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Chapter 1… Setting the events in motion.

Peter was married to Angela; and had been for some ten years. Like most married couples their love life had began to become monotonous and a little boring. The usual Friday night fumble once their five year old son was in bed asleep; it had become a little more stale than normal though with Peter now climbing on and thrusting away for five or six minutes before cumming and then rolling off and almost immediately drifting off to sleep.

Angela’s frustrations began to grow and so did their arguments; she accused Peter of taking her for granted and wanted to know why he did not desire her as much as when they were first married. Peter did his best to assure her that he did want her as much if not more but as he put it; “how many times do you poke the fire before you begin to ignore the mantle piece”

He reassured her he still loved her shaved cunt and still desired to lick It out and make her cum so hard she soaked his face as she had done in their early years together; he promised he found her larger tits more arousing since she had given birth to little Colin; in fact he remarked that he loved it when she had began breast feeding Colin and allowed him to watch and then to drain her tits after Colin had taken his fill.

Suddenly Angela spoke out; “You know what we really need?” she asked.

“What do we really need my pet!” enquired Peter.

“We need a lover to stir up our emotions! A three some would really give our sex life a new lease of life!” she declared.

Peter instantly agreed but asked if she was sure a threesome was a good idea; she assured him now it was and she would arrange it as soon as she could!

Peter knowing his wife had been bisexual when they had first met was pretty confident she would choose a female to take part in the threesome and although Peter too had no aversion to sucking cock; he secretly fantasised about him being with two females. That Friday night when they settled into bed, as Peter took the lead and rolled Angela into the doggy position he asked her to tell him how her plans for their threesome had progressed.

“Oh Darling, it has not gone very well, I have checked out some of my friends and discreetly enquired if they have any ideas about a threesome and drawn a rock solid blank!” Angela confessed. Sensing his frustration as he faltered in thrusting his five inch cock into her cunt, she decided that the next best thing to actually having a threesome would be a verbal fantasy about one.

“Imagine, Peter dear, you came home and found me tied to the bed, stark naked with a large cucumber thrust up my cunt. No signs of anyone else around; what would you do?” she asked.

Picking up on her plan; Peter replied “Why, dearest darling; I would have no hesitation in fucking you hard with the cucumber till you were begging me to replace it with my rock hard cock and flood your cunt with my spunk!”

“Yeah but babes imagine as you striped off and climbed onto the bed to fuck me with the cucumber a pair of hands grabbed you and held you down whilst tying your hands behind your back? Now unable to defend yourself; imagine a hand closing tightly around your hard cock as another began to grasp your balls! As the hand was wanking your cock the other hand would be clenched gripping your balls tighter before releasing and repeating its actions!” she eager described to him.

“Oh god; that sounds so divine; my love; as long as the person whose hands they were forced me down so I could lick your anal ring and probe your arse entrance with my tongue!” Peter retorted.

“OMG. That sounds so good! But imagine if as you were licking my arse; something began to press into your own anal ring, stretching it till it accepted the thick object deep inside your own anal opening!” Angela continued.

Before Peter could respond, his cock replied for him and spurted his load up inside Angela’s cunt; only this time his cock did not go soft and he resumed his thrusts.

Angela saw this as her chance, she continued. “Imagine a big thrusting cock deep inside your arse or as it would be called your boy pussy! You would be used as a male cunt and you would love the feel of being fucked whilst being wanked off at the same time”

Peter had to agree the thought sounded really horny to him, the last cock he had played with other than his own had been a fellow school boy’s when they were both aged 17. he recalled how hot and hard it felt in his hand and how he had loved the smell and taste of it as it slipped between his lips, often he had regretted not taking it up his arse and in return fucking the other boys arse; but shortly after that they both left school never to meet up again. Secretly he had always intended to try the cock up the arse but some how it never really happened for him. Suddenly he was a little scared, how Angela had found out about his hidden desire; he knew he had been really careful never to mention it or anything like it that could have told her of his pent up desire.

She reassured him, she knew his secret but loved him as much if not more; she explained that like her own bisexuality she had seen the signs in him and had always hoped he would have told her but had never pressed for that to happen.

She persuaded Peter to stay knelt as he was and she slipped from the bed and fetched a small cucumber from the fridge, she carefully coated it in oil and eased it slowly but firmly into Peter’s tight virgin ass. As she fucked his ass; she told him she had an idea but it would mean them both being honest with each other; and just to set the balling rolling she was going to confide one of her deepest fantasises to him.

