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Fox News: Office Politics
with Kimberly Guilfoyle
The Pornographer
(MF, BJ)

This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are easily offended STOP READING! Feel free to send any comments or suggestions

I was extremely anxious but strangely excited as I entered the large building in Manhattan to officially start my first day at the offices of Fox News. Having scored a lucrative internship I was delighted to discover that there I would immediately be assigned to one of the female journalists and Fox anchors, Patti Ann Brown. As expected she was an absolute sweetheart and inside I was quickly led around the office and introduced to all of the staff including the other interns and sexy anchor women of FNC.

It was during this time that I was immediately impressed and overwhelmed at just how beautiful and talented the ladies all seemed, not to mention taken aback at how blatantly flirtatious they were, especially one Julie Banderas who made no qualms about expressing just how she felt and what she wanted. She was on a mission to find out as much as possible about me.

"So Scott, are you single? Do you live in the city? Do you go out much?"

"Hey hey, hands off Julie." Patti Ann interjected, "Give him a break, it's his first day."

With that Patti Ann then dragged me away from the sexy Latina's work station and continued to show me around the office.

Getting settled in at Patti Ann's desk it didn't take long for Ms. Banderas to wait for the right opportunity to strike and come over and flirt with me again.

"So you have any plans for lunch today? I'd be happy to show you around. We could head over to that bar or—"

Thankfully for me before I could respond Patti Ann happened to arrive back from upstairs and quickly confronted her promiscuous colleague.

"Uh Julie, don't you have some work to do?"

"No I don't, do you Patti Ann?" Julie replied spitefully.

For a moment I thought the girls were literally going to throw down and physically fight. It was obvious that they shared some bad blood and history together. It was then I watched in amazement as the two seemingly professional thirty-something's proceeded to trade snide comments and insults back and forth before Julie finally conceded and left in a huff. It was a few minutes later that Patti Ann told me to just ignore Julie's comments and blatant advances and not to pay any attention to her.

"Just ignore her Scott, trust me she's not worth it, she's trouble."

"I guess, if you say so."

"Simply put, she's a whore." she added.

Hearing this I couldn't help but laugh as it was the last thing I expected to hear from her. It seemed Patti Ann Brown was breaking all kinds of preconceptions I had about her and wasn't as shy or reserved as I originally assumed. In fact I found her to be downright lively and feisty at times. I was pleasantly surprised.

Over the next few days the two of us spent a lot of time working together and got along so well that we even elected to stay back at our work cubicle during our lunch breaks. I had to admit that the more time we spent together the more I became attracted to her. She really was a class act.

Despite being labeled the "Plan Jane" of the office Patti Ann Brown was actually quite sexy and had a great wit and sense of humor. But it was during my second week while working closely with her that I and a few of the other interns began to notice a visible change in her demeanor and appearance. She now seemed to dress more provocatively and noticeably flashed more and more skin with each passing day.

It seemed that unlike her very attractive and younger co workers, who openly flaunted and showed off their "assets" on the channel at every available moment, she was notoriously subdued and modest but now branched out and dressed more suggestively. I was soon pleasantly surprised to discover that under all of those dreary clothes she in fact concealed a very impressive and phenomenal figure.

In reality Patti Ann had a killer rack, a great hour glass figure, voluptuous hips, and a sweet round thick butt you could tap for days on end. And as uptight and timid as she initially seemed something in the back of my mind told me she would be an absolute wild cat behind closed doors.

At home I secretly found myself frequently fantasizing about her and imagined seeing her on all fours and getting taken hard from behind. God she had a great ass. As expected people around the office started to notice this transformation and it didn't take long for gossip and innuendo to spread throughout the office. Everyone seemed to credit me for the change but I simply assumed she was just going through her own mid life crisis or something.

Nevertheless I soon settled into my new role and it was a few nights into my third week that while working back late alone in the deserted office that I casually strolled into the break room for a coffee and jumped with fright. Standing there before me was legal analyst and FNC commentator, Kimberly Guilfoyle.

