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Bella is a sexy woman with an insatiable sexual appetite. She is 5'6" with a dark complexion, long dark hair and solid body that she keeps in great shape through kickboxing workouts. We have been dating a few years and I have been thoroughly enjoying the sexual adventures that we share together. She is very open minded and willing to try absolutely anything in the bedroom.

Her 30th birthday was quickly approaching and I wanted to plan something special for her. She really enjoys a special evening out so I reserved a room at the best hotel in town and made reservations for dinner at their finest restaurant. Bella didn't know what I had planned as my instructions to her were rather vague; dress sexy and pack a small overnight bag.

I was not disappointed as she dressed in a sexy blue dress that was mid-thigh in length, accompanied by my favorite pair of high heels. I love heels and they make her legs look long and sexy, not that she requires any assistance in getting attention from myself or any other guy. As we drove to our unannounced destination I couldn't help but glance in the direction of the beautiful creature seated beside me. I moved my free hand to the back of her seat and played with her neck and hair as I drove to the hotel.

When we arrived at the hotel we proceeded directly to the restaurant since I had already checked into the hotel room earlier that day. Bella might have had an inkling that we would be staying here for the evening, but there was no action from me to confirm our plans. We spent three hours in the restaurant and the food was absolutely divine. We also made our way through a few bottles of wine and are both feeling pretty tipsy as we leave the restaurant. I direct her to the bank of elevators as we head up to our room. She smiles at the knowledge that we will be spending the night in this luxurious place. During the elevator ride we share a deep passionate kiss, and I pull her very close to me as I love the feeling of her body against mine.

As we enter the room she walks to the window to enjoy the fabulous view of the city. As she gazes at all of the city lights it has a calming affect and her mind wanders to various thoughts. She is brought back to the present when she feels me slide in behind her. She closes her eyes as I wrap my arms around her and start nibbling on her neck. I brush her hair aside and nibble at her ear, then whisper "I've got something special planned for you this evening".

I continue nibbling at her ear and neck from behind as my hands begin to explore her body. First my hands gently caress the front of her neck and shoulders. Then they slide down and stroke her breasts, softly at first then with a gentle squeeze. My hands then slide over her tummy and down to her thighs, stroking the outside of her legs on the way down and the inside of her thighs on the way up. I repeat this several times paying a little more attention to her pussy on the up strokes each time around.

I can hear her breathing getting heavier and I can't wait to slide my hard cock into her sweet, wet pussy. She turns into me and we engage in a deep passionate kiss, our tongues sliding against each other. She presses her breasts against my chest and I wrap my strong arms around her body. She grinds her hips against me and she can feel my hard cock between our bodies. I grab her ass with both ands and try to pull her closer, wanting to feel every inch of her body against mine.

We break the kiss for a moment and she gasps in my ear "Oh Al, I want you to fuck me right now. Put that hard cock inside of me."

The passion in her voice makes my cock even harder. I respond "I love your sexy body. You make my cock so hard and I can't wait to slide it inside you over and over again, in every possible position. I want to make this is a night you will always remember."

I break our embrace and walk over to my overnight bag. I pull out several small items. I quickly place some scented candles on the night tables beside the bed and light them. I also place a bottle of KY massage oil and lube on the night table then walk over to her carrying something made of black fabric. I ask her to turn around and then slide a blindfold over her eyes. "This will keep out any distractions this evening and allow you to focus on our two bodies, especially yours."

We kiss again. She is excited by the notion of not seeing anything for the remainder of the evening and letting me take the lead. I am very good at pushing all of her buttons and making her pussy nice and wet. My tongue always feels great on her pussy and I know she really enjoys it when I slide my cock inside her.

I start to remove her clothing in between kisses and she does the same to me. She feels my strong chest and smooth abs as she removes my shirt. When she slides my pants down her hand brushes against the hard cock straining against my boxers. She loves the feel of my cock in her hand, in her mouth, and especially in her pussy. The thought of it makes her pussy even wetter and I’m sure she is really looking forward to feeling my cock deep inside her.

I move her over to the bed and lie her naked body down. She looks so damn sexy lying there naked, her breasts heaving with every breath and her legs spread yearning for me to touch her wet pussy. She is so turned on and can't see me or tell which part of her body I will touch next. She spreads her legs hoping that I will lie on top of her and slide my nice hard cock into her waiting pussy.