She began, “I have always wanted to be a submissive slut; oh not just tied down and fucked but made to do outrageous things before being fucked and then being made to do more outrageous things like sucking clean the cock which had just been fucking. She deliberately left out any reference to the cock having fucked her or where. I often fantasise about being led naked into a room blindfolded so I do not know how many or who is there watching me and then being made to play with myself with various toys before being fucked often by more than one cock and always with the cocks spewing their loads over my face and tits. Then I am told to use my hands to scoop up the spunk and lick my hands clean. I am then led from the room so I never know who fucked me or how many were there!”

She felt Peter’s cock twitch in her hand as she began to really fuck his ass with the cucumber; she then asked “Peter what is your fantasy right now?”

Instantly Peter began. “I supposed not that much further than what your doing to me now, only I would be made to suck a large cock and guide it into your cunt or ass, watching from extremely close range as it fucked you hard and then as it filled your hole with spunk and was pulled out, I would be made to suck it clean before eating the spunk direct from your hole while the now hard again cock slowly fucked my boy pussy and the person was telling me I better suck all the spunk from your body in case your become pregnant with a bastard baby and asking if I was aware I was married to a horny little slut! As the cock fucked my boy pussy I would be told I was a cuckold and would now only serve the real man’s cock which was going to fuck you regularly and my own weedy cock was only fit for wanking into an empty glass; before I had to drink my own spunk!”

By the time they had confessed their inner most secrets, both had climaxed long and hard and now lay sweating and resting as the recalled their words. Just then Angela asked if Peter wanted her to arrange for it to be more than just a fantasy for she knew their mutual friend Roger; who was a dominant male and he had often commented on his desire to fuck her. Peter was too excited to answer but he did definitely nod his head most vigorously.

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Chapter 2…. Peter takes his first steps to being a cuckold.

It was a few days later that Angela contacted Roger and he immediately made the arrangements to interview Peter alone on the next Friday evening. How ever the interview was not as straight forward as one would assume; for Peter had to be blindfolded whilst tied naked on his hands and knee’s to their bed. The finer details were that he had to have his legs tied wide open and his arse already lubricated ready; then Angela was to let in Roger before going out for at least two hours.

With all those arrangements made and agreed; Roger turned up at Peter and Angela’s house at seven pm and rang the door bell. Angela quickly let him in and excused herself taking her son; Colin; off to a friend’s for the evening. As a parting gesture she lightly slapped her husbands raised and exposed arse and was soon gone. Now Peter’s covered eyes held no information for his brain to process; so his ears became extra sensitive picking up on the slightest of sounds around the bed.

But even in there sensitive state they failed to register the closeness of Roger to Peter’s vulnerable arse; he shivered as he felt the cool waft of someone’s breath over his anal ring and balls. He tensed expecting a rough touch or a hard spank but nothing. Nothing for what seemed like an eternity, until he felt a gentle feather light touch on his inner thigh; there it was again as it lightly stroked closer to his hanging balls; then just as quickly it was gone.

Seconds later he felt the light tracing of a nail across his taut balls and he almost stopped breathing in anticipation; then just as suddenly he felt the firm hand grip his balls and pull them almost agonisingly sharply to his rear; then the soothing feel of a lotion being gently applied to his balls.

Was he imagining it or were his balls getting warm and an almost maniacal laugh told him he was not imaging it at all; his balls began to get hotter and hotter and yet nothing or no one touched him. Then in the distant recesses of his mind he heard the voice he knew belong to Roger as it informed him, “Your balls must be burning by now my weedy little cock sucking cuckold! I have given them a liberal coating of Tiger Balm so it should keep you busy whilst I inspect your more thoroughly!”

By now the warmth in his balls had become a raging fire and despite his desire to plunge his balls into icy water he found it the most intensive of a turn on; his cock felt harder and longer than he could remember for a long time. The voice told him, “I know you want so much to wank your poor weedy looking cock and yet with your hands tied as they are you just can not reach and soon you will beg me to stroke your cock for you, but will I have the tiger balm on my hands or not; that is the question? But soon you won’t care you will just scream for me to wank your poor excuse for a cock!”

