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Chapter 1

Cal rolled along the winding two lane road toward Winslow, and home. He had the windows down and was tapping his fingers to the Skynyrd tune blasting from the CD player. He passed under some low-hanging branches, the leaves filtering the afternoon sunlight into blotchy patterns on the gray asphalt before he emerged from their shadows back into the bright sunlight. It was a beautiful Friday afternoon and he was looking forward to knocking off a little early when he got back to the office. He was an outside salesman for a plumbing supply company and enjoyed his work, but it had been a slow month and he’d had to put a push on all week to meet his monthly quota. Now he wanted nothing more than to go home and relax on his apartment balcony with a few cold beers.

He was thirty, in fairly decent shape, and had a look that made meeting girls very easy. He’d never been married and only had one relationship he would call serious, lasting almost two years. But that was the way he wanted it. He enjoyed the freedom the bachelor life gave him and wanted to experience as much of a variety of women as he could while he was still young enough to do so.

He hadn’t always been in sales, and the tie he was now required to wear was more often than not loosened when he wasn’t meeting with clients. He was actually a licensed plumber and was making a decent living at it when the opportunity to move into his current position came along. The money was better and he still wouldn’t be confined to an office all day, so he accepted the offer. He excelled at it, and within a year his winning personality helped him to become one of the company’s top salesmen. On top of that, he still did the occasional plumbing job on weekends, often helping out a contractor buddy when he could.

As he rounded a curve in his white company pickup, he spotted the aforementioned contractor friend’s truck parked in the driveway of an old house that had been empty since the elderly woman who lived there died the previous winter. The driver’s door was open and he could see Bill sitting behind the wheel and talking on his cell phone, a clipboard in his hand. There was an electrician’s van and another pickup also parked in the driveway.

Slowing down, he pulled in next to Bill’s truck and killed the engine. Bill looked up and gave him a wave, still talking on his phone. Cal got out and walked around to the front of his truck, surveying the old two story house with its faded white paint and sagging front porch while he waited for Bill to finish his call.

After a moment, Bill came over to him, tucking his phone into his shirt pocket. “Hey, Cal.”

Cal nodded a greeting. “Hey.” He tilted his head toward the house. “Someone finally buy this place?”

Bill nodded, sighing. “Yep. We fixed up a couple of bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs so they have a place to stay, but they want the rest finished next week. I told them it was going to require a lot of overtime and it wouldn’t be cheap, but they insisted. We’re gonna be working nights and all weekend.”

“That sucks,” Cal replied, still studying the dilapidated structure. “Is it even worth fixing?”

Bill chuckled. “Believe it or not, it’s not as bad as it looks. Sure, it needs some cleaning up and a few things rebuilt, like the porch there, but the basic frame is solid. They built them to last back then.” He eyed Cal. “Actually, I was gonna give you a call and see if you’d be interested in making a few extra bucks. There’s some plumbing work to do and my regular guy can’t work this weekend. Interested?”

Cal sighed. He’d been looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend of doing nothing but drinking a few beers and hanging out at the beach and bars. Maybe even pick up a cute girl to bring home for a little romp. But he could sure use the money. The slow sales this month meant his commission check wouldn’t be as big as usual.

“Fuck, Bill…I dunno…it’s been a long week…”

Before he could finish his sentence, a black BMW pulled into the driveway. Its back windows were heavily tinted but through the windshield he could see the driver was an attractive young woman. She turned off the engine and opened the door. Bill nudged Cal and started toward the car.

“Before you say no maybe you should meet the clients,” he murmured under his breath as the woman got out.

She was dressed in a very conservative business suit and large dark sunglasses, but Cal’s experienced eye told him there was a very hot little body hidden under all that clothing. She wore a large brimmed hat and, combined with the sunglasses, left very little of her features visible. But from what he could see of her face revealed a full pair of ruby red lips set against very pale and delicate skin. This woman was definitely the type to arouse his interest.

Bill walked over to her and smiled as he greeted her and shook her small hand. “Miss Clark, nice to see you again.”

Her lips curved into a friendly, but not too overt smile. “Mr Robson.” Her head turned slightly toward Cal as he walked up behind Bill. “Miss Clark, this is a friend of mine, Cal Mooney. I’ve asked him to take a look at the plumbing. Cal, this is Zoe Clark, the owner’s representative.”

She extended a hand and he reached out to shake it. Like her features, her hand was small and cool, mostly hidden inside the long sleeves of her jacket. “A pleasure, Mr Mooney. Do you think you can finish up the work on time?”

Cal gave her his best confident salesman’s smile and nodded. Bill was right. He knew Cal well enough to know he wouldn’t be able to say no to a pretty lady. “Well, to be honest, I haven’t had the opportunity to look at it yet.” He gave Bill a sideways glance. “But Bill wouldn’t have asked me to do it if he didn’t think I could get it done on time.”

She nodded and he could almost feel her eyes through the dark glasses, as if her gaze were penetrating to the very depths of his soul. He continued to hold her hand for several long seconds - as if time somehow slowed to a crawl - before he came out of his trance and released it.

She turned to Bill. “So everything is on schedule? My mistress is committed to having the work completed no later than next Friday.”

As Bill reassured her that the work would be completed on time, Cal looked over at the darkened windows of the luxury automobile. Her mistress? What the fuck did that mean? And was this ‘mistress’ person sitting in the back seat now watching them? The whole thing was starting to take on an almost surreal aspect.

Bill was speaking again, bringing him back to the present. “I don’t see any problems right now. Of course, with a house this old there are often surprises once we start tearing things apart, but I’m certain it won’t be anything we can’t deal with.”

Apparently satisfied with his report, she shook his hand again and they said their goodbyes. Cal found himself unable to take his eyes off this enchanting and mysterious woman until she got back into the car and backed away.

Bill grabbed his arm and led him toward the house. “What did I tell ya? Quite a looker, huh?”

Cal nodded. “Yeah, interesting woman. Who’s this ‘mistress’ she mentioned? Sounds a little medieval.”

Bill laughed. “Yeah, kinda strange huh? She’s like a secretary, gopher, whatever you want to call it, for this woman from some European country. Some kind of distant royalty - a countess or something - I dunno exactly. I guess that’s the custom over there, calling your boss-lady your mistress. The checks are clearing so I ain’t askin’ no questions.”

