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07-20-2009, 11:25 AM
I really enjoy performing oral sex on a woman and this is a story I wrote about this is so pleasurable experience, for me and her ...

I lay your tanned, naked body on the bed. The smooth, satin sheets feel exquisite against your soft skin. You are blindfolded so you can't see a thing that is happening, but you catch the scent of newly lit candles. Now you hear me join you on the bed and you can feel the weight of my body close to you, but aren't exactly sure where I am.

You are caught by surprise when my tongue circles one of your nipples. You then feel my mouth cover your nipple completely, my teeth gently nibbling on you. I slide up your body and nibble on your neck then your ear. I gently whisper "I can't wait to taste you". I nibble on your ear a little longer allowing my hands to caress your beautiful breasts.

I then slide back down to your breasts, gently sucking on one then the other. You are getting wet and can't wait for me to venture lower down your body. As if reading your mind I slide down to your tummy, kissing and nibbling at your soft skin. My hands part your legs wide making you more aware of your moistening pussy. I gently stroke your inner thighs from your knees up to your most sensitive areas. You lift your hips begging for my touch but it is not time yet. You enjoy the stroking of my fingers against your skin, but yearn for more.

I slide down further positioning myself between your legs. As my fingers caress your lower legs I start to nibble on your inner thigh. The feeling of my fingers and mouth are driving your sexual desire to new heights. You feel my mouth moving ever closer to your hot, wet pussy. You feel my hands slip underneath and grip your ass tightly. You can now feel my breath against you, and you anticipate my touch. The smell of the candles, the darkness of the blindfold, and the feeling of helplessness have you completed focused on the desire building between your legs. You can sense your own wetness and yearn for me to fulfill your sexual desire.

You gently raise your hips urging my tongue to reach out to you. I spread your lips and blow on your wetness. This makes you want my sexual touch even more. Now you feel my tongue against you, circling your opening. You release a deep breath as the pleasure is greater than you expected. My tongue slides along your pussy lips all the way up then back down. I move upwards and stay there momentarily lapping at your clit, then slide slowly back down and slip my tongue gently into your pussy. Then I continue to slide slowly up and down, exploring every inch of you with my tongue. Your pleasure is building and you raise your hips and press your wet pussy against my face.

I reach up and tweak one of your nipples as I start to focus my attention on your clit. My tongue slides up and down sending pleasure through your body. Your hips grind in rhythm with my tongue. Your pleasure is building as you feel your orgasm coming ever closer. My tongue continues its steady movements even though your hips are telling me you want me to move faster.

Suddenly you feel a brand new pleasure as I slide a nice smooth dildo into your hot pussy. The feeling of my tongue on your clit and the dildo sliding in and out of your pussy brings you to an all new high. Then the dildo is gone and you focus on my tongue on your clit, then my tongue stops moving and the dildo is sliding in and out of your pussy again. I continue to alternate movements with my tongue and the dildo, enjoying the way your body reacts to each. This sensual dance is bringing you to new heights and you're not sure which one you enjoy more.

Now you have the best of both worlds as I ready to make you climax. My tongue laps at your clit ever quicker as the dildo slides in and out of your pussy at the same time. You love the feeling of being fucked while experiencing the clitoral stimulation provided by my tongue. You spread your legs further in an attempt to further enjoy every bit of the pleasure that is being brought to your pussy.

You can feel your climax building. My tongue is touching all the right spots and the dildo feels great sliding in and out of you. My tongue quickens again, your breathing increases, your hips move in rhythm with my every stroke. You begin to moan loudly as your orgasm quickly approaches. You reach down and push my head into your pussy as it starts. You raise your ass off the bed as the pleasure takes hold of your body. You no longer feel my tongue or the dildo, just pure ecstasy between your legs that keeps coming in waves.

You moan and thrash about as I continue to move my tongue and the didlo simultaneously. You feel the waves of pleasure in every inch of your body. Your clit is sending strobes of ecstasy through your body, your pussy is throbbing around the dildo, your nipples are tingling, and your mind is completely lost in the pure pleasure of it all.

Now you feel my lips at your ear, gently nibbling, then a whisper "You are so damn sexy, our next time will be even better". You smile as you think of our next time together and another explosive orgasm. You lie there gently grinding your hips, legs still spread wide open, enjoying the feeling of the dildo still sliding in and out of your hot pussy.

Brigit Astar
07-20-2009, 03:39 PM
really good description, but this reads like it is an incident or excerpt from a longer work

mrs babyisblue
07-21-2009, 06:47 AM
thank you :)

10-11-2009, 02:12 AM
Nicely done RM Jake