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Our brush with woodland Nymphs.

Gabriele and I decided to go for an early evening walk in the world famous woodland just outside London. Firstly a little bit about Gabriele and I; Gabriele at 44 years of age stands five foot two tall short cropped fair hair with a slim body topped off with firm 36 C breasts with extremely sensitive nipples, for the last five years she had been exploring her submissive side and considered me to be her ideal dominant master.

Where as I am 52 years of age and being over six feet tall carrying a few extra pounds and a thick seven and a half inch penis, although not circumcised the hood does not cover the full extent of my helmet and I have been a Dom for over 28 years.

Well this early summers evening we decided almost at the last minute to go to the world famous Epping Forest for some exercise and fresh air and the chance of a little private fun. Well we began outside the High Beach bar and headed down a well worn path down the side of the hill and soon the trees began to close in over our heads causing the summers evening to become a little darker rather quicker than one would normally expect.

We soon turned on to a much lighter path or trail leading deeper into the forest and a little later turned onto what almost seemed a new forest trail, when we heard some sounds coming from a clearing close by us. Quietly we moved forward until just before we entered the clearing and could not believe our eyes.

There on a blanket on the ground were the semi nude figures of two women; the first of which was obviously the more dominant one of the two and seemed definitely in charge; was about five foot six tall long blonde hair and was naked from the waist up sporting a large bust. From where I stood I would have said a 44 DD but I could be wrong; her companion was totally naked and of smaller sized frame I would say around four foot eight or nine; with dark hair; her tits were a very modest petite 34 B I would say. She was shaved and her cunt must have been really wet because from where we stood you could already see the glistening of the cunt juices on her upper thigh. Also a clue to her highly aroused state was the large dildo which was half buried in that cunt.

I move behind Gabriele and motioned for her to remain silent, as we watched the long blonde hair bent down between the dark haired woman’s legs and was obviously licking away at her clit. I slipped my hand up Gabriele’s short skirt and pulling her panties to one side I slid two fingers into her hot wet cunt. She was clearly turned on by what she was watching; as I whispered for her to begin unbuttoning her blouse. Her hands were almost a blur as she soon revealed her braless tits to the night air. I eased my free hand around her waist and brought it up to her breast where my fingers soon met her hard erect nipple, she almost groaned out aloud as I pinched and twisted her nipple.

Before us the scene had moved on as the dark haired woman now on her hands and knees was taking a good pounding from behind by the blonde woman using the large dildo to ravage her friend’s supple cunt. I whispered to Gabriele that she would love to be there with the two women and being their personal bitch in heat taking what ever they handed her way; with her breathing becoming heavy; she could only manage a brief nod.

Taking Gabriele’s blouse I used it to tie her hands behind her back and soon removed her panties which along with my tie I turned into a gag; then I made Gabriele stand up and step clear into the clearing before pushing her forcefully towards the two women. She stumbled forward making quiet a noise which almost gave the two women heart attacks. I quickly announced at the same time that they should not be afraid as I was keen to see my horny fuck slut of a bitch used as a female’s plaything for a while.

Debra the obvious leader of the two women came closer to me and looked Gabriele over slowly licking her lips as she did so; when she was stood closer to me I was sure I had been correct in that her large tits were 44 DD. She then looked me up and down and asked what my role would be. I quickly explained that as a dominant male of some 28 years I was not too worried about any participation as the object of the exercise would be to have my submissive whore used and taught a lesson or two.

I was then told I could join in any of the fun as I saw fit because like wise Debra was trying to teach her little bitch a few new tricks too and in fact she would welcome any assistance I may be able to offer. I walked passed Gabriele and walked right up to Sandra the other woman and made her stand before I led her back to Debra and Gabriele.

Despite only being about four or five paces beyond Gabriele; Debra had her mouth latched on to her nipple and her hand busy up her short skirt by the time I made it back to the pair with Sandra in tow. I asked Debra what items she had with her and she pointed to a holdall beside the blanket and we both walked over to look at what it contained. The first item I pulled from the bag was a log length of soft bondage rope; I smiled at Debra and whispered my plans for this rope. She giggled and nodded her approval.

I then turned to Gabriele and ordered her to come to me and Debra ordered Sandra to follow suit; now I quickly ordered Gabriele to remove the rest of her clothes, namely her short skirt and then to present herself face to face with Sandra. Meanwhile Debra had gone to the bag and removed an item which she kept out of sight from the two subs.

I was about to make the girls lie down on the blanket when Debra tapped my arm and turned to Sandra and said “Handstand!” Instantly Sandra did a handstand in front of Gabriele; quickly we tied then together sort of head to tail, making sure that Sandra’s head was in line with Gabriele’s cunt and vice versa. Once they were completely secured Debra opened the small tin she had fetched from the bag and applied a small amount of tiger balm to both girls’ cunt lips. She laughed as she said, “this will warm up the proceedings!”

Sure enough as the tiger balm began to do its magic the girl’s began to wobble and looked like falling over as their already inflamed cuts began to get even hotter. I helped the two secured bitches to lie down on the blanket and Debra ordered then to begin licking each others cunt’s and warned them that the first one to cum would be punished but to make sure that they tried their very best to make the other one cum; then the one who lasted longest would get the choice of what happens next.

There was a frenzy of activity as Gabriele and Sandra dived into each other’s cunts and neither of them saw Debra and me slip away as we searched for something special. It was Debra who found what we were looking for and when we returned the girls were still doing a magnificent job at eating each other with neither willing to allow themselves to be the one to cum first. I stepped in and ordered them to stop before lightly brushing their cunt lips with the wild nettles and for good measure Debra rubbed the same nettles over their nipples too.