Cal thought about that. It sort of made sense, but why would some countess from Europe be renovating an old house here? In its heyday, the house had been something of a showpiece here in the small town, but now it was almost becoming a bit of an eyesore. And the money it would take to bring it back to its former glory would easily build a brand new house.

They went in and as Bill began to show him the work that needed to be done, he tried to concentrate on that. But in the back of his mind he could still see the pale skin and dark glasses of the mysterious woman and even now could almost feel her presence like some kind of telepathic aphrodisiac. Why he felt these strong feelings for someone he’d only briefly met and really hadn’t seen much of he couldn’t explain, but there was no denying the effect she was having on him.

Cal made a few notes and assured Bill it’d be no trouble to complete the plumbing repairs by Sunday provided he could work whenever he needed to. Bill gave him a key and told him since they were on such a tight schedule, the client would allow them to work around the clock if necessary. He agreed to come back that evening and as he drove home, his thoughts were centered on returning to the decrepit old house and the mysterious young woman who occupied his mind.

Chapter 2

Cal set down his propane torch and used a damp rag to wipe the joint he’d just soldered in the copper pipe. He glanced at his watch and was surprised to see it was almost midnight. He’d been working since seven and had replaced all the cast pipes in the downstairs bathroom with new copper lines. The new sink was also in place and he reached up to turn on the tap to check his work. Hot and cold both worked and he could see no leaks so he turned off the taps and began to gather up his tools. A noise behind him made him turn suddenly and he looked up to see Miss Clark standing just outside the bathroom door. Until that moment, he’d seen neither her nor her ‘mistress’ all evening. He let out a breath, startled by her silent approach and gave her a relieved smile.

“Oh, Miss Clark, I didn’t know you were there.”

She was holding a glass of red wine and had exchanged the business suit for a more relaxed outfit of jeans and a blouse. He saw that his instincts had been right on the money; she was indeed a very beautiful woman and he judged her to be in her mid twenties. Her skin was pale, a stark contrast to her red lips and dark hair and eyes. It was plainly obvious she didn’t spend much time outside and if not for her almost jet black hair that cascaded in loose curls over her shoulders and her equally dark eyes he might have taken her for an albino. She smiled at him as he put his tools in his toolbox and got to his feet.

“I’m terrible sorry, Mr Mooney. I didn’t mean to startle you.” She gave him a smile that was both friendly and disarming at the same time. “And please, call me Zoe.”

He returned the smile, his eyes drawn inexplicably to hers. They almost seemed to glow with an inner light and he found it very difficult to pull his gaze from them. “Then please call me Cal, ma’am.”

She sipped her wine, her eyes never leaving his. He just stood there, unable to move or even speak for what felt like a long time. Finally, she spoke again, moving her eyes to where he’d been working. “Are you finished for the night?”

When she took her eyes from his, he managed to regain the power of speech. “Uh, yeah, I mean, there’s still a bit more to do, but I’ll be back in the morning to finish up.”

She nodded, licking her lips absently before looking back at him. “My mistress would like to meet you before you go. Would you mind?”

He hesitated, feeling a sudden wash of apprehension. What was it about her that made him so uneasy? He was never nervous around pretty women, yet something about her quiet but strong presence was turning him into an awkward adolescent. And what of her mistress? Was she some old Miss Haversham, living in her own little isolated world of past memories?

Zoe was waiting for an answer so he tried to shake it off and nodded, giving her what he hoped was a confident smile. “Of course not.”

She turned toward the stairs, glancing back over her shoulder at him. “Just leave that here,” she said, pointing to his toolbox, “and follow me.”

He set down his tools, unable to pull his eyes from her slender curves, her ass looking so perfect in the faded jeans as she climbed each step. He followed her up the creaky stairs, the staircase dimly lit by sconces that were barely better than candles, giving the old house the feel of still existing in some time long past.

They topped the stairs to the second floor where a hallway stretched out to the left and right. The lighting here was the same as on the staircase, casting dim shadows along the faded carpet runners that ran the length of the hallway. Zoe led him down to the right and stopped at a closed door, tapping softly on it before opening it. He paused, uncertainty and apprehension filling his mind at the thought of meeting the reclusive owner. But Zoe smiled and beckoned to him.

“It’s all right, Cal. We’re night people so you aren’t disturbing us. Please, come in.”

His feet moved almost on their own volition at the sound of her voice and he found himself standing at the open door before he realized he’d even moved. Zoe held out an arm, ushering him in and he stepped in without giving it a second thought.

Surprisingly, the room didn’t match the rest of the upstairs, neither in décor or lighting. This was obviously one of the rooms Bill had completed for them to live in. The walls were freshly painted a soft beige with what appeared to be the original refinished wood trim painted a creamy white. There was a large bed against one wall flanked by two antique night tables with what looked like Tiffany lamps on them. Across the room was a short sofa and a in a matching chair sat a woman who didn’t look anything like what he’d pictured.

Instead of a shriveled up old lady waiting for death, he was confronted with another strikingly beautiful woman, perhaps in her early thirties. As she looked up at him from the book she was reading, he noted her eyes held him with the same kind of transfixing stare as Zoe’s, but hers felt much stronger. He found himself completely frozen in place, unable to move or speak. He was vaguely aware of Zoe closing the door then moving up next to him.

“Mr Cal Mooney, allow me to present the Countess Von Heigle.”

Cal stood there dumbly, uncertain of how to address royalty. As if reading his thoughts, the countess stood and walked over to him. She wore a black knee length dress that clung to her shapely body, two straps over her pale shoulders holding it up and low cut enough to reveal a generous amount of cleavage. Her dark brown hair fell straight to her shoulders, with heavy bangs falling almost to her eyes.

“There is no need to be so formal, Zoe. We are in America now.” She locked her dark eyes on his and smiled. “My name is Astrid, Mr Mooney. I would be pleased if you would address me as such.” Her voice had a lilting tone, almost as hypnotic as her eyes, and he could detect a very faint German accent, with only a slight veeing of her w’s. Otherwise, her English was perfect.

