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Her darkest hour.

Samantha was a nineteen year old girl, five foot six tall and weighing around 198 lbs, you would easily have missed her in a crowd except for her rather large bust; ever since she was fourteen she had developed a large bust and now it swelled to a 46G. Not only that but her nipples were always her biggest downfall; for she accidentally discovered they were sensitive and easily aroused. It all began when she accidentally brushed them against a dour jamb as she squeezed through beside another young kid.

She almost cum on the spot but obviously in her naive state she did not know what the feeling was she so easily felt but she knew it felt good and almost so forbidden. Later alone in her room she deliberately recreated the incident and discovered that with a little patience she could catch her nipples just right and actually cum without any other help.

Today was the biggest day of her life; she had taken to chatting to men on a website always so careful to hide her true identity and always using the nickname of lady mammary. Today she had rather carelessly agreed to meet the man she had been chatting to for the last six months; he had coaxed her into divulging the information about the size of her breasts and in deed the sensitivity of her nipples; but more importantly he had coaxed from her the fantasy she always craved and yet felt must be kept so secretive.

This fantasy was about to be lived for real if only she knew it; she would probably have never turned up to the meeting place; but she had and now with only minutes before he was due to arrive she had no chance of backing out.

Just as she began to breathe a sigh of relief that he had not turned up; a man approached her table and whispered Lady Mammary. Samantha could only nod as the man slipped into the seat beside her and showed obvious interest in her large breasts; Instantly Samantha began to feel a warmth spreading across her chest as her over active nipples began to go hard.

She was so preoccupied with the delicious sensations her nipples were creating she never heard him ask if she would like a drink! Bill coughed and then repeated his request; this time Samantha responded, “Yes please a white wine spritzer would be lovely!”

Bill quickly returned with her drink and asked, “Have you carried out my orders, my dear?”

“Yes, Sir!” Samantha almost groaned.

“Good because it would not be right for your first experience to be one of punishment not pleasure!” he continued.

Something about the way he said punishment caused her nipples to jump and a almost inaudible groan escape her lips; Bill then placed his hand on her thigh and deftly slipped it beneath the hem of her skirt and slowly but firmly began to slide it up her inner thigh. He kept stopping as he felt Samantha shiver in anticipation; he would give her just long enough to recover before moving his hand further up her thigh; he asked if she was wearing panties and instead of replying Samantha simply shook her head. He smiled at her, but not a smile of pleasantries but more a smile of knowing she was his to use.

He told her to drink up and then to follow him outside; she almost gulped down her remaining drink and went to stand up but her legs had gone all wobbly on her; she giggled about it must be the drink until bill leaned forward and whispered into her ear, “Or is it the fact that you know your going to live out your fantasy which makes your legs go like jelly!”

Samantha blushed as Bill took her arm and escorted her out of the public bar; in the car park away from prying eyes he produced a blindfold and placed it over Samantha’s eyes. Now carefully guiding her he led her to his car and into the passenger’s seat. Then he closed her door and the next thing she heard and felt was the opening of the driver’s door and the cool night air as it rushed past her.

She felt him take his seat beside her and almost tensed as she waited for the car engine to start; but instead she felt his hands on her skirt and then she felt it being slide up exposing more and more of her thighs. She pictured in her mind’s eye the sight she expected Bill to be taking in at each stage of this uncovering and almost jumped out of her skin when a light but firm slap landed on her upper thigh as Bill told her to open her legs as wide as she could.

Samantha hoped Bill liked the job she had done on shaving her cunt; because she had never done it before last night; in fact she had done it five times since last night to make sure it was baby soft smooth and completely hairless. She need not have worried for Bill was not really looking at her shaving abilities; no he was checking how wet and open her horny cunt was. He smiled to himself as he thought about his plans for tonight. He whispered to Samantha; “what time are you expected home my horny little fuck slut?”

He again smiled when he heard that she had no plans as to a time as she lived alone and could be out as long as he wanted her too. With that the car engine spurted into life and Samantha felt the rocking of the car as it drove to who knows where.

She tried to listen for sounds which may give her a clue as to where she was or where she was going but Bill was to experienced for that and he drowned out the external sounds with the car radio. Before long the road seemed to change from a proper tarmac surface to a bumpy track type surface and some five minutes later the car came to a gently stop. She heard Bill get out the car and then her door opened and he helped her stand up.

