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The Pornographer
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On the Set with Sarah Michelle Gellar
with Sarah Michelle Gellar
The Pornographer
(MF, dom, reluc, rim)

This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are easily offended STOP READING! Feel free to send any comments or suggestions

"I'll catch up with guys in a minute," I yelled as I packed up my things and prepared to take my first break of the day.

I had been employed at Universal Studios as a general handyman for less than a few weeks but was already growing discontented. As it turned out working there was nothing like I had anticipated.

Despite all the glitz and glamour my days were filled with a lot of overtime but not much pay or appreciation. Working with a small group of colleagues we frequently took our morning breaks at the Universal cafeteria where there we would sit and chat and catch up on all the day's events and gossip from around the studio.

It was during one of these morning breaks that the big news around the lot was about the new blockbuster film which was being shot there. The guys apparently didn't know what the project was called only that one of the leading men on set was actor Freddie Prince Jr.

While I ignored most of the gossip and speculation it was then I immediately perked up when I heard one of the guys mention that Freddie's wife, actress Sarah Michelle Gellar had been spotted wandering around the studio by herself.

"What here, today? Are you sure?"

"Hell yeah," Jason exclaimed, "Some of the guys and I caught her having a quiet cigarette behind one of the trailers."

"Really, I didn't know she smoked?"

"Well something tells me there's a lot we don't know about little Miss Gellar." Pete added.

As expected the conversation quickly turned to sex and how great she looked.

We then went back and forth and boasted about what each of us would do if given half the chance to spend the night with her. Kidding around I then threw my two cents in and confessed that I found her so incredibly sexy that if I ever saw her in person I would tell her right to her face.

Just then as luck would have it, as we laughed and continued to loudly discuss Sarah, one of the guys nudged me in the arm and we all looked over to see her enter the cafeteria.

"Holy shit!"

"Oh you are kidding me." I laughed.

Shocked, we all sat in stunned silence as I couldn't believe my luck and was immediately blown away at just how beautiful she looked. The guys were not exaggerating, she looked absolutely breathtaking.

There Sarah was dressed casually but sexily and clad in a knee length skirt, ankle high boots, and a tight blouse which was half unbuttoned – which suffices to say generously flaunted her neck and collar bone and alluring cleavage. Watching her from our table I couldn't help but stare and admire her incredible legs and tight little butt.

Damn she was hot and every bit the movie star.

Still shocked at the coincidence the guys and I finally started to laugh and continued to sit and admired her for a minute as she apparently perused the menu and ordered up a sandwich and O.J to go.

It was then Jason chuckled and reminded me about the statement I had made just moments earlier.

"So come on big shot, prove us wrong. Here's your chance to tell her how you feel."

"I uh—"

"Ha! I knew you were full of shit."

While I laughed nervously the others then joined in on berating me and began to chastise me about going over to her.

Making a racket they then proceeded to all out dare me and began to build up a pot of cash on the table to entice me to confront her. To my surprise it only took a few moments for them to come up with almost three hundred dollars.

Just then, one of the guys decided to make things even more interesting.

"Better yet, why don't you go over there and tell her something more explicit."

"Like what?"

"Yeah. Why don't you get up and go over there and tell her what you'd like to do to her."

"Yeah—Yeah!" Jason chimed in.

"I've got five hundred bucks right here right now that says you don't have the cajones to go through with it."

While I tried to back out it was then one of the other guys reached into his pocket and ponied up another five hundred large. This now brought up the grand total of the pot to almost a thousand dollars!

Knowing full well I could lose my job, nevertheless I took one look at the money and it took all of a minute before I finally felt compelled to get up and go through with it.

The guys cheered quietly with excitement.

Meanwhile across the room Sarah patiently stood waiting by the counter for her order and was checking her cell phone for messages. So with the guys watching on, I got up from the table and approached Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Needless to say my heart was racing in my chest. Was I actually going to do this?

Standing beside her at the counter I pretended to look up and peruse the large menu on the wall. Catching each other's gaze, Sarah flashed me a brief but friendly grin before she returned her concentration to her phone. Seeing how sweet and friendly she seemed I suddenly got cold feet, but glancing back at the guys at the table, I dare not turn back now. With that I took a deep breath and reluctantly proceeded.

It was then Sarah and I exchanged another smile before I decided to use the opportunity to say something.

"How are you doing today?"

"Great, thank you." she said sociably.

"I'm Mike, by the way."

"Sarah." she beamed.

I was pleasantly surprised to find she was sweet as she was beautiful. I also noted just how striking she was up close. This girl was stunning.

Making small talk, I briefly glanced back at the guys and could see them watching intently. They were practically urging me on. Realizing that it was now or never, I then leaned over to her ear and spoke in a soft yet calm voice.

