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It all started at my wife’s boss’s Halloween Party. My wife Kay has been working as Justin’s Office Assistant for almost a year. During that time Justin was always polite and businesslike in his treatment of Kay. However, his “away from the office” reputation was very different. He had a reputation for being a major “player” when it came to his social life and his women. Being his assistant, Kay noticed that Justin was not someone who wanted to settle down. He liked sexy woman and he liked woman that only wanted a good time. He used woman, and because of his great looks and “powerful business position” he never seemed to lack for company.

Kay did accompany Justin on several over night business trips. Again, his treatment of her was all work and he never crossed the line. One night after a couple drinks Kay told me that she found Justin to be very sexy. That was a surprise! Not that she thought he was sexy, but the fact that she told me.

Kay and I have been married for almost seven years and in that time we have had a strictly monogamous relationship. There has never been any talk of swapping or cheating or anything of that nature. Kay is not a prude and when we go out she has no problem dressing sexy. Never slutty, but a low cut top or a short skirt is no problem. I have tried to get her to go out without a bra but she draws the line there.

Kay has an incredible rack. Her 34 DD’s have a mind of their own and although they are as perky as big tits can be she is somewhat self conscious about them. The fact that her nipples get very hard and stick out long enough to poke out an eye when she is excited probably adds to the issue about not going braless.

Back to the Halloween Party…

Justin’s Halloween party was an annual affair and clocked in secrecy. Not everyone was invited and if you did receive an invite it was made clear that you were not to discuss it with any other employees. Kay and I were invited and it was also Kay’s job to receive the RSVP responses. Kay thought that the RSVP request was funny as she could not imagine anyone turning down a chance to attend this party. One of the ladies working with Kay stopped by to RSVP. Lisa asked Kay if she had her costume picked out, to which Kay replied that she had not thought about it yet. Lisa told Kay that she had been to the last two of Justin’s Halloween Parties and that Kay and I needed to think about our costumes soon. She went on to say that we needed to put a lot of thought into our costumes as Justin only invited people that he felt would help to make the party a success and people that he respected at work.

Kay asked Lisa what kind of costumes were appropriate. Did we have to go out and spend a lot of money on fancy costumes? Lisa laughed and said that we did not need to spend a lot of money, but we needed to use our imaginations. Kay was still confused and finally Lisa told her that the costumes need to be more then sexy, they need to be more on the erotic side. She said, if you are shy then don’t bother going to the party. Finally she said, “don’t worry” this is a once a year event and think of it as a trip to Las Vegas. Remember, what happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas”

Kay came home and told me about the conversation with Lisa. I smiled and said this sounds like fun. Kay said that she was excited about attending, but had no clue what to wear. I told her that a party like this was like a play. We were going to all be actors. We could let our minds wonder, do things that we have never done before and get a little wild. Kay agreed, but still had no idea what she would wear. Yeah that big brave talk from me about wearing a wild costume. My mind got a little nasty thinking about Kay wearing something hot. I didn’t think that she might expect me to do the same.

We looked at costumes on the internet. Naughty Nurse, Elvira, Wicked Sexy Witch, Policewoman and so many others, then it hit… The Naughty School Girl was perfect for Kay. The short plaid skirt would show off Kay’s incredible long thin legs. The short, white, tie in the front, blouse gave us a chance to see her flat tummy as it also highlighted her big tits. She could pick out a white blouse that was tight and see through and maybe I could talk her into going without a bra. Ummmm, this was going to be fun!

Kay picked out sort of a “Male Dom/Biker” outfit for me. I have to admit that I was nervous about wearing this outfit. Black chaps, a thong and black vest were the main components, topped off with lots of chains. I work out a lot and have a fairly ripped body. But, I was not real thrilled about wearing a thong and told Kay that I’d wear a black speedo bikini bottom, but not a leather thong. Kay laughed and teased me saying that if I was not going to wear a thong then neither would she.

OK, this was good. Maybe I could use wearing the thong as a bargaining chip when it came to Kay wearing a thong or not wearing a bra.

