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The power of the church.

Reverend Deacons was a powerful man standing six feet tall; with a powerful build and piercing blue eyes. He was married to Samantha Deacons and had been for fifteen years; she was actually seven years younger than her husband and in typical style, James Deacons had been her only love. In fact he had been her only experience with the opposite sex at all; but she had a secret she was scared to tell her husband; she had once had a three month affair with another woman.

Samantha Deacons stood five foot four tall and a slim build with firm 36C breasts but with large nipples; her blonde hair was always tied up denying any hint of her true sexual nature. The reverend always insisted on his conjugal rights in the dark and only on Wednesday and Saturday nights; even lately that had seemed to be too much effort for him or so it appeared to his dutiful wife.

What Samantha was not aware of was the little harem that James Deacons was building for himself by way of his confessionals. It all started six months ago when seventeen year old Peggy Jones came into his church to confess her sins. With trembling voice she admitted impure thoughts about several boys in her high school class; even more when she confessed to allowing two of the boys to look at her breasts and one other boy to actually feel her hot wet cunt. Reverend Deacons was never one to miss the opportunity and he asked her to describe how she felt when this was happening.

Peggy began to imagine the actions as if it were happening right there and then an began to tell of her feelings; how she felt naughty but sexy in allowing the two boys to see her naked breasts; she described how her flesh tingled when the boy ran his fingers up her inner thigh and how she sighed a deep longing sigh when his fingers entered her cunt. Deep inside her; she knew if the reverend told her to she would remove all her clothes right now just to feel his hands and eyes on her body. As if reading her mind through the lattice trellising; Reverend Deacons contemplated her fate for only a split second.

“My young harlot, you need this demon extracting from your soul; now is neither the time nor place so you will meet me at 9.30 pm this evening in the vestry!” Reverend Deacons demanded.

“Yes sir!” was Peggy’s only response and she suddenly left the confessional box and disappeared into the main body of the church. She was probably unaware of the reverend’s eyes watching her as she fled the church. Now her anonymity was gone; James thought about how he was going to punish this misguided whore and the more he thought the more he knew he would need to fuck her to satisfy his own lusts.

The rest of tonight’s confessions were run of the mill bad thoughts and occasional blasphemy all of which he punished with numerous Hail Mary’s and heavy donations to the church. Reverend James Deacons cursed his timing as he just could not settle waiting for 9.30 to arrive. He tried all he knew to pass the time including tidying up the basement of the church; suddenly he looked at his watch and began heading to the vestry.

Sure enough right on time; Peggy Jones arrived and he ordered her to follow him down to the basement. Meek and mild she went like a lamb to the slaughter but inside her cunt was hotter than hell and her nipples ached and demanded a good working over. Once in the basement he turned and demanded she remove her clothes; she began to complain until he shut her up telling her she committed the sins with her body on view so she will face her punishment similarly attired.

With a gentle shrug of her shoulders; Peggy began undressing but feeling watched and embarrassed as she noticed the reverend watch her undo each and every button. Soon her blouse was open and she shrugged her shoulders once more and watched as the material slipped down her arms and drifted to the floor. “Now your Bra!” demanded James Deacons.

With out a single word; she reached behind her and unclasped the hooks and her bra followed her blouse to the floor. There was a mixture of pride and embarrassment as well as a definite edge of horniness as she displayed her tits to the reverend. She half expected him to step forward and begin pinching her already rock hard nipples but instead he simply barked further instructions to her. Remove your skirt he demanded and then he made her remove her panties until she stood red faced and totally naked before him.

Not content at her embarrassment he made her open her legs, place her hands on her head and slowly turn around; as she did so he made lewd comments for her to hear. “You whore, look at your horny fucking tits with their sinful nipples already erect and expecting to be sucked; your arse is just perfect for the spanking your slutty actions deserve; your horny wet cunt is already dripping is juices like a bitch on heat; you really want me to fuck you don’t you; you common little slag of a tart!”

For some reason the words seemed to echo around in Peggy’s mind and she found herself simply nodding at his words; with trembling voice she mumbles “Oh Master you should punish this slut as you see fit but if it is the lords wish for me to milk your manhood and catch the seeds in my very needy cunt then so be it!”

Reverend James Deacons smiled as he heard her total subligation to his wishes; now all he had to do was make sure she betrayed other girls she knew so he could enjoy them as well; suddenly it hit him why just the girls, he had always wanted to suck a cock and to fuck some poor guy hard up the ass. If the chance arose to dominate a male too; should come his way he would grab it with both hands; he thought to himself the lord is truly bountiful for putting this opportunity in his hands at this moment in time.

With a smirking smile across his lips he ordered Peggy to bend over and then reach back and slowly pull apart her arse cheeks; as she did so he told her he could see her tight little puckered anal ring winking an begging him to touch her there. Peggy moaned her lust as quietly as she could but not with out the reverend hearing her. He told her that from this angle her horny devilish cunt was already opening up ready to take the demon seed of mankind and her own fuck juices were beginning to cover the tops of her thighs.

All of the reverends words only served to fan the flames of her passion until she deliberately thrust her arse back towards him and begged him to touch her there so he could see how the devil was heating up her cunt and making her such a wanton whore. He laughed and told her he would indeed be touching her there but first she had to renounce her wicked slutty ways and the best way for her to do that was to firstly pay homage to the demon icon which drove her passions with such fervour. He quickly undid his belt and dropped his trousers and pants to the floor before making her kneel before him facing his rigid nine inch cock.

Peggy’s eyes grew wide as she looked upon the knurled vein crossed member; instinctively she brought her hand up to touch it but a light slap across her face had her regret he movement. Reverend Deacons now ordered her to open her mouth and to taste the demon which he knew haunted her dreams; no sooner had she closed her mouth over his rigid cock than he thrust violently forward forcing his full length into her mouth and hitting the back of her throat as he did so. She panicked that she could not breath but his firm hands behind her head prevented her from pulling away from the man snake now buried in her mouth.

Her gag reflex soon took over and she managed to breath rather noisily through her nose; mean while the reverend continued to slowly but firmly fuck her mouth as he spewed forth his ranting that she was a cock sucking whore of Babylon; she was the demon seed drinking bitch of a thousand whores; he told her that just like her own mother she was the embodiment of pure satanic lust and the devil himself would not fuck her any harder or longer than he intended to do.

By now Peggy worked her tongue along the lower side of his cock and flicked at the joint between he head and the stem of his hard yet so delectable cock; she swirled her tongue over his helmet at every chance she got and suddenly he gripped her head tight and forced his cock to the back of her throat as torrent after torrent of hot sticky white spunk gushed down her throat. When the very last spurt had drained from his cock he pulled form her mouth and told her that she had shown she was indeed in need of salvation and he was just the man to save her soul. He then made her straddle across a pew which was awaiting repair. From where; she knows not; but he suddenly produced a rope and tied her hands to her feet beneath the pew so she could not move and then sized up her arse cheeks.

Using the palm of his hand he set about her cheeks with a devil’s passion until her cheeks glowed as red as the fiery embers of hell itself; he totally ignored her cries of pity and the fact that she was shedding such torrents of tears as she promised to be a good girl in future. He suddenly stopped and quietly said, “We will see my little fuck slut for I am now going to fuck you and if your truly repentant then you will not enjoy this test sent from the lord. Then he thrust his cock at her cunt and hit her just about level with her clit; this thrust rubbed against her clit and began to stoke the fires of passion again; his second thrust hit the opening of her cunt and sent half his length into her open cunt lips; his with drawl stroke only left the head still buried inside her but the next thrust buried his whole nine inches inside her clutching cunt.