"So Sarah let me ask you, when was the last time you had someone stick their tongue in your ass?"

Pausing for a moment, Sarah looked absolutely dumbfounded, as if unable to process what I had just said.

"Wh—What?" she stuttered.

"I said, when was the last time someone stuck their tongue, in your butt?" I grinned, "You have had your asshole licked before I assume?"

Clearly outraged, Sarah seemed lost for words for a moment before she abruptly and without warning slapped me sharply across the face.


The firm contact echoing out loudly in the quiet cafeteria causing my friends to immediately burst out laughing.

Hearing laughter from the corner of the room Sarah finally realized what was going on and snapped at me again.

"Who the FUCK do you think you are?! Do you know who I am?"

With that she grabbed her sandwich and drinks and stormed out, pushing me out of the way.

I then returned to the table to the cheers of my friends.

It was later that afternoon I was directed to the back lot to clean out one of the old drab sound stages – an old western styled salon stage that hadn't been used in years. It was there while working that I suddenly heard someone clear their throat behind me and turned to find to my horror Sarah Michelle Gellar standing there.

"Working hard?" she said sarcastically as she pulled her sunglasses off her face.

Still shocked to find her standing there, I could barely respond.

What was she doing there? What was she going to do?

"What? No smartass comment?" Sarah quipped, "Are you surprised to see me again?"

Realizing that I was in deep trouble I quickly glanced around waiting to see that she was accompanied by security or at least her husband. Instead I was surprised to discover that she was completely alone.

"Wow." I thought, "She's got guts."

Not mixing words I tried to ignore her presents and returned back to work. Meanwhile Sarah simply grinned mischievously and watched me for a moment before I finally conceded and confronted her.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"Hey, that's no way to speak to a lady." Sarah retorted as she stepped into the salon.

Sarah leisurely sauntered over to where I stood and it was only now that I realized just how short she was.

"Do you think you were clever earlier today? Do you think that was funny?"

Shrugging my shoulders I then tried to explain that it was just some harmless fun, a friendly bet between the boys.

"Fun? Fun!" she exclaimed, "You do know that I'm a married woman right? A VERY happily married woman"

Hearing this I couldn't help but smirk as it was abundantly clear to me that she was feeling threatened, or guilty about something.

Had I struck a nerve?

It was then I noticed the way she looked at me. There was just something in her eyes.

"Yeah okay, fair enough." I replied, "But what does that have to do with anything? Like I said it was just a joke, a dare."

Just then Sarah took a closer step and I suddenly started to wonder what her motives were. After all we were all alone.

"Look, I don't want any trouble." I told her.

Grinning slyly Sarah finally spoke.

"Well, I was just talking to one of your friends and they told me you made a little fortune from that stunt earlier."

Stepping towards me even closer Sarah added, "So was it worth it? Was it worth humiliating me like that?"

"Look, I um—"

"Shut up!" she suddenly interrupted.

Looking at me intently for a moment Sarah then grinned sweetly.

I was starting to become concerned. Was she a psycho or something? Her demeanor seemed to change from hot and cold at a moment's notice.

"So anyway," she continued, "I'm here to find out if you're a man of your word?"


"Pity," she purred softly to herself as she casually wondered around the bar.

"Look, I don't know what you're talking about?" I tried to explain, "And I have to get back to work—"

"That's a shame," she said while confronting me again, "Because if you were, I thought I'd come here to collect."

Just then without warning Sarah abruptly grabbed my arms and pinned me against the wall behind me.

"So are you man enough?"

Unable to respond she then asked me again, point blank.

"I said, are you man enough?"

Just then before I could react Sarah lunged at me and kissed me hard on the lips.

Finally breaking our embrace she then proceeded to hungrily kiss my neck and throat and whispered, "Show me."

In all the commotion I had almost forgotten what we were discussing but was quickly reminded as she then proceeded to push me down to my knees before her.

Looking up at her, Sarah grinned slyly to herself before she then swiveled around before me and proceeded to bend over a little.

Giving her butt a firm slap, she cooed, "Hmm that's right, kiss my ass."

I did as I was told and I kissed her butt over her skirt before I then watched as she fumbled with the zipper and let the entire skirt fall to the floor.

There I was astounded to find two glorious mounds of flesh separated by a single white thong.

"My god—" I gasped as I was treated to this wondrous sight.

"Kiss my ass." she said sternly again, genuinely getting off on dominating me.

Reaching out, I couldn't believe how soft and tender her backside felt on my lips much less my hands, and the scent of her perfume filled my nostrils.

