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07-24-2009, 03:29 AM
15 years ago we married and went to spend a week in a guest house in Bermuda. With private grounds, beach, pools and access to the whole island.. This place was discrete and very intimate.
The staff was helpful and friendly and the same staff you saw at breakfast , you saw for dinner.

My wife would come down from our room as she started down the staircase, the bartender poured and had in hand a rum swizzle for her as she passed. Days when I golfed or went fishing she stayed for lazing around the pool, snorkling and naps.

15 years had passed and we decided to go to Bermuda and the same guest house for our anniversary. It did not take long to settle in to our open air suite with ceiling fans and a big 4 poster bed.. Romance was in the air and we made love a few times the first day in room and again in the pool as we did the 1st trip.

My wife joked with the bartender and soon had her on approach rum swizzles at the bar hatch as she passed. She joked with the bartender and Monday night sat at the bar with him, while I joined other guests for a sunset sail. As the guest house only accommodates 18-20 people , it was not very busy.. I returned from the dock, to find her sitting in a sun dress and hi heeled sandals. We went up to bed and I immediately noticed she was both very wet and stretched. She wrapped her legs around me and told me she and Brian had come up to the room. His cock was 9 and very thick and I smiled and said I know,,

Tuesday morning she was up about 10 and showered,, exiting the bathroom in a black bra and panty over a mint green diaphanous blouse/dress that came down to mid thi ,,,, She told me she was going downstairs to the bar for a drink and asked if I wanted something. I said of course and she said she'd be right back.. In about 10 minutes I heard her heels coming back upstairs and 2 voices,,, she and Brian entered he hard in his shorts ,, they put the drinks down and kissed -- then he had his hand under her dress and into her panties they backed up against a while and Brian ifted her up, as his shorts dropped to his knees his hard bobbing cock slipped between her legs and in 1 thrust into her,,,,I listened and watched as he turned her around his back to the wall and held her hips riding her up and down his cock,,,,,i could see from her face and her hands on his shoulders she was coming and soon he did too grunting and thrusting his cock deeper into her,,

He moved slowly and laid her down on the bed his cock popping from her pussy,,, and his cream visible on her lips... I stood and walked over to them he said your wife has a great pussy,,, I dropped my shorts and mounted her as he left saying he see her later...

He did at least once each day until we headed home.

07-24-2009, 07:21 AM
nice short story.... one sugestion would be to stretch out the action by telling how you felt seeing your wife get nailed or how she felt knowing you were watching.

But a good story all the same.

Brigit Astar
07-24-2009, 03:27 PM
good, but needs to be developed and lengthened

07-27-2009, 03:46 AM
I agree, but still nice enough.