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07-31-2009, 02:53 AM
From the net:

For years I had been fantasizing about my wife making love to another man. She is very beautiful but also very reserved. Whenever I wanted to make love and she didn't we would compromise with her telling me a story about her and another man. The orgasms I experienced with this were incredible. I always told her how wonderful this whole idea was. I encouraged her to let this happen if the offer ever turned up.
We live near a beach and my wife and the kids are always there when the weather's nice. I bought her a very flattering bathing suit; she is easily the best-looking married woman with kids at the beach. My wife is stunning to look at: although she has a perfectly flat chest - really, no breasts at all, flat as a board but with huge erect nipples - she has really curvy hips and ass, a beautiful face, long shapely legs. She has a I know other men and husbands down at the beach were checking her out. So one evening she was down at the beach by herself, and one of the neighbor men was there. They chatted for a while before, next thing she knew, he was kissing her. And much to her surprise, she responded in kind. His wife and kids were out of town, and he asked her to walk back to his house with him. She knew I would support her in this, and she agreed. They went back to his house and went straight to his bedroom. They began kissing passionately. She pulled away and stripped off her clothes - she was wearing just shorts and a tight tank top - and he just pounced on her. He licked her cunt and rubbed her chest until she again pulled away, this time watching him take off his clothes.
I know this guy; he's kind of tall and blue-collar like. Not like me at all. When he pulled off his pants my wife was astonished by the size of his cock. I'm an average guy, just under six inches, but this guy was every bit of ten inches and really thick.
My wife never gives me oral, but she made an exception with this man. After she sucked him she lay back and spread her legs and got the fucking of her life. She didn't want to get pregnant, so she didn't let him cum inside her, but finished him off with a blowjob - something she's never done for me.
How do I know all these details? She told me, the next night. She had gone out for a walk in the warm summer air after I had fallen asleep, probably around 11. She didn't come home until nearly 4am.
When she told me it was like an electric shock went through us both. We fucked like crazy. Afterwords she asked if I would let her see this guy again. Would I? Of course! She went again the next night, but this time I was awake and lay in bed breathlessly awaiting her return. When she came home we tore right into each other. I could taste his cum in her mouth. Her cunt was hugely swollen.
Anyway, this was a few years ago. One thing amazing for me is that my wife's lover is a happily married man. His wife is quite a site to see. She has large breasts, and yet my wife tells me that he prefers my wife's perfectly flat chest over his wife's full breasts.
My wife and her lover carry on to this day, and I couldn't be happier. She goes over to see him about once or twice a month. Twice they have gone away for the weekend while I've stayed home with the kids. She loves me and is committed to our marriage, and I am happy to know she is being sexually fulfilled in ways I never could please her. Amazing that she LOVES giving her lover oral and swallowing all his cum, while she's NEVER done it to me. She and I pretty much just kiss and hold each other anymore, but I'm happy with it. And so is she. I ask her to tell me everything, and she does. It's an amazing match. My wife is slender and flat chested, but she has great hips and a very well-developed cunt - huge outer labias. Her lover is a very masculine man very well-hung. He fills her in ways I never could, and I get a real rush just thinking of his huge cock in my slender wife.
Of course my fantasy would be to watch them make love, but my wife says she is too conservative for that. One man at a time for her! Until she changes her mind I will have to make do with her very descriptive stories. Stories that once were just stories, but now are very real.

08-15-2009, 03:14 AM
Great story! Need more like that...

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09-09-2009, 12:45 AM
How lovely that you are happy being the dupe of an amoral slut. Committed indeed.

10-17-2009, 08:37 PM
Nice, that's a good neighbor policy.

espressobulus, must have something against us sluts!

12-08-2009, 02:22 PM
Numonescamp, I agree a little with espressobolus. The wife has a secret to hide, she does not want to have the experience together with her husband. She only want it for herself. Secrets will kill any relation. Jum

12-08-2009, 05:46 PM
I disagree. First, it's a story, but even if it's true, I see nothing wrong with it. She's not hiding the fact that she's seeing him, and he's telling her he doesn't mind. In fact, he's encouraging it! I'm a bit surprised that the husband is ok with her going down on her lover, and not him, but to each their own!

12-14-2009, 09:39 AM
But she does things with her lover she will not do with her husband. And that is, at least, degrading for her husband. If you have fun outside marriage, you can do alone, but together is more fun. And I think she should do same with her husband as with her lover, at least. Maybe do with husband few things only do together, not other way around. Maybe it is just story, but I know you must do things together too. Dangerous for marriage to do more with the lover as with the husband. And stupid. Maybe the woman in the story is amoral, or secretive. Maybe the husband want it, but it is not nice and stupid of him too, if he want.

12-14-2009, 01:14 PM
I can see both sides of this argument; how ever has anyone considered the aspect of the husband who has allowed the circumstances to develop as they have. If he is happy to be the absent cuckold knowing as he obviously does what his wife and lover get up to; then surely the arrangement has to be right for them and as a personal agreement surely it is not up for discussion.

If both parties are happy and no one is getting hurt then I can see this relationship not only surviving but developing the way the husband wants; Like all new experiences they soon become less novel and new additions often get added to maintain the level of excitement.

Wether the story is true or not; really does not matter as in the state of mind of the author it is clearly true and he believes he his getting his turn on from it.

As for the ammoral aspect of the wife being a cum slut; this is a charge which can be disputed as she is literally now a two man woman and not putting around everywhere. Besides whats wrong with a woman who likes to be a slut or even a submissive slut at that; there is nothing finer than telling a woman how you want her to put it about and having her happily agree.

Brigit Astar
12-14-2009, 04:07 PM
I can see this story developing to where eventually the wife allows her husband to watch--and they live happily ever after