Sure enough soon Peter was begging; no pleading with Roger to stroke him; he promised him absolutely anything if he would only reduce this intense need to shoot he was now experiencing. Roger just laughed and reminded him, he had everything he wanted right now; Peter’s arse was his to do with as he pleased; Peter’s wife was going to be his whore and oh yes Peter was going to prepare that whore for their master’s to service as and when he wanted!

The combination of the talk and the tiger balm suddenly led to Peter’s cock erupting showering spunk all over the white bed sheet beneath him and brought the stern warning from Roger, that for that he would have to be spanked and punished. Roger went into great detail about Peter’s forthcoming punishment; as he said “You fucking waste of space; for coming without permission you will receive 12 slaps across your arse and for twenty five minutes your cock will be wrapped in cling film!”

Peter thought to himself, wow that is not a very good punishment; until Roger completed his statement, “Yes twenty five minutes of your cock wrapped in cling film with stinging nettles pressed tightly to the underside of your cock head, should show you I mean business about obedience!” Peter almost cried out aloud begging for Roger not to carry out the punishment but to no avail for he suddenly felt the stinging sensation of the nettles as they were held against the underside of his cock head and he felt the tightening of the cling film as it wrapped his cock tight. Then as he was made to count slowly to 10,000 he suddenly felt the cheeks of his arse burst into flame as slap after slap warmed those cheeks up. By the seventh slap his arse was a fiery red and a laughing Roger jerked on his cock to reinvigorate the stinging nettles.

By the time his punishment was ended, Peter was awash with emotions, his cock had never felt so alive, his hot balls had begun to cool and yet still tingled so deliciously and his flame red arse cheeks seemed so sensitive to the slightest draughts of cooler air. In fact his entire body seemed much more responsive to the slightest touch or sensation.

Suddenly he felt something semi hard and quite warm against his lips; without hesitation he opened his mouth when told to and sucked eagerly on the object slipped in there. He realised he was now sucking a real cock when Roger told him he was not a bad cock sucker for a wimp; but with the practise he was going to be getting he would soon become an expert.

Peter almost choked when Roger pushed his full seven and a half inch cock deep into his mouth hitting the back of his throat as it did so; he was grateful for the advice of breath through your nose, that Roger gave him. Soon he was swallowing the full length of cock like a seasoned whore and secretly was looking forward to the reward of his first full mouth of spunk since his schooldays,

Just when he thought he was about to be rewarded the cock was gone and a solid rubber ball gag was quickly fastened in place before he could react; now he felt the weight on the bed change and move between his legs; then he felt the hardness pressing against his anal ring as the voice told him he was about to lose his boy pussy virginity; it went on to describe how he was going to feel the same cock he had buried in his mouth buried in his shit tube until he felt the balls slapping against his arse cheeks.

Despite all that had happened so far to Peter this felt so good and so right; it was as if he had finally found his true role in life; to be the submissive captured slave of a dominant cock and feeling it plunge into his arse; powerless to stop it even if he wanted to, which he most definitely did not.

Soon Peter’s arse was full of cock and he was fucked hard and fast with his balls slapping against Roger’s thigh until Roger screamed in his ear that he was about to cum; then in an instant the cock was gone form his boy pussy and his face was now splattered with hot sticky thick goo; which as it cooled seemed to slide easier against his skin.

What Peter was unable to see was the camera flashes as Roger took loads of pictures of his captive slave; Oh he knew he did not need them to blackmail Peter into further episodes but they would make great reminders for both of them.

The gaping hole of Peter’s anal ring where Roger’s cock had been, was slowly closing up until he felt something really solid preventing it closing further; in fact as it was forcefully pushed forward he found his anal ring expanding even further than when full of cock; then suddenly the pushing stopped and his ring adjusted to the new size. It slowly closed around the solid rubber object and squeezed it tight. Peter did not know what it was but he found its shape intriguing; for it was clearly conical in shape as he had experienced exquisite pain as its widest part pushed past his anal ring and he could clearly feel that wideness in his large colon.

The much narrower neck allowed his anal ring to close to a comfortable size but he could not hide the fact he kept feeling the need to thrust like the times he felt constipated and need to shit. He knew he had better not or he would have to endure further punishment and his still tender arse was still tingling and his cock was still rock hard and still feeling the last stings of the nettles. He thought to himself, My body had never felt so alive and such sensations I would never have considered possible for me to endure let alone love so much.

