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07-08-2009, 12:03 AM
For more years than I care to think about I have been masturbating, and trying to get young girls to see me doing it, to shock them, to excite me, etc. I have lived in several towns now, being a person who tends to travel a lot. But now I think I have created a monster whom I do not think I will ever be able to get away from and for that matter I don’t know if I want to.

I’m 35, pretty good shape, little better than average size cock being 7 inches long and about the same around. I’ve had the habit of taking ****** when I jerk off so I would always have a nice rock hard cock, it just makes it so much better, plus being able to keep it up for several hours has its advantages as you will understand later.

I had just moved into a new studio apartment, it wasn’t in a complex or anything but a group of small apartments built together, a little run down but it saved me money for my other toys that I had so I didn’t mind much. What I found intriguing was my bedroom window butted up against my neighbors window, they were like 3 feet apart. I had always been a big voyeur over the years, I just hoped that it wasn’t some old lady, that would but a crimp in my enjoyment and I just might have to move. I had setup a video camera that looked out into the neighbors window but the shades were always drawn, oh I would see shapes and that shit, but that was it. I had also yet to see my neighbors.

On my way back from work pulling in I saw this beautiful teenage girl sitting on the phone box out in front of the apartments. My god she was hot, I would guess 16, by the size of her, and her little cone shaped tits, what a hot little body, nice a firm, and my god what an ass she had. My cock got hard in seconds even before I parked the car. She was watching me intently but never said a word to me as I got out and went into my place. I had stripped down so fast, I was going to give her a little show through my front window if I could. I peeked out the front window and she still sitting there but her back was turned away from me, I thought, perfect. I also had a video camera setup in this window looking out so I could see it on the TV and not have to look out the window.

I got into position and started to stroke my cock, I knew it wasn’t going to take long to blow a load, it had been several days since I had jerked off, and I also take supplements to give me larger loads. Then she turned around, I had turned on a lamp that was next to me so she would be able to see inside, but I didn’t know if she could yet, until she took a double take and covered up her mouth like she was going to scream or something, but she didn’t. Her eyes were wide open along with her mouth at what she was seeing, which was me jerking off. I was loving it. She didn’t move or look away, just fully stared at me. That’s all it took, and bang I started shooting, it was like I couldn’t stop cumming. I shot at least 5 or 6 heavy thick loads all over me, they arched into the air at least a foot and splattered all over me. She had put her hand to her mouth again, as I slowly stroked my cock getting the last of the cum. I breathed a huge release and grabbed a towel to start to clean up. Then I noticed her get up and start to walk towards my place. Holy fucking shit, I didn’t have time to do anything but she never looked in or turned her head, but she went into the door next to mine. Holy shit she is my next door neighbor. Oh how I only could dream that it was her window that was next to mine. I sat there for some time, thinking. Shit what if she tells her parents, I would be a dead man. I was sort of freaking out a little, but said you know fuck it, its been an hour and no cops and no parents so I’m good to go.

I don’t know why but I never even thought about looking at the window but when I went to bed a little early to read and get my mind off of her a couple of days later since I had not seen her since, I noticed a the light was a little brighter coming into my window. I peeked through the shades and holy fucking shit, the shades were up and I had a perfect view of a bed and not from the side or the back, I would be able to see everything, and I then noticed, oh my god it has to be her room, from all the posters and different things around the room. I could actually see the whole room, it wasn’t very big. I didn’t know if I wanted to watch on cam or if I wanted to just stand there and watch through the window. That’s when she came in. She was wrapped in a towel, her hair was wet, she must have just got out of the shower. I seen her reach back and lock her door. Then my heart skipped, I’m so glad I was recording this. She undid her towel and oh my fucking god she had a body of a goddess. I would guess she was 5’2” maybe a 100lbs, long curly dark brown hair, I would guess 32 b cups, large for her size. Perfect nipples. She even had a little six pack for abs. She had a rock hard little body.

She then facing the window bent over with her legs spread a little bit showing me her ass and pussy, and damn if it wasn’t shaved clean. She dried off her hair and wound the towel around her head. She went to her dresser and grabbed a bottle of something. Oh I was still watching through the window by the way, and yes I was stroking my very hard cock. What she did next blew my mind. She slowly poured out the lotion and started rubbing her tits and arms taking to what I thought was way longer, she was enjoying it. Her nipples were rock hard, down her stomach, and then more lotion on her legs. God this was killing me, she took so long doing each leg, slowly rubbing the lotion in. Then she got to her pussy, and started rubbing the lotion in, I could tell she just sighed and then leaned her head back and really started to rub it faster and faster.

Her knees were up now and legs in the air with her rubbing her pussy so fast that her hand was almost a blur. Her whole chest started to turn blush red, and then I could see her ass muscles start to twitch, her legs when into the air farther, her toes curled up and she made a silent scream when her orgasm hit her, it seemed to last forever, and mine was not long after, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her, she was just to perfect. I hardly even realized that I had shot my load. In the aftermath of her glow, she licked her fingers and slowly stroked her pussy, I did notice she never put them inside of her pussy, which made me wonder if she was still a virgin. A bit later she turned off her light and went to bed. I still stood there transfixed by what I had just seen. Damn this was going to be good.