He pounded away at her cunt for forty minutes never letting up on the pace of his assault; now human nature being as it was she began to orgasm and he swore that she was the female form of the devil and his punishment had managed not a single bit of the rescue of her soul he had hoped for. Oh he knew that fucking her as he had done was bound to bring about her orgasm; and his plan was that he would have to repeat this several times over the forthcoming weeks. Just then he had an evil idea and as he continued on an out stroke he pointed his cock at her anal ring and forced his head tightly against her sphincter muscle. She screamed out loudly as his cock stretched and forced its way inside her virgin arsehole.

He never stopped pushing till his whole cock was buried up her shit chute and his balls nestled against her flesh. Now like the very demon he was trying to out he began to fuck her and even added to her discomfort with slaps against her clit or tits as he drove his cock onward till he suddenly spilled his second load of the night deep inside her anal chute. Only then did he relent and allow her to be untied and for her to kneel and pray in front of him. As she closed her eyes t pray his hands were already kneading her firm tits and his fingers pinched her long erect nipples. Peggy once more had to bite her lip to stop crying out from the passion and the pain she was feeling; she also knew that the reverend was wrong if he thought that two or three sessions like this was going to cure her for she felt she needed at least forty or fifty such sessions and more.

So it was with eager pleasure that she confided the names of the three boys who had played with her sexually before and even willingly gave the names of two female friends who had been present and willingly encouraged her actions. Now in the space of less than 24 hours the very Reverend James Deacon had the making of his very own illicit harem. Soon one would become six and six would just as quickly become twenty. The reverend never explained to his wife why he suddenly needed her less for sex then before but she did notice that his work was keeping him longer and longer at the church these days.

To be continued.

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Chapter 2.

Next day Reverend James Deacons went to the address given him by Peggy Jones; he now knocked on the door and asked for John Jenkins. John’s Mum led the reverend into the parlour and shortly he was joined by the seventeen year old John; making sure the door was firmly shut; reverend Deacons began his plan, “Young man; do you know Peggy Jones?” and receiving a cautious nod he continued, “Well she tells me that you have begun to travel the path of the satanic demons!”

John Jenkins gulped and actually blushed; looking extremely nervous he tried to get the reverend to shut up or change the subject; this was of course the reaction the reverend hoped for and expected. John opened the door to make sure his mother was not listening outside it; before closing it again and whispering to the reverend to be quiet as he did not want his mother to hear. Reverend Deacons allowed himself a little smile as he said, “Very well young man, we will discus this tonight at 8 pm at the church! Do not be late; I would hate to have to come and get you after all it would be sad if your mother learnt of your behaviour!”

John realised he was caught and merely nodded; he breathed a sigh of relief as the reverend turned and left; bidding John’s mother a fond fair well. Then he stopped in his tracks and returned to John’s mother and whispered that he had not seen her in church recently and he hoped that she not lost faith. Poor John only saw the pair talking and never managed to catch what they were talking about; so in his eyes the reverend could have been telling her about anything. This was of course the reaction reverend James Deacons was hoping for; at the same time the reverend could not help but noticed the large tits of john’s mother.

As he returned to the church; his mind wandered to lewd thoughts. He saw in his minds eye; John naked and his stiff prick pointing straight out while his naked mother was on her hands and knees with the reverends cock buried in her mouth. In his fantasy the reverend leaned forward and began sucking on John’s five inch cock lubricating it before ordering him to stick his cock into his own whore of a mother’s cunt. He would then order him to fuck her hard but not to cum inside her; at the point of cumming he was to pull out and allow the reverend to suck his load from his balls like drinking through a straw.

All afternoon as the reverend tried to remain busy enough not to ponder the things he had planned for tonight; his mind kept pondering how he could entice John’s mother into his planned harem, also he wondered if she would allow her own son to fuck her or would she baulk at that. Always in his mind’s eye; her tits were always large firm and topped off by extremely sensitive and long erect nipples; how he wanted to bite and pinch those nipples.

Suddenly his train of thought was disturbed by the ringing of his vestry phone; he answered as he normally did, he had this alarming habit of rubbing his cock through his trousers as he spoke on the phone; it was his wife asking what time would he be home for his evening meal. Almost annoyed at her intrusion into his private thoughts he rashly answered when he gets there; when he then put the phone down without waiting for any further conversation. Poor Samantha Deacons realised that probably meant he would be home after 10 pm yet again.

Secretly she decided that today she would take him a sandwich and this would allow her to see what was keeping her husband at the church till the late evening hours. Quickly reverend Deacons phone the home of Peggy Jones and told her to be at the church for 8.15 pm prompt; the tone of his voice warned Peggy not to be late or not to even contemplate not turning up at all. The remaining instructions from James Deacons though had her heart pounding and her cunt already beginning to juice up; for he told her to let herself into the church and go to his vestry. There she was to remove all her clothing and make her way down to the basement area where she began her punishment.

Now having ended that phone call; Reverend James Deacons made his way down to the basement where he prepare the pew he had used earlier as a stock barrier; he made sure that there was plenty of rope secured to the feet of the pew and he placed a blindfold on the table along with a table tennis bat he acquired from the now defunct youth club. He set up a discrete webcam with motion detector and then set about testing it to make sure it started with the slightest movement.

Now with everything ready; James Deacons found himself at a loose end with four hours still to kill before the arranged appearance of John Jenkins. He decided that he would work on his sermon for the forthcoming Sunday service; he did not fail to recognise the relevant irony of his choice of sermon subject. His sermon for Sunday was straying from the righteous path and giving in to Satan’s temptations.

As he worked on his sermon, he found he had to keep deleting his wording as his mind wandered off to his plans for tonight and in the middle of defending the platitude of remaining faithful to the good book he would suddenly notice a sentence like; and he sank his little hard cock into her over wet horny cunt as the bitch on heat begged to be allowed to suck some real cock. Reverend James Deacons decided to do something he had never done before, not even as a youth; he decided to allow his mind to wander along the path it seemed to be constantly trying to follow an he undid his trousers and pulled out his semi hard nine inch cock.

Leisurely he stroked his cock as in his mind’s eye he played out the scenario he envisioned for that night; in these thoughts he had John naked and tied over the pew; he had the boys cock in his mouth while his hands gripped his balls. He imagined then the arrival of the naked Peggy and how she was ordered to kneel and suck his own 9 inch cock until it was hard enough and then she was to continue by sucking John’s cock while he slowly but forcefully slipped his cock up the virgin arse of the boy telling him that if he wanted to fuck a girl he would have to experience the feeling of having himself fucked too.

Suddenly he grabbed his hankie just in time to cover his cock head as he spurted his load; suddenly he had this really weird desire to taste his own spunk. It was something which never occurred to him before but acting of the spur of the moment he quickly brought the hankie to his mouth and snaked out his tongue dipping it into the wet spot; despite the soaking in of the spunk he still got a definite thrill tasting his own semen. He slowly tucked his cock away and almost reluctantly put away his soiled hankie; almost dozing in his chair, he rested.

Later he awoke just ten minutes before John Jenkins was due to arrive; quickly checking his appearance he made a mental note to experiment with eating his own spunk again another day. Just then there was a knock on his vestry door; in his best sermon authorative voice he called out, “come in!”

In stepped a very nervous almost timid John Jenkins; standing but nearly cowering before the reverend, he kept his eyes fastened on the floor just in front of the man he had been summoned to see. The reverend broke the silence as he ordered John to stand up straight and take his forthcoming punishment like a man; he then continued by demanding John undress fully. John started to ask why when the stern voice of Reverend James Deacons told him to shut up; he said that if he had not removed his clothes by the count of ten, his punishment would be four times as harsh.