Suddenly the silence was broken by Roger who told him, “You will keep your butt plug in place till exactly seven thirty tomorrow morning. When you will get your wife; my slut; to remove it in one quick pull! Then you will kiss the butt plug before washing it and placing it on open display on top of your bathroom cabinet! There it must remain till our next little lesson my weedy little cock sucking wimp!”

Roger told peter he would be back in four days; when he would begin the training of his slut and this time peter would be told to stay away for the required time. Roger hinted at the things he planned for Angela but never told Peter enough for him to fore warn her. But he left strict instructions she was to wear only a blouse and skirt no underwear; she was to make sure her cunt was freshly shaved and powdered and she should understand that she will be his property and therefore refusing to do anything he said would result in severe punishment; “Oh and by the way; the pair of you should abstain from sex in any form from now till I give permission!” he added finally.

Peter never heard Roger slip away and he never heard the closing of the front door; all Peter knew was later although not sure how much later; he was being untied and as the blindfold was removed there was his wife, the lovely sexy Angela. She casually scooped up some of the cold clammy drying spunk from his face and offered it to Peter who immediately licked her fingers clean.

As they lay in bed that night, Peter tried his very best to relate everything that had happened to him back to Angela including the tiger balm and the stinging nettles; he conveniently missed out about him screaming and pleading to be fucked and about promising Roger absolutely anything to be his little whorish cuckold.

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Chapter 3…. Angela’s turn to be used,

Tuesday afternoon Roger phoned and made sure that everything would be ready for tonight; he made Angela give him a code word for obedience. Angela hoped to use something like Colin as the code word but Roger insisted on her using a complete phrase. He demanded she use “Roger’s whore and cuckold have obeyed! Master”

He hoped later to reinforce his dominance of the couple by making her have to say this whilst out and about or in front of others; but he never told her of his plans.

Later at seven pm, he was outside their flat door and a shaky Peter opened the door. Roger brushed passed Peter and headed straight for the bathroom where he found the butt plug as demanded on display above the cabinet; he smiled to himself and called Peter in to the bathroom. He told peter I need a piss and I want you to hold my cock for me whilst I have one. Peter immediately nodded but did nothing till a slap across his face made him spring up.

“Well you useless wanker, my cock is not going to just get itself out of my trousers, you fucking nerd!” Roger growled. Instantly Peter began to undo Roger’s fly and fish out his cock before gingerly holding it and pointing towards the toilet pan; soon a small trickle turned into a torrent of golden yellow liquid as it hit the pan. All the time Peter was marvelling at the feel of this superior man’s larger cock, he recognised its warmth and soft yet hard feel and knew the power it held; he also remembered how it felt when it was buried in his boy pussy only four days ago.

Peter never noticed as the stream of piss began to recede until a sharp voice of Roger told him to suck it clean and put it away. Peter fell to his knees and slowly licked the slit of Roger’s cock sensing the tangy taste or his piss and wondering if he or Angela was ever going to have to drink that fluid as penance for some misdemeanour or other.

When it was tucked safely back inside Roger’s pants; Roger ordered Peter to remove his lower half clothing and then lean over the bath; As roger forced the butt plug back up Peter’s arse he asked him, “Have you and Angela had any form of sex since last Friday?” and having received the answer of no he continued, “Where are you going with Colin tonight, My little weedy cock?”

“I am taking him to see my mother; and then on to see his aunt and uncle, Sir!” Peter replied.

“Good than you should remember that this is up your boy pussy all night and must not be removed by anyone other than me, is that understood!” Roger demanded.

“Yes sir, No one will remove it except you yourself master!” Peter replied.

Peter was then allowed to dress and go collect Colin before leaving, Roger sauntered into the living room and found a nervous Angela sat on the settee. Sitting opposite her he demanded she open her legs wide allowing him clear view right up to her shaven cunt. Angela was conscious of his eyes on her displayed cunt and found concentrating on their conversation extremely difficult.

Roger did not make it any easier for Angela; for he questioned her directly about her sexual urges and fantasises. “Well my little slut; I want you to tell me how you lost your virginity and do not leave any detail out?” Roger Demanded.

“Master; I was fourteen!” Angela began as she blushed profusely; “It was with my Uncle George; he got permission from my parents to take me to a party and promised to look after me whilst introducing me to a prospective husband. That person was Peter!” she continued.