She felt him unbuttoning her blouse and she blushed as the cool night air hit her chest and she imagined her large breast becoming exposed to his eyes. Samantha had been shocked and a little bemused when she had been told to wear her normal bra when dressing for tonight’s encounter because it did not tally with the instruction to leave off her panties. Now as her blouse slipped down her arms and was gone she sensed the reason for the bra to be worn, it heightened her sense of about to be fully revealed to his eyes and for that matter anyone else’s eyes that were present.

This thought suddenly hit her; being blindfolded she had no idea where she was or how many people could be watching her; for all she really knew she could be outside a 24 hours supermarket in full view of everyone and about to loose her only covering off her large tits. Strange thing was for Samantha; the idea of being exposed in front of lots of people did not scare her as she thought it would; instead it caused her cunt to do summersaults and she actually felt her juices trickling down the inside of her thighs.

Suddenly her large tits sagged a quarter of an inch as she felt the bra strap go floppy; again in her minds eye she saw the bra slowly being pulled away from her tits and her large engorged nipples being displayed to all and sundry; again her cunt flooded and further trickles of cunt juice ran down the insides of her legs.

Finally she felt the skirt being loosened and sensed rather than felt it slip down her thighs and now she knew she stood there in the open air as naked as the day she was born and it thrilled her at the thought of being discovered in this manner.

Next Her hands were taken behind her back and tied tightly wrist to elbow, causing her to thrust her tits further forward; then she felt the rope being wrapped around the base of her tits tightly; this bit of her fantasy scared her the most and yet always made her the horniest she has ever been.

Her tits were bound in a figure of eight configuration and because of the tight wrapping her nipples and breast bulged even more; then a rope went between her tits and down between her legs being pressed tight against her clit and back up behind her to her arms, the rope was taken between her arms and back down between her legs before being tied off again between her tits. Further ropes were added around her waist and this time the rope went up as far as her throat and around her neck completing the bound effect of a submissive slave.

Now a length of hard stiff wood was press between her arms and tucked under the ropes at the back of the neck and the two roped going between her buttocks; this caused her to straighten her back to a rigid position. Now Bill led her by her elbow off away from the car, her naked feet now felt the cool dew drenched grass beneath her feet as she was slowly steered along the path chosen by Bill.

How long they walked she did not know as the seconds seemed like hours; but eventually they stopped and she was backed up to a tree; the rough bark scraped against her buttocks as she was tied firmly to the tree. Then her left ankle had a rope attached to it and she felt it being stretched out to her left suddenly she could not pull it back so she assumed it had been secured out there; this was repeated on her right leg and now she realised she was totally defenceless; so no matter what was about to happen to her she could only plead for them to let her alone if things went too far.

Bill saved the best for last as he forced the cock gag into her mouth; this was a six inch long and almost two inch thick rubber cock attached to a standard ball gag design and once inserted into her mouth and fastened in place placed the tip of the rubber cock almost at the gagging point in her throat. No unable to breath let alone scream out, Samantha began to panic; Bill reassured her that if she breathed through her nose she would be fine; suddenly self preservation took over and Samantha discovered she could breath fairly easily through her nose and she now began to relax and enjoy her new found inability to move; not only that but she began to get even more turned on my her predicament.

Still unable to see she heard a rustle off to her left and wondered if it was Bill, someone else or even maybe an animal; the sounds almost deafening in her ears in her confined state were defiantly getting nearer; then she suddenly felt something against her clit and cunt entrance. It felt strange like a soft but yet prickly feeling and it quickly moved up and down against her cunt before it was gone; just as quickly the same feeling appeared against her right nipple and then her left before they too were gone.

As Bill’s voice began to speak to her; her senses went into overload as the tingling in her cunt and on her nipples began. She became vaguely aware of Bill explaining that the stinging nettles effects would last about half an hour or maybe more; he stressed that if she cum before he gave her permission then she would be wearing a dildo of these nettles up her cunt and arse for a good four hours or more.

Already the effects of the nettles were driving her headlong into an orgasm and she tried to concentrate on just about anything else she could think of to fight their effects. Bill laughed out loud at her and asked how she like being his bound and gagged whore; She froze in panic as she heard him say; “I won’t be long; my little fuck toy; I need to round up some customers for my whore’s cunt!” she heard his footsteps fading away and she thought she was all alone tied to a tree and unable to defend herself if anyone should come along; she did think that at least if she could not prevent herself from cumming now, Bill would not be here to witness it.