“Thank you ma’am…er, Astrid. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

She smiled and picked up a glass of wine from the table next to the chair. “Would you like a glass of wine, Mr Mooney? It is really a fine vintage, from my family’s own vineyard.”

Before he could reply, Zoe was beside him with a glass of the red wine, pressing it into his hand. He looked up and nodded. “Thank you. And please, call me Cal.”

Astrid smiled. “Cal. How…American sounding. I think I like it.” She took a sip from her glass and he also brought his glass to his lips. The wine was good, very sweet with earthy undertones.

She returned to her seat, crossing her long legs, and gestured toward the sofa. “Please, sit and talk for a while, Cal. Tell me about yourself.”

He sat down on the edge of the sofa, nervously fingering the glass in his hands. It was a little unusual, to say the least, for a client to invite him to have a drink with her in her bedroom. After all, he was just a sub-contractor working on her house, and she was a countess. It all added to the strange setting and he found himself both drawn to them and more than a little wary at the same time. Something just felt wrong, but he had no idea what it could possibly be that was making the hairs on the back of his neck stand up.

Zoe came over and sat next to him on the sofa, leaning back comfortably and folding her legs under her. He looked at her, then back to Astrid. “Well, there isn’t much to tell. I grew up here and my parents died when I was young so…”

He spilled out the short version of his life story and both women listened with what appeared to be interest, although he couldn’t understand why they would be. Compared to the life of a countess, his meager existence had to be boring, to say the least. When he finished, Astrid swallowed the last of her wine and Zoe automatically took her glass and Cal’s over to a makeshift bar next to the door to refill them.

“So you have no wife, no family?” Astrid asked, her eyes taking him in. Cal shook his head. “How sad. I too know what it is like to be alone.”

He laughed quietly. “I’m not exactly alone. I have friends, and some of them I consider family.”

As he said that Zoe passed him and Astrid their refilled glasses, exchanging a serious look at his words, then once again resumed their genial demeanor.

“But you have no living blood relatives,” Zoe said, her eyes flitting to Astrid for a half second.

“No, I guess I’ll always be an orphan in that sense.”

He looked down at his refilled wine and for a moment, his eyes seemed to lose focus as he stared into the dark liquid. It seemed to be darker than before, thicker, almost like…blood.

“Do you ever wish you were part of a family?”

Astrid’s words caused him to look up, snapping him from his reverie. “Uh…well…sure. All the time, I suppose.”

She kept her eyes on his for what felt like an eternity then moved her gaze to Zoe. He looked back down at his glass and now it looked like the same wine he’d had before. This was going from weird to downright freaky. His mind was screaming at him to get out of there, but he found himself unable to move.

He sensed movement and when he looked back up, Zoe was leaning in closer, her hand stretching out to lift his glass to his lips. “Drink, Cal.” He felt the glass pressing against his lips and while his mind was fully aware of what was happening, he was powerless to control his body. His eyes locked onto the dark liquid, which was once again thick, clinging to the sides of the glass. As it passed over his lips and tongue, it was no longer the sweet tasting wine, but warm and salty, coating his mouth. His mind screamed in terror - it was blood!

For some reason, his stomach didn’t revolt at the warm, thick substance, although he didn’t know why. He wanted to gag, to vomit the warm coppery tasting fluid up and out. But instead, he swallowed it all and when the glass was lowered, he just sat there staring straight ahead, his mind suddenly feeling as out of control as his body. He was aware of Astrid’s haunting eyes, now glowing with an eerie greenish light and her full red lips almost touching his.

“Tonight your dream will come true, Cal. You will become part of our family.”

He looked up at her with heavily hooded eyes. Her face was there, grinning and eyes burning as his vision began to fade. The last thing he saw was something that couldn’t be; something just too unbelievable - her incisors seemed to have grown…into fangs.

Chapter 3

Cal awoke with a throbbing headache in a room only partially lit by a dim lamp on a table. Actually, ‘came to’ would be a more accurate term. He felt like he’d been on a week-long bender and as he forced himself to sit up on the bed, his stomach lurched and he had to lie back down to keep from vomiting.

He lay back and took deep breaths until his stomach settled down, trying to piece together what had happened. His memory was clouded, as if coming off a huge drunk but something didn’t fit. He wasn’t out drinking…he was…what? Working, that was it. Bill asked him to help on a job at…where?

Suddenly, a vision of Zoe and Astrid filled his mind, as real as if they were there in the room with him. Of course, the two clients! He’d been talking with them and drinking wine, but how much did he have? ‘Damn it, man,’ he said to himself, ‘you have to learn to control yourself around pretty women!’

He decided to try sitting up again, but this time took it slower and found he was able to control his rebellious stomach. He sat on the edge of the bed for a few moments, then stood on shaky legs and made his way over to the window. He pulled the curtains aside, but realized that the long curtains were an illusion and the window was nothing more than a small casement window high in the stone cellar wall and long since boarded over. So he was still at the house. When did he go down to the cellar?

As he turned to survey the room, his stomach turned again and he knew this time there was no stopping it. He spotted a door on the other side and made for it. To his relief, it was a bathroom and he somehow managed to make it to the toilet before he spewed an almost liquid red substance into the bowl. Fucking wine.

He felt a little better afterward and cleaned up in the sink before going back out into the room. He jumped when he saw Zoe sitting on the edge of the bed, now dressed in a sexy black dress that showed off her long legs and bared the delicate skin of her shoulders. She smiled at him and stood, taking a step toward him.

“Are you feeling better now?”

He felt his face redden and nodded sheepishly. “Yeah, uh…sorry…I don’t know what…”

She waved a hand dismissively. “It’s to be expected. Don’t give it a second thought.”

He was examining her sexy body in the short dress and only half-listening to her, but he picked up on her easy dismissal of his hang-over and thought it was a little odd for a client to be so understanding about an employee who gets so drunk he can’t even remember how he got here. Actually, he could only remember having one glass of wine - maybe two. Could they have drugged him?

She went to the door and opened it. “I know you are confused, Cal. My mistress will explain everything. Please…” She stepped aside and gestured toward the open door.