It was a couple days later when I came home and there she was again sitting on the box. I couldn’t help myself, I had to do it again. But this time she wasn’t shocked at all, shit she even was smiling even more, oh shit she knew, she had to. But it didn’t stop me, and I noticed her hand had gone between her legs a little bit and she looked around, and she was rubbing herself while watching me. Again this made me blow a load quickly damn it, bit she was all smiles. Again she went inside her home after I was done never looking into my place. But that night only a couple hours later I again got to see her masturbate again using the lotion after her shower. Again I had stood and watched, I was so transfixed by her I just could not help it.

I started to think she was doing this just for me, as I was doing just for her and I wondered if I could give her a little treat and see what she would do. I had been working late so I had been unable to have any fun, but I got back early one day and noticed her shades were up again, but this time I had mine up also. I had to hide the camera a bit, and this time I put it so it was on night shot, meaning it would see into the dark. I took my little pill, just in case and got on my bed which was to the side of the window, she would get a side view, and would not see my TV which I was looking at her window. My overhead light was on, but I had a remote just incase the parents opened the door and I could make a quick exit.

I guess I waited about an hour slowly stroking my cock, just keeping it hard and enjoying the feeling when I seen her door open a little bit, and then some more and it was her, she was talking on the phone. She didn’t turn on her light but then stopped in her tracks when she saw the my light was on and my shades were up also. She must have said a quick good bye because she but the phone right now and entered her dark room, minus the light coming from my room. My camera picked her up perfectly, again she was just wearing a towel. But her hair was still dry, I guess I had caught her before the shower.

She stood in the middle of her room frozen watching me stroke my cock. In the other room and her outside, we were like 30 or more feet apart, now we were only 10 or less apart and she had a great view.

Since I had been stroking myself for awhile now, I knew it was going to take some hard beating to get myself off. I started jerking faster and faster watching what she would do.

But when her towel came off, and she started to play with her pussy right in front of the window not more than a foot away from it, if I would have looked I could have seen her clear as day, but I didn’t I just watched her through the video. She was going just as fast as I was, and I guess within five or ten minutes I seen her knees start to shake she was ether close to an orgasm or having one, and then I felt mine, and I never stopped and I unloaded another huge load after load, after I had finally stopped shooting she was laying on her bed slowly stroking her pussy just watching me. So I figured what the fuck my cock was still hard, so I started jerking off again. It took a little while, but I blew another load all over myself and I believe she had at least a few more orgasms watching me.

I had slept like a baby that night, but I had not seen her for a few days now, nor was her window open, I had even opened mine, but nothing. I was a little worried, but nothing ever came of it, so that was a sigh of relief. About a month later I came home a little early and found several police cars parked around my apartment, the next door neighbors door was open, and I thought holy shit what was going on. The kid was in school now and it would be at least two more hours till she got out.

I found out there had been a drug bust and a big one, there was a meth lab in the apartment next to mine of all fucking things. It was her mother and boyfriend.

Then to my very large surprise there was a knock on my door, and a lady was standing there with the girl. She introduced herself, and started talking about what was going on. She then stated Samantha the girl, had said I was a good friend and stayed at my place when her mom or boyfriend were all drugged out and or fighting etc.. She asked me if this was true, and I could see by Samantha pleading eyes to say yes, so I did. She then asked me if I knew about the meth lab and I said no, I just gave Samantha a place to hide out and get away from all the problems she had. She has requested that she stay with you till we find a relative she can stay with, or she has to go into a foster care home. I said I didn’t have a problem with it at all. The lady did say since I only had one room if she was going to stay with me I had to get a two bedroom, and would that be a problem. I said it wasn’t, and I would be in one within a week and she was more than happy to check, which she did.

When the lady left, Samantha just sat there not saying a word. I asked well would you like something to drink or eat? No, I’m ok she said. At this point and time I still didn’t know for sure if she knew I was watching her or if I knew she was watching me when I jerked off. I figured what the fuck lets just wait and see, I hoped the latter that she didn’t know. I had already taken down all of the video camera’s, just because of the cops being next door. It just seemed prudent, and I was right and lucky.

I took a deep breath and said so, what in the world made you say that I was a good friend and that you stay here and that we know each other? We have not said anything to each other or anything for that matter. Well she said you seemed like a really nice guy your cute, and have a nice car, and I guess a job since you leave everyday for work. I had to laugh on the innocence of her answer, I said Samantha I could be the worst person in the world and you would never know it till it was to late, that scared her, I could see it in her eyes, like a doe wanting to run. But, your right I am a nice guy and you have nothing to worry about ok. She relaxed then. I’m sorry about your mom, and she said right away that she wasn’t at all, she was actually glad and she had been the one who had called the police. See the boyfriend had tried to rape her and knocked her around a little bit the other day, that’s why I had not seen her. So she made a plan, she knew when they were making a huge batch of meth, and called when she knew they would be stoned out of their minds.

