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This is my wife's first story it short just the first part ill post more if you would like to hear it

The hardest part about having Master in Iraq was not being able to touch Him, breathe in His unique scent that always fanned her hottest desires, not spreading her long legs to oblige the full length of His hard, throbbing cock, as it pound mercilessly into her pussy......Oh God! it was hard to think this way when Master had expressly forbid her to cum until He gave her permission. Please let Master be ****** tonight because if His assignment did to her what she imagined it would she would desperately need that permission!

Her Owner knew His little pet so well; even better than she knew herself. He knew when to be patient and when to push, when to be gentle and when to be harsh, but always for her own good. He knew she warred with parts of herself she was not yet able to admit to, or even imagine, secret longings buried deep within; but her Master could see through her shy pretenses and was determined His slave would be all she was meant to be, for His pleasure and her fulfillment.

Today's assignment was a further step on the road to shedding her shy exterior and helping her to accept the exhibitionist side of His slave. Yes, Master had seen how aroused and wet His little slut became the times He forced her to to wear her skirt and skimpy top without a bra and panties when they were out together. Oh, she had protested at first, but a hard lesson in saying "no" to Master with His paddle had kept further protests silent, written only on her face. And such a lovely face His little slut had; all the more beautiful when she could blush so easily!

Jasmin saw her reflection in their bedroom mirror as she prepared to follow Master's instructions and saw to her embarrassment that a pink flush currently lit her cheeks. Jasmin was sure she would be blushing a lot today in the course of pleasing Her Owner. Dressed as Master wished, she was wearing her white shorts, and a sea-foam green halter top, all without the concealment of her lacy underwear. Her pussy was clean-shaven so she hoped no one would be able to tell she was without panties under the white shorts, but there was no hope of hiding her pert nipples that were plainly showing through the thin cotton of her top. This would be the first time Master had ever made her go out by herself without undies.

She had been told to go to Lover's Package and ask for Marie, one of the salesladies. She was instructed to only speak with her and ask for her assistance in purchasing a clit stimulating device called a Butterfly. For jasmin, just paying for the Butterfly would be embarrassing enough but to have to ask for help?! Oh Master, i so want to please You but do You have any idea how hard this is for me? she thought out loud as she gazed at His picture sitting on their dresser. She reached out and picked up the silver frame. Staring at His handsome, confident face she began to feel His presence in the room. She closed her eyes and almost felt as if He were standing right behind her, strong hands closed round her soft breasts, and she could imagine His sexy voice telling her 'I'm proud of you, and wouldn't ask anything of you that I knew you couldn't do'. She must trust that He knew what was best. She did trust Him, with her life, so this should be no big deal, right? Right, so why was her face a brighter shade of red than ever as she picked up her car keys and proceeded to go out the front door, trying in vain to pull her shorts down a little lower in back as she went?
The adult novelty store was located just 10 minutes from home and so all too quickly jasmin was steering her car into an available parking spot. The shorts her Master had picked out were really short and had ridden up into the folds of her pussy on the drive over. She wished she had the privacy to fix the problem but at the moment there were a couple of men walking into the store ahead of her and an older couple walking out. She could feel the inner seam of the crotch wedged between her sensitive lips, rubbing back and forth with every step she took. She tried not to concentrate on the arousing sensations that produced or the growing wetness seeping out of her lips. She had no choice but to walk inside and do as she was told.

With a deep breath, she opened the heavy door and entered the air-conditioned store. The coolness on her skin was refreshing after the heat of the summer day. At first, Jasmin could not see Marie anywhere in the store and for a fleeting moment she thought perhaps she would get a reprieve from her assignment, but then the curtains from one of the back dressing rooms were pushed aside and out came Marie with a customer who had been trying on what looked to be a sexy sundress.

Jasmin watched as Marie motioned for the woman to take her purchase up to the cashier. Marie was shorter than Jasmin's 5'9"; probably around 5'3", with pretty blond hair that curled attractively around her face. Her figure was straight out of a magazine; reed thin, tan, and voluptuous curves in all the right places. Truth be told, Jasmin had always felt a little jealous when she and Master had been in the store together. He always seemed to gravitate to Marie, chatting her up, asking her questions, flirting in a casual, harmless way, Jasmin knew, but still she couldn't help comparing her looks and figure to the salesgirl. Not that Jasmin wasn't pretty in her own way. Master seemed to love the way she looked; Her shoulder length chestnut hair, long legs, small, shapely breasts, her rounded ass, and even jasmin was proud of her beautiful, large blue eyes. Still, she had always wished for a figure like Marie's. What woman is ever satisfied with her own body, right?