Cal sighed and reluctantly went out the door then followed Zoe down a corridor to another room. Bill hadn’t mentioned anything about fixing up rooms down here. And the room he’d woken up in, while not run down, wasn’t as nice as the one he’d met Astrid in last night. Why would they be staying down here in the damp cellar when they had the newly renovated rooms upstairs?

Zoe pushed open a door and indicated with a smile and a gesture for him to enter. He stepped in and waited for his eyes to adjust to the gloomy room that appeared to only be lit by a few candles.


He saw Astrid rise from a chair and come toward him. She was dressed in a long flowing black gown that hid her feet and she almost seemed to glide across the floor. “I trust you are feeling better.”

He nodded, looking around the strange room. It was filled with heavy antique furniture covered in a red velvet type cloth. The walls were the stone foundation and were bare of any decoration. The room was large, taking up almost half of the cellar and he couldn’t quite make out everything in the dim shadows and dark corners.

Zoe appeared next to him like a ghost and pressed a goblet of dark liquid into his hand.

“Drink,” Astrid said, nodding to the cup. “It will help.”

Cal looked down at the dark liquid, almost black in the dim light. One thing he didn’t need right now was more alcohol. He started to set it down on a small table but Zoe stopped him.
He gave her a faint smile. “Really, more wine is the last thing I need right now. What happened last night anyway? I can’t remember a thing.”

Astrid smiled and moved closer. “You must trust me, Cal. You need this. You need this to live.”

He stared at the beautiful and mysterious woman. “Pardon me?”

She reached out and touched his neck. A stinging pain flared up where her fingers touched his skin and he pulled away, wincing and reaching up to his neck.

“Ow, hey! What did you do to me?” He pulled his hand away and saw faint traces of blood on his fingers. Astrid turned and walked over to the sofa and sat down. She looked up at him and even in the dim light her eyes seemed to glow and entrance his.

“You said you had no family, and that you would like to be a part of a family. Is that not so?”

He tried to think back and did vaguely recall a conversation about that. He dabbed at his wounded neck. “Well, yeah, I guess every orphan feels that way. So what?” He was trying to remain civil throughout this weird encounter, but the cut on his neck was pissing him off. What the hell was up with these two crazy bitches?

Astrid smiled and he saw Zoe move over and lean against a small table next to the door. As if to prevent him from leaving, he thought. But that was crazy. There was no way these two women could stop him if he decided to leave, and that was exactly what he was about to do.

“You should be careful what you wish for, Mr Mooney. You might just get it,” Astrid said, her eyes meeting his and seeming to freeze him in place. He found himself unable to move or speak. She took a sip from her own glass and continued.

“Our family,” she began, nodding to Zoe, “is a very ancient and proud line. And unlike most families, when we invite an outsider in, they become a true blood relative.” She looked up at him, her eyes burning into his. “And we have invited you, Mr Mooney.”

Cal felt the heavy weight that seemed to freeze him in place lift somewhat and he was once again able to move. He looked over at Zoe, who was watching him intently, her fingers twisting the thin shoulder strap of her dress while her other hand held a goblet. She smiled at him and took a sip from it, her lips glistening as she lowered her cup. He forced himself to turn away from her almost hypnotic stare and back to Astrid, whose eyes were equally haunting.

“You…invited me?” he asked, his still foggy mind trying to make some sense out of what she was telling him.

Astrid stood and came over to him again, reaching out to touch the wound on his neck. This time, he pulled back and placed his hand over the stinging cut. She pulled her hand back and shook her head. “Mr Mooney…Cal…please understand. We do not wish to harm you. On the contrary, what we are offering is a gift, a gift many people would pay a king’s ransom to have.”

He cocked his head to one side. “You want to give me something?”

Zoe stood and walked over to stand next to him. Her closeness was working like an aphrodisiac on his muddled brain, especially with the sexy dress and sultry demeanor. She moved in closer and before he realized what she was doing, her lips pressed against his neck. But she didn’t kiss him, well, not really. Instead, her mouth closed over the cut and she began to suck on it. Once again, he found he was paralyzed and could only stand there while the beautiful woman gave him what he could only describe as a hickey. Then he felt her soft tongue licking him and a moment later her lips were removed from his neck and he could move again.

He reached his hand back up to where the cut had been and turned to her, a questioning look in his eyes. She simply sipped on her drink and gave him that mysterious smile. When his fingers touched where the cut was, he found nothing. Only smooth, unbroken skin.

“What the…?” He searched his neck, but could find no cuts. Zoe moved over next to Astrid and he began to feel an inexplicable fear growing in his tortured stomach. He took a hesitant step backward, away from these freaky chicks and closer to the door.

“Mr Mooney, there is nothing to fear. As I said, we do not wish to harm you.” As she spoke, she reached down and untied a cloth belt that held her gown closed. At the same time, Zoe pushed one, then the other spaghetti strap from her pale shoulders and took a step forward. “As a matter of fact, we wish to make you feel…very comfortable.” She parted the front of her gown to reveal the pale skin of her full cleavage.

Cal’s eyes moved back and forth, from one hauntingly beautiful woman to the other. Was this what they meant by a ‘gift’? Slip him something to make him pass out and by way of apology - or perhaps design - offer to have a threesome with him? Well, ok, he knew no matter how much they pissed him off he wasn’t going to say no to that!

But what about the cut that mysteriously healed? That was no illusion. There had definitely been a cut on his neck earlier and after Zoe, well, sucked on it, it vanished like it had never been there. How could they explain that?

Zoe had by now slipped off the short black dress to reveal a lacy black teddy under it and he felt his cock leap into action at the sight of her sexy body in the erotic lingerie. Astrid had completely opened the front of her gown from neckline to floor and while her breasts were still covered, he could get a very good view of her equally sexy body, naked except for a very tiny black thong. Black appeared to be the fashion in this ‘family’.

Astrid spoke again as she moved closer, her slender hand slipping under the lapel of her gown and moving it aside enough to reveal one of her milky breasts. “Do you like what you see, Cal?”

He swallowed hard as the two women moved to either side of him and he felt his resolve quickly disappearing as their hands began to caress him. He nodded mutely, watching as Zoe spread her legs and slid one hand between them, sucking in a deep breath as her fingers rubbed her pussy over the silky lingerie. Astrid rubbed up against him, baring both breasts before shrugging off the gown and stepping out of it, now wearing only the black thong.

