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Literally we ran into each other…

It is strange how fate works; sometimes it jumps up and bites you when you least expect it; take the tale I am about to relate to you right now.

There I was driving along minding my own business when I approached the set of traffic lights; they had just begun to change so I slowed down and stopped. As was my usual practise I only held the automatic car on the foot brake and never put the handbrake on; when wham! I was suddenly hit quite hard from behind.

I jumped out of my car; furious and about to have an almighty row with the idiot who had failed to stop before hitting me; when out of this other car came a five foot six pocket Venus. She had long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes; which were already beginning to fill with tears as she blurted out she was so sorry; she thought she had applied the brakes in time to stop but had misjudged the stopping distance.

Well I looked at her walking towards me and suddenly I had this really wicked horny thought; in my mind’s eye I saw her naked and believe me my cock went hard straight away; I better explain; she was as I said five foot six but was fairly slim build with large bouncy tits; not only that but she had on a white blouse which showed her black bra beneath it as it struggled to cope with the pendulous weights it was supposed to carry. It was clear as I looked her large nipples she was almost as excited as I was for the twin points of her blouse were threatening to poke out someone’s eye out.

Her skirt or lack of it was more like a pelmet than a skirt; you know the thing I mean a fringe above a window. Well I already knew she was wearing black lacy panties to match her bra. She obviously did not like tights or stockings as her long shapely legs looked well shaved and I was sure that her cunt was just the same.

We looked at the damage to each others car but I noticed she was giving me the once over too; mind you so was I admiring her body work and not just that of the car. lol.

She offered me her insurance details and then said something really weird; “If you don’t want to go through the insurance I could pay off the damage to your car in any way you would like me too!” talk about leading questions..

We swapped contact details and insurance companies and she told me she would ring me later to discus what I wanted to do. So with that we parted company although I have to be honest what with my boner and the suggestive remark I was having difficulty in concentrating on driving; instead I kept thinking about how I could use her body and just how far she would be prepared to go to save her insurance claim.

Much later as I sat at home; my phone rang and it was Susie; once more she apologised for running into me as she had done and asked if I had considered her proposal. Now with her image springing up again in my mind I casually asked what her husband or boyfriend would make of her rather forward proposition; she quickly pointed out that she had neither boyfriend nor husband at the moment. I just had to laugh at the way she stressed at the moment.

She asked if I had eaten my evening meal yet and when I told her no; I usually had a late meal in the evening she proposed that I come over to her house and she would cook me a meal whilst we discussed the fuller details of my claim against her. I was not about to miss the chance to see her gorgeous body again so I instantly agreed and with in five minutes I was headed out the door and on my way.

When I arrived she greeted me with a long lingering kiss on the cheek; I was not complaining as it gave me the chance to feel her hot body pressed to my own. We soon went inside and she offered me a drink; to which I replied a cup of coffee would be lovely especially served topless. She giggled and pointed at her tits; you mean you want to see these.

I simply licked my lips and nodded; in a flash she had her tee shirt off and stood there cradling her large tits in her forearms; I was right the nipples were thick and about an inch long when erect.

I stepped towards her with the intention of feeling those boobs; but she quickly side stepped me and disappeared into the kitchen. I slowly followed and came up behind her at the sink; as I closed my arms around her and made to grab her tits; she told me not too as I had not told her I could play with them.

It suddenly hit me that she was a submissive and wanted to be told what was going to happen and more importantly told how she must react to my plans. I stepped back and let her have it verbally.

“You fucking horny slut; you dress like a two bit whore and tease me after damaging my car and you have cheek to tell me not to touch your fucking tits; which are simply crying out to be pinched and squeezed by my masterful hands!” I spoke out in a severe tone without raising my voice, “Now you slut, you will come to me on your fucking knees and you will beg me to touch your fucking mammoth tits and not only that you will offer me your mouth, your cunt and your arse to use as I see fit; but be careful my horny bitch because if you do not say it with sincerity and conviction I will walk away and leave your dripping fucking cunt in the state of torment it is clearly in right now!”

Susie instantly turned around and knelt down; then on her knees she shuffled forward making her tits bounce and sway ass he did so; then right in front of me she began, “Oh Master, your lowly slut of a whore; begs your forgiveness and asks you to feel her tits, no master; begs you to punish her tits as they deserve to be punished; I willingly give you my mind body and soul for you to use and abuse as you see fit, my lord and master; fuck me with your great cock or use anything to ram into my holes and make me do your sexual bidding as your truly obedient slut slave!” she pleaded.