Marie caught jasmin's eye in the next moment and her face lit up like the Cheshire Cat. She crooked her finger at her motioning for her to come over. Jasmin could feel the heat creeping into her cheeks; she really needed to work on controlling that blushing. She smiled at the girl and slowly walked over to her.

Marie read her expression and with a grin said, "relax, I won't bite...for the moment anyway!" and she giggled. "Wayne tells me you are sent here on a mission, is that right?" Jasmin was taken aback that the girl would have been expecting her. "Er, yes,....actually, Mas...Wayne wanted me to buy something called a Butterfly. He said you would be the best person to help me with that." "oh, sweetie, i can help you with that and a whole lot more but that's for another time." Marie teased. Embarrassed, jasmin didn't quite know what to say and just laughed as though she were playing along with the joke.

Jasmin couldn't help but ask, "how did you know Wayne was sending me over today?" Marie grinned conspiratorially and said she and Master had been friends for awhile and talk from time to time while he's been in Iraq. The pretty salesgirl leaned her head into Jasmin's and in a hushed voice said, "Your Master and i used to play together sometimes at the Wet Spot", referring to the local BDSM hangout. "What he can't do with a whip isn't worth doing! But then, im sure you know that first hand." Marie winked.

Jasmin wasn't quite sure what to do with this new information. On the one hand, the slave knew her Master had been in the lifestyle for several years, but on the other hand, the news did nothing to quell her jealousy of the girl.

Marie interrupted her startled train of thought by taking her hand and leading her over to an aisle that held a vast array of vibrators for women. Looking through the wide variety to choose from Marie soon exclaimed, "here's the one your Master wants for you!" The box showed the picture of a pink plastic butterfly, complete with vibrating wings, body and antennae. Attached to the butterfly were two straps on either side to fit around the woman's hips and over her legs thereby placing the entire butterfly directly over the length of her pussy. Holding that box in her hands, especially knowing that the pretty salesgirl was watching her reaction, jasmin couldn't seem to stop the growing arousal building inside of her. She was imagining just how well this little butterfly would do it's job and wondering how intense the sensations would be.......As if reading her mind, Marie pushed her towards the backroom where only employees are allowed to go. "Why are we going in here?!" Jasmin asked nervously. Marie ignored her at first, calling to the cashier up front, "Jenny, I'm going to be on my break now, so hold down the fort for me, ok?" Jenny must have agreed because Marie simply drew the black curtains shut, with only a narrow opening running the length of the curtains that couldn't quite block out the view from the rest of the store.

Finding her voice, Jasmin spoke again, "Marie, why are we back here?!" "Well, how else are you supposed to try it out" she said, as if the answer were obvious. "Try it out? Here?! Now?!" Jasmin's voice came out in a high-pitched squeak. "Here" she said, thrusting a note into Jasmin's hand. "Your Master sent this for me to give to you when you came in today. You were given your instructions to follow and I was given mine. We don't want to disappoint your Master, now do we? So strip! I only have a 20 minute break." and with that the pretty blond drew up one of the two metal chairs in the backroom and sat down as if she were about to witness a floor show.

With shaky hands the pretty slave girl opened up the note that her Master had written to her. She recognized his firm, flowing handwriting right away.

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Beautiful, just beautiful. More please, mate.

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Jasmin read through the missive, twice. His instructions were clear. She was to remove her skimpy shorts, leaving only her wedge heels and halter top on, attach the pink vibrator to her bare cunt, then straddle the remaining cold, metal chair and await further instructions from Marie. He was also clear that she was to do whatever Marie asked of her, just as if it were He, Himself giving her orders.

His message brought tears to her eyes; tears of missing Him, of embarrassment, and the fear whether she could do this bold and completely uninhibited thing He was asking of her. She had never in her life done something like this, especially in front of another woman. Jasmin held onto the last line her Master wrote and took comfort in it. "Everything you are about to do My slut, do as if I were right there in the room with you. You're such a good little pet; I know You will make Me proud."

"Well, the clock's ticking", Marie broke the silence. "Time to lose those clothes and show me what it is your Master sees in you." The slave girl slowly put the note down on the hard cement floor of the stock room. "The note said i was to only lose the shorts." The impatient Marie rolled her eyes and said, "details, details....ok, so maybe the idea of your getting totally naked was my idea," she smiled cheekily. Getting up, she walked over to a table where a radio was plugged in. Turning it on and adjusting the volume to where she wanted it, the salesgirl said over her shoulder, "so our customers wont be able to hear all the fun we'll be having back here". Then settling back in her chair once more, her tanned legs slightly open, she waited eagerly for the timid slave to get on with it. The nervous brunette got a peek then at Marie's own tanned pussy, bare under her denim skirt except for a small blonde triangle of hair just above her slit. Just seeing that other bare pussy brought on an instant surge of arousal deep within her sex. She was surprised to feel the intense need to touch herself and it left her feeling very naughty and very excited.

