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07-26-2009, 01:15 AM
You may recall. The first story told about my wife Kay and I going to a very erotic Halloween party that was thrown by her boss, Justin. Up until that night Kay and I had never brought anyone else into our sex life. But, that all changed at the party. Kay was dressed like a Naughty School girl and after we all had too many drinks we ended up making out on Justin’s bed. We forgot to close the door and soon Justin appeared. I was so wrapped up in making out with Kay that I never tried to stop Justin from joining us. Kay’s inhibitions were gone and she allowed Justin to remove her panties and to eat her. During our ménage trios the talk got very nasty and Kay admitted that she would love to be Justin’s whore on the next business trip that the tow went on regularly.

Now a business trip was planned and Justin had Kay make the usual flight and hotel reservations. But this time, he had her only book a single room, a suite for the two of them.
In the last story, Justin offered to book two rooms, but Kay said that she had agreed to a deal and would uphold her end of the bargain. This is where we stand now…

As usual, Justin was the ever perfect boss around the office. He discussed the business trip with Kay, but only from a company point of view and not on the more personal level. Until a day before they were to leave. Justin gave Kay a box just before she left from work. He said it was for her to wear on the second night of the trip.

Kay quickly returned home and opened the box with me. The box contained a beautiful black dress that left very little to the imagination. The hem of the dress was cut at an angle starting just below her hip on the right side and then going down to mid thigh on the left. The top was a low cut cowl that had an open back down to her butt crack. She tried it on and I thought my cock was going to rip through my boxers. Within two minutes her tits slipped out of the sides twice. She almost had to hold the top or she would fall out. Also, if you were standing behind Kay you could look down and see about two inches of her sexy ass crack. This dress was made for easy access and basically gave the impression of an “elegant slut”.
Kay kept the dress on for a few minutes checking out the look from all angles. I then noticed in the box was a very sheer black thong that had a band of pearls that could be seen from the back of the dress. The pearls also disappeared down Kay’s ass crack. She sat down on the vanity chair and crossed her right leg over her left leg. The slanted cut of the hem caused the bottom half of the dress to virtually open up to Kay’s pussy. I have never seen her looking so hot in my life. She was oozing sex!

I asked Kay if she knew where he was going to be taking her in this dress. Kay jokingly said, probably to jail. My tits won’t stay in and when I sit down the bottom opens up completely. I stood up and pulled down my boxers. My hard-on stuck almost straight up it was so hard. Kay smiled and said does this mean you approve? She pulled me close and started to suck on my cock. I looked down and her left tit was exposed as was her pussy through the sheer thong. Again, Kay sucked like her life depended on it.

I had to know if she was OK with wearing this dress on the trip. As she sucked my cock I asked…

It looks like Justin wants to show you off.
To who?
To everyone that is around when you go out.
Yes, but at least I won’t know anyone else.
What about the clients?
I forgot about them.
They will certainly be with you, won’t they?
Oh god yes, the second night a dinner is planned. I forgot about that.
Justin wants to show you off to the clients.
Kay stopped sucking and looked up at me with my cock brushing her cheeks. There will be two guys there besides Justin.
Yes, it will be you, Justin and two clients?
Have you met them?
No, but we’ve talked on the phone.
Maybe he wants you to distract them.
I don’t know, maybe. Do you think I could?
What is my cock saying?
Ummmmm, that I’m distracting you.

Kay sucked harder and harder keeping a rhythm going up and down on the head of my engorged cock. I was enjoying the sight and feeling that I didn’t want to cum. But, Kay had other plans. She looked up and as she slid a finger into my ass she said… I’m not going to wear the thong when we go out. I don’t want anything to get in the way.

My balls exploded.

Kay continued to suck and then slowly licked the cum off of her fingers.

After recovering a bit I moved Kay over to the bed and slid off her thong. I spread her thighs and bent down to taste her wet pussy. She was on the verge of cuming and pushed me away. I was shocked and asked what was going on. That’s when she hit me…

Darling, I do not want to cum.

What, Why ???

I want to go on this business trip ready to explode. I have a feeling that Justin will really wants me to be a whore. Look at this dress, it screams “Fuck Me”. The hornier I am, the less inhibitions I’ll have. Do you understand?

My cock could not get harder any faster… then suck me and save your pussy for Justin and your clients.

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Again a great addition to your story so well planned and executed... should prove very popular with the readers here.

Brigit Astar
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so good...please continue

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Nice sequel, any more?

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god this story is great plse tell what a whore she was on the trip

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more, more, more...please

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I'm waiting for more............