Realising he was caught between the devil and the deep blue sea; John Jenkins immediately began to remove his clothing; as he did so the reverend warned him that was his last attempt at defiance; try it again and not only would the punishment be tougher but also he would make sure his dalliances with Peggy was made known to his mother. John actually begged him not to and promised he would do exactly as he was told with out hesitation in future; Reverend Deacons smiled at this.

Soon John stood before the reverend stark naked and he tried to hide his cock behind his hands until James ordered him to put his hands on his head. Then reverend Deacons made john follow him down to the basement. As they walked through the draughty church; John could not help but become sexually excited at the merest thought being discovered naked in the church with another man; even if that was the reverend.

The fact that John’s smaller cock began to rise was not missed by the reverend and he smiled, “this was going to be easier than he thought!” he said to himself. As they reached the area where the pew was; reverend Deacons turned and catching john unawares he took a firm hold of his still erect cock. John nearly baulked at the turn of events but suddenly he felt a strange kind of sensation unlike anything he had ever felt before and he knew he wanted it to continue; so he remained silent waiting to see what was to develop.

He never complained when led over to the pew and willingly allowed himself to be shackled to it; neither did he complain when he was suddenly faced with the reverend’s 9 inch cock pointing directly into his face. It took very little to persuade him to open his mouth and to taste the grown man’s stiff cock. John took a certain amount of fright though when with the cock pushed fully into his mouth he suddenly began to feel the rain of slaps on his arse but soon recovered expecting this to be the extent of his punishment.

Just as he began to relax and enjoy the sensation of the velvety bar of iron sliding along his tongue, he suddenly heard rather than saw something behind him. OMG he thought I am going to be caught sucking the reverends cock; but by whom. He visibly relaxed when he heard the Reverend say, “Oh hi Peggy I think you know our horny little friend here!”

Then out of the corner of his eye; John saw Peggy, had his mouth not been full of cock his jaw would have dropped as she stepped forward as naked as he himself was. Immediately she came and stood beside the reverend; who wasted no time in pinching her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. As he did so he began asking Peggy if her cunt was as hot, wet and as tight as it had been the other night and was she happy to be his fuck slut again today.

An excited Peggy eagerly admitted she was hot and wet and she was definitely willing to be his slut anytime day or night. The reverend then pointed at John’s cock and told Peggy that as his cock was already being sucked; she should start on John’s weedy excuse for a penis. Immediately Peggy knelt down and thrusting her arse back towards the reverend she began sucking on johns cock as if it was her last meal ever. The reverend simply leaned forward and slid his hand along John’s back as his other hand found the crease in Peggy’s cheeks.

Once he had slid his hand between John’s ass cheeks; despite the clear difficulty he was experiencing; he began to push his index finger of both hands into the two anal rings before them; he commented as both sphincter muscles gave way to his probing finger that this was truly a good day for the lord. Then he slowly built up speed of his fingers fucking the two butts before him.

Suddenly Peggy spluttered as john shot his load into her mouth and the last remnants of his climax hit her face, hair and dribbled down hanging as strands of white streaks from her chin. The reverend snapped his fury at John and instantly pulled his cock from his mouth and unleashed several heavy handed slaps on to his already bright red arse. Ignoring the screams of pain from John he moved behind him and unmercilessly plunged his cock into his slightly open anal ring.

Peggy could only imagine the pain now shooting through John’s body as the reverend ignored everything else and pushed forward with great force burying his cock into the virgin ass of the poor boy. Only when his cock was fully embedded did the reverend stop and as he began to fuck the boy in earnest he berated him for spunking in the girl’s mouth and face; telling him he never had permission to cum let alone in the reverends personal whores mouth.

The reverend continued banging away at the boys arse as he told him this was his punishment for not being gentlemanly enough to ask his master for permission to cum. By now the searing pain had subsided and the pleasure of being used and abused as a boy pussy was at its height and john’s cock had never even sagged let alone gone limp. The reverend reached round and gripped his cock painfully tight in his hand and began a rough wanking motion; he called John a cissy fucker and his personal cuckold; informing him that until further notice his arse belonged to the reverend and further more his cock was the reverends personal property too.

Then the reverend shocked the pair of the youngsters by asking john if he had ever seen his own mother naked; eager to please his now angry master; John related an incident that had happened several months ago when he had been bursting to use the toilet and his mother was in the shower; as usual his mother had never locked the door so he had dashed in and stood using the toilet as he glanced over at his mother’s naked body just inches behind the clear glass shower screen.

The reverend demanded a detailed description of what the boy had seen and also asked what effect him mother naked like this had upon him. John had to confess that it had left him with a hard on and he knew his mother had been looking at his prick whilst he pissed; he added that he had also started rubbing his cock as he continued to piss knowing his mother could see all he was doing.

The description had the desired effect upon the reverend as he began thrusting harder and faster into John’s cock. Then with great disappointment to John the reverend pulled out of his arse and ordered john to suck his cock; the reverend delighted in telling john to suck off all his anal juices and shit streaks; knowing that not only would it disgust john but also humiliate him further knowing Peggy was there to witness it all.

When John had baulked a couple of times as he tried to do the reverend’s bidding, he turned to Peggy and told her to show john how to clean a shitty cock with her mouth; this was Peggy’s turn to be humiliated but she did as she was told as she just witnessed the savage fury of an angry Reverend James Deacons.

When he was happy his cock had been cleaned properly he ordered Peggy to untie John and watched as John breathed a sigh of relief believing his troubles were over for the night and to be honest John was still feeling it in his arse as it was now starting to try to return to normal. Then the reverend made Peggy get on her hands and knees and he ordered John to stick his still hard cock into her arse; of course John thought this was his reward for bearing all the abuse without too many complaints, how wrong he was.

No sooner had John pushed his smaller cock into her arse than the reverend was behind him and gripped his hips as he forced his larger thicker cock back up John’s anal opening. Now the reverend to all intense and purpose fucked then both together for he controlled the rate at which they all fucked and leaning forward he whispered into john’s ear that he should imagine it was his own mother’s arse he was fucking but warned him about coming without permission.

Very shortly john was crying out begging the reverend to allow him to cum but was always refused and he had to try everything to prevent himself unloading his sperm until suddenly the reverend pulled out of John’s arse and ordered the pair to gather round him as he wanked his cock for the final few strokes before drenching both Peggy a John in his spunk, then he leaned forward and took John’s cock into his mouth whilst massaging his balls till john shot his load into the reverend’s mouth. The reverend noted that John’s load was slightly sweeter than his own had tasted earlier.

After making the pair lick the spunk off each other they were finally allowed to make their way off to the vestry to get dressed as it was already nearly 11 pm. What the reverend did not know was that his own wife had been to the church looking for him hoping to find out what he was up to but had tried the basement door which luckily Peggy had seen fit to lock behind her, so Samantha Deacons was still non the wiser as to her husbands newly acquired harem.

As he lay in his bed, his wife beside him, the reverend James Deacons hatched a plan that would include John’s mother, Joan; Peggy’s other two male suitors and as it turned out three other females into his harem.

More to follow…..

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Chapter 3.

The chance to secure the services of John’s mother, Joan, never happened all week so reverend James Deacons concentrated on the other boy who had seen Peggy’s tits; as luck would have it the chance to speak to him came rather unexpectedly as he turned up at the church to try to join the choir.

Reverend Deacons took him into the vestry and asked him out right; “Do you know Peggy Jones?” and having been told he did; Garth Lukes asked his own question, “Why do you ask, father?”