Her breasts were perfect, her skin smooth and without a single blemish. Her dark areolae stood out in stark contrast to her almost milky white skin and he could see the arousal of her erect nipples as her hands cupped her breasts and pushed them together. She licked her ruby lips and met his eyes.

“Will you accept our gift, Cal?”

Zoe came up behind Astrid and reached around to cup her tits, squeezing them and leaning in to kiss her shoulders. Cal watched the two half-naked women and nodded, mesmerized by their erotic performance.

“You must speak the words, Cal, or we cannot give it to you.”

He nodded again, his mouth dry. “Y...yes.”

They exchanged a look then Zoe began unbuttoning her teddy. Astrid took his hand and pressed it to her breast. He was surprised to find her skin cool to the touch.

“Yes… what? You must be very specific, Cal. Do you accept our gift?”

“Yes, yes I will accept your gift,” he said in an almost monotone. His attention was focused not on what they were saying, but on what they were doing. And like any man, he would’sve agreed to sell them his soul at that point for the promise to bed the two sexy women. If he’d only realized how close to the truth that was.

Chapter 4

Zoe and Astrid exchanged a look as Cal agreed to their request. Zoe knelt before him and began to unfasten his pants while Astrid moved in closer. Her breath was warm on his face and she spoke in a husky whisper.

“We will make this night one you will remember for all eternity,” she breathed, her heavy breasts pressing against his chest. Her lips met his and her tongue pushed into his mouth forcefully, her lips sucking on his tongue hungrily.

By this point, he became aware that Zoe had his pants down around his ankles and was tugging his boxers down. His cock immediately began to increase from semi-hard to a full-on hardon as it was exposed and her hands began to caress up his thighs. Astrid continued her passionate kiss, her arms going around his neck and holding his head in place.

He let out a gasp when he felt a warm breath on his highly aroused cock, then moaned into Astrid’s mouth when Zoe’s lips pressed against the sensitive head before parting and taking nearly half of his throbbing cock into her mouth. Astrid pulled her lips from his and they both looked down at the sexy woman in her black teddy sucking contentedly on his rock-hard member. Astrid looked back up into his eyes and smiled.

“Fellatio is only one of Zoe’s many talents, Cal. Don’t you agree she is very good?”

He pulled his eyes from Zoe and met Astrid’s glowing eyes. He nodded mutely as she expertly worked her lips and tongue up and down his shaft. He’d often dated girls who seemed to have a flair for giving head, but none had the enthusiasm and voracity that Zoe was now exhibiting. He was usually able to control himself during head, not cumming unless the girl wanted him to. But with Zoe, he found himself teetering on the edge of orgasm after only a few minutes. Astrid continued to leave little kisses on his cheeks as she watched both him and Zoe.

When his breathing became halting and his eyes closed, Astrid’s kisses moved down to his neck. He felt his balls contract and he wanted to warn Zoe he was going to cum, but was unable to speak. Astrid’s kisses became little teasing nibbles as his climax neared. Zoe seemed to sense it and began to suck harder and faster, as if encouraging him to cum.

In a few seconds, he felt his cock swell in her mouth and cried out as he exploded, sending what felt like a water cannon of cum down her throat. At the same time, he felt Astrid’s teeth sink into the flesh of his neck. The combination of pleasure and pain was almost overwhelming and he heard himself screaming in his head as his vision faded and everything went black.

When he awoke, he was lying on the bed, completely naked. The room was dark, lit only by two candles on tables at both sides of the bed. He tried to sit up, but found his arms were tied to the headboard. He tugged at his feet only to find they were also bound.

“Please lie still, Cal. This is for your own good and it is only temporary.” From out of the darkness a figure emerged and he saw it was Zoe, still wearing the black teddy. She smiled down at him almost lovingly.

“What the fuck…?” Cal grunted, once again attempting to free himself. Zoe came over and sat on the bed next to him, a full wine glass in her delicate hands. He looked up at her. “Why am I tied up?”

She shook her head and allowed a long fingernail to trace along his chest and down to where his limp cock lay against his thigh. Instantly, he felt it twitch and begin to grow again. She moved her finger back up across his chest and along his neck until he felt her touch on a very tender spot. He winced and jerked his head aside.

“Ow, fuck!”

She smiled sadly, set the wine glass on the night table, then leaned in to kiss him. Feeling more than a little put off by this weird behavior, he turned his head away. Zoe paused, then quickly moved in and pressed her soft lips against the sore area on his neck, once again sucking on it as the tip of her tongue rolled and teased his torn flesh. She kept this up for almost a full minute and when she pulled away, the stinging pain was again gone and he somehow knew there’d be no trace of a wound. He stared up at her as she licked her lips and smiled at him.

“What the hell is going on here?” he asked her, once again straining at the ropes holding him down.

A voice came from somewhere in the gloom beyond the candle light. “I apologize for the restraints, Cal.” Astrid glided into view at the foot of the bed. “But I can assure you they are very necessary.”

He peered down at her. She’d put her robe back on, but hadn’t bothered to tie it and her beautiful body was plainly visible. Something in her eyes seemed to take all his resolve away and he flopped his head back to the pillow. “I…I don’t understand…” he mumbled.

Astrid came over and sat down on the other side of him. “I will explain it to you now that the first steps are complete.” He looked up at her, his brow knitted as he tried to make sense of what she was saying. Zoe reached up and picked up the wine glass she’d set on the night table. As Astrid began to speak again, he noted that it appeared to be not wine, but blood.

“As I told you earlier, we are a very ancient and noble family. You are now a part of that family, Cal. You are now bound to us in a way that may seem remarkable and even unbelievable.” She took the glass from Zoe and smiled down at him. “After tonight, you will begin the transformation. It will not be immediate, but it will happen. No one can stop it now.”

He stared at her, then over to Zoe. His eyes paused on the glass of thick red liquid Astrid was swirling in the goblet before going inexplicably back to hers. “T…transformation?” He felt a knot of fear in his stomach. Astrid nodded.

“Yes, my child. You asked for this gift, and we have given it to you.”