Kay and I went shopping and found a short plaid skirt in a Goth store. She had a choice of lengths to choose from and went to pick the longer of the two. I reminded her that I was going to be in either a speedo or a thong so she needed to get the shorter of the two skirts. She said that it barely covered her ass, but I would not listen and she smiled and said OK…

The white blouse was another fun shopping experience. Although she always wore a bra she was still proud of her boobs and she found a tight gauze type top that she could tie just under her tits. The material pulled slightly and it was very sheer. I tried talking her into going without a bra, but that was nixed. However, she agreed to buying a thin, lacy bra that still was a little see through.

Finally it was Saturday, the day of the party.

We both were getting a little pumped up thinking about the party. About 50 people were invited and Justin was having it catered by a top quality gourmet catering company. We decided not to eat dinner before going so as to enjoy the food at the party. But, in our excitement and lack of eating the two vodka martinis gave me a little buzz. I also noticed that they hit Kay.

We started to get dressed and I purposely put on the “boring” speedo bikini bottom. Kay looked bummed and asked me why I wasn’t wearing the thong? She said that I had a great ass and she wanted me to wear the thong. I told her that I would only wear the thong if she would wear one too and also go without a bra.

“NO, I am not going without a bra and the skirt barely covers my ass. I told her that there was nothing covering my ass and at least her skirt covered hers. She agreed to wear a thong and even let me pick it out. I had bought her a very sheer white thong and gave it to her. Kay put it on with only minor complaints. I did ask about the bra once more. Kay again said that she could not go without a bra and for me not to ask again.

I put on the leather thong and immediately it was tested as Kay put on the tiny white anklet socks and her 4 inch come fuck me heels. He legs never looked so long and hot. My cock got hard and the thong did little to hide my erection. Kay was not much help. She noticed my situation and laughed. She told me that she liked me in the thong as now she would be able to tell what girls at the party were turning me on.

I looked at her as if to say, “are you nuts”. Kay asked what was wrong. I got very serious and said… “Kay, you are the one that turns me on, look at my hard on. You are the only one here” She said I can’t believe that my outfit is turning you on. I thought you’d be worried about other guys from work seeing me half naked”.

Anyway, she put her auburn hair into two pony tails. One sticking out from each side of her head and then added some dark mascara and red lipstick. She looked so slutty and so hot. The only thing that would have made it better was getting rid of the bra. But, I was not going to push it. I wore the leather thong, chaps, leather vest, chains and off we went. We had a 20 minute drive and I joked about driving safely so we would not get stopped by the cops.

We pulled up to Justin’s home. We used the knocker and immediately the door was opened by well dressed “Hunchback”. Our coats were taken by Quasimodo and we were then offered champagne by a veiled, topless woman in genie harem pants. As she walked away Kay grabbed my arm and said I guess I didn’t need a bra after all. At that time Justin made his appearance in a very erotic Vampire outfit. He greeted us warmly and then checked out Kay’s costume. In a Vampire type voice he said something about tasting you later and escorted us to the back yard.

His house was magnificent with a huge covered patio in the backyard, Jacuzzi spa, swimming pool and well maintained tropical garden. The light bulbs had all been changed to black lights and there had to be several hundred candles lit all over the living room, den and back yard. There were also fog machines and a few colored strobe lights giving off a very eerie feel to the place. Hollywood could not have come up with a better setting for a Halloween party.

The serving staff dressed the part. The cocktail waitresses were all topless or in see through tops with nothing underneath. The waiters wore see through pants without thongs or speedo’s. Once our eyes adjusted we could make out the guests. I did know anyone as Kay had only been working there a short time. Kay said that she could not recognize anyone either as the costume were that well done. The thing that they all had in common was that they were all very sexual.

Kay’s friend Lisa came up in a skin tight black cat suit. Well it was more of a body stocking that was made out of a black spider web type material. Under the suit she wore the tiniest g-string I’ve ever seen. She came up and gave Kay a hug and then gave me a hug and kiss, lingering with a lick of my neck and then walked away. She had an ass to die for, every bit as beautiful as Kay’s.

We were not there more then 20 minutes and due to the excitement and the shear eroticism of the setting we unconsciously went through a lot of champagne. Kay reached over and put her hand on the front of my thong and found my cock in a very relaxed state. She asked what was wrong as I had been so excited when we were at home. She then said didn’t you like Lisa? I looked Kay straight in the eyes and said, “Look, I liked Lisa, but you are the one that turns me on, no one else” She smiled and kissed me. We then went out to join the party.

