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Kay’s hands trembled when she realized that she was going on a Business Trip with Justin and he listed only a one bedroom suite. She flashed back to the Halloween party and how she made it very clear that she would be Justin’s whore when they went on future business trips.

However, since nothing had been said since the party she thought he may have forgotten about it or that it was just sexy pillow talk. But, this was real. She was expected to share a room with him for three nights. Kay wondered how I would take this. It all sounded so very erotic when we talked about Kay fucking Justin on these trips, but now this was a reality.

When Kay got some privacy she called me. Hi, Tony…

What’s up Kay, are you OK? I’m OK, but then again, I’m not sure. What are you talking about? Finally, Kay said, in a week from now she was going on a three day business . So, you’ve been on these trips before… But, I knew this was different. I flashed back to the Halloween Party and how Kay promised to be Justin’s whore on the business Trips. My cock started to twitch.

Kay then filled me in on the single suite for the two of them and my cock got hard!

She sounded almost in a panic, what should I do? What do you want to do? She got quiet and then said “I don’t know”. You know what he is expecting don’t you? Yes, Kay said, to sleep with me. No I replied not just to sleep with you, for you to wear what he wants you to wear and to be his whore. Now my cock is throbbing.

Kay got quiet again. Kay listen, go into the bathroom and put your finger between your legs. What???? What does this have to do with our conversation? Just do it and call me right back and I hung up. About 30 minutes later she called back. I wondered what had happened to her. She said “I checked”. I replied you delayed the call back because your pussy was wet. Oh my God, how did you know, Kay asked? Tonight after work I’ll meet you at Josh’s. We can talk there, and Kay, take off your bra before you get to Josh’s. Before she could respond, I hung up. Josh’s is a nice little pub and restaurant that caters to a white collar business crowd. Now how was I supposed to go through the next four hours of work with an erection?

I got to Josh’s and sat at the bar. I ordered a vodka martini and waited for Kay. Halfway through the martini Kay walked in. Her nipples got there well before she did and the buttons on her blouse looked like they might pop from the strain of holding in her braless tits.

Kay walked over and gave me a hug and a kiss as everyone watched. She ordered a martini and asked for a double. She didn’t take too long in downing the drink and then asked… “What should I do”
About what?
About the Business trip and only one room.
Yes, nothing. You told him that you wanted to be his whore on these trips.
Yes, I know, but I thought that was only pillow talk.
He took it serious.
You have no problem with me sleeping with Justin for three nights?
First of all you are not just sleeping with him, you are going to be his whore for three nights, remember?
Yes, but…
But, What?
You told me that you thought he was sexy.
Yes, I know, but..
You made an agreement and he obviously likes you.

She then reached over and put her hand on my crotch. She quickly realized that I was very turned on and decided to have some fun with me.

She unbuttoned one more button on her blouse. I thought her nipples were going to poke out. She gave her tits a quick feel and then said. Tony, my pussy was soaked thinking about this trip. I haven’t stopped thinking about this trip. Then her face got serious.

However, as much as it’s a nice erotic fantasy I really cannot do this. I can’t go away with him for three days and share a room. The Halloween party was a once in a lifetime thing, but this is work, it’s business. I told her that I understood and that she was going to have to sit down with Justin and let him know how she feels. She agreed and we had another drink, and changed the subject.

The waiter came and moved us to a dinner table. The people in the restaurant all got a good look at Kay’s sexy tits. She never bothered to button up and her nips were almost on display. It really didn’t matter if they popped out or not as the outline on her tight blouse showed them off beautifully. Our waiter was very attentive!

We had a nice dinner and went home. We were not in the house long before Kay and I began raping each other. We were both so horny and after some drinks we could not hold back. We were hot into some foreplay when the phone rang. Hello, this is Justin.

Tony, I want to ask you something. A business trip is planned for next week and I asked Kay to make flight and hotel reservations, as she always does. However, I may have been a little presumptuous in asking her to book only one hotel room. I wanted to apologize and let her know that she can book separate rooms if she, or, if you two would prefer.

Kay had been sucking my cock, but stopped in order to hear the conversation.

I told Justin that no offense was taken and that Kay could make up her own mind about the sleeping arrangements and she would let him know. He asked if he could speak to her and I gave her the phone. As she began talking I moved down between her legs. She tried to concentrate on what Justin was saying, but was distracted by my tongue on her clit.

Justin realized what was happening and asked if we were having sex? Kay, in a slightly out of breath voice answered yes, I’m being eaten. She could have lied and said no or just answered with a yes and said I have to go… But, she said yes, I’m being eaten.

Justin asked if he should hang up and Kay said No, not yet… we need to discuss the business trip. Justin said it might be best to discuss this at work tomorrow. To which Kay said no, she was OK with discussing it now.

At that time I slid my finger in her well lubed pussy as my tongue toyed with her clit.

Kay surprised me by telling Justin that she remembered the agreement and that she would honor her word. She listened to him for a minute and then she said, If I didn’t want to secretly be your whore then I would not have agreed. I almost choked hearing Kay say that. She flat out told her boss that she not only would sleep with him, but she wanted to get nasty. My cock was throbbing. She then said, “I understand and yes, she would need some new clothes for the trip.”

They hung up and immediately Kay ground her pussy on my tongue and came violently.
While we came up for air Kay said that Justin was going to order me some new clothes for the trip. Apparently we’ll be out to dinner and then entertaining some clients.

By now my cock was throbbing and Kay knew it. She smiled and slowly began sucking my cock and looking at me with those big green eyes. She then took her mouth off of my cock and said, this is what I’m going to do to Justin. She slid her tongue down the bottom of my shaft and over my balls. She then pushed my legs back and teased my ass with her tongue. She moved back up and devoured my cock. I could not hold back and started to erupt. She sucked harder than ever before and seemed to savor every drop, still sucking long after the shooting stopped. Finally, she asked, do you think Justin will like it?

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very good story well planned and narrated. Thanks

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good hot and intense

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very good thank you

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Good one and thanks for sharing it.

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excellent story.. my first time on here. well done.