I ordered her to stand and remove all her clothes; before laying back on the dining table and open her legs as wide as she could so I may examine my newly acquired slut’s cunt. Quickly she shed her clothe and dutifully positioned herself as I instructed even holding open the lips to her cunt with the index fingers of each hand. Her cunt was indeed soaking wet and her juices already bubbling away like a cauldron. I picked up the broom which was by the door and using the handle I slowly pushed it into her cunt; Susie made small squealing sounds but never tried to stop me or complain at what I was doing. Soon about twelve inches of the handle was up her cunt as I hit her cervix; I expected her to beg me to stop now but she in fact begged me to push more up into her womb. I told her to wait as I would be doing that another time but tonight I wanted to see how far she would go to please her new master; so I prodded her cunt a few times with the broom handle and then pulled it slowly out. She gave a discontented sigh as it came all the way out. I instructed her to get off the table and to turn round before bending over and showing me her anal ring.

Again she complied with out question and soon felt the wet end of the broom handle against her anal ring; “Reach back and grab the handle!” I commanded, and as she did so I told her to slowly push it up her arse till she could not take any more of it; slowly she inserted the tip of the handle and continued to slowly fill her anal chute with the wooden handle; A good eighteen inches disappeared up her before she stopped and she moaned, “Sorry master I can not take another inch, your worthless whore will practise to make sure she will take more in future though!”

By now the amount of the handle still outside her arse was about the same length as her legs; so I told her to stop and stand upright; I must confess she looked hilarious and yet so fucking sexy with the broom sticking out of her arse. “You will keep this in place till I tell you otherwise and now where is my food you promised me?” I enquired.

With great difficulty she waddled off and brought out place settings for the two of us; then she again left ad returned with our food; I sat at he first chair and she looked at me, then at the chair beside me and then at the broom between her legs. I snapped, “What is up whore; you really don’t expect to sit in my presence with that thing stuck out of your anal opening; so you better learn to eat standing up!” and with that I took a soup spoon and pressed the bowl end up against her cunt; slowly dragging it across her clit. I looked at the spoon and saw the clear cunt juices; then lifting the spoon up to her mouth I made her lick the spoon clean.

I could see her thigh muscles straining as she stood there trying to eat her meal and to be honest I did not help matters any by frequently playing with her clit or slapping it with my spoon. After the meal I made her go through the motions of sweeping the dining room without removing the broom from her arse; although I was aware she deliberately held the handle and managed to fuck her arse with the shaft on several occasions. Before she managed to cum though I made her bend over and pulled the handle from her arse in one quick thrust; then she was made to lick the wet section of the shaft as if it was a cock.

Once I was happy she had licked all the shaft that had been up inside her I made her fetch me some rope; which turned out to be a washing line and I tied the broom handle beneath her tits; making her tits bulge even more as I tightened the fastening.

Then as her tits turned red I placed my mouth against her right nipple and slowly delicately licked her nipple and then suddenly clamped my teeth down on her thick rubbery nipple; again a low husky groan escaped her lips and that turned into a delightful squeal as I pulled my head away from her tit dragging the nipple with my lips. This was then repeated on her left nipple ; before being repeated several times; between these ministrations; I made her tell me over and over how she was going to be a good little whore and how she was going to fuck who and how I told her. I made her promise that her life was mine to control from now on and that she would not so much as touch her own cunt without my express permission. She was soon calling herself all the delicious names I had been calling her and she even called herself the master’s fuck slut. I spotted a table tennis bat on the side and asked who did this belong to; she told me she used to play table tennis in a youth club when she was sixteen but had given it up now for some five or six years but had never got round to getting rid of the bat.

I picked it up and promptly used it as a paddle to spank her still bound tits; making sure to hit directly on to her nipples; he groans of pain soon turned into squeals of passion and she suddenly announced she was cumming; where by her cunt squirted its clear juices like a fine rain. I told her I never gave permission and for that she would be caned; just as soon as I fond a suitable item to use as a cane. She begged me to be patient and allow her to leave the room.

When I did so she soon returned with a bamboo cane from the garden and handed it to me before placing herself in a prone position over the edge of the table; whack the first strike landed square across her ass cheeks leaving a rapidly rising welt; she endure a further eleven of these strokes without complaint and once told to stand up she promised through tear stained eyes never to cum again without permission.

I allowed her to go take a hot bath with baby oil to ease her welts and then I joined her in her bed room where I tied her using the washing line to the bottom of her bed; there I quickly shed my clothes and allowed her the first view of my seven and a half inch cock; she licked her lips and asked permission to suck it. Permission was denied as I walked slowly up behind her and lightly touched her cunt with the tip of my cock; then I told her to tell me what she was and who she belonged to.

Just as she said she was a whore and a slut and belonged to a generous master called Roy; I slammed my cock all the way into her soaking wet tight cunt; then as I banged her hard I made her tell me how she felt being owned as a sex slave and how was she going to please her master.

“Oh master, I will do what ever you tell me to with out complaint or hesitation and I will always serve you and your needs to the very best of my ability; even if that means fucking who ever you tell me to in what ever way you tell me too!” she replied.