“I am investigating a series of rumours which have come to my attention of a group of youths surrounding Peggy who are choosing to go down a path of devil worship by instigating sexual practises which are less than wholesome, shall we say!” the reverend replied.

Suddenly Garth realised where the conversation was heading and he stuttered as he responded, “It was just a childish prank and I never expected her to actually show me her body!”

“Oh so you admit to being part of it then!” the reverend countered.

“I suppose so but I was not the only one there; there were two other girls and two other boys besides myself and it’s not like I forced her to do anything!” Garth blurted out.

“Oh right so who else was there with you then?” Reverend Deacons asked.

“There was Peggy, John Jenkins, Barbara Cowelly, Lucy Baines, George Smythes and myself; but nothing happened, we only looked!” Garth ventured.

Suddenly reverend Deacons snapped, “No you did much more, I was aware of John Jenkins being there but till now had not heard of the others being there, but thank you for that information at least!” then pacing in front of Garth the reverend continued, “so you consider the physical abuse of a girls body as doing nothing!”

Garth Gulped, “Physical abuse, but; but she was happy to show us her large tits; she even invited us to touch them and asked me in particular to suck them for her!”

“OH indeed so if I dropped my trousers like this!” reverend Deacons said as he undid his belt and let his trousers fall to the floor, “And tell you to touch my penis, or maybe even suck my cock like the little gay faggot you are, then you would do so willingly!” he demanded.

Garth’s face flushed even more but he just could not draw his eyes away from the lovely looking semi hard cock now on display to him. Seeing the boys reaction the reverend simply said, “Well don’t just stand there kneel before me and suck my cock you weedy faggot!”

The tone of the reverend’s voice suddenly got through to Garth who as if in a trance suddenly knelt down and kissed the reverend’s cock; from somewhere sounding far; far away a voice was telling Garth that he had been told to suck not kiss the prick. He then opened his mouth and took the cock into his mouth, lovingly he bathed the cock with his tongue and was amazed to feel it growing longer and harder inside his mouth.

Then just as suddenly the cock was gone and a bewildered Garth was gasping at the void left by the nice tasting sexually arousing sensation he felt in his mouth. Then the reverend’s voice boomed out again, “Remove your clothes Garth, your new master wants to see you naked!”

In a hurry Garth slipped form his clothes and proudly stood naked before the older man, secretly Garth was hoping the reverend would allow him to return to sucking the cock which had engulfed his feelings only moments before. Now the reverend ordered Garth to lie on his desk and place his head over hanging the edge; then the reverend stepped up and pushed his cock into Garth’s eager mouth, meanwhile the reverend leaned forward and began sucking on Garth’s seven inch cock. As they sucked on each other’s cocks the reverend slipped a hand between Garth’s cheeks and began probing his anal ring.

Thinking this was an invitation for Garth to do the same, he slipped his own hand between the reverends arse cheeks and touched his anal ring only to suddenly find the reverend had stopped sucking his cock and was now pounding his open hands in a reign of slaps onto his arse. The reverend hurled abuse at Garth as he warned him not to do anything without being told to do so specifically.

A tearful confused Garth begged forgiveness and was rewarded with the hot wet mouth of the reverend returning to engulf his cock. Now the finger was back probing his anal ring and was soon joined by a second finger as the reverend worked the opening wider. Then pulling way the reverend firmly told Garth he was going to sit in his seat and Garth was to come and facing him; sit on his lap because he was going to slide his cock up the boys arse and Garth would ride it whilst he would be wanking Garth’s cock.

Garth a little apprehensively looked at the size and thickness of the reverend’s cock but having already witnessed what happens to disobey him he slowly moved forward and placed the reverend’s cock at the entrance to his arse. Then the Reverend put his hands on Garth’s hips and gave a quick pull downwards. Garth screamed as his virgin arse accepted the girth of the reverend’s cock but being held down on to it his anal canal soon adjusted to the intrusion and he began to rise and fall slowly on the prick in his arse.

Now the reverend began to stroke the boys cock as he did so he asked if the boy had any brothers or sisters and when told he was an only child he began asking about the boy’s mother. Garth corrected the reverend by pointing out it was his step mother because his own mother had passed away some years ago when he was only four or five. He was confused when the reverend asked if he had ever seen his step mother naked and in his rising passions; Garth admitted not only that but he had seen his father and her fucking.

The reverend began pressing the boy to relate this experience; and stroked Garth’s cock with quicker strokes as he listened to the boy. “Well it was some months ago, late one Friday night; I could not sleep and got up to go to the toilet. As I passed my parents room I noticed the door was ajar and the light was on; I approached the door to let them know I could not sleep but suddenly stopped dead I my tracks as there was my step mother naked; side on to the door with my dad laid on his back; mum, for I still called her mum, was sat pretty much as I am now on you only the other way round; I could see her bouncing up and down and her large tits were leaping for joy as she leaned forward towards dad’s feet and suddenly there was my dad’s brother shoving his cock into her mouth much the way you had done to me earlier. Instantly my own cock sprang up hard and I watched as she swallowed cocks at both ends and I found myself wanting so much to add my own cock to her body but also and I don’t know why I wanted to be her taking the two cocks into my mouth and arse!” Garth mumbled as he suddenly spurted his seed all over the reverend’s chest.

Without being asked or told to; suddenly Garth was scooping up the sticky cum and swallowing licking his fingers clean with great gusto. The reverend was also so close to cumming that he never had chance to pull out of the boy before his own spurts flooded the boys arse.

As they calmed down the Reverend promised the boy he would soon sample two cocks in his body and if he was to come to the church at 8 pm on Wednesday the reverend would make sure it happened for him. Suddenly Garth leaned forward and kissed the reverend full on the lips pushing his young tongue into the reverends mouth before pulling back and thanking the reverend most profusely. The simple act of two males kissing so passionately shocked the reverend but not in a bad way for he found the simple act of devotion by this boy such a great turn on.

Within thirty minutes of arriving at the church the young boy had been sucked and fucked and had shown the reverend such promise that he would easily be the reverends favourite member of the harem, plus he had given him further ammunition to use to fuck another member or members of his flock.

That night he could not get the feeling that this boy had started out of his system; so much so that for the first time in three weeks he was going to fuck his frigid wife. He made sure to be home by seven pm and as his wife dashed to finish off the evening meal he walked up to her as she stood by the sink and pinning her to the sink he pushed his hands up the back of her skirt and literally ripped her knickers off.

Then he coated his fingers in her cunt juice; before he began to force them into her arse; Samantha knew better than to complain for the last time she did so she was punished so hard that it took three days for the welts on her caned arse to go down enough for her to sit comfortably.

She never complained when she now felt his hard cock at the entrance to her arsehole; she was however more than a little shocked when she heard the words being whispered by her husband as he fucked her arse with violent vigour. For he was suggested or maybe she thought he was ordering her to find a way of taking more than one real live cock into her body at once. In fact the reverend was telling her he would love to see his prim and proper appearing wife acting as the first class whore to two or three men. He was describing to her how he would love to see her take a cock up her cunt and arse whilst sucking on a third one.

Samantha was so shocked that the pain in her arse failed to register completely that is until she now felt what seemed to be her husbands hand trying to force its way into her cunt whilst her arse was still full of his rampant cock. The reverend only managed to get three full fingers up his wife’s cunt as he continued to thrust his cock into her arse. He ordered her to tell him how she would handle three raging hard cocks; having led a sheltered up bringing with the opposite sex, poor Samantha could not really imagine how to cope let alone to describe it to hr husband.

