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08-04-2009, 04:41 PM
I wrote this short story after a real life experience just over a month ago. I really enjoyed the experience and I hope you enjoy my recount of it.

You are in a deep sleep as a result of our previous night of passion. Your dreams wander from thoughts of rides at an amusement park, to exotic travel, and now we are eating dinner in a fine restaurant. The cuisine is Italian and we are sharing a bottle of merlot over dinner.

You are wearing a sexy red dress with a nice pair of heels, while I am smartly dressed in pants and a sport coat. You take another bite of your agnolotti and savor the taste. You follow it with a sip of red wine as you are thoroughly enjoying this fine cuisine. You are about to take another taste of your pasta when you feel a tingling sensation between your legs.

You place the pasta in your mouth and definitely feel it again, as if there is something soft and smooth sliding against your pussy. You part your legs slightly to allow better access to your pussy. You take another sip of wine and feel a jolt of pleasure as something is definitely sliding along your pussy and exciting your clit. You spread your legs further apart to allow this invisible entity full access to your pussy, enjoying the pleasure building in your pussy as you stare across the table into my eyes. You close your eyes and lean your head back, enjoying this attention on your most sensitive areas. There is an intense focus on your clit and your eyes open wide from the pleasure building between your legs.

You are somewhat startled to find that you are actually lying in our bed, the room still dark. However there is no denying the pleasure you feel in your pussy. Your hips are grinding slowly, your legs are spread apart, and something is providing you with intense pleasure all over your pussy.

You are still very sleepy and glance over to my pillow, I am not there. You lift the bed sheet to see my face buried in your pussy, my tongue the source of your building orgasm. You lower the sheet and decide to lay back, close your eyes and enjoy the feeling between your legs. Now cognizant of the fact that my mouth was the source of the pleasure building between your legs, and the reason you were roused from your deep sleep and the fine Italian dinner you were enjoying in your dreams.

How the morning started from my perspective …

As is typical, my eyes snap open much earlier than they should as I roll over to see the red digits on the clock reading 7:07. I start to replay the events from the night before in my head. We started by kissing passionately at first while our hands explored each other’s bodies. Your hands always feel so good rubbing my cock and squeezing my balls. However that pleasure was quickly surpassed when your tongue tickled the head of my cock and then your mouth engulfed me. It was a night of passion with several orgasms between the two of us.

Thinking of the previous evening’s events has already gotten my cock stirring and my attention turns to the naked beauty lying beside me. You are lying flat on your back, eyes closed as you sleep peacefully. I raise the bed covers to admire your breasts, gently heaving to the rhythm of your breathing. I look past your breasts down to your tummy, pubic mound and legs. I can definitely picture myself climbing on top of you and sliding my hardening cock inside your sweet pussy.

We were up until almost 3am the previous evening/morning so I know you won’t be waking up for another couple of hours. You’re not a morning person and you like to sleep in whenever possible. However this is a special occasion with no kids around so I decide to seize the opportunity and wake you up anyways, in my own special way.

I slide under the covers so that I am positioned next to your legs. I then slide quietly over your body and position my head just over your pubic mound. I can already catch the scent remaining on you from our night of passion. The smell of your pussy gives me more encouragement and my cock is now rock hard. I am filled with nervous energy as I lower my mouth to your pussy, not knowing how you will react to this special attention.

Your legs are slightly spread so I have partial access to your lips. I start by gently licking the outside of your pussy. I feel the dampness still about your pussy from the sex we had just a few hours earlier. I continue to lick along the outside of your pussy lips, thoroughly enjoying the taste and waiting for some kind of reaction from you.

After a few minutes I decide to advance my touch and slide my tongue deeper inside your pussy lips. I only have access to the top half of you so I press my tongue in deeply, half way up then slide it up and over your clit. I continue this pattern for several strokes and you start to stir, spreading your legs slightly further apart. I take advantage of this movement in your body to position myself directly between your legs now with full access to your glistening pussy.

Although you haven’t awoken I am certain the attention of my tongue is having the desired affect on your body. Now with full access to you I position my tongue at your opening then slide it all the way up, circling your clit with several quick strokes of my tongue and back down again. I repeat this several times and I can feel your pussy getting wetter with every stroke of my tongue.

I decide it may be time to focus on your most sensitive area and slide my mouth up to cover your clit. I lap at it slowly, being certain to provide full coverage with my tongue. I slide my tongue back and forth across your bud, believing this must be sending pleasurable feelings through your body and into your dreams. Surely enough your hips seem to be moving ever so slightly to match the rhythm of my tongue. Not long after that I feel you rouse and you seem to be awake, but I can’t really tell since my head is still buried between your legs and focused on building your arousal.
Moments later I feel the sheets move and you are looking down into my eyes. I see a hint of approval although it is difficult to be certain since you are still very drowsy from the lack of sleep. My tongue never stops its movement and I see your eyes close again and the sheets fall back to your chest. You move one hand to the back of my head and this is a sign that confirms you approve of my attention to your pussy.