“I was allowed to wear my best dress; which was not really a dress but a wrap over skirt and blouse and I remember feeling really grown up as I was allowed to wear stockings for the first time although the suspender belt was a little difficult to get used too.” Angela recounted. “When Uncle George and I got outside; he opened the door of his old Ford Popular car; and like a gentleman he closed it after I had climbed in!”

“No sooner had we drove off the street; Uncle George pulled into to a shaded area and told me he had a present for me! I thought wow how kind is he; but soon blushed as he handed me some French lacy panties and bra! He told me to put them on right now! Then he seemed to get angry when I protested and asked to be allowed to get in the back of the car to do so!” she continued.

“I remember thinking I had blown a wonderful evening and half expected Uncle George to take me back home! Instead he told me he had seen many naked female bodies and mine was no different to any of the others he had seen! So I started to remove my panties beneath my skirt but he stopped me and told me he wanted to see how they fitted, so I should remove my outer clothes first!” she excitedly explained.

With a little prompting she began to include her inner feelings in her account.

“I remember feeling excited and apprehensive at exposing my body to a man and I was a little troubled that it was an uncle but thought I best not disappoint him now!” she stated.

As they talked, Roger made it clear he was watching her shaven cunt; which had begun opening like the lotus flower as she remember her first time with a man.

“It felt really strange because Uncle George insisted that I remove my skirt and blouse before I was allowed to remove my panties and bra and then but only then was I allowed to put the new items on!” she recalled excitedly. “He even found an excuse to put his hand on my young breast which at the time was I suppose a 34A; and as I went to pull the French knickers up he slide his hand between my legs!”

“I thought his hand on my young tit was the hottest thing in my life and it sent shivers straight down to my cunt, which I could not explain; then his hand touched me between the legs and it was like fireworks going off in my brain and between my legs. Oh I knew it was wickedly wrong but at the same time it made me feel like a full grown woman and I think right there and then I would have sucked his cock if he would have told me to!” She continued.

She related how later she had been introduced to Peter and had tasted her very first alcohol and despite her misgivings she had a little too much of it. Oh she was not sick but she was confused as to what was right and wrong as she sat in the car ready to come home.

Only they had not gone straight home, her Uncle had took her to a deserted car park; where he had demanded she remove her clothes and give him back the underwear. He had told her it was to be their secret underwear and when he came to take her out again she would be able to wear it again. She thought this sounded strange but yet it made sense to her in her befuddled state. So she quickly removed all her clothes and instead of putting her own under wear on straight away she sat there waiting; further more she never complained when her uncle reached forward and began pinching her already hard nipples and sliding his finger along her cunt slit.

Soon he had his cock out and in the fading light she saw her first penis; she wanted so much to touch it, to hold it and feel its hypnotic power over her. When her uncle told her to lean over the back of her seat she did so not knowing what was to come; She described the sharp tearing pain and then the exquisite joy of having her cunt full of cock; something she had become hooked on.

Roger noticed her cunt was extremely wet and her nipples formed hard bullets in her blouse; he thought about getting her to tell him about her first anal experience but his own hard cock needed some attention first. He ordered Angela to stand and remove her clothes; whilst he went to her bedroom. Returning moments later he held a large black rubber dildo in his hand and she blushed even more; she was not aware that Peter knew of this let alone Roger knowing about it and where to find it.

He made her show him how she would suck on a real black cock; calling her a black man’s whore and a cock slut as she did so; suddenly it was as if a whole new world had opened for Angela; she felt at home and natural being this wanton whore and did not care that Roger knew it. Soon her saliva coated the black rubber cock and she was made to bend over and felt is sliding along her cunt slit; but it did not try to enter her cunt; no it continued to slide past until it was pressed against her anal ring and then the pressure increased as her ring slowly gave way to the big intruder.

Inch by inch, Roger pressed home the rubber cock until only the handle of the tweleve inch monster still protruded; he then made Angela release his rock hard cock and show him her oral talents. He delighted in putting her down telling her that her own cock sucking wimp of a husband was better at it then she was and she had better learn to improve or she would be finding her arse a sore point to sit upon.

Then he made her lay on the floor with her legs wide open; She expected him to begin thrusting the rubber dick in and out of her well stretched arse but instead he told her to hold the end of the dildo and to match his fucking strokes. Then he slowly slide his seven and a half inch cock deep intro her cunt. As he set the fucking pace Angela tried her best to match his counter thrusts but her building climax got in the way and fearing punishment if she was to cum she kept slowing the pace of the dildo.