Samantha slept in my room that night and I slept on the couch. I called into work and took the rest of the week off to go apartment shopping. I found a nice upscale apartment with two bedrooms, it was huge and on a lake front with a beach, and pool. When the lady came back she looked at me very funny at first and said why were you in that dump when you could live like this? It was just me, and I didn’t need much and that was it. It was not that big of a deal to me. She approved, and said they were having trouble finding any family, since her mothers parents were dead, and she had no brothers or sisters, and if it was still ok for Samantha to stay with me, which I said was fine.

Since Samantha was only 16 she didn’t have to go to court, but the mother and boyfriend got 15 years in prison. This of course made Samantha sad about her mother but not that much.
So, Samantha changed schools, she was a straight A student which surprised me, she was happy, cheerful, and overall really fun to be around. She helped with everything, cleaning, cooking, etc. It was almost like we had a normal father and daughter relationship. Now you could just think I was beside myself, I could no longer openly jerk off in front of her, and I had not jerked off since she has been with me.

Its been awhile now, and seeing her around the house in just panties and a bra was really getting to me, she had some outfits that were well just pure 100% sluttish. But I never said anything about it, hell I loved watching her tight little ass in them. One night there were some pretty bad storms, huge thunder and lightening, the power had gone off and on several times over the night, and there was a huge bang that actually woke me up. I was still half asleep when Samantha now Sam came into my room. Now I have always slept in the nude and was this night. She asked if it was alright if she stayed with me as she was scared and could not sleep. She loved falling asleep on me, but that was always in the living room while we watched a movie or something. In my haze of sleep I said sure.

I didn’t notice she took her t-shirt off as my back was to her, and she herself was fully nude. She climbed into bed and I soon fell asleep again. I guess it was a little while longer and I woke up laying on my back and Sam was snuggled right up against me.
Her body was so hot, I had yet to move, but I felt her and knew she was awake, I could feel her hand roam over my body and down to my hard cock. Holy shit she was stroking my cock. Then she started licking my nipple and sucking on it. My hand was cupped on her ass, I guess she had put it there or it found its way there while I was sleeping I don’t know, but her ass felt fantastic, so firm, so soft.

I very softly said, Sam what are you doing? She stopped stroking me and said I wanted to thank you for everything you have done, and to say that I love you. Then she moved her head down and engulfed my cock in her mouth. Now as I said I have an alright size cock, but this girl deep throated me like a pro. I said oh my god Sam no, you shouldn’t be doing this but I couldn’t stop her it felt so fucking good. She sucked so hard and fast, and letting my cock slide down into her throat, it was just to much and I started to cum filling her mouth with my seed. She never stopped, never made a sound, she swallowed it all, and cleaned my cock from any other cum.

When she was done, she came back up and put her head on my chest and said you taste really good I loved doing that for you. She then spilled it all, telling me how she had seen me jerking off, and hoped I had seen her masturbating those times, and I said I had. She asked did you jerk off, and I said yes I did. She then rolled over on top of me. Her nipples drilled holes in my chest and I could feel the heat of her pussy on my cock. She looked deep into my eyes and asked me to make her a woman. She was still a virgin, she had never put anything up there at all.

I could feel the lips of her pussy rub against the head of my hard cock, I moved my hips a little and heard a moan from Sam and she held on to me saying yes please please make me yours I need you inside of me please. How could I say no to that. With a little effort my cock finally found its home, she was moving up and down in small motions trying to get my cock to enter her pussy, and when it did she stopped, I could tell it was to big for her but that didn’t stop her. She pushed even harder, and the head of my cock pushed in sliding by her pussy lips, from there she pushed once again breaking her hymen letting out a little cry and stopping again. I asked her if she was ok. Hmm mmm was all she said, but after a minute or two she started moving again, this time taking my cock deeper and deeper into her pussy.

I couldn’t believe how tight it was, it was sucking me into it, I could feel every muscle of her pussy contracting around my cock squeezing it. I was glad she had sucked me off first because I would have never lasted with this type of pressure and heat engulfing my cock. When my cock was fully buried in her pussy she stopped again. She looked up at me with those eyes, and at that time I flexed my cock and she moaned and closed her eyes enjoying the feeling of my hard cock inside of her. She pushed up and now road me leaning back so she could see my cock slide deep inside of her, she was now fucking my cock thrusting it deep into her pussy. I reached up and started to play with her clit, she screamed after a few seconds of me playing with it and I could feel the gush of pussy juice surround my cock and flow down it, that was a good orgasm.

I leaned up and picked her up and flipped her over. My cock never left that fucking hot wet pussy. I started slowly at first, but with in seconds I was slamming my cock into that virgin pussy, her legs were wrapped around me, all she could do was grunt and moan and say fuck fuck fuck, oh god fuck me harder. I then again started to play with her clit which sent her off again and again. The last orgasm she had was completely milking my cock, she was so fucking tight I couldn’t hold back and I emptied my cum deep into her pussy thrusting hard into her each time I shot a load, which sent her off even again with a huge orgasm.

I collapsed back on the bed, and she rolled over to me cuddling with me and said she loved me again, and I said I loved her. We both feel into a deep sleep.

Just wait for part 2 when I really start to teach Sam how to really enjoy fucking in all her holes.

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What a neat story. I really enjoyed that.

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