I reached round and squeezed and pulled on her tits and nipples as I fucked away at her cunt until I felt the tell tale tingle in my balls and at the last possible moment I pulled out spaying her still red angry looking backside with my own brand of white soothing cream. Before I left I allowed her to suck my cock clean and the last thing I did was untie her and make her promise to be at my home next evening at seven pm wearing only a blouse and short skirt. I kissed her on the forehead as I left telling her this was one accident I was becoming glad I had experienced.

Chapter 2.

At exactly seven pm; Susie rang my door bell and as she waited she nervously hopped from one foot to the other; no sooner had I opened the door she asked if she could use the toilet to which I replied an emphatic no.

Her face looked pained as she quickly gasped she was bursting for a pee; and if she did not get one soon she may just wet herself. I laughed as I told her that bitches always wet themselves one way or another; however I took her into my wet room where I told her to remove her clothes and having seen the toilet she assumed I was going to let her use it if I watched. But she was wrong as I soon produced a rope and tied her hands together before pulling them up and over the shower cubicle rail and tying them off well above her head.

Then I tied a large knot in on end of the next piece of rope and dropped it outside the shower room door, then closing and locking the door I took the four foot length of broom handle and tide one end to her right ankle and the other end to her left ankle spreading her legs just about as far apart as they would go; now the loose end of the rope passing under the door was fastened just below her knee pulling her right leg towards the door. The knot outside the door made an excellent anchor stopping the rope pulling through.

Now completely immobilised; Susie was at my mercy; so I started lightly tickling her ribs until she could not help herself and she began to wet herself; her small trickle of golden liquid turned in to a stream and then a torrent; I produced a bowl and catching large amounts of her urine I tossed it back over her showering in her own piss and I even ordered her to open her mouth and swallow large amounts of it. When the stream subsided down to a mere trickle I told her she was a piss soaked fuck aholic slut who would do anything to sample a hard cock.

I told her she was going to sample a lot more than just my now rock hard cock but first she was going to have to prove to me she was the whore she always appeared to be and to do that she was going to wear a special belt; this belt held two pockets which contained the power packs for two very special omni pods. The best way of describing these omni pods is as sound to vibration converters; only they also contained eight preset vibration patterns for use without music; and the vibrating part was actually a oval shaped probe the size of a large goose egg.

I delighted in rubbing the first one of these against her cunt juices and when it was complete covering in her clear juices I pressed it tightly to her anal ring and slowly eased it fully inside her arse; now the second one was also rubbed against her cunt and for a split second I pressed this against her anal ring too she began to shake her head; fearing I was going to push this inside her arse too but not daring to tell me no. A deft flick of the wrist had it against her cunt opening and soon it popped up inside her; I could imagine the two hard plastic eggs rubbing against each other with only the thin membrane of skin between them so it was easy for me to imagine the sensations about to befall Susie when I set them on different vibration patterns.

Susie groaned and jumped when I set the one in her arse to a heavy but slow vibration and I could see her hips begin thrusting at an imaginary cock; I mocked her by telling er to fuck the fresh air like the horny bitch she was and suddenly I sent her senses into over drive by setting the egg in her cunt to a droning tapering vibration pattern; this pattern alternated form high intensity vibrations down to minimal vibes and back again; its cycle lasted about 22 seconds form peak to min to peak again.

Now Susie’s hips were a blur as she thrust against some imaginary cock and her inner thighs gleamed as the clear sticky fluid from her cunt coated the tops of them; her guttural groans were rising to a scream like crescendo and I ordered her to describe how her cunt and arse were feeling. She gasped, “Out of this fucking world; oh; oh such wicked delicious torture it feels like some animal is eating away at the skin between my cunt and arse and the vibrations are shooting everywhere; even to my tits! God I wish I had my nipple clamps and weights right now!”

I suddenly produced two wooden spring loaded clothes pegs which I had adapted by drilling a hole in one of each of their legs; through these holes was twisted a paper clip making a little hook on each peg. I quickly trapped Susie’s inch long nipple between the teeth of the pegs and then hung a little cloth bag on each paper clip.

Now into each cloth bag I dropped penny pieces, increasing the weight and drag on each nipple as I did so; suddenly with twenty five pennies in each bag and her nipples being dragged down considerably; Susie suddenly screamed and her cunt squirted its juices clear across the floor. Susie moaned and moaned that she was cumming and cumming so hard she had never felt such power in her orgasm as this.

I took my camera and began snapping pictures of her until she finally began to recede from her orgasmic peak; but I soon had her climbing back up there again by swapping the vibration patterns between her cunt and arse. By now Susie’s head hung down resting her chin on her chest her mouth wide open as she gasped for air but she had the biggest grin on her face as once more she began thrusting her hips.