For forty minutes he allowed her the pleasure of her little plan before finally telling her he knew what she was doing and for that she would be punished; he insisted she fuck her own arse as hard as she could and as fast as she could or the punishment would be ten times worse. Angela fearing her arse would suffer began to thrust wildly with the rubber dildo until she could stand it no longer and she begged for permission to cum; permission which was denied until Roger had climaxed. He laughed in her face as she struggled to control her passions whilst still fucking herself vigorously with the dildo.

Then suddenly Roger pulled his cock from her soaking wet cunt and stroking himself firmly he sprayed her face and upper chest with his hot sticky spunk; instantly Angela let out a wailing scream as her own orgasm flashed through her mind and body. Roger laughing at her passion called her a rubber loving whore; A spunk bucket of a tramp; a cock loving slut who would sell her body for the taste of an ounce of spunk.

Having made Angela lick his cock clean before licking the anal juice stained rubber cock clean too and all the time the spunk began cooling and drying on her face, tits and in her hair. He told her she was not to clean up any of his spunk; instead she was to make Peter lick it clean when he returned.

As they both waited for Peter’s return; Roger had Angela fist her own cunt, telling her she had the biggest sloppiest cunt he had seen in a long while. Angela orgasmed a further twice under the verbal onslaught and watchful eyes of her new found master.

No sooner had Peter arrived back home than Colin was in bed asleep and he was naked and still sporting his butt plug as he lovingly bathed the now cold dry spunk from his wife’s face with his tongue. Roger helped matters along by removing the butt plug and using the rubber dildo on Peter’s already stretched arse before allowing him to suck the dildo clean and wanking off into a glass.

Roger then pissed into the glass until it was full of spunk and piss and made Peter beg to drink it and as part of those begging techniques; Peter handed over his wife to Roger to use as he saw fit. Then he slowly drank the mixture with a broad smile on his face and a disgusted look from his wife.

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Thanks everyone for the encouragement and the explosive final chapter should be posted real soon.

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Chapter 4… A cuckold is born.

Roger left the couple alone for a week to sort out the obvious differences they displayed when he was last here; although he did stay in touch by phone and those conversations always started the same way; “Hello, Can I speak to the cuckold who loves sucking a real man’s cock?” Roger would ask. Even if it was Angela or Peter who answered; when Peter finally spoke on the phone he was made to say out loud, “Yes Master; the cock loving spunk drinking little boy pussy is speaking!”

Next he would make Peter describe his wife as the constantly horny fuck slut for his master’s cock and often made him ask her if she was itching for a real man’s cock in her mouth or cunt.

Eventually the Friday night rolled around again; and once more at 7 pm Roger was standing outside the front door waiting for his submissive charges to answer and become his sex toys once more.

When Peter finally opened the door; Roger pushed past him and then waited for him to close the door. As soon as the door was closed; Roger ordered Peter to undress and present his boy pussy for inspection. Meekly Peter obeyed and quickly removed all his clothes; before turning and bending over then reaching back he pulled his arse cheeks apart showing his anal ring. Roger instantly slapped him hard across his exposed cheeks and demanded to know where the butt plug was.

“Master as you directed it is still on display above the bathroom cabinet!” a stunned peter replied.

Just then Angela emerged from the living room and smiled as she saw he wimp of a husband naked and bent over his anal ring on view to all and the big red hand print of the slap now visible on his arse cheeks. Her smile was short lived however when she too was ordered to undress; her face turned ashen as she realised she had not yet removed her underwear as was the statute requirement of a visit from her master Roger.

She knew it would only make matters worse if she delayed and so she too disrobed in a hurry; as she revealed her bra and panties she apologised most profusely and begged to be allowed to go remove them and show her master his proper respect. Roger inwardly smiled at her grovelling and was almost tempted to grant her wishes; but instead he turned and told her to leave her underwear on but go to the kitchen and bring back the following items; a large sharp knife; a large cucumber; a tub of fresh double whipped cream and oh yes a pair of scissors.

Quickly Angela turned and scooted off to the kitchen returning minutes later carrying the required objects; meanwhile Roger had sent Peter off in search of a few things from upstairs. Taking the sharp knife Roger cut the top inch off the cucumber at a slant, and then placed it on the hall table; beside the knife and cucumber he placed the pot of cream and taking the scissors he ordered Angela to stand perfectly still.

