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08-14-2009, 03:00 AM
I've done it a couple times that I didn't know I was. My first wife was cheating on me and I didn't know it at the time. She came home from work one evening and as she was undressing we started fooling around. She wanted to take a shower before we went to bed to "finish" fooling around. A few seconds after she got in the shower I decided to join her there and stepped in with her.

I kissed her nipples and licked on them, then I knelt down in front of her in the shower intent on licking her sweet little shaved pussy. She said "Oh, I have to pee so you may not want to do that". I laughed and said "Sounds like fun! Can I watch?"

She said "Okay..." and as I watched her start to pee I also saw a long drip of clear liquid coming from between her inner lips.

I thought this must excite her so much to have me watch that her pussy is drooling. (I know - what a dummy I was)

Seeing her so excited gave me an even bigger boner and more urgency. As she was finished peeing, I stuck my tongue into the front of her slit and licked the little trickle still coming out.

She moaned "Oh fuck!" and lifted her leg up over my shoulder. I slid my tongue back to her fuck hole and tasted the string of what I thought was female lubrication and excitement drooling from her pussy. It was salty as hell and tasted very strong, but I just thought it was hers and that the saltiness was from the little bit of her pee that was on my tongue from cleaning between the front of her lips.

We turned off the shower and didn't even bother drying off but jumped into bed. She turned around into a classic 69 and pushed her very wet pussy into my mouth for more service. As I licked her salty tasting slit from one end to the other, she had a really strong second orgasm and pushed her slippery wide open lips down onto my face even harder, grinding it against my mouth.

"Stick your tongue in me! Fuck me with your tongue! Lick me! Clean my wet pussy up with your tongue! Oh fuck!" she said. I was only too happy to oblige. Man, she was a hot, slippery little fucker!

Several months later she confessed to having an affair with her boss and told me how they would fuck at lunch time or sometimes after the office had closed for the night and it was just the two of them there. They would have a quicky before going home for the night.

I was mad as hell about the affair but it also gave me a hard on that just wouldn't go away without being worked over by my hand. We were divorced a couple years later and I would often think about her sweet little pussy and what a slut she was as I would jerk off.

I'd think about her telling me the nasty details of her fucking the boss at lunch time or at the end of the day. I'd think about how she would come home from work sometimes and when I'd start foreplay she would always be so fucking wet. Duh! I just assumed she had a slippery little pussy and I was just lucky. LOL! I'd think about that one time in the shower when she was so turned on that her pussy was drooling a string of wetness and how I licked it up...

Then it dawned on me what THAT wetness was! She was trying to keep me from discovering the cum in her pussy which is why she suddenly wanted to shower before we played around that night.

When I joined her in the shower, she was trying to think of a way to keep me from finding the cum in her pussy so she said "I have to pee", thinking I'd stop playing with her.

When I went down to watch she probably held her breath hoping I wouldn't figure out what she had been doing a few minutes earlier that evening. And me being a naive dope, I didn't figure it out right away.

Sticking my tongue into her slit just sent her over the edge. When I then licked her from one end of her slit to the other, it sent her over the top. It turned her on to have me lick her pee soaked slit in the front, but it gave her an instant fucking orgasm when I unknowingly licked the cum from her fuck hole. At that point she could have cared less if I had figured it out or not as long as she got some more of my tongue into her slit right away.

We fucked until exhausted. I still miss that slut. After her second or third affair and confession, we got into a more open hotwife/cuckold relationship and I ended up cleaning her pussy up many more times when I knew what was going on. But I didn't put two and two together on this first time until well after I had done it. I never asked her directly about that incident but after I figured out what had happened I did ask her enough questions about her affair with her boss, what they did, when, etc, that I was able to confirm that the incident in the shower was the first time I cleaned up her pussy.

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Very good, turned me on.

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Good story.