He swallowed hard, his eyes drifting back to the goblet she held. “I…I don’t understand. What gift?” He suddenly flashed back to when there’d been something besides wine in the goblet. He remembered the sickly sweet and salty taste and how it clung to his throat as he swallowed it. His tongue flicked out and he licked his lips.

She smiled at him. “Why, to make you a part of our family, of course. And all the benefits that come with it.”

He couldn’t take his eyes off the goblet now. Something inside him hungered for the thick, warm substance. “Benefits?”

She leaned in closer. “Oh, yes. Immortality, for one.”

This got his attention and he peeled his eyes from the mesmerizing dark liquid, staring up at her in shock. She nodded.

“Yes, Cal, we are immortal. I am exactly five hundred and fifty-two years old.” As he continued to gawk at her, she gestured to Zoe. “Zoe is still a child. I turned her seventy-three years ago. Only in another hundred years will she begin to fully understand her powers.”

He looked over at the sexy young woman and Zoe nodded at him. “She speaks the truth, Cal. I didn’t believe it at first either, but I haven’t aged a day in those seventy-three years.”

He exchanged an astonished look between them, his mouth open in surprise. “Are you trying to tell me you two are …vampires?”

Astrid rolled her eyes and smiled. “Yes, that is what we have been labeled as. But we are not the evil creatures of books and movies.” She gestured toward Zoe. “As you can see, we can be very enticing.”

Zoe grinned and let her hand glide over his bare chest. He sighed involuntarily at her sensual touch then looked back over at Astrid. “But you drink blood?”

She nodded. “We do, but we do not always need to kill to feed.” She noticed his eyes following the goblet. “You see, even now you crave it. Do you feel it?”

As strange as it felt, he had to nod his head. He did crave it, like no hunger he’d ever felt before. If he weren’t tied to the bed, he would’ve already taken the goblet from her and drained it.

Astrid looked over at Zoe, who reached down and lifted Cal’s head. Astrid brought the goblet to his lips.

“Then drink, my child.” As soon as the warm liquid touched his lips, he began to gulp it down. Astrid tilted the goblet higher until he’d drank it all, then Zoe lay his head back down. His tongue licked across his lips, trying to get every drop. The glass sated his hunger somewhat, but he wanted more.

“More!” he gasped as he felt a warmth spreading through his body. He suddenly felt a rush of strength as the life-giving liquid seemed to surge through him. He pulled at the ropes, his eyes wild. “I want more!”

Astrid shook her head. “No, not now. Too much at first will make you mad. You must start off slow and allow your body time to adjust. You will be going through some great changes in the next day or so and it will not be easy on you. Until your body has adapted, you must remain here like this, for your own safety.”

Zoe touched his arm and he swung his head to her. She smiled, not at all fazed by his suddenly aggressive demeanor. “We will be here to help you through it, Cal. Do not be afraid.” She leaned in and kissed him on the cheek, her lips feeling cool on his hot skin. “Then we can all have some more fun together!” She reached down and grasped his now fully erect penis, giving it a few good strokes.

Cal felt his blood heat at her touch and his entire body tensed as her hand pumped his incredibly hard cock. He grunted and jerked his hips, urging her to continue her hand job. She did and he felt his cum rising almost immediately, as if he needed to release or explode. He’d never felt such an intense sensation of sexual pleasure, and this was only from a hand job!

Vaguely, he heard Astrid’s voice again. “Another benefit is increased sexual feelings. You will experience orgasms many times the intensity of mortals. I can see it is starting already.”

He felt a sudden rush and his back arched off the bed, crying out as he ejaculated what felt like a fire hose of cum gushing from his aching balls. It shot nearly two feet straight up before arcing down and splashing on his chest. Zoe’s hand continued to pump him and he watched as an unfathomable amount of hot jism was expelled from his cock. His entire body shuddered and shook under the force of the orgasm until he collapsed gasping onto the bed, his body going limp.

Zoe got up and returned a moment later with a towel and began to clean the cum from his chest and stomach. Amazingly, his cock remained hard and he was still horny! More than anything he wanted to fuck both of these freaky chicks until he was finally satisfied, although from the way he felt right now he wondered if that could ever happen.

Astrid lay a cool hand on his forehead. “Sleep now, Cal. We will be here to watch over you. Do not be afraid.”

He heard her speaking, but it was as if she were moving farther and farther away, her voice fading. Her words and touch seemed to have a soothing effect his over-charged body and he began to relax. His eyelids became heavy, drooping until he was unable to hold them open any longer. He fell into a deep sleep, his dreams filled with strange and often terrifying images.

Chapter 5

For the next two days, Cal drifted in and out of consciousness. Whenever he was awake, Astrid or Zoe would be there with another goblet of the life-giving blood, which he guzzled hungrily before once again lapsing into a fitful sleep. Whenever he was lucid, he was hornier than he could ever remember being and Zoe was always happy to help him with a pressure-relieving hand job. He begged her to straddle him and let him fuck her, but she shook her head.

“Not yet, my darling. It is too soon. You must be patient. Remember, we will have an eternity to pleasure one another.”

Eventually, he found his sexual desires becoming less urgent until he was finally able to talk to them without needing to be satisfied first. Astrid told him he was adjusting very well and that his restraints could come off in a few hours.

“H…how long?” he panted, his matted hair clinging to his sweaty scalp.

Zoe looked down at him. “Just a few more hours, my love.”

He shook his head. “No, no…I mean, how long have I been here?”

Astrid spoke up. “Three days.”

As his foggy brain processed that information, his eyes suddenly flew open. “Shit!” He looked up at her. “I need to call work!”

Zoe and Astrid exchanged a look, then Astrid sat down next to him. “Cal, perhaps you don’t fully understand what has happened here.” He gave her a questioning look. “You can’t go back to your old life. People will know there is something different about you.”

“How so?”

She smiled sadly and patted his chest. “Well, for one, you won’t be able to spend any time in the sun. It won’t be too noticeable at first, you’ll just find that you sunburn very quickly. But after a few months, the sun on your skin will become unbearable and you’ll have to cover up and use strong sunscreen. Eventually even that will not be enough and you’ll have to avoid daylight altogether. That takes up to two hundred years, though. So enjoy the daylight while you still can.”

