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06-29-2009, 08:34 AM
******* You scent for me?******
She has 2 scents.

Intense.Memory inducing,thought intruding
convoluting, moving scents.And somehow.
She's woven her olfactorial mark into the tapestry
of earth-time . So that at times when I breathe on earth
a memory is re-birthed.

Curse.She has 2 cents.

Intense. Relentless, persistent, mind bending
cents for my every submisson. So I listen.But somehow.
She has intergrated her favorite thought patterns into my
culture like paper lanterns in china. So that you can't have
one with out the other and I been tryin to differentiate between the 2 cents
thought patterns but like those paper lanterns, it just won't happen.Damn.

She has to have sent.

Beckoning forces beyond mortal reckoning
to aid in her conquest. Persistent in her request.
So what to do? I test. Attest.Sent for assistance not from
The relentless but from RELENT.
Bending the will of divinity to her cause for
how else would I pause, enthralled and in awe, as I smell her.
In a mall. On the street. In the cold in the heat.
Here, there its maddening especially
depending on which scent/cent earth-time brings.
For there are 2.
Sharp and new.
One is pink. The other? Blue.

Neither new.

The first is like standing in an ocean-river.

The water saltless but there's so much of it you would think you were on a
bigger planet. When I smell this scent? I can't stand it. Withdrawal
symptoms wreak havok, on my body. Like a bandit. Stealing my peace of
mind. My piece of mind.....
The other, like a rose in bloom.
Pum Pum.
Reminding me that our literal chemistry changes when we...
Taste of one another. Endorphines. Adrenaline.
Pulse quickening. Sweat dripping. Panties ripping.
Breath quickening.Heart skipping.Mind racing.
Salivating. Will power caving. Genitalia striving.
To. Connect. Denied due to respect. When kept in check.
This pungent aroma coats my hand.
After I sent it spelunking that once,or thrice....
earth-time demands that I re-experiance this finger dance.
Therefore I am re-scented. From what source?
I know not. My only solace? Knowing that when I last left her.
I left her my own scent. My very own brand of earth-time torture.
Cruel?idk.ask her.

mrs babyisblue
06-29-2009, 10:19 AM
very good :)

06-30-2009, 08:22 AM
well written. thanks for sharing it with us

07-01-2009, 06:03 AM
Thanks for the feeback!