Next jasmin looked to the fluttering black drapes; the only thing that was keeping this "show" a private one from all the other patrons in the store. Turning her back on the eager blonde, she closed her eyes as she slowly unzipped the cotton shorts...."You can do this...for Master.." she repeated the mantra several times in her mind. The zipper pulled down, she began to shimmy her hips as she worked the shorts down over her smooth, creamy white ass and raising first one leg and then the other finally dropped them on the floor next to the chair. "Nice ass!" her willing audience murmurred appreciatively. "Ok, I'm sure as Wayne's slave you are expected at this point to assume the position for inspection?" she queried. Jasmin's heart skipped a beat; this was so humiliating! Marie was having far too much fun at her expense! "Remember....whatever I say goes.." she prompted with great delight. Jasmin acquiesced. Still with her back to her surrogate Mistress, she bent over gracefully at the waist and reaching around behind her with both hands, used her long, manicured fingers to pull apart her ass cheeks, exposing both her tiny brown hole, as well as her pussy to full view.

She heard the scraping of the metal chair legs as Marie left her seat and came up behind her. Jasmin held her breath. In the next instant, she could feel Marie's small, warm hand lightly trail over the milky curves of her bottom. Jasmin barely succeeded in stifling a tiny moan. Then slowly, as if to drag out the moment, her cheerful tormentor took two of her fingers and running them gently down her crack did not stop until her teasing fingers had slid all along jasmin's wet slit and suddenly buried themselves in her slick, hot, fuck hole. Gasping loudly, without thinking about it, the startled slave found herself arching her ass higher in the air and backing up into those probing fingers, cooperating with the tantalizing in and out action they were delivering to her already stimulated pussy. Jasmin let out a small cry of pleasure....what was she doing?! She had never desired being intimate with a woman before and now her body was betraying her by bucking and grinding into the willing palm of a woman she barely knew! After months of being without Master's touch and only masterbating when allowed, was she that sexually frustrated to act like this? That must be it she told herself. Just as suddenly as they forced their way in, the invading fingers pulled out of her throbbing cunt with an audible squelching sound. Jasmin shuddered and wondered what came next.

She didn't have long to wait, as the randy blonde spoke up from somewhere behind her, "Well, well...someone is more than a little horny, I'd say" she laughed. " Can you tell how hot and wet this is making you, little slut?" Jasmin was too embarrassed to respond so she simply remained in her inspection position. She felt a hard slap across her right butt cheek. Her pale flesh felt the hot imprint that was left from Marie's hand. Her cunt began to throb in naked arousal. "When I ask you a question you are to respond immediately with an honest answer, do I make myself clear, little fuck whore? "Yes, Mistress!" she said immediately. Was that her voice, husky with raw need? "Now, stand up and turn around!" Marie continued. Feeling her juices begin to drip silently down one thigh only heightened the pink flush that stained her cheeks, as well as the taboo pleasure jasmin hated to admit to. Still, she did as she was told. Once they were facing each other, Marie's steady brown gaze held jasmin's blue one, as she held out the pink butterfly for her friend's slave to put on. "You know what to do" the dominating switch informed her as her eyes took in all this front view afforded her. Marie knew her own lips were growing slick with her honey due to the sight of both jasmin's lovely, almost naked body standing before her, as well as her grudging submission. When Marie was acting as Top she enjoyed giving humiliation.

Part of Jasmin wanted to take the buzzing toy and flee the store right then and there, but she knew that would only bail her out of this difficult moment. Eventually she would have to face her Master's anger and worse, His disappointment for failing Him. As that split second of indecision played across the conflicted slave's face, the woman her Master had left in charge helped her make up her mind in a most unexpected way. "You know, jasmin", Marie began, "You are very lucky to have caught the attention and collar of your Master. He has quite a good reputation and is a very good Master. I've known several girls He has played with that wish He would have extended to them the relationship He has favored you with."

That sobered jasmin up immediately, for she knew just how lucky she was. Marie continued, "Your Master has shared with me and others what an obedient, good slave He has, and frankly, I've got to say, I'm just not seein' it." At hearing that jasmin got fired up! A voice inside said "how dare this little bitch question my Master's opinion! His judgment!" But on the heels of that came a smaller voice that made her face herself, "how dare you balk at something Master wishes?! How dare you let your silly self-consciousness get in the way of giving anything less than unquestioning submission in all you do?" In that moment jasmin felt her resolve hardening. By God, she would show this would-be Mistress that her Master wasn't wrong about her, she did have the heart of a good slave! She would make Him so proud! The mischeivious blonde just smiled knowingly as she watched the transformation in the little slut's eyes and body language. Now she was getting somewhere!

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