind until she was breathless and on edge, a helpless yearning filling her, almost drowning out the feelings of uncertainty and confusion that plagued her.

Her bottom quivered as the massage went on, soft whimpers and moans escaping her. She felt his warm breath gently blowing against her dewy heat, and almost slid bonelessly to the floor from the overwhelming need that swept through her.

"Tell me now, Audrey, and your punishment will end," he murmured, his finger lightly tracing the valley between her pouting lips. Her only response to his gentle teasing was a soft moan. He chuckled softly.

Audrey arched as a finger probed her dewy gate, easing its way up inside of her tight pussy. She clenched down hard on the invading digit, her whole body a mass of quivering nerves.

As the finger began to glide in and out of her, generating an exquisite friction between her thighs, she began to protest weakly. Surely it must be sinful to experience such pleasure in the place the nuns had forbidden her to touch. "Please don't," she whimpered, and a gasp escaped her as Father Matthews slapped her bottom firmly.

He caught her upper arms and dragged her upright, the burning hard length of him pressing threateningly against her bottom.

"Do you seek to deny my right to punish you for your disobedience, and through me, God?" he demanded against her ear, his breathing uneven.

Tears flooded Audrey's eyes as she felt him grind himself against her, and she shook her head desolately.

The breath caught in her throat as fingers trailed down over her belly and traced maddening circles on her bare mound. Her knees began to buckle as his fingers dipped lower, stroking the tender valley of flesh, and an arm around her waist caught her, anchoring her against him.

Moisture trickled between her thighs as his fingers toyed with her, and her head fell back against his chest, her breathing haywire, her nails scratching his forearms as she felt herself spiralling out of control.

She cried out as two fingers plunged up inside of her, the arch of her hips forcing her bottom to ride the hard pulsing flesh nestled against her bottom. He began to thrust his fingers inside of her, over and over, until she was pleading with him to end this torment.

"Kiss me," he breathed, his lips trailing down over her temple and cheek as he sought her mouth. She turned her face toward his, and moaned beneath the heady onslaught of his mouth as his lips moved forcefully over hers.

She felt as though her body was on fire as his fingers rocked inside of her, her pussy squeezing down hard on his fingers and drawing a groan from him as the unbearable tension coiling low in her belly built to the point of unbearableness.

She whimpered in distress as his hand fell from between her thighs, her rippling pussy clutching at emptiness.

"Please," she begged, feeling as though a mere brush of his fingers against her throbbing nub would send her toppling over the edge into the realm of ecstasy.

"Tell me," he whispered against her swollen lips.

Tears of desperation filled her eyes, yet the words wouldn‘t come to her. She barely registered the hands circling her waist, turning and lifting her until she sat with her bottom on the edge of the desk.

She gazed up at him with wide midnight blue eyes as he gently guided her onto back, her hair spread out in a cloud beneath her. She lay, panting, dazed, her sweet features flushed, her arms sprawled out to the side. She offered no resistance as he drew her thighs apart, unable to murmur even a protest as his gaze lowered to feast on the glistening pink flesh between her thighs.

"Tell me how you feel, Audrey," he commanded her, and she trembled as he moved to kneel between her parted thighs.

"Wicked," she moaned, seeking to close her thighs against him, but he held them firmly apart with strong hands.

"Do you wish this wickedness to be drawn from you?" he enquired silkily, his hands stroking her inner thighs.

She nodded, quivering, fighting to bring her body's weakness back under control.

"Then recite your prayers," he ordered.

She did so, for what seemed like hours, her gaze fixed firmly on the ceiling as slowly the throbbing ache between her parted thighs began to abate. All the while his fingers traced lazy patterns on her trembling thighs, oh so close to the melting core of her.

She stumbled mid-sentence as fingers lightly brushed her glistening lips, sending trails of fire deep between her thighs.