The rumors of what had gone on at these parties were fairly accurate. People were in various stages of undress on the dance floor, in the pool and Jacuzzi. Kay introduced me to about five couples from work. All of their costumes left little to the imagination. We wondered down to the buffet and finally got something to eat. Shrimp, oysters, prime rib and dozens of assorted delights filled us and gave us some time to think about where we were and to digest the entire scene.

Lori and her husband Matt were up dancing. Matt was holding Lori’s hips and grinding behind her. One of the single guys dressed in a short toga was in front of Lori completing the sandwich. As Lori leaned back into her husband’s arms the guy in the toga grabbed her bare tits and pulled her nipples as she shimmied.

The time seemed to fly by. We had arrived at 9:00 and it was now past 2:00am and it seemed like we had been there only minutes. Kay and I danced and even groped each other in the mix of bodies, fog and eerie black lights. Then it happened…

Kay’s boss Justin asked if he could “borrow” Kay. He was with another guy and I thought they were going out to dance. However, she was guided back towards what appeared to be the bedrooms. I watched them disappear in the back and after a few minutes I started back to find her. About halfway back the guy that was with Justin told me to go back as I was needed to settle a problem. He walked away and I could not figure out what we might have done to cause a problem.

I found Justin and Kay in this huge bedroom. The room was lit only by dozens of candles. In the center of the room was a four posted, king size bed. This had to be one of the most erotic bedrooms I’ve ever seen. Kay and Justin were standing next to the bed and Kay was laughing. I walked over and Kay said that Justin thought that my “Naught School Girl” costume was not naughty enough. I asked what he suggested. Kay said that he wants me to take off my bra. Before I could ask her response, Justin said that Kay told him that she would not remove her bra unless I said it was OK. I looked at Kay and asked her if she really said that? She replied by putting her arms around my neck and whispering that she would do anything tonight to turn me on. She then reached down and felt the front of my thong. My cock was now beginning to swell. She gave it another rub that Justin obviously noticed.
Kay backed up and said I guess that means it’s OK to take it off. She then opened and removed her blouse. She then dropped her bra straps and unsnapped her bra. Her incredible tits exploded out and she gave them a slight shake causing them to jiggle. She smiled and looked at me and asked if I was sure about this. She then grabbed my cock and fell back onto the bed. I followed and through our drunken stupor began making out with my topless wife in front of her boss, on his bed.

I can not remember ever being so turned on in my life! Kay was on her back and her huge tits were pointing straight up. Her nipples were sticking out harder and longer than I’ve ever seen them stick out before and her heavy breathing was making them rock in a sexy motion.

I laid next to her on my side and continued our deep wet kissing. Deep kissing always makes Kay horny and trust me she was horny. Then Kay’s kisses got harder and deeper. She seemed to be tensing up. She grabbed my head with one hand and she kissed me harder than ever. I thought that pulling her nipples was what caused her extra excitement until I looked down.

There between Kay’s legs was Justin. He had her hiked skirt up and had pulled her thong to the side. His tongue was working her clit and it appeared that he was fingering her at the same time.

Kay’s eyes were closed and she was breathing heavy. One of her hands went down to hold Justin’s head between her spread legs. The head of my cock was sticking out from the top of my thong and Kay ‘s other hand found it. She tried to get my thong down and I managed to help her. She rubbed my cock with more intensity than ever before. This entire scene was beyond belief.

Deep inside I had always wanted to see Kay just let loose with total sexual abandon. I wanted to see her go so far with lust that she could not stop. I moved up and knelt on the bed next to her head and offered her my cock. She opened her mouth and sucked. She could not get enough as her hips humped up and down on Justin’s tongue. Her moaning and squirming were clearly from a woman that left her good girl side at home and let her whore side take over. I felt myself getting ready to cum and she stopped sucking to let out an orgasmic scream.

She opened her mouth and sucked my aching balls as I reached down and pulled and pinched her nipples. Stretching them high, looking like I’d pull them off of her fleshy mounds. I looked at Kay and asked her if she wanted to Fuck Justin?

Her eyes opened in a glaze and I asked her again. Kay, do you want to fuck Justin? Before she could answer I moved behind Kay and held both of her arms back up over her head. I then said to Justin. “Justin, Kay’s charms are all yours tonight. Fuck her now, cum deep in her pussy. Don’t pull out”

Justin moved up and released his cock. He was built well and had a big cock that seemed as hard as steel. He easily slid into Kay who moaned again with another orgasm. I asked Kay if she wanted to stop and she quickly said no while shaking her head from side to side. I asked her if it felt good, she again replied in a loud voice “Yes”.