Catching sight of her I almost heard myself gasp as I immediately took in the vision that was Kimberly. As per usual the glamorous brunette and one time assistant DA looked ravishing and was impeccably dressed, clad in a tight button up blouse, six inch heels, and the shortest little skirt I'd ever seen.

Her sexy little outfit also included a pair of black lace top fishnet thigh high stockings and was capped off with a set of very stylish glasses. The entire garb utterly screamed porn starlet and only accentuated her long lean legs, small hips, and tight butt. The girl was a fantasy come to life, an absolute MILF.

With her long brown hair styled up into a bun I spied that it was held in place with just a single pencil. Studying her features for a moment I immediately noted that she had the most incredible mouth and lips I'd ever seen on a woman – the kind that could give the likes of Angelina Jolie a run for her money. While I attempted to snap myself out of my reverie it seemed Kimberly was right in the middle of pouring herself a coffee just as I appeared.

"Jesus!" she gasped, "You scared me half to death. I thought I was the only one pulling an all nighter?"

"I guess not, sorry. I'm Scott by the way."

"I know who you are" she said while putting away the milk in the mini fridge, "I've see you around the office. You're an intern right?"

Taking a seat at the table we then enjoyed a coffee together before I noticed Kimberly seemed preoccupied in thought. Stressed out I then offered her some assistance with her work load which was apparently the reason behind her stress but she graciously refused.

"Thanks, but I can't make you do that. You're probably really busy out there."

"No not really," I countered, "Beside I've finished my assignments for the night and it's not like I've got anywhere special to be this time of the morning. It's like 3am."

Blushing with appreciation Kimberly then beamed me her famous smile while I tried not to think lewd thoughts. Still, as we spoke and got to know each other I couldn't help but fantasize about just how great those full luscious lips would feel wrapped firmly around the head of my prick, which incidentally grew considerably harder in my pants as I watched her casually flick her long wet tongue against the side of her mouth.

God she was sexy.

Kimberly was as articulate as she was beautiful which only attracted me more to her. Chatting up a storm it was then we briefly discussed some office politics and gossip and I was shocked at what she said next.

"So you're the famous Scotty," she grinned, "Patti Ann's toy boy, right?"

"Excuse me?"

Kimberly laughed before she then went on to explain that I was apparently known around the office as Patti Ann's fling.

"Are you serious?"

It seemed that although Patti Ann was a shy and timid and happily married woman, she was apparently very protective of me with the other ladies and cougars of the office and had warned them to stay away from me. Kimberly then recalled the very public argument Patti Ann and Julie got into the first day I had arrived, and it seemed to have made some waves upstairs. It seemed a lot of the ladies in the office were genuinely fearful about approaching me because of her.

While I sat back and contemplated this, Kimberly added, "And don't you dare even think about running off with her."

"Who, Patti Ann?"

"No Julie, cause she's a flat out seductress. A total man eater"

"Yeah Patti Ann said the same thing." I chuckled, "Only she didn't use such... polite words."

With that Kimberly and I laughed together and enjoyed our conversation for several more minutes before she glanced at the time and noticed it was now a quarter past three.

"Oh shit, I've got to get a move on if I'm going to make it home before 4am. Come on, let's get busy."

Back at her desk I sat just off to the side and helped file away the documents she updated. Working hard for almost a full half hour we finally seemed to be on top of things and finished most of the work when I then heard her groan with pain. Rolling her head from side to side she seemed to feel extremely tired and tense.

"God it's been a while since I did an all nighter."

Seeing how stressed out she was it was then I offered to help her relax by giving her a massage, adding that I used to work as a masseuse in Miami for a few Summer's back in my youth to earn some extra cash on the weekends. Kimberly simply giggled to this revelation.

"Oh yeah I beat. That's probably what you tell all the—oohhh" she cooed.

