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daddy spanks
12-24-2008, 07:07 PM
Jody was told to drop to her knees,she did so and was told to spread her legs.he looked down and saw her thighs stained with her blood, " now " that is the position you are to assume when told to assume it" she was told and then she was told to listen and follow instructions. her master told her to start by slowly licking his balls and then put them in her mouth which she did! she was rewarded by hearing him groan and then told to lick his cock, she tasted his cum along with her own blood. he said he was to cum and she better swallow every drop, her mouth was flooded and she was not able to contain it all,. he said she was to be given punishment, he led her to a set of chains hanging from the ceiling and was cuffed to each,then her arms were hoisted up and she was hanging, next she saw him approach with what he called a smacker, it was long and narrow and appeared to be leather he then to her shock proceeded to whip her ass,she let out a cry but he kept up untill her ass was dark red and had welts, never had her uncle lpunished her and she deep down did not mind him fucking her but did not believe that she would be whipped now she knew she was to be used for more than sex. her master said that she was to be left like this until morning.with dawn came a coldhower by master hosing her later she was allowed a small meal. and again had to suck his cock this time she gulped and swallowed and she drank down every drop. " good slave " she was told you can relax but later we must break your ass con.