“Another problem is aging. Your friends will all grow old but you will never age another day. Again, this is not something that will become apparent immediately, but it must be considered.”

Cal listened, still trying to come to terms with all of this. Despite all he’d been through, he still found the idea that vampires existed to be a little far-fetched. Not to mention the fact that he may be one.

“So, what do I do? Move away?”

Astrid nodded. “That is the usual method. We must constantly relocate and change our identities. That is partly why I bought this house. I find it convenient to have domiciles scattered all around the world.”

Zoe brought another goblet of blood to his lips and helped him drink it. He lay back and enjoyed the warm feeling as it reached every corner of his body. This was all too much; too hard to swallow. Yet, there was no denying the way his body craved human blood and the calming effect it had on him.

“Now, sleep again and when you awake, we will remove the bindings and begin your training,” Astrid said, her cool hand once again falling across his eyes. He drifted off once again.

Chapter 6

The first thing that broke trough the nightmarish dreams was the pounding. It had a familiar ring to it - some link to his life that in the semi-conscious state before awakening was comforting. As he slowly emerged from his deep sleep, his mind slowly recognized the sounds as those of a construction site and he slowly opened his eyes. But instead of the usual daylight his mind associated with those sounds, he found he was still in the gloomy candlelit darkness of the basement. He groaned and brought a hand to his face, then suddenly realized that he could touch his face. He pushed himself to a semi-upright position and focused his eyes on his naked body. It was true, his arms and legs were no longer tied to the four corners of the big bed.

On one corner of the bed, near his feet, lay his clothes. He groggily pushed himself to a sitting position and felt a wave of nauseating dizziness sweep through him. He paused there, sitting on the edge of the bed with his head in his hands until it passed, then slowly looked back up. He couldn’t quite make out the far corners of the room in the gloomy darkness, but he knew he was alone. He reached out for his shorts and stood up on shaky legs to pull them on. He was weak, but the nausea had passed, although his head still throbbed slightly.

Before he put any more clothes on, he felt the sudden urge to relieve himself and shuffled over to the bathroom he’d discovered earlier. He had no idea how long he’d been lying there, but the need to empty his aching bladder was becoming more urgent by the second. As he stood over the toilet, he noticed a shower stall and neatly folded towels. He glanced up at his reflection in the mirror and was alarmed at the sight. His greasy hair was plastered to his scalp where it wasn’t sticking up at odd angles and his face looked like death warmed over. He finished up and sniffed at his pits, grimacing at the strong odor of b.o.

“Whew!” he breathed, glancing again at the towel and shower. He moved the curtain aside and saw a fresh cake of soap and a bottle of shampoo on the shelf. It looked like his hostesses had prepared it for him and even if they hadn’t, fuck them. They were the ones who were keeping a virtual prisoner here in their little dungeon.

He turned on the water and made sure the temperature was right, then slipped his shorts off and stepped in. The spray hit his face like little pellets, stinging his skin, but it felt good and he quickly lathered up and rinsed off. He stood under the water for a few minutes afterward, just letting the hot water permeate his skin and relieve his tired muscles. Why did he feel so exhausted, anyway? He’d done nothing but sleep for what, three days? He was certain that’s what they’d said before his last little nap.

He turned off the water and dried off, then pulled his shorts back on. As he reached down to open the door, he instinctively knew someone was waiting for him in the bedroom. He could smell the faint aroma of a woman’s perfume, her flowery scented shampoo, and the arousing scent of her womanhood over all of it. He felt his cock begin to harden at the smell and he pulled the door open to see Zoe sitting on the edge of the bed and looking at him with very intense eyes.

“Good morning, Cal,” she said, rising from the bed. She was wearing a tight gray skirt that fell a few inches above her knees and a loose white blouse. Her long hair was swept back over one shoulder and her feet were perched in a pair of heels that made her legs look amazing long and tantalizing. In here hand she held another goblet of blood, and he was torn between his lust for her and his need for the warm strength the blood would provide. She took a step toward him, her dark eyes never leaving his and emitting a faint white glow in the semi-darkness. “Did you sleep well?”

He nodded, momentarily rendered speechless by the sight of her. He felt his cock growing even harder and pushing against the fabric of his boxers. Her eyes glanced down at the now prominent tent in his shorts and then back to his.

“I can see that you are feeling…” She paused, her tongue moistening her ruby lips, “…better.” Once again she looked down at his crotch, then slowly came over to him. Her scent was stronger now, almost overpowering, and he had to physically reign in the urge to rip off her clothes, throw her onto the bed and ravage her mercilessly. She gave him an almost knowing smile and held out the glass of blood to him. “Drink, my love.”

He grabbed the stem of the delicate glass and brought it to his lips without hesitating, downing the warm fluid in one long gulp. He lowered the empty glass and wiped the blood from his lips, his mind once again honed in on her.

“I can see that your senses have been heightened. Your desire for me is almost palpable.” She began to slowly unbutton her blouse. “This is one of the effects of your new being. Eventually, you will be able to better control your sexual urges.” He was listening to her, but his eyes were on her fingers as she undid each button to reveal more of her milky white cleavage. “Until then, Astrid and I are here for you. You may take out your desires on us as often as you need to until you are ready to move on to the next phase.” She undid the final button and her blouse fell open, revealing the lacy white bra that supported the heaving mounds of her breasts. She reached up and lifted his chin, pulling his eyes from her chest. Her eyes bore into his with a look he could only describe as ‘fuck me eyes’ and she chewed on her lower lip. “Do you want to fuck me now, Cal?”

He felt himself nodding and dropped the glass, vaguely aware of it smashing on the concrete floor as he reached out to grasp her slender white waist under her open blouse. Her skin was soft and cool to the touch and he felt his cock straining as it never had before. She gave him an impish grin and reached for the button of her skirt. As it fell to the floor around her stiletto clad ankles, she leaned in and whispered into his ear, “Then take me! Now!”

He needed no further encouragement and pushed her backward until she fell back onto the bed, her feet still on the floor and her blouse flung open. Her panties were the same white lacy variety as her bra and he grasped them and literally ripped them from her body, his eyes wild with lust. She lay there watching him, his animalistic advances seeming to further enhance the wild look in her eyes. He quickly dropped his shorts and kicked them aside, his cock bobbing over her. He’d never felt like this before; so hard, so needing to feel it inside her cunt as if it were necessary for his very survival.