With that Sarah stepped out of her skirt on the floor and parted her stance just a little. She then bent over as I watched the thong wedge deeper between her pristine cheeks. It was a sight to see as Sarah Michelle Gellar stood bent over with her ass and thong exposed to me.

Astounded, I tentatively ran my index finger up the length of her sexy thong underwear for a moment before I greedily pulled it to the side and bury my face into her rear end. There I immediately and eagerly thrust my tongue over her backdoor which caused her to gasp and tremble with delight.

"Oh—nnrghh!" she whimpered as I proceeded to eagerly lick and tongue-fuck her tight puckered tailpipe.

Getting caught up in the moment I then aggressively tugged at her thong and urged it down her legs and she happily obliged.

With that Sarah began to slide it down her legs but was stopped mid way through as I hungrily helped myself to another serving of her delicious butt. Her thong was now left to dangle just above her parted knees as I then gripped her hips with both hands and went right back to licking and exploring her backdoor fervently.

"Nnnrgh—oh!" she moaned, "Yes right there!"

To my amusement Sarah tried to stay in control of the situation but could now only whimper and coo softly as I have my greedy way with her.

I could taste just how excited and riled up she was, and taking charge, I pressed into the small of her back and instructed her to bend over further. It was then I abruptly stuffed the full length of my tongue into her moist cunt for the very first time and eagerly slurped and savored the tangy taste of her soft wilted lips.

God she tasted divine.

This action seemed to drive her wild and she proceeded to gasp out loud.

"Jesus—" she grunted.

Sarah now thrashed about and shuddered violently with glee, and bringing her hand back around her body she eagerly press my face harder against her.

"Oh you bastard—you greedy bastard"

With that I firmed up my tongue as hard as I could and proceeded to tongue-fuck her moist entrance vigorously.

There I relished and devoured her sweet cunt and swallowed her divine nectar while Sarah moaned out loud and seemed to go absolutely insane. Just then, she suddenly pulled away and turned around and lunged at me.

In an instant Sarah passionately pressed her lips to mine, and pushing me back, directed me to sit up and lie on the counter beside her. There she managed to unzip my work pants and climbed up onto the counter to straddle me.

"I want you inside me now!!" she groaned.

Guiding her dripping snatch over my cock Sarah quickly impaled herself and I was genuinely shocked at just how tight she was. She was so tight in fact that I actually heard myself let out a low groan as my eyes rolling into the back of my head.

"Urghh fuck!" I let out.

"Hmm you like that?" she said breathlessly, "You like fucking that tight cunt? Yeah, fuck me. Fuck me you son of a bitch!"

With that Sarah proceeded to wiggle her hips and soon began to bounce up and down over me. I couldn't believe how things had transpired. There I was lying on the bench and watching in disbelief as Sarah Michelle Gellar zealously fucked me. It was then as my arms flailing about that I accidentally knocked over a can of paint thinner.

Realizing the potential danger of this I immediately attempted to stop mid thrust but Sarah was determined to come. Griping my chest with her long nails she squeezed her thighs together and rode me hard and deep.

"Don't stop!" she grunted, "Don't you dare stop! I'm so fucking close!!"

Just then we both suddenly heard a loud "pop" followed by a bright flash of light which emanated from the corner of the set.

Realizing it was a small fire I was then shocked to discover that despite the looming emergency Sarah was still not convinced to stop. Instead she just continued to ride me harder and faster and repeatedly drove my throbbing member deep into her hot tight cunt as she approached her impending orgasm.

"Urghh. Urgh. Oh—holy shit!!" I exclaimed, "Stop! We have to st—oooh!! There's a fire!!"

"Oh. Oh—Godddd. I'm so close. I'm so—I'm cumming!! I'M CUMMMINNGGG!!" Sarah finally cried out loudly.

Within moments I then watched in horror as the small flame quickly spread across the floor to lick at some furniture and the highly flammable curtains which draped most of the salon wall.

In an instant it all went up in a blaze and started to spread quickly, extending all across the wall and ceiling to engulf the entire set. With that I finally and reluctantly pushed Sarah off me and shoved her out the side door to safety.

Outside I quickly dashed across the way, while trying to do up my fly, and punched the glass which incased the fire alarm. This caused a loud siren to buzz across the entire Universal Studio lot.

While Sarah proceeded to hurriedly slip on her dress we then stood watching in awe as the entire building and adjoining studio started to go up in flames.

"Jesus. What have we done?" I said.

"What do you mean, we?" she declared.

While I tried to contemplate what she was saying, she then smirked, "Besides, wasn't it worth it?"

Staring at her I dare not reply, knowing full well the answer was yes.

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Nice story. And, yes, it would definitely be worth it!

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good story

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good story thank you

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I would tounge fuck her ass any time of day or night.

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nice story. thanks for sharing it.