Between gasps of air she began calling herself a fuck slut, a horny bitch and her master’s common tart of a whore; she also began begging to be allowed to suck her master’s beautifully long thick cock and begged to be allowed to drink his spunk and piss.

Suddenly I switched off the omni pods and allowed Susie to calm down; I slowly untied her and then using the shower on its coldest setting I showered her off and without allowing her to dry herself led her out in to my secluded back garden where she was tied over the picnic table. This picnic table was am A frame construction of solid pine and it allowed her arms to be tied wide apart and in line with her legs too.

Now all three of Susie’s holes were available to my fingers or what ever else I wished to stick in them although she still had the omni pods inside her cunt and arse; I next applied a blindfold to Susie and then set the omni pod to a low frequency vibration; setting the same pattern in her cunt as her arse. Just in case she began screaming again I took a ball gag and fastened this tightly in place between her teeth. Now she could only make unintelligible sounds.

I walked away making sure she heard me slam closed the door which led tot eh garden; now Susie was not aware of my invited guests arriving in the living room although they were able to see her through the patio door. I asked them to remain quiet until they had all arrived and then they would be taken outside to meet their plaything for tonight.

Soon all six of the guests were here and I duly took them outside into the garden and indicated for them to remain silent; I then turned up the omni pod vibrations until Susie was begging to be fucked although the ball gag made it seem as if she was just insane calling out inaudible words.

I then whispered that she was theirs for the taking but asked them to remove the vibrator before they went too far; I reminded them that they were to wear condoms at all times and after that they could do what ever they wanted as long as it was not life threatening or causing permanent scarring.

I sat back to watch; John a six foot tall guy with a eight inch cock stepped forward and immediately pushed his fingers into Susie’s cunt and pulled out the egg shaped vibrator and resting it close to her cunt so it touched the sides of her thighs, he suddenly spanked her left cheek of her arse. Six painful blows rained down on her now crimson cheek; before he began rubbing it. Steven soon took the hint and he spanked her right cheek and began kneading it like a baker would on dough.

By now Susie must have realised that there was more than one man now dealing with her horny oversexed body; as John suddenly plunged his condom covered cock into her cunt just as Simon rubbed his condom covered six inch cock around the cheeks of her face before releasing the ball gag and popping his cock deep into her mouth; Steven with his seven inch cock waving like a flag at half mast found the control for the vibrator still buried in her arse and began playing with the settings prompting john to tell him when he felt the changes in the vibrations.

The two of them now pounded away at Susie’s responsive body and worked their cocks in unison as they literally raped her cunt and mouth; not that Susie was complaining for she was too busy groaning between thrusts to actually protest.

Susie suddenly went rigid as her next orgasm wracked her body prompting John to spank her arse again; Simon now with handfuls of Susie’s long blonde hair was forcefully fucking her mouth for all he was worth when he suddenly held his cock deep inside her mouth and filled his condom. As he with drew Steven was quick to replace him whist Simon removed the condom and as per my instructions he tied the condom off and popped it into a bowl. Soon Geoff, Mark and David had also deposited condoms in the bowl and Susie was taking her thirteenth cock of the night deep in to her arse; she looked wonderful her body covered in the glistening coat of sweat from her sexual endeavours and the whole area began to smell like a cheap brothel on sale night.

Slowly one by one the guests had sated their fill and disappeared until at midnight there was only myself and the still tied Susie out in the garden. I decided that now would be the right time to fuck her bareback and I plunged my bare cock deep into her well used cunt and reaching beneath her I was soon pinching an pulling on her still rock hard nipples. Susie was so exhausted she barely moved let alone grunted her approval of the vigorous fucking I was now giving her cunt.

It was at the very last second I pulled out and showered her angry red looking arse with my baby making seed. I carefully untied her and turned her over on to her back then I took off her blindfold and allowed her to sit up.

She smiled a weak smile and thanked me for the night of her life and she quietly told me she had been dreaming of such a night for as long as she could remember; but she would never have had the courage to make herself a whore for the night as I had just done. I pointed tot eh bowl half full of used tied off condoms and told her that her final task for tonight was to take each of those condoms into her mouth and burst them showing me the spunk I her mouth and then she could remve the condom before she had to swallow each of the loads and she had to tell me if she could what size prick it had come from.

I told her to give her a fighting chance the size of the six pricks she had taken tonight ranged from five inch, six inch, seven inch, eight inch, nine inch and a monster cock of ten inches. I knew she would have no chance of telling which condom came from which cock but I wanted her to use her imagination about the cocks which she had felt up her cunt at on time or another tonight.

After she burst each condom she would tell me a size and I would ask her why that size and what did she feel when that sized cock was inside her. This as well as making her feel dirty and used also turned her on all over again.

It was finally four am before the weary couple made their way to bed and Roy lay spooned up against his sexy horny fuck queen.

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