Debra was delighted as both bound women suddenly began groaning as the itching started in earnest; the sensations and each others tongues soon had them both cumming about the same time so there was no winner; Never being one to miss a chance I claimed the right of the winner and made Debra stand perfectly still whilst I finished undressing her. Then with the longest stemmed nettles I could find; I applied them whip fashion across her buttocks and breasts.

I told her that she ought to sample what her sub was feeling and now its full effects before she used it on a defenceless person again. To add to her discomfort I made her stand with her hands on her head so she could not rub herself. Soon she was swaying and trying to rub her legs together to relieve the sensations she was now enduring.

I went back to the bag and found inside it a large black strap on cock; a double ended dildo; some shorter lengths of the bondage rope and several clothes pegs and clamps. I took the strap on and ordered Debra to put it on; initially she started to object but another sift whack with the nettles made her change her mind and she dutifully donned the strap on.

Next stepping up to her I took a length of the rope and bound her tits tight in a figure of eight tying off the loose ends in the middle between her breasts; now I attached six clothes pegs to each breast avoiding the nipple though. I could see the effect that everything was having on Debra as her nipples had grown stiff and pointy; I threatened to rub the nettles over them for good measure but instead took two heavy gauge nipple clamps with 25 gram weights attached and hung then on the very end of her nipples which by now stuck out a good quarter of an inch.

All the time Sandra and Gabriele were squirming around on the blanket trying to relieve the effects of the nettles and each others tongues; the suddenly frozen when I demanded that Debra shake off the clamps without using her hands.

Debra twisted sharply this way and that causing the clamps to fly in all directions and each swish caused the clamps to pull and stretch her sensitive nipples. Whilst she continued I took the double ended dildo and stuck it up Gabriele’s cunt as far as I could and then told her to fuck Sandra’s mouth with it. Then dragging Debra over I ordered her to continue to try to remove the clamps without her hands but at the same time to start fucking Sandra up the cunt.

From my point of view it looked hilarious as Debra tried to shake off these clamps as she fucked Sandra who was tied head to toe to Gabriele whilst it looked like Sandra had a snake like tongue buried deep inside Gabriele’s cunt. All this and the nettles were still worked its charming magic. The night air was full of sounds like Sandra’s gurgling orgasm; well it is hard to groan and moan your way through an intense orgasm with a mouth full of rubber cock; Gabriele’s screams and pants as she succumb to her inner passions and the swearing of Debra as she tried twisting her upper body while maintain a strong thrusting action from her hips.

I casually removed my cock from my pants and stood wanking over the pair laid on the floor but all the time looking straight at Debra and mouthing doe the horny fuck slut want to suck this; or would the whore like me to fuck her up the arse or force my baby making cock into your hot wet ever ready fuck tube, bitch.

A torrent of f words and bastard sounds emanated from Debra’s mouth till a slap from the palm of my hand made her shut up. Now in a more controlled manner she told me that she was supposed to be the dominant one and I laughed in her face saying, “How when you have a cunt which needs this to satisfy it properly!” waving my cock inches from her face.

After forty minutes the two bound girls began to cease their movements as their passions spent they now needed to rest; Debra however had still not managed to shake off any of the clamps and looked shocked when I told her that her time was up and as she had failed she would need to be properly punished. I demanded she stand and come towards me before bending over and grasping her ankles. When she was properly positioned I released the quick release strap of the strap on and tossed it towards Gabriele telling her to lick it clean. Poor Gabriele had to scramble to get it near her mouth as she was still tied and bound to Sandra. She did however manage to begin licking the strap on.

I turned my attention back to Debra who had not moved; as she stood bent over I tapped the weighted clamps setting them swinging and pulling her nipples this way and that; before suddenly grabbing one clamp and tugging sharply down wards. Debra let out a sharp squeal of pain as the clamp dragged off her nipple leaving a red mark where its jaws had gripped. I then used the palm of my hand to rub that nipple easing her pain; just as she started to relax again I pinched and twisted her nipple hard. Suddenly; without her cunt being touched; she squirted her cunt juices everywhere; much to the delighted giggles of Sandra.

Allowing her to calm down again before I repeated the incident on her other nipple; again she squirted like a hose. I now teased her by telling her that she was going to endure eighteen spanks and as she had shown me such disdain then I would administer the last six of them; Gabriele was going to administer the first six and Sandra the second set of six. I made Debra watch as I slowly untied the two bitches and I overheard Debra tell Sandra she had better be careful because what pain she gave to her would come back thrice fold later when they were alone again.

I snapped at Debra that if I found out she had taken revenge on Sandra for something I had instigated then I would come looking for her and what ever she dished out I would return with more than ample extra force.

To be honest Debra then took the punishment well and by the time I had to begin my section of her punishment; her arse was cherry red and I did take a little pity on her so I gave her my sensual spanking rather than my severe one. This involved me raising my hand and delivering the slap as normal only now I keep my hand in contact with her skin and wait till I feel the rush of warmth before stroking my way down between her arse cheeks and tenderly probing her anal ring and beyond on to her clit. By the time I was about to deliver my last of the six spanks, Debra was biting her bottom lip to hide the fact she was cumming once more.

After we had all finished I allowed the three women to share my cock but insisted that Gabriele was the one to swallow my spunk and then we all thanked each other for a wonderful evening and Debra and I swapped phone numbers to arrange future meetings for our respective charges at later dates.

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