Audrey's eyes widened as she felt him draw her pouting lips abruptly apart, revealing the extent of her shame. Heat rocked through her as she felt cool air stir her dampness, before a soft firmness settled over her dewy core. Audrey tensed in alarm as she felt something probing in her folds, sliding over the wetness there, only to realise in dawning horror that it was his mouth exploring her.

She stiffened, and his fingers slapped her mound. "Did I tell you to stop your prayers?" he breathed against her, and she hastily continued, barely able to concentrate as quivers racked her.

The coiling, swirling tension low in her belly grew in intensity, undaunted by the words she quoted from the bible in an attempt to purge herself of the wickedness that seemed to overpower her mind and betray her flesh.

She knew she should tell him what he sought, to stop this punishment, yet she was lost to the delicious curls of excitement unfurling between her spread thighs as his tongue delved between her folds.

She was squirming, writhing, as she felt him probing her dewy gate, before surging up inside of her. His fingers dug into the tops of her thighs as he held her still as his tongue stabbed at her snug channel.

"Please," she pleaded, shivering as his tongue swirled inside of her, her fingers raking along the desktop.

Audrey stiffened in bewilderment as a teasing finger slid along her glistening cleft to circle the tiny bud hidden there.

"No," she moaned in distress as she realised his intent, yet he ignored her plea. A finger, liberally applied with cream, pressed against her there. She squirmed helplessly, the pleasure of his mouth dimming as the burning sensation grew. Slowly the tiny entrance began to yield and the tip of his finger slid inside of her.

"Open to me, Audrey. Accept God's punishment," he commanded, as his finger speared her relentlessly, sliding deeper inside of her clenched bottom as she arched against him.

Lightening flicked through her as his mouth applied a gentle sucking pressure on her throbbing nub, drawing gasping moans from her. She cried out as the ring of muscles gave way, and his finger surged up inside of her until she squeezed several inches of the invading digit.

"Oh, god," she cried out, feeling herself quiver on the edge of a dark chasm as her bottom began to adjust to the shocking intrusion, her tight bottom clenching down hard on the finger as it thrust deep inside of her, seeking to expel it within her depths as she rippled and shuddered as tension built between her thighs.

She moaned as he withdrew from her, tears of frustration filling her eyes. He rose between her thighs, wiping his mouth on his sleeve as his gaze moved intently over her.

"Do you know what I'm about to do, Audrey?" he demanded huskily.

She squeezed her eyes shut, nodding shakily.

"Open your eyes. Tell me," he commanded.

She blinked, her dark gaze slowly focusing on his. She had thought those grey eyes cold, yet they swirled with a burning intensity that both scared and excited her. "You – you're going to push that hard thing between your thighs inside of me," she whispered.

"Yes, Audrey. I'm going to pleasure your innocent body with my cock."

She watched helplessly as he slowly removed his gown, his eyes never leaving her expressive face. She moistened her suddenly dry lips as her gaze flickered down over the muscular chest and flat belly to the thick shaft rising from its nest of curls.

Her eyes widened and she moaned in horror at the size of him. "No," she whispered, trying weakly to climb up on her elbows, but a hand between her damp breasts forced her back down onto the desk.

"It will hurt at first, Audrey, and is fitting punishment for your disobedience. But soon you will enjoy the feel of me there, moving deep inside of you."

She felt powerless to prevent him from drawing her legs up until her ankles hung over his shoulders. His fingers cupped her bottom, lifting her, and she moaned as she felt him sliding along her slick folds, seeking the dewy gate at her core. The head of him probed at her, until he lodged firmly against her tiny entrance.

"No," she whispered helplessly, her body weak and flooded with pleasure, her hands pushing futilely against his flat belly.

She moaned as he pressed against her, instinctively squeezing her knees together against the feel of him slowly filling her.

"You have one last chance to avoid punishment, Audrey," he groaned huskily, the tip of him sheathed in her snug channel.

She squirmed helplessly against him as he prodded threateningly against her there, wanting to confess her sins so this punishment would end, yet she was unable to form the words, her young body's longing to experience the press of hard male flesh deep inside of her clouding her mind.