Before Kimberly could finish her sentence I took the initiative and placed my hands on her neck and shoulders and proceeded to give her the much needed relief she so needed.

There I ran my hands up the length of her neck and shoulders and she quickly closed her eyes and moaned audibly.

"Oh that feels so good." she whispered sincerely.

Falling silent for a moment she then added, "Wow, you really do have the most amazing hands."

"I told you." I smirked to myself before I stopped for a moment and asked, "So do you want me to stop or—"

"Don't you dare!" she snapped, "Hey you offered, so now you have to finish what you started."

With that Kimberly took her trendy reading glasses off her face and leaned back into her leather chair and got comfortable as I worked my magic.

"Hmm, yeah you really are tense aren't you?" I said to myself as I turned up the pressure and concentrated on her neck.

"Mmm so tense." she cooed softly, "God that feels good."

Using my hands I then proceeded to massage and knead the back of her head and ran my fingers though her long mane. The scent of her hair and perfume drove me crazy.

"Now I see why Patti Ann wants you all to herself." she smiled.

Over the next few minutes Kimberly and I didn't speak but judging from her soft whimpers and groans it was clear she was really enjoying herself. In fact the only sound that could be heard was the hum of her deep breathing and moaning. It was incredibly erotic to say the least and I stood there lovingly caressing and touching her while brandishing a ragging boner in my pants. It was only after a few minutes of rubbing and pampering her that I finally broke the silence again.

"Hmm, I wish I could treat you to a proper back rub, Kimberly. If we only had more time and space to perform—"

With that Kimberly suddenly stopped and glanced over her shoulder.

"Hold that thought." she said while getting up, "I have to go pee, but when I'm finished meet me in the break room in two minutes."

Grabbing her cell Kimberly groggily slipped her shoes back on and was visibly dazed and a little disoriented.

Smiling widely to herself she then added, "There we can get more comfortable and you can really go to town on me."

"Are you sure?" I started to ask when she interrupted me.

"Hell yes!" she reassured me, "I'll be back in a jiffy. Don't go anywhere!"

With that I then watched as Kimberly hurriedly scampered off towards the ladies room and again I couldn't help but take in and admire her long slender frame not to mention her incredible legs and tight ass. There was something so incredibly erotic about those fishnet stockings she wore, and the way she carried herself. She was just so feminine and sexy.

In the break room I helped myself to another coffee and tried to will the growing hard on in my pants to go down. Taking a seat on the large leather sofa in the corner of the room I suddenly felt a little nervous. I hadn't felt this excited and anxious since my teenage dating days. Was I actually going to get the opportunity to give Kimberly Guilfoyle a full massage? I couldn't wait to put my hands on her again.

A few moments later Kimberly finally reappeared from the bathroom and my eyes almost popped out of my head. It seemed that while she was absent she had gone out of her way to make herself more "comfortable" and had let her hair down and unbuttoned several buttons on the front of her tight blouse. I also noticed that for whatever reason she had opted on discarding her stockings as well.

At first I was a little confused and disappointed but seeing her long bare legs up close I quickly dismissed any unpleasant thoughts. God she was beautiful. Watching her, if I didn't know any better I could have sworn she was trying to seduce me. To my delight her blouse now freely flapped open and even from my vantage point on the couch afforded me the view of some very impressive and busty cleavage.

Taking a deep breath I then watched as Kimberly sauntered over to me on the sofa, and taking a seat she turned her back to me and quickly directed my hands to her shoulders once again.

"Shall we?" she smiled as I went right back to where we left off.

Unlike earlier though Kimberly really seemed to get into the mood this time and enjoyed the experience a lot more intently and vocally, moaning more loudly and regularly.

"Mmm god I love your hands." she cooed, "I so need this right now."

Meanwhile I was so hard at that point that I thought I was going to pass out and was very aware that if she leaned back any harder against me she would soon find out just how excited I was.