Reverend Deacons became enraged at her failure to carry out even this verbal request so he pulled out of her and ordered her to go upstairs remove all her clothe and place herself over her punishment stool. In tears poor Samantha knew better than to resist or complain so she quickly left the room while the reverend when through the vefgetable rack and picked out the largest fattest carrot present and then he went to the fridge and removed a large cucumber.

Slowly and deliberately he took his time climbing the stairs before entering the spare bedroom where his wife was dutifully waiting with her arse high in the air as she was bent double over what would be best described as a saw horse. Slowly the reverend showed her the two vegetables and made her suck each one in turn before he inserted then into her holes. First he held out the carrot and when she had liberally sucked it and coated it in her saliva he forced it up her cunt till only the smallest amount was still visible; then he made her suck the cucumber and this he tried to insert along side the carrot but saw her cunt would not stretch enough so he then forced it up her arse.

With halt the cucumber up her arse he stopped and went round in front of her and grabbing her hair he pulled her head up an spoke sternly to her; “Bitch, as your so fucking useless at fucking I am going to give you the choice; the cucumber is nearly eighteen inches in length and a maximum of inch and a half in diameter! Now here is your choice; you can take the full eighteen inches up your arse in one long length or I can cut the cucumber in half but then you have to take both halves up your arse side by side! I will give you five minutes to decide but in the mean time if either the carrot or the cucumber falls from your holes then I will go down the garden and fetch the biggest marrow I can find and you will take that up your fucking useless cunt, is that understood bitch!”

A trembling Samantha could only manage to nod as she tried so desperately to grip the two vegetables with her muscles; almost a fatal mistake as she felt the carrot begin to slide out so she had to relax her muscles rather than trying to grip them. Five minutes later the reverend demanded her answer she begged him to ease the full length up her arse as she feared the double thickness may cause tearing or worse.

Reverend Deacons laughed out loud an snapped wrong choice you will take double the width or I will punish you most severely; then he cut the cucumber in half and using duck tape he bound the two halves side by side and began to force the back up her now well stretched arse; the pain was out of this world for poor Samantha but she dare not even groan at the action. Soon only the merest ends could be seen in her well stretched anal ring; then as if to add to her discomfort reverend Deacons suddenly hit the exposed end of the carrot half in and half out of her cunt. The carrot shot up her cunt adding extra pressure on her arse.

Now the reverend walked around in front of his wife and grabbing her hair he snapped for her to open her bitchy mouth and proceeded to fuck her mouth with out a care about her discomfort. He really plunged his cock into her moth calling her a fucking useless fuck and a complete wash out as a wife not being able to satisfy her husband in bed.

As much as she grimaced and bore the action inflicted upon her by her husband he was not satisfied till he finally spewed his white baby making seed over her face and he laughed as he saw her trying to keep it from going in her eyes.

The last thing he said before he headed downstairs for something to eat was that the veggies had to stay put till he deemed it long enough and he removed them. The subservient Samantha cursed him behind his back but knew she had no way near enough bravery to stand up to him. So as always she endured all he decided to hand out her way.

He left the veggies up her all night long and even when she asked if they could be removed whilst she went to the toilet he refused and insisted on watching her in the bathroom to make sure she never removed them. Luckily for Samantha she never needed to go shit because she knew that would be his excuse to punish her even more; it was difficult enough to go pee what with him watching her and making her stand up over the bowl. He mocked her and laughed at her discomfort before tying her hands behind her back and forcing her into a pair if her own mothers passion killer panties. Then she was allowed to retire to bed except that once during the night she felt his cock touching her lips so she opened her mouth rather than cause a scene and she was rewarded not with as she expected a cock to suck but the bastard actually pissed into her mouth and made her swallow it all.

Next morning he relented and told her he loved her and he actually apologised for his actions putting it down to the stress on him from having to be so pure in their flock’s eyes. He promised he would try to curb his deviant needs as much as possible and just as always Samantha accepted and forgave him.

Today being Wednesday he hurried off to the young mother’s group where he was the paragon of virtue smiling at all the new mothers and making the appropriate and loving sounds to their new children but all the time he kept checking the clock waiting for 8 pm to roll round.

Eventually it was time to make himself available at his vestry for his newest consort and of course the two who had become regulars now. It was Peggy who arrived first and she had just about undressed when Garth arrived and he was a little shy about removing his clothes in front of her until reverend Deacons demanded he remove them or face a sound spanking. Just then John arrived and without so much as an acknowledgement to Garth’s presence he too stripped off. Then reverend Deacons ordered Peggy to go stand in the corner and to use her fingers to bring herself to orgasm but warned her to make sure she was extremely vocal as she was doing so.

So she started off telling all present how she was feeling so horny that she longed to be allowed to suck on anyone of their cocks while she wanted another shoved hard into her over heated cunt because she admitted she was a slut for cock. Mean while the reverend slipped out of his clothes and made Garth come and climb on his knee facing away from him. Then as told Garth took hold of the reverend’s cock and pointed it to his anal ring before forcefully sitting down on it. Once it was seated fully up his tight arse the reverend ordered John to come and fuck Garth’s mouth and promised him he could shoot off into the little faggot’s eager mouth.

Just then Peggy squealed her way through her first orgasm and was promptly called over by the reverend and made to suck Garth’s cock; she was told to make him cum in her mouth but not to swallow it as Garth had been promised he was going to swallow all the spunk for tonight.

So it was that after taking John’s load in his mouth; Garth was French kissed by Peggy and they swapped the spunk from her mouth to his and then he was allowed to suck off the reverend before Garth and John were allowed to get into a sixty-nine position and suck off each other whilst the reverend used Peggy’s mouth as a urinal and finally fucked her cunt hard and fast. The group were then sent home each to bring a friend with them the next time; the reverend stressed that the two boys had to being girls and Peggy had bring a boy but not just any boy it had to be the one who fingered her cunt.

As they all left the church reverend Deacons wondered just how far his harem would go and he knew he would have to make and enforce some rules about secrecy or he would soon be in major trouble in the community and with the church.

To be continued.

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Chapter 4. the penultimate chapter.

At the next meeting; they were all there, all except Samantha Deacons; who for one reason or another was still excluded from the activities of the RJDH, (Reverend James Deacons Harem). As they arrived Peggy brought with her George Smythes the forward boy who had shown the initiative to put his fingers into Peggy’s over heated cunt; John Jenkins brought a rather pretty girl of eighteen; she was five three very slim and with 38C breasts; oh yes and her name was Barbara Cowelly but preferred to be called Babs; Whilst Garth Lukes brought a seventeen year old plumpish girl called Lucy Baines; along with her large frame she had large tits which the reverend estimated to be 44DD.

Reverend Deacons stood in the centre of the circle and slowly turned looking at each person present; as he did so his mind began formulate a plan of action. He was already looking forward to seeing Lucy’s large tits and comparing them with Bab’s smaller oval melons. Just then the reverend spoke, “you all know why you’re here, to be punished for your satanic actions of lust and inner desires! The newer ones here will not be aware but as the ones been here before will explain, everything here is done naked, in the nude so there is no hiding behind false modesty! So everyone undress now and I mean undress fully or face harsher punishments!”

Peggy, Garth and John instantly began to undress and as they did so they tried to hurry along the other three; fearing they may be punished alongside the new comers if the reverend saw fit. Soon all six youth’s were fully undressed the three newcomers trying their very best to hide charms from all the prying eyes. The air was pierced once more by the authorative voice of Reverend Deacons as he ordered the three newcomers hands tied behind their backs. The three usual victims instantly seized their nearest newcomer and began to tie them up and once they were secured, the reverend stepped forward, he too was naked and sporting a semi hard nine inch cock which seemed to Babs and Lucy to be pointing in their direction.