Firstly he cut the straps of her bra before then cutting the bridge between the two cups; as the now ruined bra fell to the floor he ordered Angela to pick it up and handed her the scissors and told her to cut the bra up into tiny pieces. Angela was alarmed for this was her very best bra purchased over the internet from Victoria’s Secrets in New York. How ever she knew better than to argue so she began cutting the expensive bra into tiny pieces.

This process was suddenly disturbed by the reappearance of Peter; he slowly walked downstairs wearing a bra stuffed with stockings, a pair if hipster panties in the finest of lace, suspender belt and stockings and finished off with a pair of six inch high heels. This was the main reason he was walking so gingerly to avoid toppling over and breaking his neck on the stairs.

When Angela had cut up the bra to Roger’s liking; he ordered her to stop and to come to him before once again standing perfectly still; then he slipped the cold steel of the scissors across the gusset of her expensive panties and snipped it clean through. Then he repeated the operation on her left side and her tattered knickers floated to the floor.

Roger ordered Peter to retrieve them and hand then to him; having done so Roger then screwed them up into a ball and made peter wear them as a ball gag; instructing him to suck the whores cunt juice out of that. Roger then took the cucumber and had Peter coat the cut end in the cream and told him to shove it up the slut’s cunt till only the end was showing. Poor Peter struggled as he tried to force the cucumber up his wife’s cunt and as a result received a second hard spank for his trouble.

Eventually Peter achieved his task and turned with a smile to show Roger; only to receive a slap across his face for keeping Roger waiting so long. Now Roger moved them all into the living room; where he instructed Peter to remove Rogers clothing and then to knee before his master and stroke his master’s cock ready for fucking this horny bitch.

Weary of receiving further slaps peter hastened to his task and was soon lovingly stroking a growing manful cock; he took no second bidding to suck it and to suck it deep; Roger commented aloud, “See what an improved cock sucker you have become my little wimp; soon you will be as an accomplished toilet for my piss too and then you will be really useful! Maybe even train your tongue to be my toilet paper; you would look good with a shitty tongue to match your shitty looking cock!”

All this time, Angela had been knelt in the doggie position; waiting patiently for her turn and Peter had been sucking on her panties until told to suck his masters cock; now Roger made him wrap his own cock in the tattered knickers of his wife and to wank himself off. Then pulling his cock from Peter’s mouth he demanded to know what peter was thinking!

“Master, I was just imagining you fucking my whore of a wife and me being allowed to lick clean her spunked up cunt while you shoved your great cock up my worthless boy pussy!” he quipped.

“What, you think I am going to waste my baby making seed on your useless boy pussy when I could easily impregnate my slut and have you bring up my child knowing every time you looked at it you would know your true place in life; A cuckold to a superior man!” Roger taunted.

Angela hearing of being impregnated and made to carry the child full distance suddenly began to blush; she had always wanted another child but Peter had always used common sense and pointed out that they just could not afford a second child right now; So for him to have no say in this matter gave her hope of being pregnant again and experiencing the thrill of her tits leaking milk like before; Her tits had become so laden with the milk that she had secretly had a female friend draining them whilst Peter was at work and every night Peter too would drain them as best he could.

Suddenly her mind was dragged back to reality when she felt the sharp stinging slap on her arse and she now heard Roger repeat, “I said, you would love me to make my bitch expectant; wouldn’t you your horny cock loving tramp?”

“Yes Master as long as it was your bastard child!” she beamed.

All this time Peter had been wanking his cock wrapped in Angela’s expensive but cut up knickers and hearing her refer to a bastard child made his cock jump and suddenly he could not help but spurt his load into the knickers. A furious Roger demanded to know who gave him permission to cum and when a shame faced Peter said no one master he was made to stand up and had the spunk filled panties pushed deep into his mouth and he was told to go stand in the corner facing the wall like a naughty little school kid because he certainly was not a man.

As Peter stood facing the corner he was ordered to stand on tiptoe and warned he would be whipped if Roger caught his heels touch the floor; not only that but he would have his cock wrapped in itching powder soaked cling film for seven days for each heel that touched each time.