"So be it," he said. His fingers dug into her hips as he begin to surge inside of her, forcing her painfully open to his invasion. Tears trickled down her cheeks as she felt herself stretched unbearably, her hips arching at the burning sensation of him sliding up inside of her. She whimpered as the movement only forced him deeper.

As he came to rest against her maidenhead, his gaze locked with hers, some semblance of reality returned. "I-" she began breathlessly. "It was L…"

"Shh," he murmured huskily, his fingers closing over her mouth.

Relief washed through her as he began to withdraw from her, yet at the same time her traitorous body cried out for the feel of him sliding up deep inside of her.

She began to relax, but without warning he thrust powerfully into her, tearing through her virginity as he buried himself to the hilt inside of her and spearing her on his thick cock.

She screamed, her nails digging into his shoulders as pain shot up her spine. She gazed up at him in hurt disbelief, unwilling to move even the slightest for fear it would cause further pain.

"Please don‘t hurt me," she implored him, her lashes fluttering close as she slowly adjusted to the burning fullness of him locked deep inside of her. What had she done? Through wicked disobedience, she had surrendered her purity and chastity, virtues that were sacrosanct to a nun.

She moaned as his slightest movement sent a quiver through her. "Stop," she begged, her small hands pushing against his where they gripped her hips.

"Don't fight me," he groaned huskily, brushing her fingers away as his hand slid down over her belly. She whimpered as a finger slid between her dewy folds, teasing and caressing the nub nestled in their depths until she bucked and writhed on the hard length of him.

"Please don‘t do this," she cried, and relief rushed through her as he began to finally ease from her, even as her body arched at the exquisite friction the movement caused between her thighs.

She cried out as he thrust back into her, forcing her tight pussy to accept him as he slid up deep inside of her. She tensed, but where before there had been a burning uncomfortableness, now there was only breathtaking pleasure.

He rotated his hips, drawing moans from both of them. She knew she could not let him continue her defilement, just as she knew that it would be a losing battle if she had to fight both him and the growing frenzy between her thighs.

She squeezed her eyes shut and pinched him on the arm. Hard.

He didn't so much as flinch as he began to rock inside of her, driving the exquisite agony between her thighs to incredible heights.

As her fingers sought to grip the edge of the desk for lever her hand bumped against something solid. He began to take her with driving thrusts, forcing himself over and over into her tight pussy, and her trembling fingers clutched at the unseen object.

She was drowning in the flood of pleasure rippling out in waves from between her thighs as she raised the jar of cream, and brought it crashing against the side of his head. He staggered back from her, his heavy shaft wrenched from her tight pussy as his hand flew to his head, his gaze incredulous.

She was as shocked as he, yet the sight of her blood on his cock only spurred her on, and she slid from the desk on trembling legs.

"Audrey," he muttered, his hand reaching out for her but she scampered sideways, and almost tripped as she scooped up her habit where it lay pooled on the floor. She clutched it to her breasts as she backed hastily away from him.

"Don't - don't touch me," she murmured tearfully, unable to meet his steely gaze.

She bumped against the wall, and quickly turned and darted through the doorway.

Louis was stunned. The soft blow hardly caused more than a moment's fleeting pain, yet this unexpected development made him pause.

He had known from the beginning that she was different from the others. Her innocence and naivety were unfeigned, yet her uninhibited responses to his exploring caresses was undeniable. Most if it not all the nuns tolerated his sexual demands, even enjoyed it to a great extent. Yet in Audrey Louis sensed a dormant sensuality that could easily match his own dark desires.

Louis had greatly underestimated the young novice's strength of resolve and her commitment to a way of life that had been forced on her by circumstance. Yet this knowledge would not deter him from discovering a way to set her sensuality free.

And soon he would discover the name of the nun that had seduced her, and if need be, use them as a tool in overcoming Audrey's senseless resistance.

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Well found and once more thanks for sharing them here for others to enjoy