Justin’s cock was glistening and with each thrust here massive tits jiggled like erotic jello. I let go of Kay’s arms and moved to the side of Kay’s head once more. I turned her head so she could suck on my cock again. Just before she took my cock I asked her one last question.

Kay, the next time you go on a business trip with Justin are you going to Fuck him? She looked at Justin and asked him, can I, can I fuck you on business?

Justin looked at me and continued his slow pumping in Kay’s pussy. He said, do you have a problem with Kay being my whore on these trips? I said No… he then said, she will need to dress as I expect and fuck on demand, no questions asked. I slid my cock into Kay’s mouth and looked at her. She had her eyes on me, listening to the conversation. I looked her in the eyes and said “Kay, when you go away on business trips with Justin you have my permission to be his whore. “ Both Justin and I pumped faster, he in her pussy and me in her mouth. I then added “Do you understand?”

Kay looked at Justin and said, “I don’t want to wait until the business trip I want to start now”

With that Justin, Kay and I all exploded. I had the most intense orgasm of my life. Kay shook for what seemed like minutes. After a rest we all got dressed. Kay left her bra and thong off and we walked back into the party.

We walked out on the dance floor. Kay’s big nude tits were certainly noticed by men and woman alike. We danced and Kay made sure to show off her gorgeous breasts as she danced. A guy came over to join us and he started to grind on Kay’s ass. He reached around and fondled her tits and it the back of her neck. Kay looked like she was in heaven. She stepped away, looked the young guy in the eye and unzipped her skirt and let it fall away. Kay continued her dance on the dance floor, in the middle of her work mates dressed only in white anklet socks and high heels.

Finally, a big guy dressed as a Devil, in thin black tights came over to Kay. A strobe light hit the front of his tights and it looked like he had a baseball bat stuck down his tights. He took Kay by the hand and turned her around so she was facing the young guy. He bent her forward so she had to hold on to the guy in front of her. The devil then slid his tights down and pulled out a massive cock. I was shocked and speechless. This guy, worked his cock into Kay’s pussy right there in front of everyone on the dance floor. This guys cock slid in easily helped by the lube supplied earlier from Justin. He held her hips and fucked Kay as others danced and watched.

Lisa walked up to me and cuddled next to me. She said I knew you wife would let loose, and it’s obviously turning you on. Lisa stuck her hand in my thong and pulled out my throbbing cock. I tried to stop her but really did not want to. She stroked my cock to the thrusting of the Devil behind Kay. For the second time, I exploded as a strange guy came in Kay’s pussy.

I was a mess, Kay was a mess and it was almost 4:00am. We called a cab and got ready to head home. I was dressed but Kay’s outfit was nowhere to be found. One of the waiters brought us a beach towel and we went out to the cab. In the cab, Kay reached over and felt my cock. Without saying a word she put her head down and began sucking. I was still leaking cum from when Lisa jerked me off. I could see the taxi driver looking in the mirror. I pulled Kay’s towel and she stopped and sat up. Take off your towel. She looked at me and then at the taxi driver. She removed her towel and went back down on my cock.
Once at our house the taxi driver stopped and looked back. Kay was moaning as she sucked and I could feel my elf getting ready to cum. I told the taxi driver that he could feel Kay if he wanted. He reached back and rubbed her bare ass. Then he slid his hand down her butt crack. She parted her legs and as his finger slid into her soaked pussy I began to cum. Again, she sucked and sucked and did not want to stop. Finally her head raised up and she came on the taxi drivers fingers.
We got up, walked into the house and collapsed in our bed sleeping until the afternoon. All was quiet that day with no talk about the night before. We both seemed like we were zombies going to bed early for our next day of work.
Kay said at work no one said a thing about the party. She saw Dan, the big guy that fucked her on the dance floor and he acted like nothing had ever happened. Also, Justin was his usual all business self. Kay and I talked wondering if that night was only a dream.

About two months later Kay was asked to make flight reservations for both he and Kay for a three night business trip. However, the hotel information was for one room a Jr. Suite. Her pussy got very wet!

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