Instead she feels my hands caressing her breasts and tweaking her nipples as I lie beside her on the bed. My hands continue to rub her breasts as she feels me adjusting my position on the bed. Suddenly she feels my lips on her inner thigh, kissing and gently biting her skin. She can feel my breath on her pussy which is sweet agony. She needs to feel my touch and is hoping that I will slide my tongue into her sweet pussy.

I move down further and gently flick my tongue at her opening. She gasps. I do it again and she can feel her pleasure building. I then slide my tongue all the way up her pussy to her clit and then back down and inside her. It feels so good as I repeat this several times, giving her sensations all along her pussy then fucking her quickly with my tongue. She can feel her orgasm building and loves the way my tongue is giving her pleasure.

I then move up to her clit and focus there for awhile. I gently lick back and forth on her clit which is bringing her ever closer to an orgasm. I continue to lick her as I slide a finger into her pussy and gently massage her g spot. She is feeling overwhelmed as the pleasure centers of her clit and pussy come together and she feels the need to cum. She wants me to quicken my movements but I maintain the same rhythm and it feels so good. She bucks her hips against me as if to say "this feels so fucking good, make me cum!"

I continue to lick her clit in a steady rhythm and I love the sweet taste. Her pussy is soaked with her juices so I know I am hitting the right spots. My cock is extremely hard knowing that I am turning her on so much. I slide my finger out of her pussy and down to her ass. I gently push it inside her ass as I continue to lick her pussy. I am sliding my finger back and forth halfway into her ass as I continue to lick her clit. The feeling is driving her crazy. She loves it when I play with her ass when she is really turned on, and my tongue feels so good on her pussy. The stimulation on her clit and in her ass has her moving towards an orgasm.

I stop everything and move up her body to her breasts and suck on them hard. While it feels good all she can think right now is "get on top of me and fuck me!" Her legs are still spread wide as her pussy feels incredible. My mouth feels good on her breasts but nowhere near as good as it felt on her pussy. She is waiting for me to change my focus to her pussy again which is what I would typically do. She is thinking "Al would never leaving me hanging like this" when all of a sudden she feels a tongue licking at her clit.

The pleasure is incredible as she is getting the attention she needed. She thinks “Yes that's it, lick my sweet, wet pussy. Oh that feels so good.” She continues to feel a tongue at her clit and one on her breasts and comes to the realization that someone else has joined our party.

I slide up her body and whisper in her ear "I know you thought that dinner, the hotel, and the blindfold was your surprise for the evening but I have something else in mind for you. I know you will thoroughly enjoy having two guys with hard cocks take care of your every need this evening. Just lie there and enjoy every moment, and say hi to Jake."

Her mind is aflutter as she realizes there are now two guys on the bed playing with her naked body. This is something Bella and I had talked about previously during some pillow talk after sex and I’m sure she will be fine with the situation, especially with what we have planned for her.

I move back to licking and sucking on her nipples while Jake continues to lick her pussy. To her it feels as if the tongue on her nipples is connected to the tongue on her pussy as waves of pleasure flow through her body. The pure pleasure of the moment has already washed away any concerns that may have arisen about having a new guy in bed with her. The sexual beast inside has taken over and she is ready to feel these guys take care of her every sexual desire.

Jake's tongue quickly has her building towards that orgasm again. He licks her clit faster while sliding two fingers in and out of her pussy. She loves the feeling of being fucked while having her pussy licked. She grinds her hips against Jake’s face as she feels her orgasm building. I slide up to her face and whisper in her ear "That's it baby, doesn't that feel so good. I want to hear you cum for me. Think about Jake's tongue on your pussy and his fingers inside you and cum for me."

With the blindfold on she can't see anything but she can feel every movement of Jake's tongue on her pussy. She loves the thought of having two guys on the bed with her as her climax is building. Jake's mouth and tongue have her clit covered and his tongue is sliding back and forth very quickly. His fingers continue to slide in and out of her pussy and she can feel her climax building. Wave after wave of pleasure floods over her body as her orgasm comes crashing down on her. I am thoroughly enjoying the moment as her clit and pussy are on fire with pleasure as she screams and thrashes about in pure delight.

Since I know she loves to get fucked right after an orgasm I tell her to get on all fours and she knows we plan to do her doggy style. She moves quickly as she loves to feel a nice hard cock in her pussy right after cumming. I slide inside her and bury my cock deeply in her pussy in one stroke. She loves to get fucked hard and fast right after an orgasm as it maintains the waves of pleasure from her climax. Her pussy feels so good as my cock fills her up from behind. I pound her fast and deep as the waves of pleasure continue to sweep over her body.