Instantly the reverend ordered Garth to suck on George’s cock at which George began to try to pull away until Peggy and John held him tight; soon the passion of his now hard six inch boner over took his desire to back away and he actually began to thrust into Garth’s mouth; meanwhile reverend was busy feeling both the new girls tits; he made sure that each one saw what he was doing to the other one and made them answer his demands of how they liked having their nipples pinched or twisted or pulled. Pretty soon the atmosphere was one of rampant lust as the reverend suggested it was ok now to untie the three newcomers and for the group tom pair up in to one male; one female; couples. Then he had the males get on the floor and had the girls climb on and sink the males cocks into their cunts; now he announced a human form of a donkey derby where at the command go the Females were to ride hard and fast on the men’s cocks and the first one to make their partner cum had won; however the males were warned that the first one to cum would receive four spanks from everyone else present and the placing of those spanks would be at the discretion of the person administering them.

When all were ready he shouted go and there was a flurry of activity as the three pairing rode as if their lives depended on it. For Lucy with the 44DD tits things took an unexpected twist when the reverend came up behind her and suddenly grabbed a firm hold on her right nipple whilst forcing his cock up against her anal ring. Persistent pushing soon had his cock buried up her arse and he felt every single thrust of John; through the then membrane separating her cunt from her arse; ignoring her cries of pain he reached around and began to really work her nipples between his fingers while looking directly at the arse of Babs as it bounced on Garth cock. When he saw her looking back towards him he mouthed the words your arse is next my fuck slut of a bitch.

Poor John never really stood a chance as the feel of the reverend’s thick cock pressing against his own as he fucked Lucy’s cunt proved too much as he suddenly spurted his load deep inside her; Lucy screamed, “I won, I’ve won!”

The reverend interrupted her by saying not really bitch because it was as much my cock up your arse as your cunt muscles which caused John to spurt; but to show no favouritism; George get here now and suck Lucy’s cunt and make sure you get all the spunk from her cunt, you little cuckold!

Realising now was not the time to try to resist; Peggy got off George’s cock and allowed him to crawl over to Lucy where as soon as John’s cock slipped from her cunt it was replaced by George’s sucking mouth. The reverend then slowly licked the entire length of John’s sticky cock before pulling his own cock out of Lucy’s arse and making John clean his cock up.

Now the reverend informed everyone they were going to form a daisy chain, male to female with each person sucking the genitals of the person in front, he would then decide who he was going to fuck next and would join in at that point without breaking the chain. What the reverend did not know was that this time someone had been a little lax and had not locked the basement door; because in the shadows of the basement Samantha Deacons now watched the action unfolding.

Her initial reaction was one of sheer outrage that her husband more than three times the age of these youths was taking sexual advantage of them whilst neglecting his own wife’s needs; but some how along the way as she watched she began to concentrate more and more on the young willing cocks and the fact that they never seemed to go soft and it began to turn her on; so much so that she soon had her hand up her skirt rubbing her shaved knickerless cunt. Not only that but such were her passions that she rapidly had three fingers buried in her steaming hot cunt and was licking her lips at the desire to suck not one of those young cocks but two into her mouth at once. She mentally shocked herself for she had only seen a woman sucking two cocks at once; once before in a porno film she had seen with a bi sexual female with whom she had once had a three month affair.

Such were her passions that Samantha could not help herself as her first orgasm in months broke, she screamed out which led to her discovery, but her discovery was not so one sided as when she was discovered her tits were out, her nipples were stretched and angry looking from where she had twisted and pulled on them as her fingers worked their magic inside her cunt.

Samantha had never known watching others having sex could be so much fun or such an erotic turn on; her husband was quickest to recover his composure and dragged his wife out into the centre of the daisy chain and told her to strip immediately. Samantha literally ripped her clothes off in her heated passion and lewdly held her legs open flashing her wide open juice streaked cunt for everyone to see. Reverend Deacons then ordered Peggy to lick this whore to climax before the guys present were going to gang bang the bitch.

While Peggy lovingly caressed Samantha’s flowing cunt with her tongue and fingers; George, Garth and John watched eagerly still sporting their rock hard cocks; until the reverend ordered them to start wanking each other, he stressed that they were not allowed to touch their own cocks but should use their right hand on the person to their right. Then he made both Lucy and Babs kneel before him and bath his cock in loving kisses and licks; he marvelled as the two young females shared his cock between their lips and tongues and at one point the even managed to kiss each other with his cock trapped between their lips.

By now Samantha was screaming her way through a second orgasm; so he order the guys to fill each of her holes and fuck the silly bitch to death; he called Peggy over an had her slip on the strap on he handed her before fucking Lucy from behind. Then he turned to Babs and told her now was her time to feel his hard cock of steel up her arse; she pleaded with him not too as she had never had anything up her arse and his cock looked so large and angry. He slapped her face and told her it was not a request; it was an order.

So he lay on the floor and made her climb on to his cock pressing its head against her virgin ass hole, then as she began to press down he suddenly gripped her hips and thrust savagely upwards; Bab’s screamed the place down with tears rolling down her cheeks but the reverend told her he was home now and she should rest to get used to his large cock buried in her butt. Then as the pain disappeared he began thrusting into her arse as he made her describe what Peggy and Lucy were doing and how she wanted Peggy to do the same to her. Every so often he would thrust and hold his cock deep inside her arse as he told her to look at my wife the fuck slut of a whore, she was taking not one prick but three all at once and that was what Babs should be striving to achieve.

As each of the guys reached their climax as ordered previously by reverend Deacons they were to pull out and spray their loads over the whores face and once they had cum they were to move around onto the next of his wife’s ever open holes. Suddenly John came over to the reverend and said in a low whisper, “Reverend, my mum wants you to come and see her about my religious education because she thinks I am not developing correctly!” with that the reverend reached out and gripped John’s cock in his hand and as he slowly began to milk it he said, “John, your whore of a mother will make a wonderful addition to this little group and I think you should allow me to catch you fucking her next week; that way she will have no alternative but to comply with my wishes!” john nodded as he enjoyed the action of the reverend on his still hard cock and he actually groaned when he felt the reverend’s mouth engulf his cock head.

After a few moments of sucking John’s cock the reverend whispered for him to go slip it into Peggy’s arse and fuck her rigid calling her all the names she loved being by her actions. John hurriedly did as he was told and began calling Peggy a two bit whore who could not get enough of cock any fucking cock that just happened to be handy; he called he a slut and a cum bucket as well as a horny over sexed bitch in heat.

It was amazing that the whole group was not heard from the roadside what will all the screaming and orgasming they did; by the time they had all sated their lusts the basement smelt like a whores bedroom and the reverend’s wife was an absolute picture of carnal lust; her face was a mask of cold sticky spunk running from her forehead down into her eyes and hanging off her chin with large streaks covering her tits. She was looking around for something to clean it off with when the reverend spoke, “Bitch, why did you come looking for me? For doing so you will be punished, everyone gather round, take that table tennis bat there and everyone in turn will spank this harlot’s arse six slaps! And as for you; you fucking spunked up slut; you will have to walk home naked and covered in the spunk you’re wearing now as a trophy!”

In turn all seven present spanked Samantha’s arse six times each and by the time her husband who was last to do so; Samantha was well on her way to yet another orgasm. Then as Samantha left while the remaining people began dressing she had to dash the quarter of a mile from the church to her home stark naked and avoid being seen or caught by those now turning out of the local bars.