I quickly move one hand to tweak your nipple as my tongue continues to work its magic, and I hear you let out a gasp above the sheets. I squeeze your nipple a little harder providing a mixture of pleasure and pain at the same time. Your hand tightens its grip on my head pulling me closer to your pussy, as you grind your hips into my face.

Your climax is building quickly and I decide to help things along. My tongue is now moving quicker over your clit and you let out a long moan. I love watching and hearing your reactions when I am licking your pussy so I quickly throw the bed covers aside. I look up to see your breast heaving with your deep breaths. Your head is tilted back, your eyes closed, and your mouth agape as if letting out a silent scream.

You readjust your position as you ready for your pending orgasm. You raise your knees straight up and place your feet on my shoulders, providing me with full access to your sweet pussy. You place both hands on my head as if steering where I apply my attention. I can feel pressure being applied to my body from your hands, feet, and thrusting hips, and I am loving every minute of it.

As my tongue quickens its tempo yet again I slide two fingers into your pussy, moving them slowly in comparison to my tongue. You love the feeling of having your pussy penetrated as I lick your clit, and you really start to move your hips and ass begging me to make you cum.

My tongue is now sliding very quickly against your clit and you are at the edge of orgasm when your body freezes temporarily and you let out a long moan “Ohhhhhhhhhh”. The orgasm is sending intense pleasure through your clit for 30-40 seconds as my tongue continues to massage your clit quickly and my fingers massage your g-spot.

After the initial wave you start to thrash against me in an attempt to maintain the strobes of pleasure in your pussy. This is my queue to slide up your body, since I know that fucking you fast and hard will surely bring about additional orgasms. I move quickly and just before my hard cock slides inside, you say “fuck me hard baby, fuck me with your hard cock”. These are the first words you have spoken to me this morning and are exactly what I wanted to hear. When you talk dirty I know you are ready for some hot and wild sex.

My cock is quickly buried deep inside you, sliding all too easily into your soaking wet pussy. My thrusts are fast and deep as I aim to bring about your next round of orgasm very quickly. You are having difficulty breathing as the cock moving deeply in your pussy is bringing about new waves of ecstasy. You grab my strong ass with both hands and say “fuck me, fuck me hard” as you can sense a new set of orgasms close at hand. You wrap your legs around mine and thrust your pussy up to meet the thrusts of my cock. It feels so good to be sliding into your wetness and feeling our bodies intertwined. I can feel my own climax building and I know it won’t be long until I deposit another load of hot cum deeply inside you.

I push my body against yours and thrust my hips quickly, plunging my cock deep in your pussy in fast shallow strokes. You say “oh fuck yes” as you feel the waves of orgasm rolling over your pussy. You can remain in this state for a long time as long as my hard cock continues to pound your pussy. “Fuck me baby, fuck me” you continue as the throes of ecstasy have once again gripped your buddy. I fuck your pussy hard and fast wanting to maintain the level of pleasure you are feeling.

I can feel your pussy squeezing my cock as you cum and it brings me to another level of pleasure. The feeling of your pussy and the sounds of your moans have combined to bring me to the edge. Your pussy continues to squeeze my cock as if milking the cum out of me. My breathing quickens and you can sense my own orgasm approaching. You squeeze my ass harder encouraging me to fill your pussy with my hot cum.

I bury my cock deep inside you as I start to cum. The first shot is always the hardest and I stop my movements as I release my cum deep inside you. I then start moving again as several more spurts follow the first and I empty my cock inside your pussy. The feeling of my cock surrounded by cum deep inside your pussy is exquisite and I continue to slowly thrust in and out of you.

After a few more minutes of this movement, I raise my body from yours and remove my cock. It is semi hard and glistening from our juices. Your pussy is red, swollen, soaking wet and absolutely magnificent. I drop my face there to taste you one more time, running my tongue from your opening all the way to your clit, enjoying the taste of our love fluids mixed together.

As I move to lie next to you, you turn your body away from mine and curl into a semi fetal position. I slide in behind you so that we are spooning, pressing my cock against your luscious ass. I know that you will be quickly falling back into a deep sleep, and move my mouth to your ear. I nibble on it at first then whisper “Good morning my love”.

You smile and drift off into a deep, restful sleep.

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Really good story and should prve a popular choice with our other members.

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Thanks for the new addition

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really enjoyed your story thank you :)

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Well done,mate!

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nicely told story, runningman, well-written, hot and arousing