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This story features Kim Kardashian as the main characters, with a few others (Most notably Kourtney and Khloe, her sisters). It contains rape and generally, nonconsentual themes. If you are offended by sexual slavery, mild humiliation, or rape, do not read this please.

Comments are welcome. I'd like suggestions relating to the sequel - namely who buys her.

The Price of Fame

"Should we auction them all off individually, or as a set?"


She had been held captive in a dark cell for days. It wasn't really a cell - more like a cage meant for a large dog. Kim didn't remember what happened, and she didn't know what was going to happen to her, until she heard that conversation the previous day. She was going to be auctioned, along with her sisters, as slaves.

That day, she head a new conversation. She couldn't see who it was - her cage was covered with a black tarp. "Man, whoever buys that bitch is lucky."

"Yeah, too bad we can't fuck her."

She hadn't been sexually violated. When she arrived, she was stripped naked, but that was all. Her heart began beating fast, when she heard another man say, "Maybe we can."

She backed towards the other end of the cage, opposite from the door, as it was opened. She curled her legs infront of her, but the man reached his hands in, and grabbed her by the ankles. "No," She yelled, trying to get her legs loose from his grasp, "Let me go!"

It was no use. He was strong, and pulled her out, until her back was against the concrete floor. She looked up at the tall, scary man with black hair and tan skin, and crossed her legs, not wanting the very unattractive man inside of her. "Please," She begged, breathing heavily. He forced her legs apart, and she tried to kick him. "Let me go!"

"Shut up, bitch," He replied, grabbing her ankles again, and spreading her legs apart.

She freed her legs from his grasp, and kicked him. The blow was ineffective - she was weak. He got down on top of her, and she looked away, not wanting to see his face. He was bigger than her, and heavy, and his hands were pressed against her arms. "Help! ," She yelled.

"Nobody's gonna help you," He said, as other screams were heard in the background.

"What's going on? ," She asked.

There was no response. He unzipped his pants, and a few seconds later Kim's vagina was invaded. She yelled, with tears running down her eyes as he thrusted in and out of her. He stopped, and pulled out before standing up. "Get up," He ordered.

She looked up at him, and nervously stood up. He grabbed her, and pushed her face-down against the cage, bending her over. He smacked her ass, and squeezed her soft flesh, before re-entering her pussy, slamming it hard into her. She felt his hands on her breasts, squeezing them as he thrusted into her. "Stop," She begged.

"Shut up," He replied, and pulled out of her. He squeezed her big asscheeks, and lightly smacked her dark flesh. He pushed back in, and started fucking her again.

She clenched her teeth together as he smacked his body against her's, and soon, he pulled out again. "On your knees, slut," He ordered.

She couldn't move - she was petrified with fear. He grabbed her arms, and pulled her up. "Get on your knees! ," He ordered, angrily, and she fearfully obeyed.

He grabbed her dark hair, holding her head steady as he put his cock close to her lips. She tried to turn away, but his other hand kept her head in place. He didn't want to hurt her, and leave a bruise as evidence that he raped her. "Open your mouth," He said, noticing that her lips were shut together, tight. She didn't do as he said, so he pressed the slick head of his cock against her lips, and said, "Open your mouth."

"You're going to have to get used to this, sucking people off," He said, "The auction is in two days - after that, you won't be Kim Kardashian anymore - you'll be someone's pet."

His words were filled with spite, and the thought that she'd be auctioned off in two days weakened her. She whimpered, and he went on, "I can't hurt you, but if you refuse to do what your master asks you to do, anything can happen."

She still tried to fight, attempting to move her head away. "Suck it," He ordered.

"No," She replied.

"I can kill you, and say you tried to escape," He said.

She felt a sinking feeling - there was no option. "Please, don't," She said.

"I won't if you open your mouth, like a good little slut," He said.

She obeyed, and he smiled evilly. He rubbed the head of his cock against her lips, before moving it into her warm, pink mouth, rubbing the shaft against her full lips. He groaned slightly as he slowly pushed in and out of her mouth, feeling aroused both by the feeling of her lips, and the sight of tears rolling down her cheeks. He began going a bit faster, thrusting into her mouth, and then out, before pushing it all the way in. He looked down at the sight of her mouth wide around the base of his cock, and came almost instantly.

