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07-25-2009, 09:39 PM
It was a cold and snowy February morning. My hubby was in San Diego on business and would be gone a couple of more days. He had left the kids and I at home in Rochester, NY. I had just gotten the kids off to school and I was wondering what to do for the day. I went to the bedroom to get out of my gown. Then I heard the gurgling sound. I went to check on it and discovered a pipe break in the bathroom shower. Fortunately I knew where the cutoff valve was so I was able to stop it from running. My concern was that there may be water damage behind the walls. I called the plumber, explained the situation and he said he would be over as soon as he finished the job he was on, probably be about 30 minutes. I said ok and went to the kitchen to make certain it was clean before he arrived. Before I finished I heard the doorbell and went to check. It was the plumber. It hadn't been more than ten minutes. Although I was still in my nightgown, I opened the door and let him in. I did have on a robe so I felt covered. I showed him to the shower and left him to work on the pipe.

The phone rang. It was my husband calling before he went to his meeting. We talked a few minutes and I explained what was happening with the shower. After a couple of more minutes we hung up and the plumber came into the living room. He said he would be awhile as he would have to replace the pipe. He said he didn't have the right pipe with him but he would call it in and his associate would bring it over. I said fine. He went back and removed the old pipe. I had put on a fresh pot of coffee and asked if he wanted some. He removed the pipe and then joined me at the dining room table. We were enjoying the coffee and the conversation turned to me. He said I was truly a good looking lady and my hubby was certainly a lucky man. I smiled and thanked him. I noticed him looking at me fairly intently, or rather at my breasts. I stood to get more coffee and he said thank you. I said coffee is not that big a deal. He laughed and said ' it's not the coffee. Just don't move'. I asked why, he laughed and said the window light frames your body exquisitely. That was the first I realized I was standing in front of the picture window and my clothes became virtually see through when I did so. I started to go and he said, please don't. You are beautiful and I do enjoy looking at you. I must say I was getting aroused and said I was getting more coffee but I would be back. My pussy was getting slightly damp and I was feeling horny. I removed the robe, got my coffee and went back to the dining room. Charley whistled and smiled. The doorbell rang. Charley said that will be Jack with the pipe. I started to get up. Charley told me to stay. He would let Jack in. Charley came back with Jack, who was in his early 20's. About 10 years younger than Charley. Jack couldn't keep his eyes off me. Charley told Jack they had to replace the pipe. He looked at me and said 'don't change a thing until we get back'. About 40 minutes
later they returned and I was still sitting at the table. Charley filled out the service ticket while Jack loaded the van. Charley kept commenting on my body and said he would love to see me nude. I asked him if he hadn't already seen enough. He laughed and said not below the waist. The thought had been in my head that today could be a very good day. We moved to the living room and when Jack came back, he and Charley took seats in chairs. They both let me know they were hot and would love to see me nude. I don't know why but I stood and let the gown slip to the floor leaving me totally nude before them. Jack gasped and said, god, you are beautiful. Charley said Jack does know beauty. They had me turn around for them. Charley then asked to feel my breasts and Jack said he wanted to also. At that point I was ready for them to do so. They slowly wrapped their fingers around my breasts, kissed them and then I felt a finger in my pussy. Jack had gotten bold and he was beginning to work me fully. I kissed Charley and then unzipped him. I said it's only fair that I see you too. When his cock was clear of his trousers I wrapped my fingers around it and began to slowly stroke my fingers up and down his shaft. It wasn't long until I knew he was about to come. I said wait a minute. I lowered his trousers and drawers and took him into my mouth. As I was beginning to suck him Charley couldn't hold it and shot a load into the back of my mouth. I continued sucking until he had finished and then I cleaned him with my tongue. Jack had already removed his clothes and when I finished Charley I had another cock thrust into my face. I eagerly grabbed it and began sucking Jack. I was able to prolong Jack until I was ready for him and then I picked up the rhythm to bring him to a full explosion. I thought he would never stop flowing. By this time Charley had another hardon and he took me to the dining room table. He leaned me forward on the table and entered my pussy from behind. As he thrust my passion became even greater soon I was meeting him thrust for thrust. I thought Charley was done when he stood me up, kissed me and then laid on the floor. Ride me he said. I sat upon his cock and began to ride him hard. He put his hands behind my neck and pulled me forward and kissed me. I then felt Jack come behind me. He ran his fingers in my pussy with Charley’s cock. He then took his moistened fingers and ran them into my ass. He withdrew his fingers and replaced them with his cock. It hurt initially but then the rhythm and the passion took over and I was ridden hard by both cocks. I heard myself yell, "Fuck me, OMG please fuck me. Harder, harder, harder". This went on until I couldn't hold back. I screamed and let my juices flow. It felt like I had released a river. It was then I felt Charley come and a minute later Jack let his juices flow into my ass.

As the passion ebbed and I collapsed on the floor, both Charley and Jack voiced their appreciation. Charley then said they had to go as they were late for their next appointment. I kissed them both and I told them to let themselves out. Thank god they fixed the shower first as I certainly needed one then. I never got a bill from Charley. I guess that was his way of really saying thanks.

Brigit Astar
07-25-2009, 11:06 PM
very good...thank you

07-27-2009, 03:44 AM
Needs a litle more paragraphing, but otherwise, pretty good!

07-30-2009, 03:47 PM
decent story