How wrong she was for only seven feet away from her sat the figure of Bill as he watched her twist and turn as the nettling effects really took hold. Just then he snapped a twig and watched a startled Samantha freeze dead still as she tried to listen for the direction of the sound she had just heard; of course she could not and by stopping dead still she just aggravated the stinging sensations and it continued to work away at her resolve not to cum,

After forty minutes Samantha could not help herself and her body gave way to the biggest and longest orgasm she had ever experienced in her life; so intense was it that she was squirting her cunt juices almost six feet from her body. Suddenly she heard a swishing sound and then felt the pain across her cunt lips as the thin springy branch whacked her. The shock caused a further orgasm and even more juices gushed form her cunt,

Samantha tried to ask if it was Bill who was there but it all came out so garbled that it sounded gibberish; however Bill spoke and told her he had seen her orgasm and she was nothing but a two bit whore; and further more as she could not be trusted to obey a simple command like not to cum he was going to have to treat her like the dumb little fuck slut she had proved herself to be.

Then she felt the heat of his body close to her as he suddenly thrust his hard seven and a half inch cock into her cunt in one swift forceful movement. For the next forty minutes he fucked her cunt hard and fast; the sensation of having her cunt so full and also the fact her tender arse kept hitting the rough bark of the tree and also the still tingling sensations in her tits had Samantha climaxing several times more before Bill finally pull out of her and sprayed his white thick baby making seed across her still held fast cunt. Bill took several photographs as a souvenir for Samantha but he had not finished yet.

He opened his mobile phone and let Samantha hear him telling one of his friends where he was and that he should bring the group over there right now to catch some of the action. Panic began to set in on Samantha’s mind, it had been her fantasy to be gang banged whilst helpless but now when it was about to actually happen she got cold feet. Good job she still had the gag in her mouth or she would have been screaming to be let go.

As they waited Bill reapplied the stinging nettles and watched as Samantha writhed through even more orgasms as they passed the time. With in ten minutes she heard several voices all talking to Bill and all were asking how far could they were allowed to go.

Bill told them as long as they wore condoms; it was not a problem to untie her from the tree so they could have access to all three of her holes as she was a whore of the very basic kind who just could not get enough cock. He also told then that they were to remove their condoms and pour the contents into the bottle provided as the final act in the morning before he released Samantha the whore was for her to drink the entire contents of the bottle.

Soon Samantha was removed from the tree, her ball gag was gone and replaced with real flesh and blood cocks, several times all three wholes were filled with cock meat at once and one guy even gave himself a tit wank as she was busy with every thing else. All the guys after using her; at Bills suggestion then spent five minutes twisting and pulling on her still rock hard nipples. Obviously this treatment assisted in Samantha losing count of the number of orgasms she had that night. She seemed to get very little rest until suddenly her blindfold was removed and she say it was daylight and the only person with her was Bill.

She shakily asked how many cocks had she sampled last night and was shocked and yet excited to learn there had been ten different cocks ranging from five inches to twelve inches in length and then Bill produced the three quarter full bottle of spunk.

He made Samantha take hold of it and watched her carefully as she poured it into her mouth; having warned her if she spilt a single drop of it then he would tie her back to the tree and leave her all day here, and the path only ten yards to her left was one used frequently by hikers so she would have company often.

Samantha slowly filled her mouth with the white sticky stuff and then showing her open mouth to Bill she swallowed before showing him her empty mouth. This she repeated fifteen times until the whole bottle was empty; with the satisfaction of a winner she screwed the cap back on the bottle and handed it back to Bill; who immediately pushed the cap end up her cunt till half the bottle had disappeared up inside her. Before they set off to the car Bill slowly removed all the rope bindings and slapped her tits to get the blood flowing again in them; to Samantha’s amazement the simple act of slapping her tits gave her yet another orgasm.

Bill then told her she was to walk slowly back to the car where she would be allowed to dress but not remove the bottle till she was back at her own car.

A very; very nervous Samantha gripped the bottle with her cunt muscles and slowly carefully walked back to bill’s car, three times she had to duck behind bushes as hiker’s approached them.

Eventually a much more experienced Samantha climbed wearily into the driver’s seat of her car and drove home after promising to be in touch real soon with Bill and she smiled a tired smile as she quipped, “You are going to have to go some to beat this experience, Master!”