Kim gagged on his cock, and the cum being sprayed down her throat. Once he was done, he pulled out, and she coughed. "Back in your cage," He said.

She obediently got in the cage, and curled up in the corner, as he closed the door, and locked it.


It had been two days, and Kim was incredibly scared - so scared, that she didn't even eat the simple breakfast shoved into her cage. She heard yelling outside of her cage - obviously coming from her sisters, and possibly her mother, as they were dragged from the cages. The tarp over her cage was lifted, and the door was opened. She was dragged from the cage by a pair of hands around her ankles, and like two days prior, she was left on the concrete.

Two women grabbed her arms, while a man grabbed her legs, and they lifted her up. They carried her to a small, dark room, and dropped her inside, closing the door. She was left alone on the cold concrete for over half an hour, until the door was opened, and the lights were turned on. Two women were standing there - one had some skimpy clothing in her hand, and the other had a briefcase. They were apparently of Asian descent, with black hair and light skin.

"Stand up," One of them, a slightly taller one, said.

She slowly stood up, weak from days of being confined to a cage. The one holding the clothes threw them at her, and said, "Put those on, whore."

She was shocked by how awful they were, and how good they spoke English. She looked down at the clothing on the floor - a black thong and a string bikini top. "Now!"

She quickly put the skimpy outfit on, afraid of what they might do. "Now sit down."

There was a chair a few inches away from Kim. She sat down, glad to be off of her legs. They approached her, and took makeup from the briefcase. They put red lipstick on her lips, and eyeshadow around her eyes, along with some other makeup. It was waterproof, so it would be unaffected by her sweat and tears. They then went to her hair, unkempt and matted from lack of care. When they were done, her hair was shiny and in light waves. They plucked her eyebrows, and tied her hair back before standing her up. They forced her out of the room, and down the hall to a bathroom. "Get in the shower."

She looked back at them, and got in the shower, with her heart thumping heavily. The two of them got in as well, and grabbed the handheld showerhead, using it to rinse off her body. They applied soap, and scrubbed her, paying special attention to her ass, making sure her anus was nice and clean for whoever her new master would be. They also made sure her pussy was clean, too. They rinsed her off, and pushed her out of the shower.

Before leaving, one of them grabbed a razor, and made sure her pussy was bare and hairless. "She's ready."

They pushed her out of the bathroom, and down the hall. "What - what's gonna happen to me? ," Kim asked, scared.

"You're gonna be a slave," One of them said.

"You're too stupid to be free."

There was a curtain, at the end of the hall, that obviously led to the stage. "I'll do anything you want," She pleaded, "Just don't do this to me."


"You have to learn your lesson."

Next to the curtain, there was a door. It was opened by one of the girls, and she was pushed in by the other. The door was closed, leaving the room pitch-black. She heard a familiar sound, "Kim." It was her sister, Khloe.

"Khloe? ," She asked.

"I'm scared," Said another person she recognized - Kourtney.

"Yeah, it's me," Khloe said, "Why are they doing this?"

"That girl said - I had to learn my lesson," She said.

The door opened, and the girl called a name, "Khloe."

Khloe stood up, but didn't move. She was dressed the same as Kim, and the woman had to grab her, and take her out of the room. She'd never see her sister again. After half an hour, the door opened again, and Kourtney was taken from the room. Kim was taking fast, shallow breaths, scared and anxious. Who would she be sold to? Would he, or she, treat her nicely, or horribly? She nearly jumped when the door opened, and her name was called.

She stood, and walked out of the room, feeling like a condemned man on death row about to be executed. She was taken past the curtain, and led onto the small stage with a small audience infront of it. "Lastly," The woman said into the microphone, "We have Kim Kardashian."

She was stopped next to the woman, as she said, "She'd make a perfect sex slave, or if you'd prefer, she'd make a perfect breeding slave as well, with those wide hips and big breasts." She was turned around. "And as you all know, she has a huge ass - let's start the bidding at ohhh - ten dollars. She's not worth as much as her sisters."

The bidding started, and within a few minutes she heard, "Sold." She whimpered, and began to cry, even though nobody in that room probably cared. She collapsed to the ground, as the woman congratulated whoever it was who bought her. She wasn't rich and famous, or even free now.

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Good opening chapter. Looking forward to reading some more.

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If this is your first story submission, this was very good. I see a bright future for you here, Morgan.

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