He reached down and grabbed her bra between her breasts and ripped it free, throwing it aside. For a brief moment their eyes met, as if they were two wild animals in heat. Then Cal grabbed her legs and thrust them up, pushing them back so that his cock could access her hot pussy. He found her opening and thrust inside her completely in one swift motion, her warmth engulfing him and only serving to increase his lust. He cried out, his eyes meeting hers, then dropping to her exposed breasts as he pulled out and slammed back into her. She moaned and grabbed at the sheets, arching her back as he pounded in and out of her. He was moving faster now, gripping her legs and pushing them farther apart in an effort to go even deeper into her steamy depths.

She was moaning non-stop, occasionally muttering words like, “yes”, “fuck me!” and “harder!” This only encouraged him to increase his already violent fucking until he was almost lifting her small body off the bed when he slammed home. Some small part of his mind told him to stop, that he must be hurting her, but the new Cal - the one she had a part in awakening - wasn’t about to let up until he deposited his seed deep inside her.

The room grew quiet except for their muted grunts and the sound of their skin slapping together. Every once in a while, Zoe would mutter something nearly unintelligible as his cock pistoned in and out of her stretched hole.

Finally, she locked her eyes on his and gnashed her teeth at him, her eyes even wilder. Her teeth were different now; her incisors had grown into long, sharp fangs and she hissed at him.
“Fuck me, you bastard! Make me cum!” she screamed at him, spittle flying from those horrendous teeth.

He increased his hammering, throwing his head back and pulling her long legs even higher so that her ass was no longer touched the bed. She began to wail, low at first, then changing into what could only be described as a shriek as her cunt tightened around his steel-like shaft and he felt her juices flowing as she came.

It took more force, but he continued to hammer away at her even tighter pussy, her eyes wild and body twisting as she came non-stop for what felt like a long time. He felt his own orgasm building and began to slam home even harder. She seemed to sense his impending release and glared up at him, her body still tensing and shuddering in orgasm.

“Come on, let me have it, you animal!” she spat, those ferocious teeth bared.

He snarled at her and felt something poking into his lips. He tasted blood. But before he could give it any more thought, he felt his balls contract and thrust deep into her. He threw his head back and let out a snarl that turned into a loud howl, almost wolf-like as he felt his cum surging from his cock into her clenching pussy. She screamed again and he felt her legs squeezing his neck as load after load of his seed was pumped into her.

They remained like that until he finally stopped cumming and gradually released his tight grip on her legs. She lowered them back to the floor but they remained joined, each panting as the fire inside them slowly eased. He met her eyes and she smiled at him, her teeth still looking like something from a vampire movie.

“Y…your teeth,” he panted.

Her grin widened. “Have you looked in a mirror lately?”

He caught onto her insinuation and reached a hand up to his mouth. He felt a sudden rise of panicked fear as his fingers traced around his own teeth, his four incisors now about an inch long and very sharp. He looked down at her, the fear very evident in his eyes. She smiled at him and shifted on his still rock-hard cock buried in her dripping pussy.

“Don’t worry, Cal. They will recede again. They only appear when you are very excited, such as having very violent sex or when feeding.” Her smile turned a little sad. “The unfortunate side to immortality is that your life will now be filled with violence.” Then she perked up a little when she saw the shocked expression on his face. “But it does have its advantages, too.” She picked up a corner of her blouse and wiped her sweaty face. “You are a very forceful lover, Cal. And that is something I very much enjoy.”

He thought about what she’d said and looked down at his still hard cock in her pussy. White cum oozed around it and dripped down to the bed. As he stared at the results of their vicious love-making, he ran his tongue over his teeth, feeling the alien fangs. As he touched the tip of his tongue to one of them, it changed, becoming more blunt and seemed to recede into his jaw until it had resumed its previous size and shape. He stared open-mouthed down at Zoe, who smiled up at him, her own teeth once again back to normal.

“I know, it freaked me out the first time it happened, too,” she said, reaching up for him with both arms. He crawled onto the bed and settled between her legs, his hard cock still deep inside her. “All I can tell you is that it will get easier.” She kissed him, softly and tenderly and he returned her kiss with the same loving affection. She pulled her lips from his and adjusted her hips under him.

“Now,” she breathed, gently rolling her pelvis under hip. “…that you’ve fucked me, I want you to make love to me.” She kissed him again, her arms encircling his neck as she pushed upwards against his groin. Cal moaned into her mouth and began to move inside her, slowly this time. She gasped as he pulled back and re-entered, her pussy slick with their combined juices. Their bodies moved in a gentle rhythm, the thick slurping sounds of their coupling the only sound in the room.

After a few minutes, Zoe brought her legs up and wrapped them around his back, the heels of her shoes scraping against his skin. She began to move a little faster and he followed suit. While before had been crude, rough, and forceful, this was tender and loving. Their bodies moved together as one and their panting breath became faster as they both moved toward mutual orgasms. When Cal finally felt himself about to release, his senses were fully alert to Zoe’s responses. He could feel every beat of her heart; the heat of her blood, and could even feel her climax approaching as if her body was somehow transmitting the sensations to his.

When he could hold out no longer, he buried his cock deep inside her and they both cried out together as their bodies were gripped by powerful orgasms. The world around him seemed to fade until only the two of them remained - locked together for eternity in a sensual embrace like none he’d ever experienced before. As they lay there, their blood cooling as their sexual needs were temporarily sated, he considered the possibility of an eternity of making love to these two beautiful women and smiled to himself. Could it really be this easy? Something told him there was a very dark side to this evolution; something even darker than they’d let on.

But whatever life had in store for him now was out of his hands. The change had begun and there was no way to stop it. All he knew for certain was the strong pull of the lust…the lust for sex….and blood.

Brigit Astar
06-17-2009, 02:33 PM
just an incredibly fine story...one of the most sensually erotic stories I've ever read

mrs babyisblue
01-21-2010, 07:50 PM
read it in 2 parts never thought about reading erotic horror till i read spirit 66 but enjoyed the story thank you