Brigit Astar
07-22-2009, 06:39 PM
very good niteowluk...thank you

07-23-2009, 07:11 PM
good story i would suggest though telling about the gang bang would add more to story

07-23-2009, 07:43 PM
Thanks for the suggestion, I was thinking of writing the gang bang part as from her point of view as a sequel.

07-29-2009, 10:19 PM
I think it was a great story...i hope there is a sequel

07-30-2009, 08:11 AM
chapter two

Her darkest hour…. Her recollections.

My Master Bill has told me to write down my recollections about the night I was my natural self and a whore of the worst kind; so here goes.

As you know he took me to the woods where I was bound and gagged and fastened to a tree; well the simple act of being bound in the manner he did made me feel so sexually alive my cunt betrayed me by flooding with juices before he even touched me,

I can still recall the way the binding on my wrists to my elbows pressed my arms into the small of my back and forced me to thrust my tits out; my mental picture was of my extra large tits looking on offer to all and sundry. Then when he began binding them in that figure of eight formation; wow the rope felt like it was charged with electricity and the blood pounded in my tight breasts, it was just as if my nipples and flesh became even more sensitive if that was humanly possible. I had never felt my nipples so hot or so stiff as they were at that moment; I am sure my master could have hung his coat on them without it falling.

The ball gag, I did not expect as I anticipated the facility to speak my safe word but when he slipped the six inch rubber cock in my mouth; it was strange it felt so natural and yet so deliciously wicked. I honestly could have sucked that for England if it ever became an Olympic sport. I did panic when it first touched the back of my throat as I felt I could not breathe but soon realised that by breathing through my nose I could cope. I can only imagine how I looked; bound and gagged in such a manner out in the cool night air so wickedly exposed as I was,

The thin back board again was something I had not expected and to be honest it did very little to help things except it forced more pressure on my arms and I suppose it stopped my back becoming as scratched by the tree bark as my arse became. That bark whilst initially uncomfortable became very erotic when I was squirming around because of the nettles; and boy those nettles, I can not believe nature could invent such an erotic aphrodisiac and not market it fully. Every little sting felt like 20 volts of electricity surging to my clit and from such wonderful areas of my body too. Despite the distance from my nipples to my clit the jolt leapt across the distance in mille seconds and yet I seemed to sense where each jolt came from as it hit my clit; weird I know.

I honestly thought my master had wandered off to get his friends; when my orgasm broke; and I did genuinely try to fight it off; but my sense went into overload from the nettles and it seemed like sky rockets were exploding in my head as my body convulsed with its spasms of exquisite pleasure. It startled me when my master hit me with the silver birch twig but although the shock was painful the sensations of the fiery surge took me to another orgasmic level.

I was never allowed to come down from my euphoric high and in fact it felt so wonderful to be used as a whore as my master pounded my cunt with his real manly cock; then to receive his accolade of his spunk on my tingling skin was just like applying a soothing ointment to my itch.

I heard my master talking and it became clear he was talking into his mobile phone and my heart skipped a beat when I heard him say bring the group down and join the action. My mind went a w o l as I imagined anything from three to seventy men all cuing up to fuck me. Master told me later it was fifteen men who showed up and boy did I get my fill of cock that night.

The first I knew of their arrival when I heard my master talking to them and laying down a few ground rules; like they had to use fresh condoms every time they fucked me; which now explains why I had been buying up condoms as if they were going out of fashion. I really could not believe my ears when I heard him tell them they could use any of my holes as long as they tipped the contents of the used condoms into a bottle and I was to drink this concoction of spunk in the morning.

Then suddenly I felt hands all over my body as I was untied from the tree; the bindings were removed from my body; all except the tight straps around my tits and I was slowly forced down on to my knees. My senses having already become over sensitive because of being deprived of sight and the ability to speak; so the woodland smells became so sharp on my nose; my hearing picking up the distant sounds of the road nearly half a mile away; My nose suddenly detected a new smell; not one you would easily associate with a wood; it was the scent of stale spunk and oily rubber.

A stranger’s voice commanded me with one word; open and I instinctively knew he meant my mouth; no sooner had my lips parted than he pushed his cock harshly into my mouth and grabbing the hair on the back of my head he forced its full length inside my mouth; well his cock was slightly longer than the cock gag I had been sucking but I still managed to relax and breath through my nose as he held his cock deep into my mouth.