An hour later when the reverend finally got home his wife sat amidst the bushes still covered in now dried spunk and naked and when asked why she was still outside she admitted her front door keys were in the cardigan pocket she had left in the basement of the church. As the reverend opened the front door he slipped his free hand between his wife’s cold legs and discovered her cunt was still as hot as a furnace and her juices flowing like a river; she tried to explain that whilst she waited in the bushes for her husband to return home; two drunken men had climbed their garden fence and pissed into the very bushes where she was hiding and one of the cocks was only inches away from her face; she swore she could have stuck out her tongue and licked it; it was that close.

That night the reverend got only his second ever willing blowjob from his hot and horny wife and together they planned on what could happen at next harem meeting. His wife shocked the reverend when she admitted she wanted so much to eat Peggy’s cunt after it had been filled by his spunk. That amused the reverend as he suddenly realised his wife was not the frigid cow he had always suspected her of being and he went to sleep content in the knowledge that his wife was going to become his biggest slut and he had lots of far fetched plans for her to test her obedience.

Final chapter to follow.

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Now that is a church I would gladly confess in...

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very good thank you :)

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another action packed chapter...wonderful as always

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very good :)

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very hot...very good

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The Power of the church 5.

Reverend James Deacon just could not wait; for today was the day he was going to catch incest in action; John Jenkins was to be inside his mother's cunt as the Reverend discovered them. All morning he just could not settle imaging all sorts of things that could go wrong; maybe John would bottle it; or Joan would not take the bait and would refuse John's advances.

However James Deacons; the reverend; need not have worried for at his home John Jenkins had really done his homework; he had leisure plied his mother with loads of cold drinks knowing that she would soon need the toilet and when he thought the time was right he dashed off to the bathroom and took a leisurely shower. Desperate to pee; Joan simply barged into the room and quickly raised her skirt and dropped her panties before sitting on the toilet; then glancing across to the shower cubicle she saw John slowly wanking his five inch cock.

Joan seemed powerless to resist watching her son; she knew it was wrong and yet she just had to stay and watch and even contemplated playing with her cunt as she watched; John self abusing himself; secretly she wished she had the nerve to help him; when suddenly John stepped from the cubicle and came and stood directly in front of his mother; still stroking his cock; then calmly John took his mother's hand and placed it on his cock and she instinctively closed her hand around it; As she began to slowly move her hand he expertly undid her blouse buttons.

Again Joan knew she should stop him but all her will power had flowed away and she was like putty in his hands; as John now exposing her large 38EEE tits encased in a heavy gauge bra whispered "Mommy I want to see your massive jugs; those very tits that fed me as a baby; show them to me mommy, become my slut and show me your tits" The voice seemed to hypnotise her and almost powerless to resist Joan eased the bra out of the way allowing her tits to free fall in front of her son. Soon he was sucking to his heart's content on those very milk containers he recalled from his nursing days as a baby.

Quickly John suggested they make themselves comfy in her bedroom; Joan hesitated and a firmer John now demanded they move to the bedroom now; suddenly without her releasing her son's cock she led him into her room and only then reluctantly released the red hot cock from her hand as she shed her clothes in double quick time at her domineering son's insistence. Now feeling even bolder; John demanded she get on all fours and show him her anal ring; in a dream like state Joan did exactly that; reaching behind her she pulled open her arse cheeks and almost leered at her son; through her splayed legs; as she displayed everything to her own flesh and blood.

John demanded she tell him how much she wanted his cock buried in one of her holes; and was pleased to hear her shaky voice say she wanted him to systematically fuck all her openings but she suggested he save his gateway to this life until last; Confused John demanded to know what she meant; she laughed and said my cunt son was your gateway to this world; for you were born through that cunt and eventually I want you to do your level best to try to get yourself fully back up it starting with your magnificent cock.

John wasted no time in moving to his mother's head and offering her his manly cock to suck; soon the pair were lost in a world of their own; only John hoped that the reverend would either get there soon or not bother cumming at all as he suddenly felt a little jealous about having to share his mother with another cock.

Silently as arranged Reverend James Deacon let himself into the house by the back door and as quietly as possible made his way upstairs. Having already learned the layout of the house from john he silently made his way to the master bedroom's door and suddenly burst in. All hell broke loose as Joan Jenkins wondered what was happening and suddenly froze as she saw the Reverend Deacon stood there catching her with her own son's cock in her hand and her lipstick smeared over its cock head.

Reverend Deacon now spoke up, "What the hell is going off here, I come to talk to you about your son's salvation and find you; a slut of the devil; leading him further astray!"

Joan Stuttered her way through a pointless explanation; she really knew it was a waste of time as she had been caught in the act; she managed to mutter that she would do anything if only the Reverend would forget what he had just seen. She was instantly shocked when Reverend James Deacon instructed John to get over here and suck his cock; even more shocks followed as she tried to cover herself up until James's voice demanded she show him her incestuous cunt.

Knowing she was caught and the scandal it would cause if it became common knowledge she meekly opened her legs wider and even held her cunt lips open when told to by the reverend. Suddenly she thought; 'hold on; why is John sucking on the reverends cock without the merest hint of a threat'

Reverend James Deacon must have realised she had made a connection because he turned to John and told him, "John; be a good little cock loving faggot and tell your mummy who set up this little scenario!"

Reluctantly John stopped sucking on the reverend's nine inch cock just long enough to say; "You did master James!"

Now with his rock hard nine inch cock swaying before him; James deacon moved to the side of the bed and told John to lie on the bed. Quickly John did as he was told and James turned to Joan and demanded she climb on and finish fucking her son as she was planning earlier; embarrassed but horny Joan slowly positioned herself about her son's five inch cock and closing her eyes she lowered herself down on to the stiff member of her son.

Both John and Joan felt the bed move as James climbed on behind them; John was half hoping to feel James cock pressing against his own anal ring; although he knew where the big cock of James was likely to end up; he knew it was planned that it would most likely be destined to be buried up his mother's anal ring. Suddenly he felt his mother tense up and heard her scream as James forced his cock through her anal ring; John now sensed his mother's pain as he felt the thick log press against his own cock separated only by the thickness of the skin separating his mum's cunt from her arse.

As soon as James began moving his cock in and out it proved too much for John and he suddenly held himself rigid as his boyish cock spurted load after load of white sticky spunk directly into his own mother's cunt. Joan was amazed for it felt like he had delivered gallons of the stuff and yet there was no sign of his cock getting soft. Reverend Deacon was now slamming his cock in as hard as he could as his mind already thought about how Joan would fit in to his harem; he could just imagine her and his own wife Samantha buck naked and covered in loads of spunk while Peggy, Lucy and Barbara licked it off them. But in the back of his mind he was feeling that he still needed to induct George's stepmother too and then he would have control over her brother and her husband too.

On and on Reverend James Deacon slammed his cock into Joan Jenkins arse whilst her tight cunt gripped and massaged her own sons cock. Suddenly Joan began panting and groaning as her orgasm seemed to start in the very depths of her toes and like red hot pokers seared her flesh all the way to the top of her head; her body had never felt so alive since the passing of her husband five years ago. Joan actually wailed like a banshee as her orgasm erupted and her cunt not only caressed her sons cock but also managed to make him cum a second time.

Reverend Deacon decided that it was crucial that he indoctrinate Joan; George's parents and his stepmother's brother into the harem because the group was now becoming too large and too varied to be covered by church activities if they were seen entering or leaving the church. Also he figured that with what would be three adult whores and two male gigolos' he could soon afford to carry out most of his charitable duties but to his own ends now.

Suddenly the desire to shoot his load became too much for him and he pulled out and made sure to slip his large cock between John and his mother's faces; they both began sucking along his shaft and shared his cock head just as he unleashed a torrent of spunk which plastered both faces. Now settling back he made them lick each other's face clean while he fingered Joan's well spunked cunt and delighted in tasting the mixture of her cunt juice and her son's bitter acrid spunk; he smiled to himself as he thought, yes he loved this incest cocktail he now tasted.