I pull out and my cock is replaced with Jake's. She is very turned on by the fact that this other guy, who she hasn’t seen yet, just gave her an orgasm and is now fucking her from behind. She bucks against Jake as his cock fills up her pussy, urging him to fuck her harder. She feel his hands on her hips as he fucks her hard and fast, filling her pussy repeatedly with his hard cock. Her pussy feels so good as she continues to experience what feels like mini orgasms from the cock that is pounding her from behind.

I then place my hand on her head as Jake continues to slide into her pussy. She reaches out with her hand and guides my cock into her mouth. The taste of her pussy on my cock is not something new to her and she slides me deeply into her mouth. The back and forth motion of Jake fucking her pussy adds to my pleasure as my cock slides back and forth in her mouth from the natural rhythm. I look down and enjoy the view of my cock sliding between Bella’s beautiful lips, and then I look up to see Jake’s hands gripping her hips as he fucks her from behind.

I slide out of her mouth as Jake slides out of her pussy and we switch positions. Her pleasure builds once again as she feels my familiar cock slide deeply into her pussy and start moving quickly. A few seconds later she can sense Jake beside her and she readily opens her mouth to welcome his cock. The taste of her own pussy is renewed in her mouth and her mind shifts to thoughts of licking another woman's pussy.

She feels a new sensation as I slide a finger into her ass. She revels in the thought of having a hard cock inside her pussy, another in her mouth, and a finger in her ass. Her pussy feels awesome from the continued stimulation and she can sense another orgasm building. The cock in her pussy feels so good sliding deeply inside her and she hopes this erotic experience will never end.

I remove my cock and lie beside her on the bed. "Get on top of me and ride my cock baby" is what I say, and she eagerly straddles my body and starts riding me in the cowgirl position. Jake has shifted his position so she can still have his cock in her mouth at the same time she is riding me.

The view for me is amazing. Her breasts bouncing as she rides my cock, and her mouth wrapped around my buddy Jake's cock. This makes my cock harder and I start to pump my cock faster up into her pussy. She starts to moan loudly as the pending orgasm grips her body and she frees Jake’s cock from her mouth.

I continue to fuck her hard from the bottom as she rides my hard cock from the top and grinds her hips into me, trying to bring about that next climax. She can feel her second orgasm building and starts to move faster. I stop moving for a moment and I can sense the disappointment in her, until she feels Jake’s lubed up cock sliding into her ass from behind. She lets out a loud moan as Jake works his cock inside her slowly, until his cock fills up her ass and she now has two big hard cocks inside of her. Jake starts to move slowly in and out while I start to fuck her pussy again.

The sensation of two cocks moving inside her simultaneously quickly has her pleasure building. I love listening to her heavy breathing as we continue to fuck her pussy and ass at the same time. Her body feels full of cock, and her pussy is sending intense pleasure through her body. I remove her blindfold and we look into each other's eyes as she gets fucked by two guys at the same time. Her hands press against my hard chest as her pleasure builds. As I move my cock in and out of her pussy from below, I marvel at her facial expressions. Her mouth is opened wide, she is panting wildly, and her skin is covered with sweat.

I feel my own orgasm building as she begins to move quicker and moan loudly. The feeling of two cocks inside her has brought her to a new level of pleasure and she quickly buck her hips trying to get both cocks all the way inside her. As she nears her second climax she starts to pant wildly and then cries out "Ohhhh fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

As she thrashes about with her orgasm Jake and I continue to move our cocks quickly inside her pussy and ass, wanting her to squeeze every inch of pleasure from this experience. As her orgasm flows through her body her pussy clenches my cock and sends me into my own climax and I pump my cock deep inside as I fill her pussy with my cum. She continues to move wildly as the waves of pleasure are intense and I can tell that her pussy and ass are enjoying every minute of this attention. Jake is enjoying the wild movements of her ass against his cock as she is deep in the throes of ecstasy. He moves into her ass quicker and deeper as he feels his own climax building. His hard cock expands as he cums inside her ass, pushing in as deeply as he can.

She opens her eyes and looks at me exhausted, covered with sweat, yet with a glowing sense of pleasure about her. She continues to grind her hips slowly against the cocks that are resting inside her pussy and ass, enjoying the feeling of being penetrated by two guys at once, wondering what the rest of the evening will bring.

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