Just then I felt something soft and yet hard at the same time press against my cunt lips, I felt them spread slowly over the invading object and soon realised I was being entered by a large thick cock. My cunt felt full to capacity as I finally felt his balls against my thigh. Then the cock in my mouth slowly pulled out till only the tip remained inside my lips; in an instant they developed a style in unison as they alternately ploughed my cunt and mouth.

I had heard about being spit roasted from girls at school but to be honest their descriptions had never matched the sheer passion or pleasure these two cocks were giving my sensitive body right now. As they continued to fuck me I suddenly became aware of two mouths now sucking and biting on my nipples; well what with the so recent stinging of the nettles and now the sucking, pulling and nipping of teeth on my nipples I was in another world. My brain exploded in a myriad of fireworks and sounds. I was vaguely aware of my cunt spewing forth its juices like a fire hose and the deep intense desire to make the two cocks in my body erupt forth their powerful baby making seed.

Suddenly I felt the cock in my mouth tremble then expand as I knew it was unloading its seed, but I some how felt cheated for all my efforts I did not taste the white spunk as it was caught up in the condom. No sooner had the cock in my mouth been pulled out then another one much shorter but fatter replaced it and by the time it plunged forward on its first stroke then the one in my cunt suddenly juddered and it too seemed to swell as it fired its load into the rubber protection. How I dearly wanted to feel that hot seed coating my cunt walls and then maybe have the guy who put it there lick my cunt as he scooped it out again. But all too soon it was pulled from my cunt and another one replaced it.

How long these two new cocks lasted I could not tell but my mouth began to ache from the thickness of the one now ploughing a furrow against my tongue and my arse cheeks began to smart from the slaps it was receiving from the hips of the cocks fucking me there. All these minor aches and pains were nothing compared to the feeling of being my natural self a complete cock loving spunk teasing whore; I felt so wonderfully alive and well used.

No sooner had one cock spurted then it seemed another thicker or longer or thinner and shorter one was eager to replace it; in my mind I tried to picture all the cocks I was feeling all laid end to end and I know it was not possible but I imagined one large long seventeen foot long cock; that thought alone sent me into my umpteenth orgasm. By now my muscles ached my knees were sore; my jaw ached and tingled and my well fucked cunt oozed juices like a major oil slick; when just then the cock in my cunt slipped and suddenly pounded my anal ring and it was such a sudden occurrence that I never had time to adjust and my arse seemed on fire with pain and pleasure as it thrust straight into my rectal chute.

I tried to scream at the pain but the cock in my mouth prevented the sound becoming intelligible; but just as quickly the pain disappeared and I suddenly felt the powerful anal convulsion of my very first anal orgasm; I remember thinking I was no longer an anal virgin and began as best I could thrusting backwards on to the cock buried deep in my chute.

Now over and over I took cocks of all sizes in my mouth, my cunt and my arse and in fact I lost count of the cock I had and the orgasms they gave me. The time seemed to stand still as I had no idea how long I had been there or no longer cared if I was seen by strangers being the common little fuck slut I loved being.

I began to become aware of the cocks slowing down; no longer were they so quick to replace one another in my well used holes and eventually they stopped all together; but by this stage my entire body ached, my nipples and tits felt red raw and my cunt and arse must have looked like two full moons almost permanently stretched wide open. My mouth ached and my jaw seemed locked open wide but I certainly was not complaining had had just enjoyed the best night of my life.

My master removed my blindfold and it was daylight; as soon as my eyes adjusted to the light, I looked around for the guys who had so soundly fucked me but they were all gone. Then Master Bill handed me the bottle two thirds full of white thick spunk and told me to drink it all; he warned me if I spilt a single drop I would be made to suffer by being tied back to the tree and left all day for whoever found me to used and abuse me and he even warned me of a biker gang that on Saturdays used this trail for their dirt bikes and told me of the sort of things they would probably do to me including letting their molls and dogs loose on me.

Needless to say I needed sleep and a good shower so I was careful not to spill any of the bottle; I must say though I prefer to swallow hot spunk than the cold slimy stuff I drank from that bottle.

My master has promised me another session soon but with a few more surprises and I must say I for one can not wait.

Brigit Astar
07-30-2009, 02:07 PM
thank you niteowluk for this addition --it does add to the story

08-03-2009, 03:52 PM
very nice one too..
thanks again

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awesome...hope there's more