When they had recovered somewhat; Reverend James deacon told Joan she would be required to attend church three evenings a week for the time being and he gave her specific instructions on what to wear and when to remove it whilst in the church; he even allowed John to fill his mother in on the little harem which now belonged to RJD.

Joan still embarrassed but now began to smile as she realised she was about to live out all those fantasises she had held back on when John's father was alive; but more than that she was finally going to become a cum slut and a church whore and secretly that felt great.

George Smythes turned up unexpectedly at the church; hoping to find the Reverend Deacon but instead he found the reverend's wife; she quickly asked George what he wanted and was told that he needed to speak to the reverend about his step mother who was planning on taking her son out of this church for good. Suddenly Samantha promised to have words with his step mom if George obeyed her every word.

Eager not to miss out on any of the activities he had grown to love; George agreed instantly; and was a little taken aback when Samantha demanded he undress and fuck her cunt hard. She realised her long skirt and showed her naked shaven cunt free from any hindrance of panties; George was only too happy to undress and fuck a more experienced cunt especially one which looked so hot and juicy. He was soon between her legs and slipped his six inch cock up the wanton cunt; he even managed to get his hands up inside the blouse of Samantha and was tweaking the nipples of the woman old enough to be his mother.

Samantha loved the feel of a more normal sized cock and what George lacked in experience he made up for in the flush and stamina of youth; once he came it took very little encouragement for him to continue fucking her and she marvelled how his cock recuperated so rapidly; she felt his hot sticky spunk sliding between his cock and her cunt walls and felt it dripping on to her thigh. She loved feeling this horny with a youth well capable of satisfying her need to be fucked several times before calling it a day. She could not help but feel this was her true slutty nature coming to the fore.

So she was grunting George's name as her climax broke and she begged him to fill her with his youthful seeds. Now George had Samantha's tit in his mouth as he slammed his final thrusts into the writhing woman; almost in unison the pair came together and lay exhausted and sweating.

After dressing and kissing like lovers; George left and Samantha thought about how to prevent George's stepmom from making him leave the church; knowing she was possibly treading on her husband's domain she wrote a quick note for James and went to see George's parents.

Samantha entered the home of George and his family with the still recent spunk from George oozing from her cunt; which made her even hornier. She asked to speak privately with Susan Smythe but was put off when Jack Smythes; Susan's husband insisted in sitting in on the conversation.

They began talking and Samantha tried to impress upon the pair; that their son was rapidly becoming a leading light in the church choir and was looked up to by at least five others of that same choir. It seemed that all this fell on deaf ears when suddenly the door bell rang and Susan scooted off to answer it. Shortly thereafter stood at the living room door was Reverend James Deacon; clutched in his hand was the short note left by Samantha,

Immediately Samantha shut up and sat silent allowing her husband to continue with his persuasion. She was also checking out her husband's face to see if she was in trouble. Reverend Deacon simple began by telling Susan to sit down; then turning to Jack he began; "It has come to my attention that you are running a house of ill repute!"

"What the fuck; do you mean by that remark!" demanded Jack.

"Simply that either you treat your wife as a whore or a slut; allowing your own brother to fuck her at the same time as you do!" retorted a confident Reverend.

"Nonsense!" Jack lied but a little unconvincingly.

"so it is not true that while you fucked this slut's cunt your own brother was fucking her mouth with great gusto! the Reverend continued.

Suddenly Susan grabbed her husband's arm and whispered, "Wait let us see what they have to say before flying off the handle!"

"Sensible woman; even if you are a horny fuck slut most of the time!" James continued, "What I propose is this; in order for this to remain our little secret; you will both submit to my will and; Oh yes; this of course includes your fucking whore fucking brother!"

Jack looked flabbergasted; however a quicker reacting Susan said; "Suppose we agree; what would be in it for us and as yet we cannot speak for Jack's brother Ray; but we would need to know the full implications before passing the details on to him and then we will decide together!"

"No deal!" declared James, "You really have no choice in the matter as incest even between adults is still illegal in this state! so if you resist I will simply call the police and you can fight the truth out in court but remember I have proof not just hearsay evidence!" he insisted.

Jack looked at his wife and then slowly turned to James before saying, "Seems you hold all the cards then!" Susan simply nodded in agreement.

"Right then; let's see how obedient you can be!" declared James, "Susan remove your clothes immediately!" Susan stood up and shrugged her shoulders in the direction of her husband and began undressing. Turning to Jack, James continued, "You; on your fucking knees and scoot over to my wife there and raise her skirt remove her panties and begin eating the bitches cunt!" he demanded.

Jack was between Samantha's legs in an instant; surprisingly to James it was his wife who was reluctant until a stern scowl from James to Samantha let her know to resist would result in a severe punishment later.

Now sat with her skirt up around her waist and no panties in sight an embarrassed Samantha had to admit the thick white strings in her cunt were spunk but not only that but it was not her husband's. Never the less Jack never hesitated as he plunged his tongue into the well fucked hole.

Gasping her way to another orgasm; Samantha suddenly let her guilty secret out of the bag by telling Jack to lick his own son's cum from her well used cunt. Meanwhile Susan was being mauled by reverend James Deacon as he squeezed her tits and pawed at her cunt before ordering her to remove his small cock from his trousers.

As Susan began to undo his trousers; Samantha pulled on Jack's hair and whispered for him to watch his wife's face; She was smiling until she released James's nine inch and ever so thick cock and her mouth dropped wide open. Instantly she tried to suck on the large head of the cock before her eyes; but the reverend was too quick for her as he grabbed her hair and dodge her hot mouth seeking his cock.

Then he turned to Jack and demanded he crawl over and suck this hot dick that was soon going to be ploughing a lone furrow up this horny bitch of a wife's cunt.

A shocked Jack never moved until a deft push from Samantha sent his flying towards James; James then followed his wife's lead and almost tossed Susan's head towards Samantha and demanded she suck the fuck slut's cunt until she was screaming her cum out loud.

Still stunned; Jack watched as his wife; although quite adventurous sexually she was now showing new depths of depravity; willingly now slurping away at a woman's cunt which had at least one load of her own stepson's spunk.

Almost reluctantly and realising any resistance was futile; Jack walked over to Reverend James Deacon and knelt down; his head level now with the reverend's cock; he was just about to accept it into his mouth when the reverend's hand landed him a stout slap around his ear knocking him flying. Then James spoke, "You were told to crawl over here and suck my cock! The sooner you learn to obey my exact words the better for you!"

Regathering his composure; Jack now crawled back to James and silently accepted his cock in to his mouth; James encouraged him to suck it this way and that and obediently Jack did; until James announced his cock was hard enough to finally fuck Susan. The final humiliation for Jack was when he was told to take hold of James's cock and slowly feed it into his own wife's cunt; whilst using his left hand to wank his own now rigid cock.

Slowly James filled Susan's cunt with man meat and then began the slowly deliberate pounding of her love tunnel increasing speed and depth of stroke as he did so. Soon Susan began squealing as her passions rose and she begged James to fuck her hard and fast and to final fill her cunt with his baby making spunk. Suddenly it hit Jack that the reverend was riding his wife's still fertile cunt bareback and was likely to make her pregnant if not this time at some time in the future for he knew they were now his sex slaves for as long as he wanted them.

What neither Susan nor Jack knew was the depths of depravity that still lay ahead for them and the Reverend James Deacon's Harem.

Now that is another story which maybe sometime in the future I may commit to paper and share with everyone on here.