Meanwhile Roger turned his attention to Angela; and in a raised voice he described her open wet cunt in great detail especially with the thick cucumber still sticking out; all of which was for Peter’s benefit more than anyone else’s. He also described how he was going to fuck this whore in no uncertain terms; how she was going to swallow his hard seven and a half inch cock in each of her holes before the night was over; he made several references to peter as he described how he was going to use his wife like the fuck slut she is and just for good measure he was going to let her wimp of a cuckold husband eat the spunk from her cunt and arse.

He then hinted that he may also allow the boy pussy to lick the spunk from her tits while sampling the masterful cock in his own boy pussy; All the time he was hoping to catch peter stealing glances in their direction but he never turned his head as much as a flinch. Then Roger decided to make Peter fuck his hand and called him over; and told him of his wish and held his hand out forming a small circle with his fingers. Immediately Peter slipped his cock into this hole and then grabbed Rogers hand and began wanking his own cock with the hand; instantly a slap to the side of the head had Peter realising he had sinned yet again.

“I said for you to fuck my hand not my hand would wank your cock, you fucking useless piece of shit!” growled Roger, “Now get on your hands and knees and present me your arse for the spanking it deserves!” he roared.

Immediately Peter adopted the required position and endured twelve full faced hard slaps from Roger’s palm on his now crimson arse; such was the force of the spanking that not only did Roger’s hand sting but Peter could not help but shed tears and his arse became a deep angry shade of crimson.

With out compassion Roger ordered Peter to go fetch his butt plug and be bloody quick about it; While peter scampered off to do as he was told; roger now took firm hold of the cucumber still sticking from Angela’s cunt and with on swift forceful movement he whipped it straight out, leaving her cunt grasping at thin air.

He made Angela hold open her cunt lips whilst he told her he was going to make sure she remembered her master’s cock as it fucked her good; then he Pressed four fingers against her tight cunt and worked them hard against her clit and cunt walls until he finally managed to tuck his thumb in and forcefully pressed his full hand deep inside her over stretched cunt. Angela let out an uncontrollable squeal as she felt her cunt fuller than she had ever felt it before and soon the action of the clenching and unclenching hand inside her caused her trigger to fire as she screamed her way through the first of her orgasm’s her cunt suddenly sprayed its juices like a fire hose.

Roger laughed at her and told her she was a common tart, cumming so uncontrollably as she had just done; he reminded her that as his whore he could make her fuck anyone or anything and she had better not refuse; just to emphasise this he clenched his hand into a tight ball and tried to pull it from her cunt. She was like a bitch tied to a dog she was suddenly dragged backwards but instead of crying out in pain her second orgasm hit.

Roger noticed Peter had returned and was watching closely until he told him soon he would be having the same treatment up his boy pussy. Peter almost freaked out at the thought of such a big hand being thrust into his already tender backside; but Roger never let him have the time to think he ordered him to bend over and insert the butt plug up his boy pussy. A grateful Peter instantly did so thinking that with the butt plug up there; there was no way Roger could force his hand up too.

Roger released his clenched fist and slid his hand out of Angela’s cunt, her cunt gaped like it had just given birth and he moved to Peter’s face and made him lick clean his soaking hand before thrusting his cock into Peter’s eager mouth. Peter sucked and sucked on the man meat before being told to take hold of the cock and feed it into his own wife’s cunt. This was the first time Peter had realised that he was now the complete cuckold, living only to serve his master and assist him to fuck his own wife, something Roger more than once pointed out was something Peter would be no longer permitted to do.

Peter was told to now fuck his own boy pussy with the butt plug whilst wanking his weedy cock off into a glass. All the time Peter watched as Angela took the larger thicker cock and was now actually begging to be come pregnant by this masterful cock. Part of Peter wanted so much to have to care for the master’s bastard child and yet a much smaller part wanted this all to stop and for him to regain his place as head of the household.

Roger must have been reading his mind because he suddenly told Peter, “You will never be the head of this house ever again; you will always be my cock sucking wimp of a cuckold and your cock is never going to feel the inside of this whores cunt ever again it will be my little joke stick to play with when I am bored and you will agree to what ever I demand, because you know I am the superior male here!”

All peter could do was nod and watch his sweet wife being brutally fucked by Roger’s cock and know soon he would have to lick Roger’s spunk from that same whores cunt.

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Mmm....good as always. Interesting descension from the head of the household, to the curious, to the submissive

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