Fortunately for me it was around this time that Kimberly in fact leaned back against me harder and I took the opportunity to glance down and immediately noticed that I could see right down into her open blouse to stare at her black lace push up bra. I gasped to myself as I admired her very large and firm breasts which seemed to be incased so snug tight that they literally poured out from their restraints.

There, one of her nipples seemed to struggle for release and erotically strained against the very edge of the wire band. Staring at it repeatedly I could clearly make out the dark areola and just the hint of (crooked) nipple. The revelation thrilled me immensely.

It was then without thinking that I let my hands wander more freely, roaming lower down her shoulders to gently stroke and rub her neck and collar bone. Kimberly moaned softly to this and leaning back a little harder, and rested her arms on my knees while proceeding to gently grind her body back against me.

"Mmm harder" she breathed while titling her head back.

"I like it a little harder and slower." she cooed, "Yeah like that oohhhh—"

With that I let my hands deftly sweep across her collar bone and neckline and watched in wonder as her knees seemed to move on their own volition and proceeded to part ever so slightly.

Kimberly continued to writhe beneath me as I glanced down at her nipple again and almost groaned with delight as I saw it twist and bend further against her lace bra. Her nipple now stood at full attention and somehow managed to barely hold in place. I suddenly found myself incredibly aroused and frustrated and almost felt tempted to reach down and release it from its anguish but thought better of it as I knew that the friction was definitely adding to her overall pleasure.

Kimberly’s breathing was now deep and erratic as her heavy chest rose and fell erotically.

Without thinking I then boldly brushed one of my hands across the top of her chest just where her cleavage began and the daring action caused her to whimper softly. Caught up in the moment my other hand then instinctively slid down to her large heaving chest and without warning I brazenly cupped her round bosom with the palm of my hand. To my delight Kimberly simply responded by inhaling sharply as I took her lack of resistance as encouragement.

I then freely groped and fondled her large erect breasts with both hands, brushing my fingertips directly across her tiny buds. There I cupped and caressed her beautiful mamories and leaned over to softly kiss the side of her subtle neck causing her skin to break out in tiny bumps. Once again she let out a low moan and lolled her head back as I happily had my way with her.

Finally after a few moments of groping her she ultimately turned her face to look at me and we stared into each other's eyes while waiting for her to respond to my daring actions. Truth be told I half expected her to spit in my face or slap me hard across the mouth but instead she leaned up and kissed me hard on the lips.

Kimberly and I deeply and hungrily kissed each other while our tongues danced inside each other's mouths. My hands quickly snaked along her body and hips and drifted beneath her short skirt and helped pry her knees apart, spreading her long legs. Pushing her thighs open with my hand I then continued to freely explore her wondrous body while she simply sat there moaning loudly. We continued to groan and whimper noisily for several moments before she finally spoke.

"We—we should stop." she reluctantly moaned as I sucked and devoured her tender neck.

"You really want me to stop?" I breathed into her ear as my fingers found and then lightly danced along her satin panties.

To my delight Kimberly’s knickers were so moist I could almost make out the outline of her slit as I massaged her. This quickly caused the sexy correspondent to audibly gasp, kick her legs farther open and thrust her long tongue back into my mouth. She definitely relished the sensation of having her pussy caressed. It was then without wasting I peeled her underwear to the side and swiftly jammed two of my fingers deep inside her yearning cunt.

"Nnnghh yes!" she let out while arching her back and accepting my digits.

Inside I proceeded to twiddle them around which seemed to really enthrall her and Kimberly bucked her hips and spread her legs as wide as she possibly could, granting me full access to her sex.

There I hungrily mauled her neck and eagerly licked my way down to her firm nipple and sucked it into my mouth. At this point Kimberly was so wet and aroused that the room quickly filled with the musky scent of her dripping sex followed closely by the incredibly erotic yet lewd squishing and sloshing sound of my fingers as they rapidly probed in and out of her steadily. Kimberly blushed bright with humiliation and could only whimper and mumble incoherently as I thoroughly explored her wet cunt.

God she was wet.

Just then she finally broke loose of my grasp and twisted around to face me. There she then began to unzip my pants and without wasting a single moment devoured my cock in one swift action, swallowing me deep with those full, luscious, soft lips. Despite my frequent fantasies, nothing could have prepared me for how soft and wonderful her lips felt wrapped around my throbbing tool.

"Kimberly Guilfoyle was a god damn natural born cock sucker," I thought to myself.

With that I ran my fingers through her long hair and took charge once again as I turned her face to the side and proceeded to slap her open mouth and cheek with my saliva coated organ. Kimberly grunted and groaned lustfully to the heavy strikes and hungrily speared out her long tongue trying to lick it.

"Nnghh nnhh ooh yes!! Give me that cock!!! Don't tease me, I want it."

"Yeah?" I smirked, "Beg for it."

"Please—give me your cock. I want it in my mouth. Please—please—mmppfff!!"

Riled up Kimberly then aggressively took me into the back of her warm mouth once again and attempted to deep throat me. This action caused me to groan loudly and thrust my hips up off the couch as her nose nestled firmly against my pubic hair for a moment.

"Fuck!" I let out, "You're suck a good little cock sucker."

"I—I love sucking cock!" she grunted lustfully.

Caught up in the moment I then groped her huge globes with my hands and found myself strangely fascinated and drawn to them again.

Fondling them keenly I groaned, "Give me those tits baby. I want to fuck those big beautiful round melons!"

Kimberly didn't object for a moment and instantly slipped her bra away from her chest, and nestled my prick between her remarkable jugs. Her chest felt absolutely divine as I proceeded to fuck her deep cleavage with my tool. Manipulating her tits with her hands she swiftly jiggled them up and down and drooled out a copious amount of spit to help lube and stimulate me.

"Oh Jesus!" I let out as she hungrily slurped at the tip of my prick while they were deeply incased between her amazing tits.

"Cum for me baby." she moaned, "Cum all over my tits!"

"Spit on it!" I insisted, which she happily obliged.

Kimberly eagerly drooled another long robe on saliva all over the head of my sword as I proceeded to frantically fuck her huge rack for several moments before I finally started to grunt and buck my hips in ecstasy. The first load was so powerful it actually surprised even me. It almost squirted out at a phenomenal rate and struck her directly on the button of her chin, while that was quickly followed by two, three, and four spurts of jizz which sprayed across her glorious rack and neck. She was covered in cum.

Stroking me gently with her hand Kimberly looked up at me with a stunned and appreciative look. She was definitely surprised at my abundant load. With that she then took my breath away as she leaned over to give my inflamed knob a few approving licks. This of course caused me to jump and squirm about on the seat making her giggle.

Smiling up at me it was then I was about to say something encouraging when suddenly we heard what sounded like a noise in the main news room and we panicked. Horrified, Kimberly’s eyes grew wide and we both abruptly jumped to our feet and rushed to dress.

Meanwhile I couldn't help but find it amusing as she was still clearly smeared with cum but nonetheless we hurriedly dressed and promptly left the break room. With that she quickly dashed off to the ladies room while I quickly rushed back to my work cubicle and it was only then that I realized it was nothing and I finally relaxed and slumped at my desk. I still couldn't believe what had just occurred.

Had I just blown my load all over Kimberly Guilfoyle's rack?

12-16-2008, 07:05 PM
a well done story. i do hope you continue it. There are quite a few female characters to enjoy.

12-16-2008, 10:26 PM
A well worked plot and exciting storyline. many thanks for posting here for all to share.

The Pornographer
12-16-2008, 10:29 PM
yeah thanks hawk, I'm actually about two chapters into this series - like you said there are so many "foxy" babes on that channel